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Chapter Directory Chapter 829 Palm
    Chinese Name: 太古神王  Author: 净无痕(Jìng wú hén, Traceless)
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Saint Demon Canyon is extremely vast, and the vast space is shrouded by a large array of heavens, which is located in the Eastern Saint Immortal Sect.

    This place is a place where the disciples of Eastern Saint Immortal Sect are iron-blooded. They will hone the elite from here every once in a while and select the most outstanding disciples. Any disciple of Eastern Saint Immortal Sect who walks into Saint Demon Canyon The people in the realm can fight the battle of life and death. It is very cruel. This rumored place in the iron-blooded trial has killed the Eastern Saint Immortal Sect. I don’t know how many strong men, but these strong men are also escaped in the same realm.

    At this time, the people of Eastern Saint Immortal Sect took the strong men to the land above Saint Demon Canyon.

     Qin Wen stood on the sky and looked down. There is a light curtain. It seems that there is a vast canyon in this light curtain, as if it is a world, but standing in the sky, you can see at a glance, like a This is how the world appears.

    "Go in, you can do it through a small space formation. When the last 160 people remain, I will let you stop fighting. Now, there are many disciples of Eastern Saint Immortal Sect in this Saint Demon Canyon. There is no waiting for you in it. Once you step into it, people who are in the same state as you can easily spy on them and they will directly kill them. In this, no one can borrow divine weapon external force. "

     Eastern Saint Immortal Sect The fairy king's strong man said, all people expression expressions are awe-inspiring, knowing that this battle is bound to be very difficult, and it may be buried in Saint Demon Canyon with a little carelessness."Okay, let's go." The fairy king of Eastern Saint Immortal Sect waved his hand, all people stepped out immediately, and all walked toward Saint Demon Canyon, entered it, it is likely that die, but once passed this test, this time The battle will be completed and become the core disciple of Eastern Saint Immortal Sect. Moreover, it has the qualification to sit together with all parties in the Eastern Saint Thirteen States.

    This opportunity may be extremely rare. For the fairy king character, even if your talent is strong, it is still only the bottom of existence.

    Immortal king strong man can kill you by waving his hand. At that time, all of them were peculiar characters, who grew up in the iron blood, and their temperament, chance, and countless years of hard work have created a supreme status.

    They must step into the Eastern Saint Immortal Sect and work hard to become a fairy king who overlooks all beings. Even if they look at the Eastern Saint Thirteen States, they are also a giant. They can open up a very powerful force, even in a state. Become a king.

    One figure after another stepped into the Saint Demon Canyon and disappeared directly from the place.

     Qin Wen's figure fell directly in the direction of Saint Demon Canyon, with a river next to it and mountains in the distance. This Saint Demon Canyon is an independent space.

    "All the power has been restored, however, as a disciple of Eastern Saint Immortal Sect, even if they are in the same realm, their strength must be strong and need to be careful." Qin Wen Tian secretly said in heart, the perception diffused out, the surrounding land, doing No one is there.At the other entrance of the Saint Demon Canyon valley, there are many Tianjiao characters wearing similar costumes. Their crowd is actually thousands of people. There are more people than the trial people who step into the Saint Demon Canyon valley. These people Most of them are the outer disciple of Eastern Saint Immortal Sect, but there are also some of them, which are core disciple, and there are even elites among them.

    This difference seems to be seen from the clothing. The clothes worn by the outer disciple are light gold robes; the clothing worn by the core disciple is slightly darker in color, and it looks more heroic and sharp; as for elite characters, they In addition to the gold, the clothes on the body also had a dazzling red light, which was extremely dazzling, and it was particularly prominent in the crowd.

    And their status is also hierarchical, regardless of cultivation, elite disciples stand at the forefront, in the middle of the core disciple, and the outer disciple with the largest number stands at the end.

    "We won't hurt the killer in this hunt, we will show mercy, but the importance to you need not be said, and we need to go all out. Don't lose the face of Eastern Saint Immortal Sect, even these newcomers It can't be dealt with." Only one elite disciples glanced at the glorious light and looked into the distance. He seemed to be able to see many light spots. Each suspended light spot is a powerful person on the same level as him.

    Not only him, but everyone else can also see people in the same state as them. They exist in the form of light spots, suspended in all directions of the Saint Demon Canyon valley, and can be seen at a glance.

    "These guys don't know that once the breath is released in the Saint Demon Canyon, it will be exposed immediately. Next, look at yours." The man spoke again, only to see his palm wave, and suddenly thousands of strong men rushed out.This is obviously not a fair showdown. Those who stepped into the trial in the Saint Demon Canyon can't see the other party's existence, but the other party can immediately lock their position because they release their breath.

    At this time, all people were walking in the Saint Demon Canyon valley. They did not know that the strong men of Eastern Saint Immortal Sect had locked their position and flew towards them.

