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Chapter Directory Chapter 815 Convene
    Chinese Name: 太古神王  Author: 净无痕(Jìng wú hén, Traceless)
    Original: | Translation:

readx(); Qin Wen day also looked up, expression was a bit cold, Ye Zixuan hosted a banquet to invite All Heaven, but Jun Mengchen was omitted, plus Hei Feng was there, let Qin Wen day understand, it seems that Hei arranged for the day The son of Feng who lives in their inn should be Ye Zixuan.

    Although the two hadn't seen each other before, it was considered to be Liang Zi, but it didn't matter if they didn't invite them. Ye Zixuan intended to speak out in public at this moment, and it seemed too much, and directly dumped Jun Mengchen.

    Sure enough, after his words fell, the people below boiled, and the voices were one after another.

    "Why doesn't the Son only invite Jun Mengchen? Unfortunately, I don't know about Yunzhou, and I don't know the talents of Jun Mengchen. Could it be because the son Ye Zixuan knows that Jun Mengchen's reputation is not good?"

    "Everyone was invited, with the exception of Yun Mengchen in Yunzhou. He must have been lucky to get the second place, which is not true. Otherwise, the third Muyun was also invited to sit with the first Gu Zhantian. "

     All people speculate that they do not know the situation of the Yunzhou land. It is natural to think that Ye Zixuan does not need to target Jun Mengchen. It is very likely that the young Jun Mengchen cannot do it by himself. It is normal for a weak state to have an exception during the selection process, and Jun Mengchen may have had good luck and won the second place.

     Although the words of Ye Zixuan embarrass Jun Mengchen, he seems to have a hard time to explain. After all, Ye Zixuan just said that he was not invited, what can he say? don't tell me A person bragging about himself as a great person?Qin Wen looked at Jun Mengchen for a day, and saw that the younger brother still raised his head. There was a strong obsession in his eyes, but he was not angry because of the other party’s words. His ambition.

    However, this Ye Zixuan was so slapped, he didn't look back, but he was upset.

    Therefore, I only heard the voice of Qin Wen said: "I heard that the first day of the 13th state of Dongsheng is the Gusu Tianqi of Dongzhou. I originally wanted to see you today, but I never saw that Gusu Tianqi was not invited to attend this banquet. ?"

     Qin Wen's voice is not loud, but it seems to overshadow all the noise, making this space suddenly quiet.

    "Haha, are you kidding, Gusu Tianqi He and the others, how could it not be invited."

    "This guy..." all people smiled and shook their heads, Qin Wen Tian, are you deliberately joking?

    "Do you think Gusu Tianqi is you?" In void, on the Dongxian Building, the subordinates of Ye Zixuan stared at Qin Wen Tian, ironically.

    "So, Gusu Tianqi is not without invitation, is it deliberately not coming?" Qin Wen day expression changed, the tone was a little colder, making the noisy laughter around suddenly disappear, looking at Qin Wen day, he Does this seem to mean something?

    Sure enough, they only saw Qin Wen's eyes sweeping all people. Among those extremely calm eyes, they suddenly burst into dazzling brilliance, and only listened to him coldly and proudly said: "Yes, Gusu Tianqi, what is it? Anyone who can be invited, the Son, is just the Son."

    Qin Wen said a sleeve, facing Jun Mengchen and the others: "Junior Martial Brother Jun, your future opponents have also seen it, it's time to go.""Unfortunately, I didn't see Gusu Tianqi's demeanor." Jun Mengchen sighed, and then the group of people actually turned around so directly, ignoring the banquet of the extraordinary generations of pride in void.

    I saw the eyes above, extremely sharp, and one of them was indifferently said: "Stop."

    The voice trembles in void and is extremely loud, but the Qin Wen Tian four people seem to not hear it, continue to walk, the strong man stepped out, directly catching up with Qin Wen Tian and the others, and intercepting Qin Wen Tian Si The way of people, this person is a subordinate of the son of Ye Zixuan. The person who just said that Jun Mengchen arrived, now seems that he did it on purpose.

    Moreover, this person's cultivation is very strong. There is a cultivation practice in the celestial 8th level world, and the momentum is surging.

    "I will stop you." The man floats in the air, cold and proud.

    "Is that what you mean, or what do other people mean?" Qin Wen's eyes glinted coldly, staring at each other. The cold eyes of the deep, cold pupils were extremely cold.

    The expression was stagnant, and then said coldly and proudly: "Nature means me."

    "What are you counting, let's stand still?" Qin Wen walked forward in the footsteps of the sky: "If you are a member of Eastern Saint Immortal Sect, if you know the rules, go away."

    "You're wanton." The man said coldly, under the pressure of violent pressure, this person's words were disrespectful to the Son. As a strong sender in Sendai, he was honored and unscrupulous, but his subordinates couldn't sit idly by. .

    "boom!"Qin Wen came out step by step, his momentum was violently blooming, and his body was directly suspended from the ground. Lengao said: "According to the rules of the imperial city, if the provocation is intercepted for no reason, the provoked person can initiate it unilaterally under the witness of the patrol of the imperial city. Challenge, now, everybody is patrolling for me to witness."

