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Chapter Directory Chapter 1159 Newcomer
    Chinese Name: 太古神王  Author: 净无痕(Jìng wú hén, Traceless)
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Before the youth walked out of the ancient peak, the news had not been passed to other holy houses.

     Connected Heavenly Realm, where Connected Heavenly Immortal Stone is located, Connected Heavenly Immortal List attracts the attention of many powerful people every day.

    On this Connected Heavenly Immortal Stone, every change of figure symbolizes the most terrible character change of Connected Heavenly Realm.

    At this time, a bright fairy light suddenly appeared on this Connected Heavenly Immortal Stone, making the many figures in front of the Connected Heavenly Immortal Stone all have sharp eyes, staring at the huge Connected Heavenly Immortal Stone, the fairy stone produced a splendid color, this is There are new people in Connected Heavenly Immortal List.

    After looking at the fairy stone with a solemn look, immediately, I saw somewhere in the Connected Heavenly Immortal Stone, and the figure gradually became dim and dull, getting darker and darker.

    "How is it possible?" Many people were shocked when they saw this expression expression. This figure, which is becoming darker, is a peerless figure named Li Yufeng.

     Li Yufeng He Xurenye, the top rank of the northern ranks of Immortal Territory, the super arrogant figure of the Bai Lian sect, the elder of the Bai Lian sect, and the son of the Bai Lian sect. Characters have such qualifications, Li Yufeng, he was regarded as the Son of the 5th level in Sendai, and one can imagine his superiority.

    Of course, this is Heavenly Dao Saint Academy. Even if Li Yufeng's status is outstanding, Heavenly Dao Saint Academy is proud of the sky, and there are countless noble people. He can appear on the fairy list, naturally due to the power of Transcendent.In the northern part of Immortal Territory, Bai Lian Religion and Beiming Dynasty have a lot of enmity. However, Beiming Dynasty has a distinguished princess, but they have fallen in love with the son of Bai Lian Religion and the two became lovers. This princess is the sister of Beiming Youhuang. She has an extraordinary status. She is also a very outstanding person. She is also a beauty of peerless talent. After entering Heavenly Dao Saint Academy, there are many suitors.

    At one time, there was a very powerful suitor, the strongest in the 7th level of Sendai. However, in the Connected Heavenly Realm and Li Yufeng decisive battle, he was completely killed by Li Yufeng, shocked Connected Heavenly Realm, plus Li Yufeng's status in the Bai Lian sacred church, and since then many other rivals have not dared to provoke Li Yufeng, his name is engraved on Connected Heavenly Realm's Connected Heavenly Immortal Stone.

     The figure on the Connected Heavenly Immortal List is not the most powerful presence, but it is definitely the most outstanding figure in a certain realm, and it is all a figure with a strong record. Now, with such a powerful presence as Li Yufeng, the figure has become Dimmed.

    "Who can replace Li Yufeng in the 5th level of Sendai?" All people gazed at the Connected Heavenly Immortal Stone, especially those who had witnessed Li Yufeng's powerful battle first-hand, felt incredible. They didn't believe that someone could be in this realm. Replace Li Yufeng.

     After all, Li Yufeng's figure disappeared and disappeared into nothingness. A brand-new figure was looming and imprinted on the Connected Heavenly Immortal List. It was a young man with black hair shawl. Body-like, handsome face, unparalleled temperament, officially replaced Li Yufeng."Who is this person? It seems familiar, how can he qualify to replace Li Yufeng?" Some people are dissatisfied, Li Yufeng is so strong, how can someone in this realm be more outstanding than him.

    "Could it be that Li Yufeng's realm has risen?" It's humane, it seems wrong, Li Yufeng hasn't stepped into the 5th level of Sendai for a long time, and it's not too far to kill the strong man to step on the Connected Heavenly Immortal List. It's impossible to go again. Raise the realm.