     Qin Wen walked by the river and came to sit on the rock under an ancient tree, sitting on his knees, seemingly in a state of spiritual practice, but with a slight breath on his body, he was vigilant at all times and was ready to fight ready.

    The sound of rustle came, the sound of human footsteps, the breath of Qin Wen's body was floating, his eyes opened, and he saw a figure not far away.

    This man is wearing a pale gold robe with gorgeous patterns engraved on his body. His eyes are glittering with bright glow, which is very eye-catching. This person is the outer disciple of Eastern Saint Immortal Sect.

    "Yunzhou Qin Wen days, twenty-seven." This person glanced at Qin Wen days, his voice was calm, and he said: "It is said that this Eastern Saint Immortal Sect recruits a core disciple of one hundred and sixty. There are only twelve or three people in each of the thirteen states that can become core disciple. The land of Yunzhou is weak and the number of places may be less. You should also be the potential of the outer disciple. Moreover, the potential is not yet officially entered into Eastern Saint Immortal Sect. "

     Qin Wen glanced at the other day. If it is calculated as such, it is indeed true. One hundred and sixty seats, East St. Thirteen States, and Yunzhou Earth can be divided into ten people.

    "So?" Qin Wen asked.

    "So, you are afraid that you can't go out." The person said, and he continued to step forward, forcing Qin Wentian's gaze to reveal a cold, killing breath."It seems that you are just an outer disciple, if so, you go." Qin Wen opened his eyes lightly, and then closed his eyes again, seeming to disdain the outer disciple.

    The man stopped, revealing a stunned look, and then a strange sneer was drawn around the corner of his mouth, which was really interesting. The first time he hunted a trial, he met such an interesting person, than stepped into Eastern Saint Immortal Sect's core disciple must be proud for a long time. This tone is ridiculous.

    What's even more funny is that this person didn't even realize it, and closed his eyes, as if it were so natural, everything should be so, he should be so proud.


    I saw the depths of his hands. In an instant, the terrible hands were covered with golden flames. A mysterious flame flowed around the palm. The space made a loud noise. Only for a moment, he seemed to be bathed in this terrible golden flame. , The palms of both hands seem to be able to cut through the hardest thing in the world.


    The footsteps stepped on the ground, and suddenly there was a rustling noise from the ground. The land under his feet was directly burned into nothingness, lingering around with pale golden light. When his body rushed out, there was a terrible hot air current around him. Then, only a moment later, his body came to Qin Wentian's body, and his palm came out, his palm fell like a golden flaming sword, and fell down.

     Qin Wen was still sitting cross-legged, only to see that he raised his palm, and there was a terrible symbol light flowing in the palm of his hand, which seemed to be indestructible. On the palm print below, there was a muffled noise, and the immense palm print was immobile, and the other party could not be cut off.But the expression of the Eastern Saint Immortal Sect disciple remained the same, and suddenly he flashed a dazzling light all over his body, as if the endless terrifying power flowed on the palm of the moment, a scary flame palm surface appeared, swallowing the horror luster, directly Qin Wen The big palm prints of the sky are melted away, and at the same time, the sharp meaning is directly cut down, and the clicking sound is heard, and the big palm prints of Qin Wen's sky are cut off.

    With a sarcastic smile on the corner of his mouth, he stared at Qin Wen Tian sitting cross-legged. His palms pierced with terrifying power at the same time. The light he uttered destroyed everything, and he had to directly break Qin Wen Tian's body.

     Qin Wen's two palms glittered for even more dazzling light, and had a terrible force of repression when he slapped it out. At the same time, it seemed that the surrounding space was filled with a mysterious power, indestructible, and a loud bang, and the two's attacks collided again. The disciple of Eastern Saint Immortal Sect was shocked back, and the palms with the power of violent attack could not penetrate Qin Wentian’s attack.

    "Boom!" Constellations shined, turned into an endless flame of golden palms, surrounding the whole body, only listening to the other party roaring, if the storm waves beat, the storm stormed out and covered toward Qin Wen Tian's body.

    "You're looking for death." Qin Wen's eyes suddenly flashed a bloody light, a battle aura halo, and burst instantly, his body shined in the sky, there was a very strong fighting spirit, like a peerless war king, and his body was full of bloody blood Guanghua, he raised his palm for the third time, this time it came out of the bloody big palm seal suppress and kill, withering and standing, with the monstrous power of the gods to block and kill the gods."Boom, boom, boom..." The terrifying battle-stained bloody palms smashed all the defensive forces, shattered each other's attacks, unstoppable, and slapped directly onto the other's body, banging a loud noise, directly knocking the other The body flew out, only a moment, the sky star dissipated, then the Eastern Saint Immortal Sect outer disciple lay on the bank of the river, was born with suppress and kill, vitality no longer, and died on the spot.

     Qin Wen continued his eyes closed and practiced as if nothing had happened. If someone came to harass again, he would understand it when he saw this body!

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