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Chapter Directory Chapter 1417 Demon Temple
    Chinese Name: 太古神王  Author: 净无痕(Jìng wú hén, Traceless)
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Qin Wen's eyes are sharp and moving forward. It seems that there is another space in front. This ancient road has come to an end and is getting closer and closer to the top of Shenshan.

    In addition to Qin Wen days, there are already some wild and powerful monster clan royal existences, such as the Peng Phoenix clan awakening talent king, Golden Sun Clan clan existence super powerful monsters, and few digital human martial arts. Cultivation, the strength of human martial arts who can get to this point, is absolutely beyond doubt.

    Among them, there are many levels of immortal kings, and there are few characters of immortal emperors. They are the top of the top rank forces of immortal domains. Most of them do not know Qin Wen. After all, he is actually a junior in front of these people. It is a rising star and is not familiar with the characters of the fairy king level to rebuke Heaven and Earth. Presumably those who step into the Heavenly Dao Saintly Heavenly Dao Saint Academy should be more familiar with these people. They must be like him and Huang Shatian, who can be in Heavenly Dao. The characters in the Saint Academy who thundered and stormed.

    However, there are some familiar figures of Qin Wen days, such as Beiming Youhuang and Pei Qing, these two are historical figures, talents are outstanding, Pei Qing although he is proud of no one in the eyes, but the talent is really terrible, before Qin Wen Tian occasionally glanced at the battlefield where he was, very powerful, Beiming Youhuang before Beiming Immortal Dynasty history, the first young immortal emperor, of course, something extraordinary.

    In addition, there are several fairy emperors such as the Southern Phoenix Clan Emperor who have also taken this step. The fairy emperor of the fairy field has come a part, and not all of them come from. There aren't many of them, they are the most top rank immortal characters, after all, they just faced the existence of the most top rank demon emperor, and defeated each other."Little Rascal." Qin Wen's eyes glanced at the little brat. He also passed the test. Beside him, the extremely powerful demon emperor did not exist and was left behind. Although he was extremely powerful, but Because in the face of the Beast King Demon Emperor of that family, he still could not break the barrier and was blocked.

    Purgatory is still in a difficult battle. She is facing a super Suzaku, crazy collision, purgatory is a mutant Suzaku demon, she was born in a spiritual form, and has always existed in the body of Qin Wen before, she is Raised by Qin Wen's bloodline, this battle is very difficult.

    "Burning, what kind of talent is this?" Qin Wen glanced at the battlefield, the purgatory body burned, the whole world was burning, her combat power became stronger, as if it had exploded, from occupying the weak situation The next comeback, finally, defeated the opponent and stood out.

     Qin Wen had some doubts, when did the purgatory awaken the bloodline's power, but this is not the time to ask this, he walked forward and met a defeated Sacred Sun Cult strongman, he was weak in breath and was hit hard, just There is no die.

    In his eyes flash, he saw Qin Wen's big Roc passing by, and his eyes were extremely cold.

    "Waste." Qin Wen's eyes were sharp and he looked at him contemptuously, his ironic eyes terrified.

    "You wanton." The Sacred Sun Cult strongman did not expect the humiliated Dapeng to dare to despise him like this, calling him waste."Only you are qualified to point fingers at me, the existence of waste, and if there is a chance, I will kill you." Qin Wen's voice was low and hoarse, with a strong killing thought, although he and the dead old Peng Wang No relatives and no reason, but the kind-hearted old Peng Peng was really good to him, but died in the hands of the other party, this hatred will be reported.

    "Kill him for me." The strong man of Sacred Sun Cult said to a super clan who passed the test. The eyes of all people were bathed in flames, killing accidental exposure, Qin Wen's body flashed towards him. Going forward is like a flash of lightning.

    "King, save me." Qin Wen flashed, and ran behind a Golden-Winged Great Peng bird. It was a terrible Golden-Winged Great Peng. His eyes were sharp and he glanced at Sacred Sun. The strong of Cult made the other party show dignified meaning, coldly looks at Qin Wen Heavenly said: "You humiliate my clan strongman waste, just hide there like this?"

    "My realm is temporarily low, otherwise it's easy to kill you. The king of my family is here, do you dare to fight?" Qin Wen is hiding behind Golden-Winged Great Peng. Although he just performed extraordinary, he still needs to be low-key. Low-key, after all, he is too weak, there are too many people and monsters here to destroy him.

    "Humph." The Sacred Sun Cult strong man's eyes were indifferent, but Golden-Winged Great Peng gave Qin Wen a cold look, and said: "You just performed well, but you just beheaded an illusory demon spirit. Only, in front of me, even if you mutate, you are still humble."

    "Understood." Qin Wen Tian nodded, looking very humble, respecting the royal family, and the Golden-Winged Great Peng bird nodded proudly, and seemed to be very satisfied with Qin Wen Tian's performance."Even if the mutation is transformed, after all, it is still an ordinary Dapeng, without the spirit of the king." Many big demon glanced at Qin Wen, and said indifferently.

