《Marvel's Disassembler》brief introduction

Marvel's Disassembler

author: 落魄的小纯洁

Summer Night has traversed into the world of Marvel movies! "However, it was directly on the battlefield of gunfire, what is the beginning?"  "Also, why would my gold finger be the decomposer in DNF?" [Successful disassembly equipment! 】 【Advanced sniper rifle shooting experience * 100】 【Successful decomposition of equipment! 】 【Experience of advanced fighting techniques * 100】 【Successful disassembly of equipment! 】 【Thousands of hard-working dazzling war souls can increase the strength of physical attributes! 】 "Can it be more powerful than God?" [That's just the starting point! 】 "Then continue to decompose!" [Successful decomposition of equipment! 】【Ethics that can't be seen directly * 100】 "……" Group number: 279372305 (Chinese Name: 漫威之DNF分解大师)

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