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Chapter Directory Chapter 817 East Holy Cliff
    Chinese Name: 太古神王  Author: 净无痕(Jìng wú hén, Traceless)
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    "Here we are." The crowd looked forward, above the stairs, the strong men? Brought their own aura of fairy, gorgeous and dazzling, with their own pressure on their bodies.

    It's just that all people found that behind the strong men, there are arches. This Eastern Saint Immortal Sect doesn't know how vast it is. It's comparable to a city. Here is just the entrance.

    "They, then give it to everyone." I saw the leader of Dongzhou said, and then the immortal kings of East Thirteen States stepped forward, and the strongmen on the ladder gave way, said respectfully: "Everyone, please, Senior Xianmen, I have been waiting for a long time. These arrogant characters, let me wait."

    "Yes." The line of noble kings nodded and walked into the Eastern Saint Immortal Sect, leaving All Heaven proudly here.

    "Er waited for being a proud person from the thirteen states of East Saints. If you can come to this feast, you can see that Er and other talents must be extremely outstanding. You all have the opportunity to join Eastern Saint Immortal Sect, however, Eastern Saint Immortal Sect only accepts a thousand disciples, and then there will be a confrontation waiting for you, among you, most people will be eliminated, only a thousand people, this Thousands of people, as long as they are willing, can become the nominal disciples of Eastern Saint Immortal Sect, which is the first step to step into Eastern Saint Immortal Sect."

    On the ladder, a strong and powerful person from Xianguang came out and said to Tianjiao, who was over ten thousand, he was not surprised by all his words. Eastern Saint Immortal Sect convened the thirteenth state of Eastern Saint Immortal Sect What is naturally, is to enhance their own heritage and strength, select outstanding talents, from the entire East Thirteen States."This is only the first round of assessment. The first 1,000 people can be the outer disciple. Those who pass will continue to participate in the next round of assessment, but let’s not talk about it for a while. In short, you should know that if someone can go all the way to the end, become The top three figures, who will be famous all over the world, will become His Majesty's disciples, and have the opportunity to get guidance from His Majesty Dong Sheng. Even if His Majesty is fancy, it will be possible for him to be proselytized, so wait, we must cherish this opportunity."

    The strong man said to all people, it seems that for everyone, this is a great opportunity.

    Even though these more than 10,000 people are from Tiansheng Thirteen States, they still need to take pride in visiting Eastern Saint Immortal Sect, because Eastern Saint Immortal Sect is the strongest force in the entire Eastern Saint Thirteen State.

    These people are likely to be the most outstanding arrogances in East Saint Thirteen State. However, the Eastern Saint Immortal Sect itself is a strong man who has gathered the entire East Saint Thirteen State. Most of them are still to be eliminated.

    One thousand people can enter Eastern Saint Immortal Sect.

    "The first round of assessment will take place at Eastern Saint Immortal Sect's spiritual shrine, Eastern Saint Cliff." That was the first Sendai strongman to continue. Eastern Saint Cliff is the most common practice for disciples under Eastern Saint Immortal Sect Immortal Stage Realm. The place is a holy place for cultivation. This time, it will be used as the trial site of Tianjiao in the East Thirteen States.

     Eastern Saint Immortal Sect, attaches great importance to this prosperous age, once a century, the selection of Tianjiao characters from the Eastern Saint Thirteen States, this selection is also of great significance to Eastern Saint Immortal Sect.

    "Eastern Saint Cliff." A tianjiao figure who knew this place whispered, a sharp flash in his eyes.Of course, there are many people who are already familiar with this, because this time the tens of thousands of Tianjiao characters who come here are different from each other, from the astronomical 1st level to the celestial 9th level. They want to determine their talents. , Eastern Saint Cliff will inevitably be a test.

     Eastern Saint Cliff, not to study, only to see the mind and perception.

    "Now, wait for me to go with me to Eastern Saint Cliff of Eastern Saint Immortal Sect. Now, the disciples of Eastern Saint Immortal Sect in Eastern Saint Cliff have all walked out, leaving the position to everyone, and let's go." Naqiang The speaker spoke up and walked towards the interior of Eastern Saint Immortal Sect. All people raised their steps one after another and stepped inside, and a group of people rose into the air and walked away.

    Although this Eastern Saint Immortal Sect is a sect, it looks endless at a glance. It is more like an ancient city. There are countless magnificent buildings in this city. There are powerful people standing around void looking at this side.

    "This Eastern Saint Immortal Sect is too big." Many people sighed, a real city, heard that Eastern Saint Immortal Sect has 100,000 direct disciples, millions of outer disciple, if you count the army that guards all parties and Eastern Saint Immortal Sect The army of the strong men, the number is able to reach an appalling number, tens of millions.

    This is the terrible power of a top rank force in Immortal Territory, they can easily conquer one side of the territory, and they can guard the countless Granule World of dominance.

     In front of Eastern Saint Cliff, there were many disciples of disciples standing around and saw 13,000 days of arrogance coming. Their eyes looked over there, their eyes shining sharply. Do these people want to become disciples of Eastern Saint Immortal Sect?"I heard a lot of powerful people appearing in this session, I hope not to be too disappointing." A young strong man embraced his chest with both hands, said with a smile.

