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Chapter Directory Chapter 488 In This Life, You Live Up To It
    Chinese Name: 太古神王  Author: 净无痕(Jìng wú hén, Traceless)
    Original: | Translation:

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     The reason why Qin Wen wanted to use Immortal Vanquishing Sword regardless of the consequences, because he practiced Great Nirvana Immortal Art, and had another body to practice in the Imperial Tomb in Daxia, the body’s perception is equivalent to The body of Qin Wen God is also enlightened, and his practice is always there.

    Therefore, even if he really die a body, he still did not die. Of course, Qin Wen is very important to the body of this deity. If it is absolutely necessary, would he want die, just because the powerful forces of all major forces are encircling and suppressing space, It is already desperate. Either die together, or die, and save Little Rascal and Purgatory.

    Under such circumstances, he would rather choose to die by himself.

    But he is willing to sacrifice, but purgatory will not agree. For purgatory, Qin Wentian is everything.

    Therefore, after learning what Qin Wen Tian wanted to do, purgatory pressed him directly under his body, pressed Little Rascal under him, and then spread his wings and wrapped it up, holding a man and a beast firmly. Guard, its eyes are still fierce, staring at all people.

    "Purgatory, let me go out." Qin Wen Tian shouted inside, but purgatory didn't seem to hear it. He was tightly protected under him. The powerful force made Qin Wen Tian unable to break free.

    "It's better to follow me than a loyal monster." I saw a strong man wandering and staring at purgatory.

    Purgatory opened his mouth, spit out a purgatory lotus, strangled madly in the past, the strong man coldly snorted, his palm stretched out, the ice force frozen void, and collided with the purgatory lotus frantically, and then shattered together, other strong men stepped forward , Staring indifferently at Purgatory Suzaku."Under such a desperate situation, you still want to protect your master. As a Suzaku, you are one of the eight demon gods. Follow me and I will not treat you badly." Another person stepped forward and wanted to conquer purgatory , But the person who greeted him is still the monstrous fire of purgatory.

    "Can't tell good from bad." The man coldly snorted and attacked.

    "This demon can't be tamed, then it will be slaughtered, and its flames are useful to me." A strong influential figure from a Golden Flame family said coldly, holding the flames forward, then suddenly pointed and banged To purgatory.

    At the same time, the strong man who was good at the force of the ice stepped forward and directly dropped a palm seal, freezing everything and blasting on the purgatory. The body of the purgatory shuddered suddenly, but still did not move.

    "This wicked animal is really persistent and really wants to tame it. Unfortunately, it is so stupid." Another attack fell, like a boundless tremendous force of thousands of pounds, so that the body of the purgatory shook violently and spit out blood.

    Even the following Qin Wen days, I deeply felt the power of this concussive force, but they were all unloaded by purgatory, and only a trace of wave power passed to him.

    "Purgatory." Qin Wen's eyes were crimson and roaring in rage, but purgatory was deaf, as if he hadn't heard, it had only one thought, Qin Wen days, can't die, it was, Qin Wen days were there.

     Although little brat is protected underneath, he still spit out the star power frantically, breathing very fast, its eyes are also red, and the fierce light is extremely strong.

    "Boom!" A Thunderbolt smashed down suddenly, the earth turned into scorched earth, purgatory coughed, spit out blood, and there was a crack in his body.

    "Stupid, worthy of being a beast, and even refused to let go."A sarcastic voice fell, and immediately, another powerful attack fell down. The purgatory has always been silently bearing, and the body's trauma is getting heavier and heavier.

    "Go away." Qin Wentian wanted to prop up the body of purgatory with strong force, but he now guarded him by the purgatory, immobile.

    The people outside look at that huge body, and there are more and more scars on the body, but it is still there, guarding it tightly, as if telling all people, to kill Qin Wen days, we must first step over its body.

    "Roar..." There was a roar of Qin Wen in the sky, and a horrible demon tumbling wildly, the bloodline in Qin Wen's body seemed to be running away, and a terrifying demon's power diffused out, as if , His demon will became more powerful, and seemed to have entered the second realm.

    But Qin Wen Tian at this time did not feel any excitement. He just wanted to push the purgatory away, but even if his power surged again, it was still useless, purgatory, and death would not go away.

    The strong men outside stood there and did not continue to attack. At this time, they were also shocked by the loyalty of purgatory. Such a ** attack, if the ordinary monster is already unknown how many times it has died, but the prison Suzaku still guards This is his belief. Qin Wen is more important than his life.

     Looks at the purgatory Suzaku whose faint gradation is faint, and the strong men's expression is ugly, saying: "This demon's defense is really strong, and even the little animal is so dead, it can't kill."

    They are even a little jealous of Qin Wen God, there are such two monster beast partners.

    Strong and loyal."Continue to attack, since it cannot be tamed, you can only kill it." A cold voice came out, and these strong men were also very depressed. They even killed a monster and could not die.

