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Chapter Directory Chapter 830 Who Killed Who
    Chinese Name: 太古神王  Author: 净无痕(Jìng wú hén, Traceless)
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readx(); Qin Wen doesn’t want to waste time on killing. He came to Eastern Saint Immortal Sect for a clear purpose, just to participate in the Heavenly Symbol Boundary trial.

    In the trial process, it is naturally Qin Wentian's first choice to improve his strength as much as possible.

     In Eastern Saint Cliff, he has learned a lot, and has gained a lot of practice methods, especially the final enlightenment of the fairy eagle, and it is the immortal king who inherited the battle decision.

    There is no chance to practice here at Saint Demon Canyon, so he would rather carefully understand the practice. If a disciple of Eastern Saint Immortal Sect wants to use his life as a stepping stone, then he must be prepared to pay his life.

     Qin Wen left a Eastern Saint Immortal Sect disciple's body uncleaned in order to deter others and not be disturbed.

    However, Qin Wen Day was wrong. When some time later, two outer disciples of Eastern Saint Immortal Sect wearing pale gold robes came here. After seeing the body, they looked at Qin Wen Day with extremely cold eyes. , Not because of how deep their feelings are with their disciples.

     There are countless disciples in Eastern Saint Immortal Sect. Every disciple is competing, trying to get more practice resources, or being valued by the elders of the discipline. The internal competition is extremely fierce.

    But when they saw the corpse of the same door lying there, Qin Wentian used it as a means to deter them, and their killing intention swept out instantly.

    "Hello brave." A strong man said coldly and proudly, and his eyes were so cold that he pierced Qin Wentian, and the person next to him also had a gloomy face, rolling with murderous intent.

     Qin Wen stopped his practice and opened his eyes again, looks at Lai Ren."You haven't entered Eastern Saint Immortal Sect yet, and you dare to use the body of Eastern Saint Immortal Sect disciples to deter me from waiting, so that you are not afraid of dying." The man continued to speak, Qin Wen stared at him and asked: " He wants to kill me, will I still bury him after he kills him?"

    "Crazy, you are a humiliation to the disciples of Eastern Saint Immortal Sect. In any case, this time will surely die. Even if I can't kill you, I still want you to die here." I saw another person saying, Qin Wen To be able to kill an outer disciple must be of extraordinary strength, so they dare not say that they can kill Qin Wen days steadily.

    I saw that one of them took out a treasure and shot a golden light towards the sky. In the distance, there were a lot of disciples of Eastern Saint Immortal Sect looking at this place, expression was stagnant, some cores were wearing golden robes disciple has sharp eyes, looks at the golden light in the void.

    This is someone convening the same class, and it is convening a core disciple.

    Many people looked down under the golden light, some people could see the floating light spot, and immediately understood that this person was cultivated like them, and immediately there was a person around them who was glittering and ran towards that side .

    At the same time, some people who participated in the trial like Qin Wen Tian showed strange expressions, and some people around them also went in that direction.

     Qin Wen is still indifferent. He looks at the ray of light, and looks coldly at the man. He has no action and is not in a hurry to deal with each other.Whether it is the outer disciple or the core disciple of Eastern Saint Immortal Sect, he has no fear. For him, to win the top three seats means that when there is a gift of the Son, the Son, the East Saint Immortal Emperor Disciple, they have the highest status among the disciples of Eastern Saint Immortal Sect. Qin Wen Tian should not only compare with the characters of the Son, but also care about the so-called outer disciple and core disciple.

    Under the same realm, no matter who comes, he is not afraid, unless the other party attacks.

    The two first-coming strong men did not take any action, just stared at Qin Wen days from left to right, it seemed that they were only watching him, not letting him go, but they did not know that if Qin Wen days were going , How can they keep it.

    After some time, two more outer disciple came. They saw the body by the river and immediately understood what was happening. They stared at Qin Wen. The expression was cold and they said, "I have not entered Eastern Saint Immortal Sect. It’s so rampant, it’s a bold fanatic.”

     Qin Wen had some strange looks at the people who came here, frowning, but here is the cruel blood test, these disciples of Eastern Saint Immortal Sect came to kill him, including the one who just took his life Nowadays, these people say that he is a fanatic.

     Don't tell me, in the eyes of these disciples who have entered Eastern Saint Immortal Sect, are they only the hunters?

    Could it be that after these people slaughtered him for Qin Wen days, would they still bury him Qin Wen days?"The ignorant people." Another voice came, and Qin Wen looked forward, and saw a disciple of Eastern Saint Immortal Sect wearing a golden shirt. The clothes of the five people were very similar, with the same patterns engraved. It's just that colour and lustre are different, which immediately made Qin Wen Tian understand that I am afraid that the people who came to Saint Demon Canyon to hunt them in this valley have different statuses, including outer disciple and core disciple.

    Those who wear light golden robes have a large number of people, they should be outer disciple.

    The person who came in front of him was more arrogant and stronger in aura. He walked in the middle, and should be a core disciple figure, with a respectful and humble identity, which can be seen at a glance.

