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Chapter Directory Chapter 1158 Misunderstanding?
    Chinese Name: 太古神王  Author: 净无痕(Jìng wú hén, Traceless)
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Huang Youdi shuddered, not only because of physical pain, but also because of that endless humiliation.

     Qin Wen, let him admit his mistake.

    He is the Prince of Nine Emperors Immortal Country, how could anyone make him admit that he missed it, how could Huang Youdi be wrong, he was born to be extraordinary, experienced all kinds of combat training, polished his heart, his life, Seems perfect, once he admits wrong, is he still his?

    Today, the humiliation of this defeat is like cutting a knife on him. If he admits his mistake again, it is like scraping a wound with a sharp sword, enough to leave him an indelible mark. He still has faith to pursue Is that the realm of Supreme, to pursue the path of Ancient Great Emperor?

    No, he Huang Youdi didn't admit his mistake, Qin Wen God, he didn't dare to kill him.

    "The shame of today, I remember it in my heart, and, as my Nine Emperors Immortal Country has confessed to it, evacuated from this place, are you still trying to make me admit it, is it possible?" Huang Youdi said coldly.

    "Isn't it possible?" Qin Wen Tian eyes are still cold and cold. It is the destruction power that rages in Huang Youdi's body, smashing the opponent's Sendai. As long as he wants, he can destroy Huang Youdi's Sendai.

    "Since the defeat, after all, you have to pay the price for your previous arrogance, declare to all people, you are wrong!" Qin Wen Tian voice like a blade cut on Huang Youdi's body, the destruction power roared fiercely, Huang Youdi's Sendai was wrapped by the destruction power, and there were signs of cracking, and there was a crisp sound. If Sendai was broken, Huang Youdi would become a waste person.

    "Just to make me confess, you have to violate the rules of the Holy Court and offend Nine Emperors Immortal Country?" Huang Youdi shouted: "I don't believe you will go crazy like this?""Boom!" A stronger destructive force erupted, and Qin Wen's claws brought Huang Youdi to void, and the painful howling came out, Huang Youdi Sendai seemed to be on the verge of breaking, and the clicking sounds kept ringing, fairy The power is constantly dispersed, and the power of destruction leaves holes in Sendai.

    "I only give you three breaths." Qin Wen said lightly.

    "You dare." Huang Youdi shouted, with bloody eyes in his eyes, and the power of destruction was more vigorous. Huang Youdi was really scared. He had felt a crack in his Sendai, as long as Qin Wen strengthened a little bit more in the sky. Destructive power, his arrogance, will become crippled.

     all people looks at this scene are terrified, this Qin Wen is naive enough, he defeated Huang Youdi, so humiliated, and let Huang Youdi himself say that he was wrong three words, this is from Huang Youdi himself defeated his heart, making Huang Youdi helpless.

    Of course, relying on the pride and arrogance that Huang Youdi showed before, and what he wanted Qin Wen Tian to say, Qin Wen Tian did not overdo it, because if defeated, Huang Youdi would treat him more cruelly.

    What is shocking is the crazy courage of Qin Wen Tian. This is the Holy Court. The Holy Court has the rules of the Holy Court. Huang Youdi is the peerless arrogant figure of Nine Emperors Immortal Country. He is Huang Wudi’s emperor, or that The emperor's brother.

    "Say..." A cold voice came again, and then all people only listened to Huang Youdi shouting with all his strength: "I was wrong."This voice seemed to scream out all his humiliation. With this voice falling, the destructive power of Qin Wen's hands disappeared, but Huang Youdi was ashamed and arrogant. He was defeated so miserably. And because of this humiliation, he shouted these three words himself. Is he still the enemy Huang Youdi that day?

     Qin Wen Tian’s claws were loosened, and his incarnation turned out to be his original appearance. Huang Youdi’s body fell over the ancient temple with a dull sound. Not long ago, Huang Youdi, who was also arrogant and endless, was treated like Qin Wen Tian like a pig and a dog. Throwing on the ground and falling to the ground, plus everything before, what happened in this short period of time, I am afraid it will become a nightmare of Huang Youdi's life.

    If he is unable to cheer up, then Huang Youdi will no longer be the enemy Huang Youdi in the world, he will no longer have the previous faith and courage, his confidence, his pride, was defeated in this battle.

     Qin Wen Tian’s eyes seemed to have no Huang Youdi at all. He raised the head and looked to the opposite Thunder God Hall Lei Ba. At this time, he would not go to Lei Ba to fight again. Nine Emperors Immortal Country It has been evacuated, but it may return at any time, and their lineup does not have an advantage. Therefore, this account is temporarily recorded.

    "You must have been as crazy as Huang Youdi, but I hope you remember Huang Youdi's tragedy today. One day, when I really want to face you, your ending may be even worse than Huang Youdi. Qin Wen said indifferently, then looked at Jun Mengchen and the others: "Let's go."

    The words fell, and the group left step by step, nostalgic. The so-called battle, but there was only one battle, the battle between Qin Wen Tian and Huang Youdi, but this battle alone was enough shock.The power of Thunderbolt shines on Lei Ba, seeming to destroy the void. He has terrible light of lightning in his eyes, staring at Qin Wen day. If before this war, the words of Qin Wen day, he did not care However, in this battle, Qin Wen's madness and indifference were enough to make him remember him. Even if he was as strong as Lei Ba, that belief was shaken.

