《My Girlfriend has a System》brief introduction

My Girlfriend has a System

author: 不火下海干活

Watching the golden finger of the system after his traverse looks like this, what can Su Hao do? Su Hao is also desperate! However, the next scene made him stunned. A currently popular female star suddenly confesses to him? Sister who was incompatible as fire and water, is actually cooking for him? The cold and arrogant school beauty queen who never looks at a boy with straight eyes, wants to live in his house as a fiancee? Have these girls collectively had brain fade? I don't know them at all! ! !  of course not! It is because they obtained the subsystems of Su Hao's protagonist system, and they are even responsible for a mainline task that no one can think of! —— to become Su Hao's girlfriend! (Chinese Name: 我家女友有系统)

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