    "Although you came to participate in the assessment, but have not yet started, when you have awe of the disciples of Eastern Saint Immortal Sect, but you dare to deter me by the disciples of Eastern Saint Immortal Sect, so stupid." The person spoke coldly, with a proud tone. He is a core disciple and has a distinguished identity. There are many Eastern Saint Immortal Sect outer disciple, but it is extremely difficult to enter the core.

    This time, the thirteen states of Eastern Saints are so proud of each other that they have been competing from the thirteen states in order to step into Eastern Saint Immortal Sect and become proud of being an outer disciple. Only the last hundred people can enter the core.

    And he is already a core disciple, a disciple who is truly recognized by Xianmen, and has practiced in Eastern Saint Immortal Sect for several years. He has outstanding talents and naturally has proud capital. In this hunt, the task of core disciple is not random. Hunting, they can selectively kill, for some really talented people, even if they can defeat, they must consider putting their horses, this is their task.

    Only the mission of the outer disciple is to hunt. If it can be hunted by the outer disciple, there is no regret about die.As for elite disciples, their purpose is only to supervise the entire Saint Demon Canyon.

     Qin Wen stared at the person, the other person walked step by step, and said: "Even if you are really talented, don't want to leave alive, your body will be hung on the branch, this is to you dare to use Eastern Saint Immortal Sect's disciple's body deterred my punishment."

    "It's funny." Qin Wen Tian has been listening to the other party revealing his arrogance, as if he was hunted by Qin Wen Tian for granted, and the person who killed Eastern Saint Immortal Sect was terrified by the other party and committed a heinous crime. , Is a mortal crime, no matter how many strong men came, just to kill him.

    "When you die, you probably won't find it funny." The other party continued.

     Qin Wen Tian stood up slowly, his body filled with breath, he stared at each other's four people, his eyes were unparalleled, and he stood proudly as if he were the protagonist of this world.

    "Saint Demon Canyon Valley, Eastern Saint Immortal Sect Hunting me and other trial people, this is the cold-blooded cruel trial, here, strength is everything, weakness is a dead end, if I am weak, now the body lying on the ground is me Nowadays, you are fighting against this, but you are nothing more than self-confidence. You think you are a disciple of Eastern Saint Immortal Sect. You are more honorable than me, who is still in trial, and you are more powerful than me. "

     Qin Wen's eyes glanced at all people, his body suspended, his eyes glittered with bloody luster, and he was unpretentious."It's ridiculous to ask for my life but still talk to me about awe. I want to see how even if you five of you can take my life." Qin Wen is suspended in void, overlooking the five Eastern Saints below The strong of Immortal Sect, with a loud bang, the battle aura shines, the first bloom of the battle is like a king of war, the body is all transformed, and the breath of the body is terrible.

    The core disciple looked up at the invincible Qin Wen day, cold and proudly said: "No wonder there is strength to kill the outer disciple, but just thinking that there can be no awe, then you can think of yourself too much and kill him."

    His words fell, the four outer disciple bodies hung in the air at the same time, horror momentum swept through void instantly, different Constellations bloomed at the same time, and the power was terrible.

    "Kill." I saw one of them point out the finger, and suddenly there seemed to be a bloody power gathering between heaven and earth, turning into a monstrous storm, and directly directed at Qin Wentian's body, and another strong man took a monstrous palm print to cover the sky In the sun, there was a strong man who cut a knife and cut off void. Constellations of the last strong man controlled the celestial phenomenon. Qin Wen appeared numerous domineering magic vines around the body, grabbing his body in all directions.

    The four Eastern Saint Immortal Sects work together to attack at the same time. The terrible power is not simply a four-fold power. Once they release the Constellations, they can cooperate perfectly, so that the opponent has no hope of escape, even if the opponent Much stronger than any of the four of them, they can be wiped out in one blow.Qin Wen Tian was directly buried by the attacking force. If he is only stronger than the other four, it is indeed a dead person at this moment. There is no excuse for it. Then the core disciple of Eastern Saint Immortal Sect has a sarcastic smile in his eyes. This person is too small to look at the disciples of Eastern Saint Immortal Sect. With this blow, he can take his life.


    At this moment, Zhen Tian bell sound came out, and immediately, the sound of Dong Dong Dong was continually oscillating between heaven and earth. The core disciple looked over there, and I saw a brilliant purple gold bloom blooming out, hōng lóng The sound of lóng's explosion continued, and the attack power of the four powerful men was simultaneously shattered and destroyed, the body exploded, and even directly injured.

    In only a moment, the situation reversed, and Qin Wen stood in void, with monstrous fighting power, bloody demon mantle, purple gold celestial phenomena, boundless and dazzling, he looked like a peerless king, glancing ahead, the noble spirit was shocking.

    "Don't be a disciple of Eastern Saint Immortal Sect, don't you want to kill me, even if it's not, does it deserve my awe?"

     Qin Wen stared at the core disciple below, and then he stepped out. The huge palm prints skyrocketed and bombarded towards the front. Picking the stars and winning the moon, the body of a strong man retreated, but only the big palm print seemed to be able to. Take off the sun, moon and stars, directly smash down, bang a loud noise, the strong body burst, directly dies on the spot.

    "If you want me to die, then all will stay." Qin Wen Tian said strongly, and once again stepped into void, shocking people!

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