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Chapter Directory Chapter 491 Zhang Jianzong
    Chinese Name: 太古神王  Author: 净无痕(Jìng wú hén, Traceless)
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Qin Wen saw the old man leaving, and he was a little relieved. This person is too strong, and has a strange personality. Trying a radical method, it was really useful. As for the subsequent bold words, half of them were deliberately agitated. , Half of it came from the heart. .

    Since his spiritual practice, he has never seen a person whose star soul is more outstanding than him. In the same realm, he has never encountered a person who is more powerful than him.

     Qin Wen dare not say that there is no such thing in the world. After all, the world is too big, so big that he can't see through to the triple peak of Tiangang now.

    However, Qin Wen Tian also has strong confidence in himself at least, which is his belief.

    Putting this matter down, Qin Wen Tian held Demonic Scarlet Halberd and continued to practice. Since there was a false alarm, nothing could affect his state of mind and disturb his practice.

    Today, his cultivation practice has entered the Tiangang triple, all four Martial Mandates have entered the second realm, and his state of mind is enough. He already feels faintly that he is not far from the Tiangang 4th level.

    Although the practice is boring, if you yearn for it, even if it is boring, it will always keep the passion of struggle.

    Although the old man left, he did not leave. In the distance, he sat cross-legged on a snowy mountain, and Qin Wen's every move fell into his eyes.

    "The old man had something to do. Passing here, I didn't expect to encounter such a jerk like you, ignorance, arrogance, and angry old man. I want to see how much you have." The white-haired old man seemed very depressed and said to himself In other words, the boy behind him kept silent, but his heart was also depressed. That guy was really... how many people yearn for something even in one's dreams.The ancestor has a strange personality. Sometimes he is calm, and sometimes he has the stubborn nature of a teenager. He does whatever he wants, and never takes the opinions of others into consideration. He does things only on his own liking.

    But today, he was hit by a younger generation. Presumably he was very depressed. When was his old man's home rejected?

    This sitting was a full thirty days. The old man saw many things that he could not see before. This seemed to be a very boring thing, but the old man was able to sit quietly for those thirty days.

    In these thirty days, he saw the relationship between man and monster companion, that kind of feeling can be seen from the smile; he saw a guardian, the girl seemed to practice, but her attention, often In Qin Wen Tian's body, this kind of protection surprised him quite a bit. Who is this son who deserves the treatment of a beautiful woman.

    He saw a kind of persistence and a kind of perseverance.

    The persistence in every halberd, every sword, every palm seems to be radiating health and vigor forever.

    Every time I failed to strike the realm, I was not discouraged, cautious, and persistent.

    He didn't know who this boy was and what he had experienced, but this heart and perseverance gradually made the old man's eyes more serious.The old man reads countless people in his life. He looks at people and never just looks at talents. On the contrary, when he said to Qin Wen Tian that the world's strength is respected, he also had a sense of temptation. He wanted to see Qin Wen Tian’s Reaction, in fact, although Qin Wen Tian angered him, he was not angry at all, because Qin Wen Tian’s words were in line with his heart, otherwise he would never stay here even if Qin Wen Tian’s talent is high. Delaying a moment.

    The reason for staying is just to see clearly.

    This month's stay, although what happened there was very simple, but it made him quite moved, a person practice divine ability, once, ten times, one hundred times, nothing; thousand times, it can be said to be diligent; but if Never know the end, ten thousand times, or even one hundred thousand times, only perfect for a halberd, this perseverance, plus his talent, it is difficult to want to become a big weapon.

    Although the young man's voice was arrogant, he was true. He used his hard work and talent to support his arrogance.

    "This child can be made of material." The old man murmured, and then saw him close his eyes and fell into absolute silence.

    Far away from Grand Shang Dynasty Dazzling Royal City, there is a domain of experts as common as the clouds. In this domain, there is Overlord, named Royal Saint Sect.

     Royal Saint Sect, the beginning of the establishment of the school, I don’t know how many years, Commander’s nine major schools, the three dynasties, and the endless vast territory. These genius characters will continue to be sent into the Royal Saint Sect. Each line of competition will stand out and gradually emerge Sharp edge, become the leader of the Royal Saint Sect veins, top figure.

    The Royal Saint Sect, which contains all the veins, is unimaginable.However, the development of countless years, the Royal Saint Sect's veins are actually closely related to the following nine major schools and the three imperial cities. The nine factions and three dynasties are all dependent on the Royal Saint Sect's pulse.

     Battle Sword Sect is the strangest among the nine factions. This faction is the rarest among the nine factions, and it is not as good as Dashang and Grand Zhou Dynasty.

