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Chapter Directory Chapter 828 Cruel Rules
    Chinese Name: 太古神王  Author: 净无痕(Jìng wú hén, Traceless)
    Original: | Translation:

readx(); Qin Wen looks at all people here, except that the 360 seats of fairy sculptures are occupied, there are not many people still in this area? Stopped, Zi Qingxuan has also left Here, it should be after comprehension and leave to look for other opportunities. .XsHuotXT

    "Let's take a look elsewhere." Qin Wen Tian said to Jun Mengchen. The two then broke away together and separated after a while, so the chance of finding a chance was greater.

     Qin Wen turned into Wind Peng, void glittering, but at this moment, only one voice came from void.

    "There are more than a thousand and fifty people left in Eastern Saint Cliff."

    This voice spread throughout Eastern Saint Cliff. As soon as this statement came out, countless people looked up and flashed a dazzling glance in their eyes. As long as they eliminated another 50 people, they could enter the next round. At the same time, they became the entry disciple of Eastern Saint Immortal Sect.

     Qin Wen's figure also stopped, looked up at void, and there were fifty people. It seemed that there was no time. I was afraid that it would not be long before this round was over.

    With a step, Qin Wen's figure was like a wind, falling on an ancient peak. I saw his eyes closed standing on the ancient peak, quietly comprehending the power of understanding in these days.

     Eastern Saint Cliff Half a year in the middle school, the progress is not small, and there are a lot of insights. This is the benefit of the disciples of the big forces. The opportunity is located within the sect. It is always available.

    A moment later, Qin Wen on the ancient peak entered a wonderful state of stability, his body suddenly made a crisp sound, as if opening up the war light, all of a sudden the war light lingered, the majesty, the battle breath swept out.

    Immediately Qin Wen's palm waved, fist, sword, gunshot, and bell method continued to explode, containing marvelous power, the wind roared, and seemed to contain natural law.After a while, his body opened a stronger battle aura, his whole body transformed, and he had a stronger power.

    "It's cool." Qin Wen Tian secretly said in heart, opened his eyes, and then the momentum converged, but the battlelight still surrounds the body, extremely bright, strengthens the momentum, and strengthens the fighting power. Now Qin Wen days can be skillfully used.

    At this moment, there is a strong figure in the void passing by the wind. He looks like a lightning storm. When he brushes the void, it seems to be roaring and roaring. His eyes are looking for prey like an eagle falcon. Suddenly, he saw the Qin Wen below In the day, there was a coldness in my eyes. Although Yunzhou was twenty-seven, it was good, but it should be rolled over, and the person was bombarded, probably further from his stepping into Eastern Saint Immortal Sect.

    Thinking of this, he flashed like a falcon towards the sky, like a gray lightning, the sound of rumbled came out, and there was terror to go straight down to Qin Wen. The killing was pervasive, as if he was about to move in a flash Qin Wen's body was torn apart, his eyes were sharp and sharp.

     Qin Wen looked up in the sky with only one glance. Those war-filled eyes seemed to be able to penetrate the void and shoot straight out. With just one glance, it gave a terrible feeling. With the supreme will to fight, he was full of fighting aura and was imposing. Rising into the sky, the expression of the strong man changes slightly, and it seems that he is aware of something wrong, and this person seems to be very strong.

    However, his speed was so fast that it had arrived in only a moment, and the terrorist attack was directly torn down, and it was impossible to retreat at this time.

     Qin Wen lifted his palm, and his sword gas exploded. I saw his palm waving, a sword cut, the aura of war swept over, and with a loud, glorious sky, the body of the strong man was directly torn by the sword gas, soul flies away and scatters.The battle was blazing and he was surrounded by Qin Wen. His expression was calm. Since stepping into Eastern Saint Cliff, he has never actively provoked others. However, if someone offends him, he will never be lenient.

    After slaughtering the invaders, Qin Wen once again realized the practice here. Time passed by, and finally Eastern Saint Cliff shined on the light curtain, and another voice came out: "The battle in Eastern Saint Cliff is terminated, there are thousands of people left, looking for space Circle, come out immediately."


     There are still a thousand people in Eastern Saint Cliff. They looked up at void and felt a little bit reluctant. They seemed to want to enlighten their spiritual practice in Eastern Saint Cliff, but Eastern Saint Immortal Sect has ordered to convey the entire Eastern Saint Cliff. , Then they can only go out.

     Qin Wen is the same in nature. He stood on the ancient peak as a flash of lightning. After a while, he saw a small space circle with a golden light flashing, and then walked out, his body fell directly Above the space circle, communicate with Astral Power, the power of void fluctuates, and then Qin Wen feels his body move. Next moment, he stands in the vast space outside Eastern Saint Cliff, and there are many figures around him.

    One figure after another appeared in the place around me, and it didn’t take long for a thousand people to appear here. As for those who have been out of the game, they seem to have been sent away? They left, maybe they have no words to stay in here.

    "Come out." Mu Yan walked towards Qin Wen Tian, apparently already promoted, and then Jun Mengchen and Zi Qingxuan both walked over each other. The four gathered together, and the others were in groups of three or five, from the same State, already known."It's finally out." I saw a cold voice, a bit harsh, Qin Wen's eyes turned, and then he saw Hei Feng walking towards him, gloomy and cold eyes staring at him , Eyes are full of intense killing.