    Not far away, there was a patrol army. They also paid attention to the situation here. Hearing Qin Wentian’s words came one after another, they glanced at the cultivation behavior of the interceptor, and they were a little surprised. Then the headed person nodded. : "Yes, but once you challenge, the other party can kill you."

    "Well, under the witness of the patrol, I will challenge you now." Qin Wen stared at each other, causing the man to laugh wildly and said, "You are looking for death."

    When the words fell, his breath of eight images of heaven seemed to bloom violently, but Qin Wen's body flashed, and a terrible spear suddenly appeared in his hand.

    A terrifying breath flew fiercely, the spear pierced, and it suddenly rose suddenly, and there was an immortal light. The man laughed still, but his face changed suddenly, and his voice trembled: "Xianbing."

    His body exploded, but he saw the spear turned into a hundred feet, and with a bang, he directly crucified him in the void, with a loud bang, and the body burst, directly soul flies away and scatters.

    The crowd's heart trembled violently, this violent.

    Direct challenge, extermination, too strong.

    Seeing the flash of light, Qin Wen put away the fairy soldiers directly and landed on the ground as if nothing had happened. The four continued to walk forward, even the patrols were stunned. ."Take it yourself." Qin Wentian's voice came out, and I don't know whether it refers to the person who was criticized or other people.

    On Dongxianlou, the son Ye Zixuan expression is extremely sharp, as if penetrating the space and falling directly on Qin Wen Tian’s body. However, his subordinates said that he couldn’t get used to Qin Wen Tian, which had nothing to do with his Ye Zixuan, Qin Wen Tian killed his subordinates, directly and honestly, as well as witnesses of the guards. As a figure in Sendai, what would it be like to deal with Qin Wen Tian? It's just more embarrassing.

    Moreover, Qin Wen Day is the person who came to this feast from Yunzhou. He can’t really be like Qin Wen Day. After all, he is the son of Eastern Saint Immortal Sect. If he kills Qin Wen Day, Eastern Saint Immortal Sect There is also He Weixin, who will be teased. The reputation of Eastern Saint Immortal Sect cannot be compromised. To kill Qin Wen Tian, also directly and honestly.

     Gu Zhantian's eyes were fixed on the back of Qin Wen Tian. He and Qin Wen Tian played against each other. He naturally knew that this person was crazy. When he was quiet, he seemed to be harmless to humans and animals. Once the outbreak, the energy exploded would be amazing.

    Other Tianjiao also looked at Qin Wen one after another, and then his eyes fell on Ye Zixuan's body, secretly said in heart.

    However, they did not understand why Ye Zixuan would target Qin Wen Tian’s friend Jun Mengchen. That sentence was equivalent to insult. However, they did not expect that a Tianjiao, ranked 27th in Yunzhou, could reverse the situation. Instead, the son Ye Zixuan is passive."Everyone, please come in." Ye Zixuan quickly adjusted and greeted all people, the crowd no longer talked about the previous things. For them, this is just an episode. The purpose of their coming here One is to give Ye Zixuan a face, and the other is to look at his opponent. The person invited by Ye Zixuan will be the strongest group of opponents they will face. Many people who hinder their progress will come from Inside.

    The crowd quickly started laughing and chatting, as if what had just happened was just a minor episode.

    And the people around him gradually forgot Qin Wen God. After all, in their eyes, the people in front of them are really dazzling.

    This matter is just an episode for Qin Wen Tian and them.

     Qin Wen Tian, Jun Mengchen, Zi Qingxuan, the three of them always remember the purpose of coming here, to become the strongest three, seize those three names, get reward treasures, refuse the East Saint, pass the Heavenly Symbol Boundary test.

    This is their unchanging goal for this trip. As for the peerless arrogant figures of the East Thirteen States, they must step past them one by one.

    In the inn, the secluded courtyard, several people practiced quietly in their respective courtyards, consolidating their cultivation, and strengthening themselves again and again. , And the people of the imperial city, gathered here.

    Even in the early morning hours, there are already crowds walking on the ancient road, but still showing a trace of tranquility.

    "Dongzhou Tianjiao, get together."

    At this moment, a shocking sound cut through the sky, resounding in the area of thousands of miles, like a thunder.

    "Qianzhou Tianjiao, get together.""Mythical Beast Province, Tianjiao, get together."


    "Yunzhou Tianjiao, get together."

    "Qian Province Tianjiao, get together."

    Thirteen consecutive sounds, trembling in the world, not only oscillated in this area, but also seemed to oscillate in the entire Dongzhou land.

    East Thirteen States, at the same time launched a convening order, its meaning is self-evident.

    This is the convocation of Eastern Saint Immortal Sect, from the East Saint Thirteen States, endless vast area, 13,000 days of pride, finally, soon to confront.

     In void, a figure is constantly breaking through the sky, glittering away in the same direction. Like the same track of lightning, countless people stand on the ground and look up at the strong of the glittering. The eyes have a trace of solemnity, and finally, Do you want to start!