     Eastern Saint Cliff is so big that it can’t see the edge, and the surrounding ancient peaks and cliffs are lined up, while the entire Eastern Saint Cliff is surrounded by a strange light curtain. This light curtain seems to be a super scary large array. The light curtains of the film are all shining with light patterns. These light patterns seem to be extremely wonderful patterns, gorgeous and mysterious, intertwined into a wonderful natural law power, which runs through the Eastern Saint Cliff enveloped by the light curtain.

    The strong men stood majesticly in all directions of the void. The Sendai figure stood in front of Eastern Saint Cliff. He looked back at all people and said aloud: "Eastern Saint Cliff has its own natural law. Certain powers are imprisoned. However, this natural law power will give you the equivalent of powerful power, equivalent to the power possessed by the celestial 9th level world power, and the inexhaustible Astral Power. Anyone can fight frantically, but , Your Constellations, and divine ability skills will be temporarily lost, banned, and the only original power that can be used is the power of your star soul."

    "Star Soul can't be imprisoned, it is your own talent, Constellations also belong to your understanding and birth, but because your perception of Constellations in different realms is strong or weak, all Eastern Saint Cliff is still imprisoned, so as not to affect your battle, bloodline Of course, it’s not banned, it’s yours.”The strong man explained, all people certainly understand the other party’s words, Star Soul belongs to their talents, Star Soul is strong and weak is weak, so it can’t be restrained; the same is true of Constellations, but the sky is nine heavy and the sky is 1st level. People, their understanding of astrology is too large, even if Eastern Saint Cliff gives them the same power, because the gap of astrological understanding is enough to easily cause completely unequal strength, so Eastern Saint Cliff is banned.

     Bloodline, like Star Soul, always followed Wu Xiu, and was also not banned.

    As for the divine ability method, it was sealed, because some people may have achieved the powerful divine ability method, and some people did not, but this is all outsiders. Unlike the star soul and bloodline, this can be changed.

    "Go, Eastern Saint Cliff, but Eastern Saint Immortal Sect, where many immortals perceive the martial arts, has many opportunities waiting for you. If you can seize it, you can be stronger after you come out. In addition, there are many smalls in Eastern Saint Cliff. Space formation, if you want to come out, just step into it and attract. In the Eastern Saint Cliff, the last one thousand people are deemed to have passed this assessment. Now, you can go in."

    The person said that the position was abdicated, and the endless Eastern Saint Cliff was presented in front of all people.

    "Forget yourself, regain your strength, practice for selflessness." The man whispered, suddenly the crowd glittering and ran towards Eastern Saint Cliff, the light continued to shine, and I saw a figure stepping into it frantically. Endlessly.

     Eastern Saint Cliff, self-cultivation."Let's go." Qin Wen Tian and the others stepped forward together and walked directly towards the light curtain, only a moment, a void power came over, and then Qin Wen Tian only felt that the body was enveloped by the power of space, only In an instant, he appeared in Eastern Saint Cliff.

    Alone, standing on the vast earth, the light curtain above turned into the power of natural law, and continued to fall into his body, penetrated his body, a powerful natural law means, seems to be rewriting his body It was only a brief moment, Qin Wen Tian found that he had a tremendous sense of power. The natural law power in void seemed to shine with his body, and he had a wonderful connection that could not be cut off.

    "Is this the power of the ninth celestial phenomenon? Next, everyone who steps into Eastern Saint Cliff has the same strength. The temporary gap is only on bloodline and star soul." Qin Wen looked at Eastern Saint Cliff, The sensation spread out consciously. He found that there is only one person in the area covered by consciousness. One can imagine how vast Eastern Saint Cliff is.

    "That's..." Qin Wen saw a golden space pattern on the ground. It should be what the Sendai strongman said was a small space array. It has a connection with the void light curtain. You can move it directly out of it and use it. Flee during the battle to avoid killing.

     There was a sound of void breaking in the void, and a moment later a person appeared not far in front of Qin Wen Tian. It was the only person in his perception. Obviously, the other party also discovered him in the first time.

    "People in Jing Province." Qin Wen glanced at the ancient order on the other's chest, and this person ranked well in Jing Province, 96th."Boom." The bright star soul appeared on the man, but it was a terrible fierce bird, which made the other party appear to have a pair of wings. The terrible force came directly from the crit, like a fierce claw.

    More than 10,000 people, only one thousand. What does this mean? All people know that the extra people will either die or get out through a small space.

     Qin Wen's palm slaps out, and the divine ability palm print is issued in the following meaning, but it is only a moment when he finds a wonderful natural law power seems to interrupt his palm print directly, no big palm print appears, his attack divine ability Has been banned, this seal is a violation of natural law ban.

    "Bang..." The other party's violent and fierce claws hit, with a clatter, Qin Wentian's body was shaken back, and a trace of blood was caught on his arm.

    The powers of the two are the same, both are the power of the Ninefold of the Celestial Phenomenon, which is completely a starting point, and the other party uses the power of the Star Soul. The blow was repelled.

    "This Eastern Saint Cliff, it's really fair." Qin Wen's mouth twitched a smile, but he saw a ridicule flashed on the other person's face, looks at Qin Wen Heavenly Road: "Yunzhou earth twenty-seven, it seems that Not great." Please visit m.


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