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Chapter Directory Chapter 1861 Return!
    Chinese Name: 斗罗大陆3龙王传说  Author: 唐家三少(Tángjiāsān shǎo, Tang Family's Third Young Master)
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Demon Emperor said: "Is that the woman with two dragons as Martial Soul? She was buried for Chen Xinjie, but she is a fierce woman."

     "What?" It was not just Shrek Academy and Tang Sect who exclaimed, but also War God Temple and the many Elites present.

     Vast Sea Douluo Chen Xinjie is dead? That is the first Elite of the military, and it is very likely the first Elite of the world!

     Recalling the previous huge energy storm, everyone couldn't help but sink their hearts.

     And Light and Dark Douluo Long Yeyue is also second only to Chen Xinjie's exist(ence) in cultivation, is it also dead?

     The fall/die of these two Limit Douluo undoubtedly have a huge impact on the Humanity coalition.

     Ya Li's body was slightly(ly) trembling, Shrek Academy, Limit Douluo who survived, only her and Long Yeyue! Now Long Yeyue is also dead. She is the only one of the older generation of Shrek people. How can she not feel distressed in her heart?

     The Demon Emperor slowly raised his hands, and the thick purple-gold ray of light expanded. Even the Limit Douluo could clearly feel a qualitative gap with the Holy Spirit Cult Cult Master in front of him.

     Gu Yuena sighed slightly, and slowly lifted the Silver Dragon Spear in oneself's hand. A pair of purple eyes revealed a firm color.The dragon wing(s) flapped behind her, pushing her body forward slowly, and her body was Four Word Battle Armor Silver Dragon Wu Lin halo glittering. Her aura also began to rise slowly.

     At this moment, among the people present, it seemed that she was the only one who had the power to fight the Demon Emperor.

     The battlefield fell into a brief calm. Abyss Army gathers below Abyss passageway surroundings, and Humanity’s defense line has been rebuilt, and the Air Force is also far away, watching the battle.

     The big explosion that came from the Northern Sea of Ice earlier clearly told them that in this war, it was still a small number of people who finally decided on the outcome. Only the Elite of these genuine apex decides the outcome, and can decide everything.

     Demon Emperor finally appears(ance), and it is extraordinary, surpassing the Demon Emperor above the ordinary Limit Douluo.

     Vast Sea Douluo Chen Xinjie all dies are in her hands. One can imagine how powerful she is.

     At this time, Silver Dragon Princess Gu Yuena brazenly stood in front of her. The courage alone was enough to make people convinced.

     Especially the Elite of Spirit Transferring Pagoda felt the most profound.

     Since the Shrek Academy was rebuilt, they have been suppressed, and it has been a long time since they had such an exaggerated feeling.

     They all have a clear sense of recognition for this Silver Dragon Princess. This is what a Spirit Transferring Pagoda Pagoda Master should do!Ya Li takes a deep breath, barely calming oneself's inner grief. At this moment, they are fighting for the entire Humanity, and grief cannot change anything. Only cheer up and face All-Out.

     With divine light glittering in his eyes, Gu Yuena slowly raised the Silver Dragon Spear in oneself's hand.

     At this moment, suddenly, in the distance, a golden light (Jin Guang) rose into the sky.

     An indescribable aura spread to the entire battlefield at an amazing speed.

     It was a feeling of overlooking the earth, and it was aura that overwhelmed the world. The Northern Sea of Ice in the distance seems to be cheering excitedly instantly because of the appearance(ance) of this golden light (Jin Guang). The roaring sounds|voices of the waves are like cheers, looking forward to the return of something.

     At the moment when he felt this aura, the Demon Emperor, who had always been ice-cold and plain, suddenly looked at changes.

     She almost completely exclaimed, "He's back? He's actually back."

     No matter how conceited or firm the Demon Emperor is in front of Sea God Douluo Chen Xinjie. However, when she really felt that Once felt before Twenty-thousand Years and took away the exist(ence) aura of oneself husband Life, she still had a sense of trembling from the heart.