    "It's the Saint Immortal Stage, Chu Qingyi incident, he is the actor." Someone said aloud, at this time a dazzling fairy light bloomed on the Connected Heavenly Immortal List, the official replacement of the fairy list, Li Yufeng, was replaced by others.

     There is a strong light in Connected Heavenly Realm, and countless figures glittering away in the direction of Connected Heavenly Immortal Stone. Afterwards, they saw the handsome figure, some people questioned, some people marveled.

    A figure coming from outside the Connected Heavenly Realm saw the list change, saying: "The natural law of the Holy Court has changed, what happened outside the Connected Heavenly Realm, the Connected Heavenly Immortal List can indeed be sensed, and indeed, Qin Wen has already stepped on Into this Connected Heavenly Realm."

    This person witnessed the battle between Qin Wen Day and Huang Youdi. Although a little surprised that Connected Heavenly Immortal List Qin Wen Day replaced Li Yufeng, it was still acceptable. After all, Huang Youdi was already a terrible character, Qin Wen Day did He was defeated cross-border, but he and Li Yufeng fought a battle, I don't know what the situation would be.

    "Li Yufeng, what is your attitude towards this replacement of Connected Heavenly Immortal List?" Many people thought to themselves.

     Qin Wen day did step into the Connected Heavenly Realm at this time. When the Connected Heavenly Immortal Stone was blooming, he actually felt his heart and looked at the direction of the Connected Heavenly Immortal Stone. He seemed to feel something."Connected Heavenly Realm, it's really wonderful." Qin Wen Tian murmured, all the people around looked at Qin Wen Tian, Qin Wen Tian said, it seemed to mean something.

    "Senior Martial Brother Qin, let's hurry up." Jun Mengchen continued to lead the way to the entrance of Heavenly Dao Saint Academy where Qing'er is located. He walked all the way, but before reaching the exit, a figure suddenly stopped. :"Wait."

    "What's wrong?" Qin Wen looked at the man, but Tang Sheng, Brother Heavenly Symbol Boundary of Sendai Kokuju.

    "They're here." Tang Sheng said, and Qin Wentian's brow furrowed, and he seemed to feel the roar from the distance.

    "Scattered, it would be better to die in battle than to be captured alive." Qin Wentian said, and the group immediately understood the meaning of Qin Wentian. Many strong men spread out at the same time, and glittered away in different directions.

     Heavenly Dao Saint Academy natural law changes, Connected Heavenly Realm is the deity stepped in, but perhaps to avoid the mass death of rare arrogance practiced in these holy houses, there are always some rules in the holy house, in the Connected Heavenly Realm, during the time of war death Will be sent by Connected Heavenly Realm.

    But once captured, Qin Wen said they understood the consequences.

    It is not a glorious thing to retreat without a fight. However, it is not foolish for the cockroach to shake the tree. Qin Wen Tian they know that if the other party's strong lineup is hard to resist, it will be miserable.

    A group of strong men killed at a very fast speed. Among them, there were powerful people such as Huang Youdi and Nine Emperors Immortal Country. They were retreated after being threatened by Qin Wen at that time, but they came to Connected Heavenly Realm. At the entrance of the Holy Court where Zhong Qing'er is located, it is sealed here, it seems that Qin Wen must come here.Of course, if it is only the strong of Nine Emperors Immortal Country, Qin Wen days they will not retreat, maybe the battle will be the last game, but the other party plus a lot of White Tiger clan demon, the lineup seems a bit scary.

    The billowing monstrous monstrosity seemed to permeate the anger of the powers of the White Tiger clan.

     Qin Wen Tian fled alone in one direction. The direction he flew was actually the direction of Connected Heavenly Realm in the central area of Connected Heavenly Realm. He was extremely fast and gave birth to Dapeng wings, just like a really big Roc, soaring in void. In the distance, behind him, Huang Wudi walked with the sword. His golden robe fluttered, his eyes were cold and murderous, and the speed was as fast as golden lightning.

    He is the only one chasing Qin Wen, and under his royal sword, Qin Wen has no way in the sky.