    "Yes." A strong man nodded, then stepped forward and came to the purgatory. He raised his palm, and a terrible power spread out. His fingers seemed to contain a terrible golden sword that could penetrate. all.

    Press with one finger and go towards the purgatory, but at this moment, suddenly, the body of the purgatory, which has been quiet and weak, suddenly burst into a terrifying fierce power.

    "Buzz!" The huge body of the purgatory Suzaku moved, rushed out in a flash, spit out a purgatory fire lotus, and directly drowned the strong man.

    "Ah..." There was a scream, and the strong man's body burned with the fire of purgatory, which made other people frightened, and all of them burst back, and they looked shocked at this scene.

    In an instant, the strong man's body burned directly to ashes.

    Under the body of purgatory, there was a shocking scene. Little brat had no idea how much starlight was spit out. Purgatory has been swallowing. It was just accumulating energy. It did not use power to resist, but accumulating energy to attack, without wasting any trace of it. Power must also be attacked.

    At this time, these starlights floated in the air, and all fell on the purgatory. In addition, Qin Wentian seemed to have his wrists cut, his fingers penetrated into the purgatory body, the blood flowing from the wrists, crazy Penetrating into the body of purgatory, he was feeding his bloodline power just now.

     Qin Wen's eyes are filled with cold colors, and the eyes of the demon deeply hurt people's eyes. The kind of indifference seems to be able to freeze people's bodies. At a glance, people can feel despair.Purgatory Yang Tian long cry, and then spit out the fire of purgatory crazy, sweeping the entire space, and another person was burned, and his body burned in an instant, and he could not put it out.

    "Go." With a loud shout, all people's body rushed back, but they saw the purgatory body rush out, and the fire of purgatory swept through everything. Qin Wen walked out with it, and blood was still injected into its body.

    The hell of the purgatory, the powerful of all major forces have taken their arrogance back.

    "Unlock the ban." A loud voice came out, and the Yin Jiaqiang released the power of the ban, and the purgatory Suzaku still rushed forward.

    "Go away." The roar came, and those people looked extremely ugly and fled glittering away. They didn't expect that the purgatory Suzaku suddenly became so violent.

    The purgatory Suzaku did not go after it, the breath on it was beginning to weaken, but it still floats in the air, staring at those people away.

     Qin Wen was standing under purgatory, and the bloodline in his body was roaring crazy. Not long ago, when he fell into a state of madness, he actually felt another terrifying power of bloodline of the demon, but he has not yet been stimulated, so He injected the power of bloodline into the body of purgatory.

    However, in order to protect Qin Wen Day, Purgatory did not use any force to attack, nothing at all, all hard resistance, regardless of life and death, just to accumulate energy, this can only add bloodline after Qin Wen Day injects bloodline into it. Little Rascal worked together to burn himself instantly, bursting out such fighting strength.

    But Qin Wen Tian understands that this is just a flash in the pan, and purgatory almost consumes himself."Poof!" The purgatory body fell down, and it was extremely weak, and there was no more power. Qin Wen hugged its body, and the huge body was pressed against him. I saw that the purgatory eyes were still open, looks at Qin Wen God, it seems, with a gentle smile.

    It did it and protected Qin Wen from dying for a long time, so everything it does has value.

    Seeing the smile in the eyes of purgatory, Qin Wentian felt his heart hurt a bit. Purgatory, but the demon spirit, guarding him is the strongest obsession in purgatory.

    He is born, it is born.

    If he wants to die, it will die first.

    Therefore, for the feeling of demon spirit, how many people are comparable in the world.

    Just because it is born for him; then, it will die for him.

     Little brat flew up, its eyes were also red, tears pierced, it was psychic, and it also contained strong feelings, it had always been dependent on Qin Wen heaven, and later it swallowed purgatory, and had feelings, but Qin Wen heaven, they are The only guardian.

    Purgatory, like it, is willing to give his life and protect him.

     Qin Wen days looks at two monster beasts, only feeling warm in his heart, but thinking of everything he had just born, he was heartbroken again.

    "In this life, I will live up to you." Qin Wen Tian looks at two monster beasts, wet eyes, with a gentle smile, I saw him facing the purgatory: "My bloodline, seems to be able to conceive a demon, purgatory, you Enter my bloodline first."

    After all, his hand fell on purgatory, and in an instant the purgatory's body was inhaled directly by his bloodline.

    The body of purgatory entered into his bloodline, flowing in his body.

     Little brat eyes are shimmering, and my heart is equally moved. In this life, you will live up to you!"Bah!" With a soft bang, little brat's body rose to the sky, wings, floats in the air, looked down at a distance, and spit out the voice: "Qin Wen day!"

    The voice is slightly naive and unclear, but Qin Wen Tian’s eyes are bursting with bright light, and he looks up at the figure in void, the smile in his eyes is even worse, this is the first sentence of little brat, Qin Wen Tian !

     The eyes turned slowly, looking in the direction of Dazzling Royal City, the smile dissipated, and turned into a cold cold light: "This hatred, blood comes to compensate!"

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