     Little Rascal's interesting looks at this scene, his eyes blinking non-stop, as if he saw something very interesting, this guy, too insignificant, these people and monsters despise him, and sooner or later they will pay the price.

    "Let's go." The Golden-Winged Great Peng spoke proudly. They walked forward. Many powerful people went out. There was no big demon on both sides. They walked forward as if they could already see the sky dome. , The mysterious Supreme Mountain appeared faintly in front of me.

    God Mountain is within reach.

    Are they about to climb to the top of the mountain?

    At this moment, the wild monster clan and royal clan are all showing excitement, and human martial arts are more of a sense of exploration. The first Legendary Land of Desolate Hundred Thousand Great Mountains, there are opportunities everywhere. At the beginning of the moment, there were plants that could transform Desolate Great Monster into the Holy Mountain. There were many treasures that could awaken the bloodline talent divine ability of Desolate Royal Clan.

    And now, they are about to climb to the top of God Mountain. What is the peak of Legendary Land waiting for the wild monster?

    Of course, there are some human Stellar Martial Cultivator who practiced the power of demon. They also vaguely hope to get some benefits, which is really not available. This is also a rare experience for them.

    Finally, they saw a magnificent demon Divine Palace that reached the sky, and the demon Divine Palace stood above, aloof and remote, like the place where the gods ruled. Is there really a demon god there?At this moment, many Desolate Great Monsters are revered in their hearts. This is the end of their wild first Legendary Land, the Divine Palace at the top of the mountain.

    The magnificent demon Divine Palace is engraved with lifelike patterns of various monsters, as if it has life. Then, the engraved patterns came to life and came out of the patterns, making all the strong eyes fixed There.


    Their hearts shook, and then, there was a glorious sprinkling down on the top of the God Mountain. The power of natural law could no longer exist here. Not only that, under this supreme glory, all the strong only felt that the power in the body was suppressed.

    "My cultivation base?" At this moment, a demon emperor's pupils contracted and exclaimed.

    "What's going on?" Eye flash, an immortal emperor strongman in Xianyu, was suppressed.

    Fairy King, they are all suppressed at the level of Fairy King, and they are the first level of Fairy King.

    All the glorious places are suppressed, without exception, whether it is Desolate Great Monster or human fairy emperor, at this moment, the cultivation is the same, the first-level demon king fairy king level.

    The pattern on the palace was transformed into a horrible monster, and their breath was also suppressed, all in the first stage fairy king, but the number was huge, and they walked towards them. Among them, there were various monsters. The clan's royal family exists super.

    This time, they are no longer fighting alone, but a group of demons.

    The palace on the top of the mountain is so open, but no one dares to act rashly. So many royal families of the demon clan are in a state with them, and they can instantly put the most talented man and demon to death."Shenshan, it seems that we want to pick the best king of the demon." Desolate Great Monster sighed. Being suppressed and able to step through such a lineup will be the top-most existence in Desolate Great Monster, inheriting the demon god. Legacy, there is a chance to become the legendary demon god in the future.

    "Come." all people eyes reveals the vigilant color, only to see the sky above, those monster beasts are heading towards this side under the orders of the kings of various races, every monster beast is a holy beast, known as the demon world The king, among them, the royal family among the holy beasts, led the army of holy beasts and came down.

    "King, let us kill us." Qin Wen is hiding behind the Golden-Winged Great Peng and Peng Phoenix clan monsters, even if they are all suppressed, but this time it is still not brave, suppress the realm. He is already a pleasant surprise, but the more this time, the more he should be calm and continue to low-key show weakness until he enters the demon Divine Palace on the top of the mountain.

     The Peng Phoenix clan and Golden-Winged Great Peng walked forward. I saw that Golden-Winged Great Peng's eyes were extremely sharp, shooting space and strangling the storm, directly killing the monster and the other.

    A royal family of the Peng Phoenix clan is terrible, and there is a terrible golden destruction fire in his space storm, burning all existence.

     The strong of Golden Sun Clan shot the golden sun rays, strangling a piece directly, Desolate King of all races, began the road of killing, and moved forward.

    Human martial arts also releases the magical skill of divine ability, even if it is suppressed, the person who can get to this step is also a super existence. There are Sacred Sun Cult Transcendent characters with eyes shot out of Sun Light, and the strong influential of Beast God Church figure eyes The monsters are unparalleled, letting the demon god creep, and Bai Lian sacred strong people refine everything.Although Southern Phoenix Empress has been suppressed, she still has a peerless demeanor, her body shines out, and a phoenix phantom is burning with flames all over her body, just like an incomparable queen.

     Beiming Youhuang Peerless Beauty, she released the Qi of Beiming, and the people close to her felt extremely cold, and the monsters in front had directly frozen the ice of Beiming.

     Qin Wen stood at the back, with a terrible light in his eyes. (To be continued.)