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Chapter Directory Chapter 1418 Break Through
    Chinese Name: 太古神王  Author: 净无痕(Jìng wú hén, Traceless)
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The strong men move forward, collide with the big demon, and destroy a piece in an instant. The big demon and martial arts who came here are too powerful. Even the ordinary holy beasts are all killed by one blow, strangling one piece in a flash, and a group of strong men step by step Going forward is like an invincible existence.

     The Golden-Winged Great Peng and the powerful Peng Phoenix in front of Qin Wen opened their way, killing everything, as if no demon could stop their pace.

    But at this moment, several powerful royal kings came to them. The bloody Golden-Winged Great Peng bird, a golden ancient beast, and a silver giant ape were like mutant monsters. The art of inheritance broke out.

    "It's terrible, these monsters are too powerful, the baby is afraid." I saw a tender voice, a snow-white monster hiding behind the strong, chasing everywhere, and suddenly many strong rolled their eyes, where is this The bastards who ran out were all here, baby scared?

     Although Qin Wen day is already very frivolous, I almost didn’t faint when I heard Little Rascal’s frivolous voice. This Little Rascal is really strange, just watched his battle Qin Wen Day, and together with the demon emperor together, cultivate Out of his many super abilities, it is no longer the Little Rascal of the year. Obviously let him come to Desolate Hundred Thousand Great Mountains. It is right to find a super strong man of the same family.

    "Little Roc, it seems that we are the same people, and we deal with these big demon together." Little Rascal ran to Qin Wen Tian.

    Little Roc?

     Qin Wen didn’t have a slap in the sky, but he responded: "Well, rest assured, I am the king of the Peng clan, and there are many powerful characters, how can we have anything, we are weak, behind looks at."The all people fighting in the front almost didn't vomit blood, and the big demon and humans who came here, who are not the best characters, appeared two such beastly beasts, and it was almost insignificant.

    However, there are still monsters killing behind. Qin Wen’s eyes are swept coldly, and Little Rascal is lying on Qin Wen’s back with no intention of fighting. There is no meaning to fight. He yells, “Little Roc, give is you."

     Qin Wen chopped towards the front, Dapeng's black magic was released, a Dapeng phantom with extreme sharpness screamed out, slashed everything, and the sounds of puffing and puffing continued to come out, and several figures of the monster were directly cut off, making All people know that although this frivolous Dapeng is not top-notch, he can come here and defeat the king of the Peng clan. The fighting strength is still very powerful, although it may have a bit of luck, he was lying on the Golden -Winged Great Peng caught on the back of the bird.

    A group of strong men marched forward, heading towards the demon Divine Palace at the top of the god mountain, and there were continuous demon shadows appearing in the sky. Many strong men had already felt their subsequent powerlessness. Those Transcendent demon kings were extremely difficult, and there were many The holy beast is under siege and it is difficult to get out.

    "More and more monsters, what should I do?" little brat continued hiding behind Qin Wen Tian.

    "It's okay, follow the king of my family." Qin Wen Tian proudly said, following behind the Peng Phoenix strongman and the Golden-Winged Great Peng bird, only to see the two superpowers make their way, it was really amazing, and at this time, Golden-Winged Great Peng The bird is covered with golden light, and the shuttle void is about to disappear."Boom." A terrible vortex of abyss of destruction appeared, and the Golden-Winged Great Peng bird was going to be swallowed directly into it. The Golden-Winged Great Peng bird retreated instantly, staring ahead, and a terrible demon pupil engulfing the power of the void shone and blocked over there.

    A demon from Heaven Lifting Clan lifted the horror boulder towards the front, and it was almost unbelievable. The terrible extreme rock smashed into the monster with a shocking explosion power. The bang was loud and he kept lifting. The boulder from Qitian was hit, and the road was opened in front.

    "Roar." A huge roar came, and I saw a blood ** ape appearing. The huge body was like an ancient mountain. He lifted down a huge stick and fell down, smashing the monstrous boulder into pieces.

    There is chaos, as the battlefield advances, many strong men and big demon are killed together, no longer so uniform, many strong men have started a chaotic war, each besieged by the big demon from the Divine Palace, it is difficult to escape .

    Purgatory also came to Qin Wen. On his side, the three guys were frivolous everywhere, so that they were not under siege, and there were few monster beasts staring at them. The monsters killed were not like Golden-Winged Great Peng. As good as it is.

    There is a super powerful big demon who kills the front alone, with an extraordinary talent, and has a terrible talent divine ability, but there are many powerful monsters in the Divine Palace, and he is trapped to death, all kinds of violent talents The divine ability came out quickly. Soon, the powerful and powerful monster was wiped out, making the strong minds tremble. They all warned themselves that unless they are absolutely sure, don’t kill too deeply alone. , Will be encircled and killed.Even though the big demon from the siege is extremely strong, all people are still advancing slowly, pulling the battlefield toward the top of the mountain, and some royal clan demon and human beings are too strong, and they have amazing powers.

     Qin Wen still adopts an evasive attitude. One person and two monsters avoid those super powerful monsters. Because they walk behind, the power to surround them is relatively weak.