    Being humiliated by Qin Wen days in Eastern Saint Cliff, it is possible to imagine how strong Hei Feng’s killing of Qin Wen days is. I am afraid that Qin Wen days will be broken into pieces.

    "The men are defeated and dare to come here rampantly." Jun Mengchen stared at Hei Feng, ironically.

    "That was in Eastern Saint Cliff, he had better luck. Next, I'm going to see how long you can live." Hei Feng's voice gloomy and cold, the murderous eyes glanced at the people in front of him, it seemed None are ready to let go.

    "You probably forgot how you picked up your life." Qin Wen Tian's eyes were extremely sharp, and he shot at Hei Feng.

    "That will be the last thing you regret in this life." Hei Feng coldly said, and then turned away, Qin Wen glanced coldly at the other person, and then did not look at him again.

    After letting Hei Feng off, he knew that the other party would never give up, but that was his decision.

    "Congratulations to everyone." At this moment, a voice directly overshadowed all the noisy sounds. All people looked up at void and saw that the strong man of Eastern Saint Immortal Sect looked at each other and said: "From this moment, everyone can join Eastern Saint Immortal Sect becomes an outer disciple, and after the feast ends, as long as everyone is willing, you can get started."

    Many people were a little excited. Eastern Saint Immortal Sect, the dominance of the Eastern Saint Thirteen States, was so powerful and terrible that now they have finally stepped into it and got the recognition of Eastern Saint Immortal Sect.Of course, there are also some people whose expression is still calm. With their absolute confidence in their own strength, they are not excited about being able to join the Eastern Saint Immortal Sect outer disciple. They have a higher goal.

    "However, the assessment of Eastern Saint Cliff is only the beginning of this assessment. A thousand people can become foreign disciples. Then, if you can still pass the second round of testing, you can directly become the Eastern Saint Immortal Sect. core disciple, in the second round of assessment, one hundred and sixty people will be selected, and these sixty people will also be able to meet the powerful figures of all the giants of our Eastern St. 13 states and join them in Eastern Saint The banquet set by Immortal Sect even has the opportunity to go further."

    The strongman of Eastern Saint Immortal Sect said with a smile that made All Heaven proud of many people’s glittering edge. Next, it was they who wanted to compete. They became the core disciple of Eastern Saint Immortal Sect. Mighty, and then in the final competition, strive to worship His Majesty's disciple and become His Majesty's disciple.

    Even if it is just a named disciple, in Eastern Saint Immortal Sect, it will also have a super high status. It belongs to the Son. Like the son of Ye Zixuan, he has great rights and can be mobilized in Eastern Saint Immortal Sect. Support the army and conquer one side.

    No matter what the benefits are, the Son is prioritized. The Son of Eastern Saint Immortal Sect was cultivated as a leader of Eastern Saint Immortal Sect. Nowadays, many of the strong men in charge of Eastern Saint Immortal Sect have many It is a figure of the Holy Son, a disciple of the Eastern Shengxian Emperor.

    Once he becomes a disciple of East Shengxian Emperor, he will immediately have Transcendent status."Promoting to the next round, you can become a core disciple, and have the opportunity to gather with the super powers of the East Thirteen States." Many people are excited, and then, it will be the second round.

    "However, the second round of evaluation of Eastern Saint Immortal Sect will be extremely cruel. It is an iron-blooded trial. This is not only for your evaluation, but also for the disciples in Eastern Saint Immortal Sect. This round of evaluation , You will be in the same space with many disciples of Eastern Saint Immortal Sect, conduct a real iron-blooded trial, they will hunt you, there are many people who hunt, they will have rewards, although there is also a small space inside Teleportation, but they will kill you at all costs."

     Eastern Saint Immortal Sect The words of the strong make all people tremble in heart and compete with the Tianjiao disciples who are already Eastern Saint Immortal Sect?

    Moreover, the other party will hunt them.

    "Of course there is one thing you can rest assured that in this trial space, your cultivation can be seen at a glance. Only those who cultivate with the realm can fight. Whoever dares to violate will be a violation of natural law, so there is no need to worry about the height of Eastern Saint Immortal Sect. The disciples of the realm hunt and kill people of your lower realm, and at the same time you are the same, only allowing people to fight with the realm."

    The strongman added, but all people still did not let go of their hanging hearts, even if they were in the same realm, they had to pass a lot of tests before they could enter Eastern Saint Immortal Sect, and the people who hunted them were already disciples of Eastern Saint Immortal Sect Not only that, this strong man only speaks of the same realm, not the number of people, which means that this round of battle can hunt more than one person.It is conceivable that once this battle breaks out, it must be extremely tragic. This is probably the method of Eastern Saint Immortal Sect's iron test of disciple disciples on weekdays. Only in this way can we select the real elite.

    "Let me go, if you dare not accept the trial and can come out directly from the small formation, it will still be Eastern Saint Immortal Sect outer disciple." The strong man said that his body rose into the air, and then went in the other direction!