    Therefore, it is said that Battle Sword Sect is the most declining case. However, no one has ever dared to despise Battle Sword Sect. Although its clan is the least, but it can come out of a shocking generation every few years. The characters come out, and the people of the sect are all generations with different personalities. They are unruly and rebellious. With the sword in the world, my generation is frivolous and deeply scorned by others.

    At this moment, in the Battle Sword Sect, although there are not many people in the magnificent architectural community, any one of this sect can step into one, and they may be dazzling.

    However, at this time, a lot of strong influential figures in this vein were all expression solemn and were walking towards a hall.

    This group of people are extraordinary in temperament. They are all random people and are extremely outstanding people. Their eyes are deep and bright. They have stepped into the hall and immediately stood inside. They all showed respectful expressions, bowing their heads slightly, as if in front of them. It is an extremely noble thing.

    But in fact, there is only a statue there, but on this statue, there is a faint glittering light, as if it were a living creature.

    "Master Xian Nian, I don’t know what to order?" The first person, with extraordinary temperament, like a sword, facing the statue, but still respectful, asked, the statue in front of him is his master, and entered the Royal Saint as soon as possible. Sect, nowadays, you can't see it all the time, even if he is a young boy, he hasn't seen the master.His Master Xian Nian is generally a very important thing, but this time, I don’t know why it was so obvious.

    Above the statue, there was light shining out. Immediately, in front of all people, a video appeared, among them, there was a figure of Qin Wentian in it.

    "This person is practicing in the Tianshan Mountains outside Dazzling Royal City. I want him to grow up in Battle Sword Sect. When Royal Saint Sect recruits people in the future, I need to look at him and step into Royal Saint Sect." Statue The solemn voice made all people gaze at the figure in the image and secretly wrote down the person.

    "Just follow the orders of the master." The headed person slightly bowed to the statue and should have taken the matter.

    "Remember, this matter is very important and needs to be taken seriously." The statue opened again, making all people quite startled, but they all knew what kind of person the old man was, and they were so attentive to a young person, It can be seen that this person must be very valued.

    "Okay." The leader, now the Sovereign of Battle Sword Sect, nodded once again and said at the same time: "I will personally supervise this matter and it will be completed."

    "In addition, the momentum is huge, and at the same time, I must not let him know that this is my order. It is best to let him choose according to his own wishes." The statue spit out another voice, and the Sovereign of Battle Sword Sect nodded again.

    "Okay, I'm gone." After the voice fell, the statue dimmed, making all people eyes reveals sharp, especially the master of Battle Sword Sect, a strange color flashed in his eyes, Master Xian Nian, no Say one more word just for a young character.After a while, the Battle Sword Sect Sovereign took the people out of the main hall, and immediately ordered to inform the Nine Major Schools and the Grand Shang Dynasty that he Battle Sword Sect wanted to choose a disciple in the Grand Shang Dynasty Dazzling Royal City.

    As soon as this order came out, Battle Sword Sect shook up and down. This was the first time for their Battle Sword Sect. Outside the Battle Sword Sect sect, the apprentice, in the past, has always been others. He is only because Battle Sword Sect is the most free and arrogant sect among the nine major schools.

    Moreover, the location was set in a royal city of Grand Shang Dynasty, Dazzling Royal City.

    When the news spread, I wondered how big the storm was coming, and they were all curious. What happened to the suzerain, he gave such a ridiculous order.

    However, since this matter was ordered by the suzerain himself, they could only strictly supervise the things that were facilitated.

    At this time, Qin Wen didn’t know that a severe storm would appear because of him in Dazzling Royal City. When the news spread to Dazzling Royal City, no one would think that the source of everything is in the Tianshan Mountains. Young man in white in practice.

    At the moment, Qin Wen was absorbing the Astral Yuan Force crazy, the Arterial Circulation roaring in his body, Stellar Martial Astral Nova buzzing, the monstrous power erupted from him, extremely violent, obviously, was already on the verge of breakthrough.

    This scene lasted for a full half day, and finally the click sound came out, the bones and veins of Qin Wen's body moved, Yuan Yuan was spinning wildly, Stellar Martial Astral Nova is even more shining, his realm has entered Tiangang 4th level.

    The young man in white who opened his eyes, and a satisfied smile was drawn at the corner of his mouth.

    The beautiful woman guarding the snow peak seems to have a ray of light in her beautiful eyes.In the distance, where Qin Wen couldn't see it, the old man stood up with a red light on his face, as if he had been holding back for a long time.

    "Fuck, you think you can escape the old man's palm and see how big a storm you can turn over." The old man smiled heartily, but then the expression changed slightly: "Oops, it seems that the delay has been too long."

    Let's just say his body left like an gust of wind, and he took away the people behind him as if he had never appeared here!