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Chapter Directory Chapter 816 Thirteen States
    Chinese Name: 太古神王  Author: 净无痕(Jìng wú hén, Traceless)
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In the East Thirteen States, Commander's arrogant people gathered together and stood in thirteen directions.

    Along with the figure coming from the sky, all parties were lined up, each lined up, each with a thousand people.

    The thirteen eastern states are: Dongzhou, Qianzhou, Mythical Beast Province, Yunzhou, Qian Province, Jing Province, Thunder Province, Yue Province, Yanzhou, Scarlet Sun Province, Lunar Province, Western Desert Province, Dark Prison Province .

    In the front, Kyushu is located in the central area, and in the back, the four states are in the Sifang area, with each side.

    Among them, the three states of Dongzhou, Qianzhou and Mythical Beast Province are also the first of the East Thirteen States, with strong strength and located in the central area of the East Thirteen States.

    Secondly, it is not the other six states of the former Kyushu, but the four marginal states, Scarlet Sun Province, Lunar Province, Western Desert Province, Dark Prison Province. There are even saying that these four states are more powerful, not necessarily more famous. The most prosperous center of the three states is weak.

    Dongzhou, Qianzhou, and Mythical Beast Province are the centers.

    In these four areas, they are on the edge, adjacent to other immortal kingdoms or superpowers, or in an extreme place. The external environment is harsh, they must be strong, and Eastern Saint Immortal Sect also has a strong garrison. Mobilized to go, so these four states are also terrible.

     Scarlet Sun Province and Lunar Province are diagonal, and Western Desert Province and Dark Prison Province are diagonal.

     In the Scarlet Sun Province, where the sun is scorching all year round, the Sun Fire is burning vigorously, Lunar Province is the opposite. The Western Desert Province is also extremely hot, the territory is extremely vast, there are many desert cities, there are many powerful races, and the people there are very strange. People in Dark Prison Province have the title of Hell State

    .Each of these four states has its own characteristics, and it is exceptionally strong. Only the six states sandwiched there, Jing Province, Qian Province, Yunzhou, Thunder Province, Yue Province, and Yanzhou, are relatively unspecified and have average strengths. Relatively weak.

    As for the arrogance of the East Thirteen States. In terms of fame, it is natural that Dongzhou is the most famous of Tianjiao, in addition to Qianzhou and Mythical Beast Province. After all, this feast is held in Dongzhou, while Qianzhou and Mythical Beast Province are the three central states. The closest to Dongzhou, fame may be conveyed.

    It is also for this reason that Gusu Tianqi, Xia Jiufeng, Ye Qianchen, and Cang Aoli are the most famous and valued by people in Dongzhou, but in fact, the last time Ye Zixuan held a banquet and feasted on the pride of thirteen states, Sifangyu The first three days of the four states. But the same one is unfathomable, giving him a very dangerous feeling, even if the people in the six states can be ranked in the top three, where will they go?

    With the gathering of more than 10,000 strong arrogant characters, this area seems to have a suffocating coercion, the gas field is too strong, even if they are only the Celestial Phenomenon Realm, but more than ten thousand arrogant people All stations together, will form a natural aura. Seems to overwhelm everything.

     The three of them arrived in Qin Wen. They went straight to the Xian Yun fairy king's camp. He, Jun Mengchen and Zi Qingxuan looked at the strong. expression is also a bit dignified and solemn. This is the opponent they want to fight this time. Many of them are extremely extraordinary. Just glance at it and burst out a light oppressive power.They understand that they don't mean that only the top three ranks are peerless monsters and others. Not necessarily weaker than the top three characters, such as his Qin Wen days. The ranking is only twenty-seventh, but don't tell me really say Qin Wen's talent. Is it just ranked 27th in Yunzhou? Then there is no need for him to participate in this feast. The land of Yunzhou ranks 27th. How can he compete for the top three in the entire East Thirteenth State?

    "Here, the Tianjiao of the 13 states have all arrived one after another." The crowd below looked up one by one at the void, shocked by their hearts, a strong aura, and many peerless talents.

    "Gusu Tianqi, he has also arrived, standing in the direction of Dongzhou, in the crowd, although he did not stand in the front, it looks very low-key, but I still saw him at a glance." Someone pointed in some direction, there There is a young person who has no vitality in his body. If he stands alone, he seems to be the most prominent existence in the crowd. No one can stop the glory in him. The temperament of the natural fairy king seems to be natural. He seemed destined to be a natural fairy king, with an invisible halo on his body.

    Some people have been doomed from birth, he will inevitably become a famous figure in the world. The nine generations of single biography, Gusu Tianqi of the generation of the fairy king is such a person. The people next to him don’t seem to dare to be too close to him and are blocked. The light seemed to have a peculiar aura on Gusu Tianqi, which looked up.Qin Wen Tian also noticed Gusu Tianqi among the crowds of Dongzhou. His face was clear with sharp edges and corners, and he looked very young. His handsome face was as quiet as water, without the slightest waves, his heavens were full and his brows were like The sharp blade, those deep black eyes reveal a terrible look, even if there is no focus, they still have a shining glory.