    In front of them at this time, Beiming Youhuang was cultivated to suppress, but he seemed to have the release of supreme prestige, the Qi of the Northern Ming was released, the star soul was released, and the force of the Northern Ming diffused out could freeze the monster directly. , Spreading frantically towards her body, once covered by the Qi of Beiming, she would soon lose her vitality, making Qin Wen Tian lament that if the woman had not been suppressed, it would be terrible.

     Pei Qing is also very powerful. He can transform the External Body Incarnation battle. The three Pei Qing figures are all extraordinary in fighting power. Obviously, they have practiced strange abilities.

     Jiang Ziage's Jiang Zihua, he is the elder brother of Jiang Ziyu, possesses the mysterious buddhist divine ability, just like the body of Vajra, the defense is super scary, and he can also kill opponents from the air, and the attack penetration is terrible. The fingering is very powerful, directly penetrating the void space, killing into the body of the monster, can directly destroy the opponent, one finger is killed, his palm is bombarded on the opponent, and the monster can be transformed into a Golden Body, as if solidified, and then turned into a liquid death .

    The Sacred Sun Cult strongman who wanted to kill Qin Wen days was also extremely powerful. Sun Light was released from his body, burning and destroying everything. The ordinary holy beasts close to him will be directly burned. Only the holy beast king can resist his attack. power."These monsters walked out of the Shenshan Palace, and a batch of them came out every once in a while. The speed of our killing was not as fast as the monsters came out. We needed to break through the defense line as fast as possible. Otherwise, no one could walk in behind Divine Palace." A voice came out, and all people also found this phenomenon. The batches of monsters transformed from the wall patterns of Divine Palace can become real killing monsters. Before, a group of guards blocked them.

    Zhu Qiang nodded, killing more violently, and going forward madly, the strongest men released the strongest glory, supremely dazzling, immense power, the big demon crazy released his talent Divine ability, human martial arts Unleash the power of Star Soul's increased attack power, issue the strongest divine ability, and fall down for a while.

    "Shall we share a little?" Little Rascal croaked.

    "Yeah, but our strength is relatively weak. We will share some later and deal with some demon." Qin Wen nodded and said that he also felt it was time to deal with some monsters. Otherwise, he didn't know if he had a chance to rush. Going in, it has been low-key and weak at the moment, with only one purpose, to enter the demon Divine Palace, but if all the strong people can't enter in the back, he has no meaning to show weakness.

    Thinking of the killing of the two monsters by one person and starting to deal with those monsters in the periphery, Qin Wen God's Hand urged Dapeng's body to continuously cut out Dapeng's black magic. Where can the monsters in the same land can bear, the killing speed is extremely fast, Relieving the pressure of the strong, the monsters have been reduced sharply, and they continue to advance upwards and continue to approach the Divine Palace. If there are some super monsters that are extremely difficult to deal with, they have all broken through.Seeing that they are getting closer and closer to the Divine Palace, the great powers have become extra cautious and solemn. At this time, they understand that only some strong men can break through. Once some strong men break through, the other strong men will be evenly divided. If more monsters attack, there is no hope.

    "There is not much time until the next monster appears in the palace. Opportunity has arrived." Qin Wen said to Little Rascal and Purgatory, not only they, but the strongmen knew that the opportunity had arrived, and now they are all pregnant with ghosts. , The attack has begun to leave room.

    "Several beasts get in the way here and roll." The strong man of Sacred Sun Cult saw the Qin Wen day. They began to move forward. Suddenly the eyes were cold, the flame of the sun burned, and they shot directly towards the Qin Wen day. , Very scary.

     Qin Wen's cold eyes affected him to break through? Then die.

    "Kill him." Qin Wen Tian spoke to Little Rascal and Purgatory. The purgatory flashed forward and blocked Sun Fire. Qin Wen Tian and Little Rascal's bodies burst out like lightning.

    "Destroy." Dapeng's eyebrows appeared to be a third eye, turning into a vortex of destruction that enveloped the Sacred Sun Cult strong man. The strong man ignited the sun and burned all the attacks, but saw Qin Wen's Tianli claws protruding forward. Suddenly a super-powerful black magic was urged by God's Hand, and the crazy attack came out. Then the pupil of the Sacred Sun Cult contracted, screamed, and a round of the sun flew out of his body, burning everything, covering Qin. Wen day body.

    "Roar." Little Rascal's body turned golden, and his body was cast like a golden body. It was very huge. He roared and swallowed the sky. The round of the sun was swallowed directly by him. The Sacred Sun Cult strong body seemed to be also Swallow it.In an instant, various tyrannical attacks strangled, and the face of the Sacred Sun Cult strong man changed drastically, and then the power of tearing all the attacks fell on his body. His face was horrified. At this moment, he saw the cold and terrible pair of Qin Wen days. The pupil, where there is a little bit of triviality and cowardice, he has been showing weakness, just to break through at this moment.

    "Boom." The powerful force directly destroyed him, and his eyes showed a very strong unwillingness.

    "Breakout." Qin Wen spit out a voice. There was no hesitation for one person and two monsters. They rushed straight out in the same direction at this moment. The three monstrous monsters did not flinch this time, and went straight to the summit of the mountain. That palace!

    (To be continued.)