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Chapter Directory Chapter 1416 Dapeng Bird Killing The Royal Family
    Chinese Name: 太古神王  Author: 净无痕(Jìng wú hén, Traceless)
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Qin Wen can clearly see that the other strong men are on this ancient road, but this ancient road has opened up many transparent space battlefields, as if they do not affect each other, and he is in one of the space battlefields. Among.

    I saw a big demon figure suddenly appeared in the open space battlefield, very terrible, corresponding to the realm, even those fairy emperor demon emperors showed a very dignified meaning, even if they are, they may not be able to go through this An ancient road.

    The realm is not the only one that can be determined if you want to go over.

     In front of Qin Wen Tian, a big Roc appeared, and his eyes gazed at him, the realm of the first-level demon king peaked, and the momentum was amazing.

    "Om." The huge Dapeng body swooped in an instant, like a lightning, and the claws smashed out, and suddenly the void seemed to be torn off, and the power was extremely powerful.

    The world power of this space battlefield is evacuated, and it is impossible to borrow Astral Power. It can only rely on its own power and mor?tal body. Undoubtedly, such a powerful monster is more advantageous, and humans will occupy obvious Of weakness.

     Qin Wen turned into a Peng, perhaps because of his willingness, a big Roc appeared in front of him and directly attacked.

    The terrifying natural law flows over the body. Dapeng, who is incarnate in Qin Wen's day, also rises into the sky. He actually bumps into the other side, striking out with claws, sharp and boundless.

    "Bang." A huge force collided together, and saw that the big Roc was directly hit and flew out. Qin Wen continued to rush out like a lightning, and the claws teared the other party's head with a terrible sharp sword. Dapeng directly smashed it.

    A Dapeng of the same realm obviously couldn't stop him.The space battlefield disappeared, and Qin Wen continued to move forward. He saw the battle of many powerful men. The space battlefield where the big monsters are located, all the big monsters of the same family appeared, and the human beings faced with the existence of royal clan monsters. .

    On both sides of the ancient road, the demon spirit is terrible. A great demon seems to be there at the looks at, guarding the battlefield of this ancient road. Some powerful people have come out of the space battlefield one after another, and some people glanced at Qin Wen I didn't care about his existence. It was already a miracle that a first-level Dapeng demon king could come here. It seems that this big Roc has some strength and may have been transformed.

    "Boom." A void force came, and Qin Wen hadn't advanced long before it was once again wrapped into the space battlefield. This time, there appeared a king who was bathed in the endless Thunderbolt in front of him, dark (ness) body, purple Thunderbolt power shines, terrible, this is the Roc of the Thunderbolt of the Dapeng family, also belongs to the Great Peng Clan.

    "Boom." The tyrannical Demon Dao natural law was released, and Qin Wen was like a Demon Peng. His eyes were dangling, and he was directly striking towards the other side, like lightning.

    "It turned out to be a relatively rare Demon Peng, no wonder it can come here." Some Peng Phoenix clan powerhouses swept Qin Wen day, they saw Thunder Peng and Qin Wen day directly bumped, the domineering Thunderbolt power and the same domineering The power of Demon Dao collided, the majesty was violent, and swept the entire space battlefield, but in the end, Thunder Peng was destroyed and crushed by Qin Wen.Monsters have strong natural strength. They can absorb many Stellar Martial Constellations of the same attribute at the same time. They can temper the mor?tal body. As long as their perception can be reached, any star power on the Stellar Martial Constellation belonging to their attributes can be directly introduced into the body. Among them, this means that those great monsters with terrible talents have inherently terrible advantages. For example, this Thunder Peng can absorb the Thunderbolt attributes Stellar Martial Constellation within the perception ability. How can it not be overbearing.

    Therefore, the more powerful the monster, the greater the advantage, the more terrible the mor?tal body, and the stronger the divine ability.

    However, Qin Wen Tian can directly defeat Thunder Peng with a hard bump, because his own mor?tal body is already terrifying enough, and the Stellar Martial Constellation that refines his mor?tal body, the first star from the communication is from 5th Heavenly Layer, not to mention the recently communicated 8th Heavenly Layer's Demon Dao attribute Stellar Martial Constellation. After casting the star soul, the power of the star attribute from the sky dome is far more domineering than the lower level Stellar Martial Constellation, even if it is quenched. The body effect must be many times stronger.

    Adding Qin Wen's own body-building skills and God's Hand tempered body, in terms of pure mor?tal body, it is already an extremely rare tyranny, comparable to the super powerful demon king.

     Qin Wen continues to move forward, slaying big demon all the way, passing the battle, and the more he can go forward, the more powerful Desolate Great Monster and human martial arts. The advantage in the realm is useless because they The opponent realm is comparable to them. For example, if the East Saint Immortal Emperor is here, can he beat a candle dragon demon emperor?

    Moreover, the advantages of demon beasts in this battlefield compared to human martial arts have gradually become more and more obvious, and there are fewer and fewer human martial arts behind."This big Roc is still not dead yet?" There was a surprised voice. I thought that those monsters had collided with many monsters of the same family. Those who can persist until now are all the super powerful monsters of the same family, and humans are A talented strong man.

