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Chapter Directory Chapter 1863 Love Of Heavenly Phoenix
    Chinese Name: 斗罗大陆3龙王传说  Author: 唐家三少(Tángjiāsān shǎo, Tang Family's Third Young Master)
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While talking, Dark Phoenix Douluo Leng Yulai raised his hands, two purple-black lightsabers formed together, and went straight to Leng Yaozhu before cutting it.

     Leng Yaozhu heart was in grief and indignation, his hands were also raised, and the two fire swords condensed to meet Younger Sister's attack.

     The four long swords collided together, and at that moment, tears burst from Leng Yaozhu's eyes. Her eyes are now hazy. Seeing Younger Sister close at hand, her heart hurts almost unable to breathe.

     Yes, she was Once confessed to Sky Raising Douluo Yun Ming.


     "Yun Ming." Leng Yaozhu looked at the man in front of him with a look in his eyes.

     Since seeing him for the first time, she has been attracted by his spirit of Stand Up To Heaven and Earth. The Leng Family has always been one of the large aristocratic families of Soul Master World and one of the most important Nucleus families of Spirit Transferring Pagoda.

     Leng Yaozhu grew up in caring even since she was a child. Moreover, since she was born, she has shown a very high natural talent before she is six years old. At the age of six, Family Martial Soul Heavenly Phoenix was awakened, and Innate was full of Soul Power, and a different fire was born. Let her have extraordinary flame ability.

     Cultivation is even smoother, and has always been a leader among the younger generation.She also has a pro Younger Sister, Leng Yulai. Among the generation of Family, only she and Younger Sister are the best. Leng Yulai’s Heavenly Phoenix Martial Soul Awakening actually also appeared (ance) Variation, and it is also moving in a good direction Variation, but, Leng Yulai’s Variation is Dark Attribute.

     For what attribute, Family doesn't care too much. Moreover, relatively speaking, the Three Great attribute of light, darkness, and spatial generally overrides the four Element(s) attributes of water, fire, earth, and wind.

     And Leng Yulai's cultivate speed is not inferior to Elder Sister, and even with the Dark Attribute, it has the taste of late-comer lives above.

     Therefore, Leng Yulai was even more valued by the Family for a period of time. According to the regulations of the Leng Family, the future Patriarch will choose between their sisters.

     However, as time goes by, although the natural talents shown by the two sisters Leng Yaozhu and Leng Yulai are very strong, Leng Yulai is even slightly better than Elder Sister in some aspects. However, Family found that Leng Yulai's character appeared(ance) had some problems because it was a Dark Attribute.To put it simply, Leng Yulai's character is relatively extreme, and he is very competitive. This is not a bad thing for a cultivator. Only when you are competitive can you make progress. However, for a family heir, it is easy to break if it is too early, so when they are all grown up, Leng Yaozhu is still designated as the family heir, and more resources are tilted towards her. Until later, Leng Yaozhu became the Spirit Transferring Pagoda Vice Pagoda Master with the support of Family. In a high position.

     Leng Yulai and Leng Yaozhu liked Sky Raising Douluo Yun Ming almost at the same time.

     Leng Yaozhu likes Yun Ming's Stand Up To Heaven and Earth, straightforward and upright. What Leng Yulai likes is his handsome, tall and powerful.

     Leng Yulai’s character has always been direct, and immediately launched a madness pursuit against Yun Ming. But Yun Ming doesn't like her like this. At this moment, it was not long after Leng Yulai was rejected.

     Leng Yaozhu took a chance and finally met Yun Ming.

     "Hello." Yun Ming nodded to Leng Yaozhu politely. He still appreciates Leng Yaozhu very much. Among the younger generation, they are all outstanding. The Leng Yaozhu character is calm and capable. Since becoming the heir of the Leng Family, the family business has been thriving.She and Leng Yulai are sisters, but the characters are completely different. Contrary to Leng Yulai's full of aggressive characters, Leng Yaozhu is a relatively introverted character.