     Qin Wen did indeed have nowhere to go. At this moment, there was another figure in front of him, Bai Mou of the White Tiger clan royal family, Bai Mou who stepped into the 7th level of Sendai. He stood there like a god of killing. So.

    The footsteps stopped, Qin Wen Tian looked at the figure in front, the expression was calm, but the deep eyes seemed to hide the chilling heart.

    "Escape?" Bai Mou's eyes were undisguised, and he said coldly: "Have you hided for so long, and finally you are willing to roll down the mountain?"

     Qin Wen practiced enlightenment at the Holy Academy, but when he reached Bai Mou’s mouth, he became a hideout.

    "Animals are animals. Although the White Tigers pride themselves on being proud and incompetent, they now join hands with others." Qin Wen said ironically, the White Tigers and the Nine Emperors Immortal Country teamed up, but they took the lead. Ironically, it was ridiculous.Behind him, Huang Wudi stepped forward step by step. His ninth level in Sendai, he once fought with Jia Nantian, what a terrible strength, he stood there without any rush, just stared at Qin Wen coldly, humiliating him Prince of Nine Emperors Immortal Country?

    This naturally comes at a price.

    "It's Qin Wen day, the person who replaced Li Yufeng on the Connected Heavenly Immortal List." This is the central area of Connected Heavenly Realm. Some people saw Qin Wen's eyes flashing through the sharp edge, and began to gather powerful people, all eyes fell. In Qin Wen Tian, this guy replaced Li Yufeng not long ago. Nowadays, he is in trouble and I don’t know what fighting strength he can show.

    "Boom." Qin Wen moved, and went straight to Bai Mou. He seemed to have divine shine above his body. Sendai had a dazzling light. He smashed out with one blow, just like dragon roar, rushing down, killing everything .

     Bai Mou roared and turned into an ontology directly. He once fought Qin Wen Tian on the battle platform. At that time, he was six times in Sendai and Qin Wen was four times in Tianxiantai. Now both of them have been promoted. To the Seventh Layer of Sendai, obviously the span is larger and the enhanced strength is even more terrifying.

    Today, Qin Wen is born to die.

    When the huge White Tiger's palm was smashed down, it was like a huge White Tiger raging out, colliding with the demon dragon and tearing it away.

     Qin Wen couldn't seem to feel Bai Mou's power. He stepped out in one step and fought directly in close combat. Every time he attacked, there was a big demon magic technique. The power was infinite, just like a real demon.Bai Mou roared again and again, and turned into a light of endless killing, enveloping the whole world, one person and one demon madly blasted, there was a landslide and cracking trend, the strong men saw their battle slightly frightened, this Qin Wen Tian is so combative, if you can give all people a little surprise, then appear on the Connected Heavenly Immortal List.

     Huang Wudi didn't move, he looked at this battle, his eyes looked like imperial light, staring ahead.

    He is here, Qin Wen can't fly.

    "It's so strong." Everyone still stared at the battlefield, and occasionally someone looked at Huang Youdi with confidence.

     Qin Wen's attack was more and more violent, and Bai Mou killed the White Tiger secret skill, and the world was the strongest White Tiger killing technique. Qin Wen's eyes suddenly flashed a different light. Today, Bai Mou is proud. Fan, he will be killed in another day.

    Thinking of this, the power of Qin Wen Tian’s big attack seems to be constantly decimated, destroyed by the White Tiger secret skill, Qin Wen Tian’s face is pale, and the light of thousands of killings is cut on him, breaking everything, Huang Wudi's eyes flashed suddenly and he wanted to shoot, but this time was over. Qin Wen Tian's body disappeared with a burst of boundary light from Connected Heavenly Realm.

    "Roar..." Bai Mou uttered a terrifying roar, seeming to spit out the depression of the past, but unfortunately failed to catch Qin Wen day.

    "Although the combat power is Transcendent, it was killed by Bai Mou. Can such a person overcome Li Yufeng?" Some people questioned!