     She finally understood that Vast Sea Douluo Chen Xinjie's words were not mere intimidation, but vividly felt.In the direction where the huge golden light (Jin Guang) is reflected, there is also a big tree, full of Life aura and green luster, the heavily guarded Tree of Life.

     The golden light (Jin Guang) appears(ance) in that direction.

     Unlike the look changes of the Demon Emperor, when I felt the golden light (Jin Guang) appear(ance), the eyes of Silver Dragon Princess Gu Yuena appeared(ance) for a moment, but it turned away in an instant. For comfort.

     He is back. Yes, he is back!

     Only he has such aura!

     Her heart is relieved. After all, he came back at the most critical moment.

     The golden light (Jin Guang) just paused for a moment in the direction of Tree of Life, and the next moment, it was already like a golden-colored streamer, flying towards the battlefield here.

     Everyone seemed to be waiting for the arrival of the protagonist, watching the golden light (Jin Guang) flying. In the next instant, he appeared(ance) in the middle of the battlefield.

     Golden-colored is all over his body, with soft seven-colored halo set off, the almost magnificent Battle Armor covers the whole body, and the streamer glittering. In his right hand, he is holding the Golden Dragon Spear, while in his left hand, he holds a huge Golden Trident that is the focus of the audience.

     Yes, he is back! Dragon Emperor Douluo and Golden Dragon Yue Talk Tang Wulin are back!Looking at the golden-colored figure, the Demon Emperor was in a daze, and almost blurted out and asked: "Are you Tang San?"

     As soon as this remark came out, not only Tang Wulin was stunned by the question, but even the Elite of both sides couldn't help being stunned.

     Tang San? For this name, Abyss life form is confused, they of course don't know who Tang San is. But for people from Holy Spirit Cult, Shrek Academy, Tang Sect, the name is like thunder piercing the ear.

     It's just that they didn't understand why they would say this name from the Demon Emperor in front of him, and the target was Tang Wulin.

     Tang Wulin oneself is the most surprised, because no one knows the father-son relationship between him and Tang San! But the other party actually said it at this moment, and this person did not know him, but he was in the hostile camp.

     "No, wrong, wrong." Muttering to himself, the Demon Emperor's emotions fell from his excitement, "You are not him. Although you have his aura on your body, it is not exactly the same. Moreover, you don't have him. Strong, you are not yet a god. You are not. Who are you?"

     At this time, the people in the surroundings of Tang Wulin can clearly see his transformation.Compared with the time before the Closure disappeared, he seems to have become a little more delicate. He was originally extremely handsome, but at this moment, among the handsome, he has a more dusty temperament, especially his The eyes have become deeper and deeper, from pure black to dark blue, as blue as the sea.

     The biggest thing about Transformation is his hair color. His black hair has turned into blue long hair, hanging behind him, under the background of a Golden Dragon Yue Talk, it is impossible to make people look back, no matter who looks, no matter who Whether it is a man or a woman, they will be deeply attracted.

     Tang Wulin said solemnly: "I am not Tang San, I am Tang Wulin, Shrek Academy Sea God Pavilion Pavilion Master, Tang Sect Sect Master."

     "Tang Wulin? What is the relationship between you and Tang San?" Demon Emperor suddenly shouted sharply.

     Tang Wulin was about to speak, and the Holy Spirit Douluo Ya Li, who was not far from him, had flown to him and said with grief: "Elderly Long is dead, and Vast Sea Douluo is also dead. It's her. She killed it. they."

     As soon as this remark came out, Tang Wulin couldn't help being full of intense shock. For Vast Sea Douluo Chen Xinjie, he does not have too deep feelings, at most just some respect. But Elderly Long is watching him grow! After Shrek Academy experienced the Great Tribulation, if it were not for Elderly Long and Godmother to assist him as the mainstay, Shrek would not be able to rise again so quickly.For Shrek Academy, Light and Dark Douluo Long Yeyue is a symbol of spirituality. For Tang Wulin oneself, it is basically half a Teacher(s)! It is under the guidance of Elderly Long that he can accelerate his growth. Elderly Long is the stabilizing force of Shrek Academy genuine.