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Chapter Directory Chapter 489 Smile
    Chinese Name: 太古神王  Author: 净无痕(Jìng wú hén, Traceless)
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    Above the barren mountains, the white clothes of young people were stained with blood, and the glittering mans in the deep pupils made the temperature of the space suddenly cool down.

     Dazzling Royal City, All Heaven is proud, waiting.

    With a flash of figure, Qin Wen held the little brat in his arms and stepped out, leaving like a wind.

    Here, obviously can't stay any longer, now he is sucked into bloodline by purgatory, and can cultivate in his bloodline.

     Qin Wen doesn’t know why his ancient demon bloodline suddenly appeared another ability, but this may be related to the blood pool he swallowed when he moved the Immortal Vanquishing Sword. Many of the blood in the blood pool was in Immortal Vanquishing. Burning in Sword, it was also swallowed by his bloodline, as if to stimulate his demon blood, making it more violent, which is why he can step into the second realm of demon faster.

    Looking down, looks at the wounded little brat in the arms, and saw the guy with his head slightly raised, looks at him, whispering milky: "Little... jerk! Egg!"

    "Yes, Little Rascal." When Qin Wen heard the voice, the dark clouds in his heart seemed to be dispelled, showing a soft smile, and stroking the little brat's head.

    "No...hi...huan!" little brat pouted, shook his head, and for the first time expressed his dissatisfaction with Qin Wen Tian's name in human voice.

    "Haha, I have been crying for so long, I am used to it." Qin Wen Tian flicked the little brat's head gently, and the little brat's eyebrows were immediately frowned, and his bright eyes seemed to show a very wrong expression. I learned to sound it. , The more humane.

     The figure of a man and a beast gradually went away, leaving this barren mountain and heading deeper into the Tianshan Mountains.In Dazzling Royal City, there are many more rumors. It is rumored that a young man in white appeared in the Tianshan Duobao Fair. This person claimed to be Qin. He claimed the space pen of Shangyue, humiliating Yincheng and Jin Zhan, and he was extremely proud. , And then carved divine imprint to kill Master Qiu.

    Not only that, since then, there have been rumors of the appearance of wonderland. In this wonderland, the arrogant characters of the major forces lead the strong into the wonderland adventure. Now the wonderland is a place where the legendary strongman buried his bones, and the celestial fruit tree was born. The Fang forces won the war, but this man of the Qin surname was born. He fought all the strong men and killed half of the people. He fought against the six Tianjiao and then retreated with half of the celestial fruit.

    What is even more shocking is that it is said that this young man's cultivation practice is only at Tiangang 3rd level.

    For his sake, the Tian Peng family asked for thousands of miles of tracking mirrors. The Yin family took out the banned magic weapon. The strong men again found the white-clothed youth, but they still returned to the feathers. The deaths and injuries were heavy, and even die. The two Heavenly Dipper Realm triple powerful presence, No one knows exactly what happened in this battle, but the young man in white, who had never appeared in Dazzling Royal City, was told to be a god, as if he had three heads and six arms.

    As for the youth in white at this time, they are still practicing hard in the Tianshan Mountains.

    In the depths of the Tianshan Mountains, there is a wonderful scene. Qin Wen sits on the peak of the mountain and looks forward to the land where there are snowflakes. The endless mountains are all ice and snow mountains and have extremely cold Cold.

    This piece of heaven and earth seemed to be divided into two sections, and that section of snow and ice, and Qin Wen, there was no snow at all.Qin Wen was sitting cross-legged, holding two celestial fruits in his hands, one was a red celestial fruit that could make the heart beat, and the other was a celestial fruit that contained the will power of the earth.

    He didn't swallow it directly. This fruit contains a strong Martial Mandate, which can make people constantly feel that if swallowed directly, although it can have a magic effect at one time, after that, there will be nothing, and it is best to swallow at the critical moment.

     Qin Wen was holding the celestial fruit so quietly, his heart was beating thumping, very fast, but very rhythmic. Every time he beat, every vein in his body seemed to move with it.

    And the earth fruit can even make him feel the pulse of the earth, as if the earth is beating like his heart.

     Qin Wen entered into the state of ecstasy, devoted himself to perceiving this pulsation, forgetting that his heart was beating, and entering an ethereal state. With the pulsation of the earth, his perception continued to extend.

    Gradually, his heart's beating slowed down. Slowly, the area was stable, no longer beating so violently, as if he wanted to enter the same rhythm as the pulse of the earth.

    This feeling is as if he is a part of this earth, his body, and this earth merged together.

    With cultivation becoming powerful, Qin Wen can even understand Mandate of Earth, but because he does not have this kind of star soul, he can not condense this kind of Stellar Martial Astral Nova. Even if it is realized, the effect is also It will be worse than his Martial Mandate, and he needs to spend more time to practice. After all, he was able to enter this state with the help of celestial fruit.