    Just as he thought that Huang Youdi would make Qin Wentian suffer the unforgettable humiliation of this life, the ending is diametrically opposite. Such a person who wants to completely ignore his threat, even Lei Ba, can't be so natural.

    "Boom..." A Thunderbolt's prestige slashed into the air, Lei Ba's proudly standing body became more powerful, and he had a super-strong war in his eyes. Since he could not ignore the threat of Qin Wen, then this is it Before the threat grows, destroy him completely. Although Qin Wen is already strong enough to defeat Huang Youdi, he is Lei Ba, the son of Thunder God, and Lei Ba at the 8th level of Sendai. Strong, it is impossible to win him.

    "I didn't expect this perfect Sendai person to be more proud than Huang Youdi." all people looks at Qin Wen Tian's leaving figure secretly thought, although it was completely Huang Youdi's arrogance before, Qin Wen Tian was just a passive resistance , But after all the dust has settled, all people can feel what kind of person Qin Wen Tian is.

    "Sister Empress, it seems that it doesn't seem to be what you think it is!" Sun Shooting Immortal Country A few strong figures stood up, and Prince said to the princess who brought Qin Wen to him, only to see Sun Shooting Princess Immortal Country's beautiful eyes glittering. It was indeed a surprise. Not only did Qin Wen Tian not be humiliated as she had imagined, but she humiliated Huang Youdi, and then left unharmed.However, this matter is far from over, and what will be waiting for Qin Wen next day.

    "Since he is okay, then the grudge between me and him will be wiped out. Not only did he see his strength in this battle, he can also see that he must care very much about Princess Changqing, however, the brother Huang Youdi said The simple sentence is very important, even Lei Ba will give up automatically. Qin Wen will face it, but it is not as simple as another Huang Youdi."

     The princess of Sun Shooting Immortal Country turned around and left. Since she had said that bringing Qin Wen here came a grudge, and it naturally cleared.

     Qin Wen After they left, they went straight to the Connected Heavenly Realm among the four holy houses, and now this Connected Heavenly Realm is the gateway to other holy houses.

     Qing'er is not in this holy palace.

     The sanctuary where Qing'er is located has a misty ancient peak. Among the ancient peaks, a youth figure sits in the void. There are raindrops around his body. The youth sits there and the rain drops fall on it. He couldn't wet his clothes.

    Gu Feng is extremely quiet, and there are few people. At this moment, there are several powerful figures glittering. They just stopped on the edge of Gu Feng and stopped. The rain drops that fell at the front look at, with a deep sense of fear. .

    These figures stood there quietly, and no one disturbed the young man's spiritual practice. Even though they were all powerful martial arts, even in the holy palace, they were able to call for the wind and rain, and they had a royal light.

    After a few hours, the place was quiet, there was no sound, and the few people stood there, looking quietly."What's the matter?" Finally, there was a voice between Gu Feng, and it was the young man who was sitting on the void who spoke. It turned out that the few arrogant figures who had arrived had waited a few hours just to wait for the young man who was practicing to take the initiative to ask questions. Their attitude seems to be that young people do not speak, they will never disturb, even if there are very important things.

    "An enemy Prince was injured in another holy house." One said.

    Young frowned, it seems a little unpleasant. Here is Heavenly Dao Saint Academy. Huang Youdi is his younger brother. Although he has very few defeats and rarely hurts, even if he is injured by fighting with others, it’s normal. Small things bother him?

    His frown, the raindrops falling in the void suddenly rushed suddenly, and there was a sharp meaning faintly.

    The few people seemed to feel the displeasure of the youth and said: "You said that the daughter of Changqing was very good. For this reason, the enemy Prince thought it was a kind of hint. He wanted to like the princess's man to admit that the princess was Your woman."

    The young man's brow furrowed even harder: "Good is good, what he thinks about, he let others admit it. The question is, why is it defeated, is it not to insult yourself?"

    The youth doesn't seem to care what Huang Youdi did, or whether he was injured. What he cares about is, why did Huang Youdi do such a thing, and why would it be defeated?

    "That man was the one who originally owned Saint Immortal Stage. Thousand Changes Immortal Sect Qin Wen days. He cultivated Sendai fivefold and defeated the enemy Prince. Moreover, he was humiliated and made the enemy Prince confess..." The man said lightly, although the young man frowned, he didn't respond much.After being silent for a moment, he said lightly: "It's good to lose, polish it a bit, and you can make a breakthrough in your mindset. As for the person who possesses Saint Immortal Stage, he can defeat the enemy. It's just that for the sake of women fighting for jealousy, this holy product Sendai seems wasteful."

    With that, his body stood slowly for a moment, and at that moment, those raindrops suddenly turned into extremely sharp swords, and turned into the sky's sword rain, which was terrible to the extreme. Strolling, Jian Yu struck him as if penetrating directly through his body, and could not hurt him.

    This scene on Gu Feng was a bit shocking to see this scene, but it was relieved to think of who this person was.

    "The misunderstanding of the enemy Prince has caused many people in the Holy Court to misinterpret your meaning. Do you need to explain?" one asked.

    "Why explain?" The youth's eyes flash seemed sharper than the sword.

    "Everyone has humiliated the people of Nine Emperors Immortal Country, so let this misunderstanding become a fact." The youth said calmly!