    In addition to Gusu Tianqi, there is one person in the Dongzhou crowd who Qin Wen looked at a few times. This person is tall and thin, with extraordinary temperament. He seems to have a wild breath on his body, and his eyes are staring at Gusu Tianqi. , As if trying to get along with it, this person is the second most proud person in Dongzhou, Xia Jiufeng.

    "There are a lot of evildoers." Next, Jun Mengchen murmured, Qin Wen Tian and Zi Qingxuan were nodded slightly. In addition to the two people in Dongzhou, there are many outstanding characters.

    "That man is curious, it's Scarlet Sun Province's No. 1 arrogance. It looks like there is a round of scorching sun, with a terrible aura of the sun, just a glance, I even felt a burst of heat, as if to be burned, If it is against him, it’s okay." Below, the crowd marveled and looked in the direction of Scarlet Sun Province.

    Not only is it the number one, Scarlet Sun Province seems to have its own halo on many strong players.

    "The people in Lunar Province are just the opposite, giving people a very gloomy and cold feeling, somber."

    "Look at the Dark Prison Province over there. Those who are ugly in life, strangely shaped, and terrible, just like they really came out of Nether Hell.""Dark Prison Province and Western Desert Province also have huge giants, what kind of people are there, and monks, monks Stellar Martial Cultivator is very rare, but there are many Western Desert Province, this Western Desert Province is quite wild The environment is extremely bad, and it will even destroy the chaotic flow. It will destroy a city at any time. It may be destroyed overnight. Therefore, Western Desert Province has the fewest cities. Many places are deserts and have the most races. The most chaotic, all types of Stellar Martial Cultivator have

    . "

    "That is, the strength of these Quartet states is very strong. They border a lot of Granule World. Isn't the Yanyuan Immortal King always stationed in the Dark Prison Province?

    There are different kinds of sounds below. Qin Wen’s perception is powerful, and occasionally he will listen to the voices of all parties. He also sighs in the heart of the vastness and wonder of the fairyland world. Even East Thirteen States has so many. I know that after entering the fairyland, he directly landed on the land of Yunzhou. The central Yunzhou land seems to belong to a relatively peaceful state. There are many races and various races in the entire East St. Curiously, he hasn't really been in touch.

    "Departure." At this moment, the people of Dongzhou's dominance shouted, and in an instant, Dongzhou was arrogant for a thousand days and set off.

    "set off."

    "set off……"

    The dominance powerhouses of the 13 states spoke one after another, and all the arrogant figures of the entire space were dispatched to the direction of Eastern Saint Immortal Sect.

    Over ten thousand strong men, the mighty imperial city, they can overlook this ancient emperor city, the immensely powerful emperor city can not see the end, but they can see a statue in the distance to the sky dome.The statue is really open to the sky. Even if you stand in a very distant place, you can see its existence. It is the entire Eastern City of Immortal City, and even the tallest and most magnificent statue in the entire East St. Thirteenth State. None of the other statues It is allowed to go beyond the scale of this statue, only because this statue carves the Overlord of the thirteen states of East Saint, His Majesty the East Saint.

    "It is majestic to see that the statue is not, it is majesty, this statue is located at the highest point of Eastern Saint Immortal Sect, symbolizing supremacy, supremacy." Someone said, "Anyone, facing this The statues should all have the meaning of admiration. This is His Majesty the East Saint Immortal Emperor. If you are disrespectful or desecrate the statue of your Majesty, your Majesty can even feel it."

    "Is it really so magical?" someone questioned.

    "That's the immortal emperor. That kind of state is not what we can imagine. They are so terrible that they can create natural law by waving their hands to the world. We can't touch it. In short, we must be respectful when we see the statue of your majesty, otherwise Even if you are brilliant one day, if His Majesty knows that you have been disrespectful to him, although he will not treat you as His Majesty, he will not value you."

    A group of people chatted while walking, and finally, they were getting closer and closer to the heavenly statue. When they were thousands of miles away, they had come to the Eastern Saint Immortal Sect, a gate of fairy arches, a ladder of fairy, Eastern The four statues of Saint Immortal Sect stand in front of them, and even the people of the dominance of the 13 states have landed on the ground, facing the statues of the four statues.

    Powerful people from all sides also landed on the ground, and then many people followed suit and bowed to the Four Supreme Masters.The Four Supreme Masters of Eastern Saint Immortal Sect, the founder of Eastern Saint Immortal Sect, are the four supreme figures who followed the Eastern Saint Immortal Sect to conquer the world. They are so powerful that they are almost invisible now, and they are all in pursuit of the emperor realm. It has been so powerful that Transcendence has countless immortal king characters, and there are also rumors that some of the Four Supreme Masters must have entered the realm of emperors.

    The four great supremes are the creators and guardians of Eastern Saint Immortal Sect, who dare not respect them.

    In the East Thirteenth State, the East Saint Immortal Emperor is a god. They are the warlords of the gods. Even the super powerful existences such as the Yanyuan Immortal King have a big gap with the Four Supreme Masters!

    After seeing the Four Supreme Masters, the Thirteen Immortal King walked up the stairs step by step with all arrogances. Then, a bell sound that stunned the heavens and earth sounded. In front, on the stairs of the Eastern Saint Immortal Sect, the strong men greeted them Thirteen State Tianjiao!

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