    After a long time, Qin Wen's heart beat almost calm to a halt."Exhale..." He exhaled, his eyes opened, stretched his waist, feeling comfortable, and entering this state every day, it feels really wonderful, as if this land is his muscles and flesh, follow With his heart beating and pulsating.

    "Mandate of Strength, it's time to break through." Qin Wen Tian stood up and walked to the front of the mountain wall, his sense of permeation was full, his fist blasted out, a seemingly calm punch, a moment of blast on the mountain wall, A terrifying wave spread rapidly and spread into the mountain wall, the whole mountain wall pulsation became stronger, and then the click sound came out, and a series of cracks appeared like a cobweb.

    "Broken." Qin Wen trembles his palm and spits out a voice, suddenly a loud noise, a space in front of the mountain wall turns into dust.

     A smile appeared on Qin Wen’s face, and he whispered: “Mandate of Strength and Mandate of Earth are indeed connected. The second realm of Mandate of Strength that I understand is the Void Shock. Why is it not a kind of pulsation, round by round? Diffusion spreads, everything is destroyed by shock, and now, the second realm of Mandate of Strength also enters the realm."

    Today, there are four types of Martial Mandate: Mandate of Strength. Martial Mandate Mandate of Sword, all of them have stepped into the realm of the second realm; Mandate of Dream, Imperial Tomb's Emperor Tian is practicing the big dream, he feels faintly, Mandate of Dream is also about to break through, I am afraid it will not take long, and all four of his Martial Mandate can step into the second realm.

    Shining glittering, Demonic Scarlet Halberd appeared in the hands of Qin Wen Tian. I saw his figure flashed into the white snow.

    The sky and snow were falling down, and Qin Wen spurred a halberd, as if looking for the strongest power of each halberd.When he first entered the martial arts practice, Qin Wen knew the Qian Hao Bai Lian method. Any divine ability can be changed by quantity and quality.

    Today, he has many means, but it is difficult to merge into one, to achieve that perfect fit, such as his halberd method, the halberd method he created himself is obviously not suitable for today, too weak, but, if he will Does his current understanding and Martial Mandate fit into it? Absolutely can wield ten times and one hundred times.

    But how can this fit be easily achieved? This is creation. He needs to constantly temper the process to know whether there is a possibility of success.

    The vast snowflakes, with a biting chill, but the young man in white seemed to be imperceptible, he always wore a thin white coat, he seemed to be integrated with snowflakes, but the halberd method again and again, seems to be constantly improving .

    One day passed.

    Seven days passed.

    In a blink of an eye, it was nine days. The young man in white was still there. He no longer knew how many halberds he had, but now he can make the halberd silent. It’s not that there is really no sound, just because the halberd is too fast. When the sound burst, the halberd had fallen.

    The young man in white flashed his body, gazing at the snowy mountains in front, stepping out of his foot, and halberd out, like a long dragon, and the snowflakes around him seemed to freeze.

    The halberd still has no sound, but the snowy mountain collapsed, and penetrated into it a little bit, the horrible sound of hōng lóng lóng came out, and the entire small snow mountain collapsed down to the place where the halberd method fell. Everything is turned into dust."It's not strong enough, the strongest wave of nothingness will cover the pulse of the mountain, one blow, and annihilation." Qin Wen Tian frowned, seemingly dissatisfied, then waved his Demonic Scarlet Halberd again and again.

    In an instant, another seven days.

    Snow is still falling. On the snow, Little Rascal is lying in the snow as if it is one with the snow.

    Behind them, on top of a snowy mountain, a beautiful figure like an iceberg snow lotus, I do not know when it has appeared there, quietly looks at the young man in white to practice halberd.

    After a few hours, the young man in white stopped again, and a light smile appeared in his eyes.

    "Mandate of Dream, the second realm, the realm is gone." Qin Wen Tian said with a smile. Now, all four Martial Mandates have stepped into the realm of the second realm. If they encounter another six arrogances, Qin Wen can let them All deaths are the same even if the six of them are sieged.

    You must know that when fighting the six arrogant characters in the past few days, his biggest reliance was the sword, 7 Kill Sword Art. He only had Mandate of Sword, which was the transmigration.

    Now, there are four types of Martial Mandate.

    As if I felt something, Qin Wen turned around and saw the figure above the snowy mountain, and his star-like eyes could not help lighting up.


     Qin Wen's body flashed, and he fell on the snowy mountain for a moment. The cold figure looked like him. His eyes were full of spirit, but he still didn't like to talk.

    "The two celestial berries are space Martial Mandate celestial berries, which should be useful to you." Qin Wen Tian handed the celestial berries to Qing'er. Qing'er glanced without reaching out.

    "Qing'er, hold it." Qin Wen said heavenly."Oh." Qing'er with clear voice responded, reaching for Tianxiangguo, but still had the same expression, not knowing what was in his heart.

    "I'm gone." Qin Wen turned around, glittering, and stepped into the snow again.

     looks at his back, the lines on Qing'er's face moved slightly, and at the corner of her mouth, it seemed to slowly outline a smile. This smile, as if the snow and ice between the world and the world, were going to melt!

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