    "This big Roc is a bit extraordinary." The previous Sacred Sun Cult strongman has also come to this step. He has felt super pressure, but a Dapeng can stick to the present, which makes him very surprised.

     The strong Peng Phoenix glanced at Qin Wen Tian, a flash of alien color flashed in the eyes, but there was no time to pay attention to Qin Wen at the moment, the ancient road was at the end, and now the two sides of the ancient road appeared, they were already in their Desolate King. The royal family, the final level is bound to be super scary.

    In front of Qin Wen Tian, a Golden-Winged Great Peng bird appeared, which was still an independent space battlefield. This Golden-Winged Great Peng bird was cast with golden bodies all over his body, and his eyes were so faint that he could hide people. Torn apart.

    "Challenge the king of the royal family?" Qin Wen said in a dark voice. Previously at Heavenly Dao Saint Academy, he had challenged the will power of various big demon, but now, the real super powerful demon is in front of him, no longer is the will war.

     On Qin Wen's natural body, the natural law of brilliance shines, flowing around the body, facing the Golden-Winged Great Peng bird, he dare not carelessly.

    "Buzz." I saw this Golden-Winged Great Peng bird's eyes blooming with the power of terror, only a moment, a terrible space storm enveloped Qin Wen's body, with an extremely terrible sharpness, toward Qin Wen's body was torn away and attacked without regard to distance. It was one of the secret skills that the Golden-Winged Great Peng bird could awaken.God's Hand's power urged, Qin Wen's body showed an indestructible meaning, and the bloodline of the demon was released. He appeared a huge Dapeng phantom around him, guarding him, but even so, that shattered everything The space storm shredded all of his guardian power, and the lightning-like space power directly hit the Qin Wen heavenly body, making his body tremble violently.

    "It's worthy of being the king of the royal family." Qin Wen's eyes are sharp, and countless void killing storms have penetrated and collided with his natural law body. If he is an ordinary big Roc, it will be torn directly by this force in an instant. How could the Roc of the Dapeng family contend with their king, Golden-Winged Great Peng. This mountain chose the strongest king. Although there are opportunities everywhere, the one who can walk to the top of the mountain must be the one who owns the demon king Peerless monster with potential.

    "The power of the true self protects the body." The Dapeng body transformed by Qin Wen's sky has a dazzling light of the true self, and the Dapeng phantom once again envelopes the body, with a dazzling luster. Outside, through the storm, everything is torn to pieces, Golden-Winged Great Peng The bird’s eye flashes through the icy light, disappearing directly in the place like a lightning, and then a huge sound Sound, Qin Wen Tian was hit and flew out, retreating to a far away place.

    "Is it the secret skill divine ability again?" Qin Wen's body was shocked, too fast, and it came directly through the void, just like the speed of the teleport, which was even more terrifying than the one he encountered in the Battle of Will at Heavenly Dao Saint Academy. .

    "Bang..." Qin Wen saw the other person's body flashing in front of him again, torn off his head, he shuddered and was hit again."Bang, bang, bang!" A series of golden lightnings bloomed in the space, Qin Wen only felt that the extremely powerful mor?tal body had to be shredded, this extreme space teleported, could not hide at all, and could not stop it If it weren't for the Stellar Martial Constellation he communicated with, they were all very high stars, and he practiced many powerful methods. Under such an attack, he would definitely die.

     Qin Wen Demon's might tumbling in the sky, Demon Peng reveals incredible domineering spirit, bang a loud noise, the Golden-Winged Great Peng bird tears void again, and a sharp golden space appears in the claws. Sword, you have to cut Qin Wen into two pieces.

    I saw Qin Wen's Tianli claws combined, the Demon Dao palm print urged by God's Hand secret skill clasped the sword, and an eye appeared in the eyebrow, directly piercing the Golden-Winged Great Peng bird, making Big Roc feel the soul only. When the sword was assassinated, at the same time, a vortex of destruction wrapped him up, and the sword in his hand couldn't help releasing it, and he wanted to retreat.

     Qin Wen's claws stretched out, grabbing the other person's head, and then the wings flew to inspire, directly descending on the other's huge body, buckling the neck of the Golden-Winged Great Peng bird.

    "Buzz." The Golden-Winged Great Peng bird appeared in another space like lightning, but the big Roc that Qin Wen had turned into was holding on with death, and his claws slammed into the other person's head, attacking wildly, hōng hōng's loud bang is constant, and the Golden-Winged Great Peng bird twists his body frantically, trying to get rid of Qin Wen day, but how could Qin Wen day let go of this opportunity and attacked frantically.The defense of this big Roc is simply amazing. The surrounding strongmen were stunned to see this scene. A Dapeng was actually riding on their royal family Golden-Winged Great Peng? What's wrong with this world? Has the wild monster evolved so terrible? A big Roc actually pressed the king of their family.

    Finally, the miserable cry came out, how violent the Qin Wen Tian’s attack was, he could kill anyone in the early stage of the mid-level fairy king, although the Golden-Winged Great Peng bird was extremely terrible, but he couldn’t withstand such a violent after all. The attack, which was killed by life, disappeared.

    At this moment, his low-level Dapeng demon king has been valued a few points. This is a big Roc that has transformed and can kill the royal family!

    (To be continued.)