《Salted Fish of Marvel World》brief introduction

Salted Fish of Marvel World

author: 蚂蚁下山

"One Piece Highest Bounty" continued Chino has a "Thunder Fruit" that is more thundering than Thor; a super-healing "Undead Bird Fruit"; an "Shake-shake Fruit" that caused an earthquake and tsunami, and an invincible domineering ! Hey Thor, you can't let out a flash of lightning in my control; Hey Wolverine and Phoenix Girl, come and hurt each other; Shock Girl, come on shake together, in car, on horse, or in bed; Hulk You'd better hide away, you might die when I punched; Professor X should not invade my mind, the heart net can swallow everything. But It's just a big d**k without balls. Such an awesome me chose to be a salted fish. The Black Widow: "A jerk full of low-level wickedness!" Nick Fury: "Unorganized and undisciplined villain!" Bruce Banner: "I can only make myself green, but he can make other men green. Um, the kind above your head!" PS: This is by no means a novel that only about picking up girls! QQ Group: [54308849] (Chinese Name: 漫威世界的咸鱼)

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