     Yun Ming's growing up experience is much more magical than them, and it is also older than them. For the second daughter, he has some appreciation, maybe is some, but if he wants to say love, he still has a fire. What's more, he already had someone in his heart.

     Leng Yaozhu looked at the man in front of her. She took a few deep breaths, trying to gather courage, but she couldn't say anything.

     "What's wrong? Heavenly Phoenix Your Excellency, do you have anything to tell me?" Yun Ming looked at her suspiciously.

     Leng Yaozhu subconsciously said: "What are your plans lately?" When she asked this sentence, oneself felt like he wanted to die. What is the problem Ah?

     Yun Ming smiled and said: "I may travel for a while. The so-called reading thousands of books is not as useful as traveling thousands of miles. I plan to go to Heaven Dou Continent and Star Luo Continent to see. I also go to gain experience one. Fan."

     Leng Yaozhu was taken aback, "Then how long will you go?"

     Yun Ming said: "I don't know, three years? Or maybe five years. Just leave after several days."

     Leng Yaozhu's breathing became a bit short, and she knew that maybe oneself would never have a chance if she didn't say it.She tried to calm oneself a little bit, but she still looked like hesitating.

     "Heavenly Phoenix Your Excellency, what's wrong with you?" Yun Ming asked suspiciously.

     Leng Yaozhu smiled bitterly: "Call me Yaozhu."

     Yun Ming was taken aback for a moment without saying a word.

     Leng Yaozhu lowered his head and dared not look into his eyes, "After all, I have liked you for so many years. Or, to be more precise, I have crushed you for so many years. Perhaps we have no chance to be together, but I don’t want you to be right. I'm so born."

     Yun Ming looked at her in surprise. This Heavenly Phoenix Douluo, who has been calm and experienced in his eyes, looked like a little girl who made a mistake at this moment.


     Having said that, Leng Yaozhu seemed to have finally plucked up the courage, raised his head again, looked at Yun Ming, and said: "Yes, I like you, I have loved you for a long, long time. Yun Ming. I love you. Yes. Although I know that with the relationship between our Spirit Transferring Pagoda and your Academy, I should not like you. But how can human feelings be controlled? I have liked you for many years. In fact, Sometimes I admire Yulai, at least she can express oneself's emotions. But I can't. I dare not say, because I represent not only oneself. It also represents my Family.""Today, if you don't say it again, maybe there will be no chance again. Yes, I have always had a crush on you. Yun Ming. I..." At this point, she is already tears falling like rain.

     Suddenly, she took a step and plunged into his embrace, hugging him hard with her arms, as if she was afraid of being broken free by him, especially hard.

     Yun Ming was completely sluggish, he of course wanted to push her away, but at this moment, he could clearly feel that the woman or girl in oneself's arms was trembling all over, although he did not I can accept her, but I don't want to hurt her at this time.

     With a light sigh, he stroked her long hair lightly with some helplessness, trying to smooth her emotions.

     And at this moment, what they didn't know was that, in the distance, a pair of eyes were looking at them as if to spray flame.

     When she watched Leng Yaozhu plunge into Yun Ming's arms, she almost broke a mouthful of silver teeth.

     She turned around abruptly, ran away like crazy, rushed into the distance, rushed towards darkness...

     That year, Heavenly Phoenix Douluo Leng Yaozhu, 29 years old, and Dark Phoenix Douluo Leng Yulai, 27 years old.

     I don't know how long it took before Leng Yaozhu finally woke up from the feeling that oneself completely burst out, but the pretty face was already flushed with shame."It's worth it. Thank you for not pushing me away." She lowered her head, her pretty face was red to her neck. But just now, during the time that she didn't know whether it was long or short, she felt warm and stable like never before. She has become the pillar of Family, but just now, she seems to have found the pillar of oneself.

     It's worth it, she feels that oneself's secret love over the years is all worth it. Although she wants more and more. Rather, she recovered her sanity after all.