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Chapter Directory Chapter 1160 Sheng Yu Li Yufeng
    Chinese Name: 太古神王  Author: 净无痕(Jìng wú hén, Traceless)
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Many powerful people gathered here, the storm is not small, especially the protagonist of the previous battle is the protagonist of the Connected Heavenly Immortal List replacement, and it has attracted countless people to express their emotions.

    "Bai Mou is a seven-layer Sendai, and is a member of the White Tiger clan royal family. It should be more outstanding than the opponent that Li Yufeng defeated. Qin Wentian can fight Bai Mou to such an extent, which is good."

    "Li Yufeng was an opponent for forging, but Qin Wen was defeated. Even though Bai Mou is stronger than Li Yufeng's opponent, Li Yufeng is still stronger by comparison."

    "Yes, this replacement of Connected Heavenly Immortal List seems not so credible."

     Experts as common as the clouds in the void, there was a lot of discussion, Bai Mou knew that the original Connected Heavenly Immortal List was replaced before, but the figure of Qin Wen Tian appeared on the Connected Heavenly Immortal Stone, which made him uncomfortable and killed Read terrible.

    "This time he counts his luck. If he is still the battle platform of life and death in the last battle, Qin Wen is already a dead man." Bai Mou's anger is still terrible. At that time, the battle seemed to be his heart. This time, Qin was strongly killed. Wen Tian, it means a lot to him.

     Huang Wudi looks at Bai Mou, the two royal eyes show a little disdain, I did not expect the White Tiger royal family to be so unbearable, defeating a low-level person, but also complacent here, but I want to share the role of the two parties. Huang Wudi didn't say much, but this idiot made Qin Wen run away, so proud.

     Huang Wudi doesn't say anything, but it doesn't have to be others who also give Bai Mou a face, just listen to a cold voice.

    "moron."This voice is extremely crisp, making all people's pupils constrict, and all expressions are trembling. Just Bai Bai was speaking, then the idiot is obviously given to Bai Mou.

    It turned out that someone humiliated the people of the White Tiger clan with the word idiot.

    In one direction, I saw a group of strong men strolling around, headed by two men, one man and one woman, with extraordinary style, extraordinary masculinity, and a little indifference in her face. The beautiful woman is a rare beauty.

    "It's him." All people's eyes showed a sharp edge, and this time the other protagonist of the Connected Heavenly Immortal List replacement arrived.

    This person is Li Yufeng, the son of Bai Lian, and Beiming Youhuang's sister, Beiming Immortal Dynasty's princess, and Beiming Nongyue.

     Bai Mou's eyes swept Li Yufeng, and he was terrified: "Who are you talking to?"

     Bai Mou He Xuren, the White Tiger clan royal family, do you care about the identity of human beings, in his eyes, human beings are so lowly, how is he like a demon world clan.

    "Naturally speaking with an idiot." Li Yufeng continued, if the previous voice was not obvious enough, then this sentence is a straight face, with Li Yufeng's personality, why would he care about Bai Mou's identity.

    "Interesting." The strong guys all showed interesting colors. Bai Mou and Connected Heavenly Immortal List just replaced Li Yufeng's Qin Wen day battle, and now Li Yufeng has appeared again.

    This Heavenly Dao Saint Academy is top rank Tianjiao, fighting each other constantly, each major Tianjiao is the main cause of trouble, no one will care about who.

     Bai Mou's fierce and fierce bloom, he stared at Li Yufeng, coldly said: "The humble guy, get out.""An animal dares to satire humans. It's ridiculous. I really think that the White Tigers have noble bloodline, but the meat taste is more delicious after refining." Li Yufeng's tone is always that plain, but that dull voice However, it is such a sharp punch, as if in his eyes, he does not care about the White Tiger family at all.

    "Boom!" The monstrous anger was violent, dancing between heaven and earth, and the anger was going in the direction of Li Yufeng's whereabouts, Li Yufeng also came to fight without fighting.

     Li Yufeng walked out, Sendai bloomed out, and the dazzling Sendai seemed to have the light of the star soul shining. Only in a flash, the temperature between heaven and earth suddenly became hot, Li Yufeng covered all the terrible glory, like a body Wearing the armor of the peerless, it is impossible for a lifetime. His Sendai is a furnace that can smelt everything in the world.

     The sacred religion of Bai Lian, named Bai Lian, is not something they cannot practice in the world.

    A terrible suction came from the furnace. Suddenly, a continuous stream of gas poured into the furnace, and actually flowed into the terrible airflow in the furnace. It became part of it. It is rumored that the people of Bai Lian sacred Qiang, especially those sons and leaders, cultivated to the top claim to be able to melt everything in the world.

    "Don't use this kind of rubbish, it's boring." Li Yufeng calmly said, there are so many strong in the fairy land, there are always some amazing and amazing characters, and it is naturally excellent to be able to step on the Connected Heavenly Immortal List Li Yufeng of the Bai Lian sacred church is the kind of arrogance in the arrogance. In the face of the white tiger royal family of the two high realms, the other party is called garbage.How Bai Mou could bear it, he roared, void shocked, all people in the distance retreated backwards, cultivated for the weaker person, shocked, as if he had the breath to enter the body, Li Yufeng naturally bears the brunt, but the fairy light on his body It was so terrible that even his own body was like a melting pot, melting away the smelting life.

     Bai Mou was transformed into a body, and his claws stepped toward void, and a respectable White Tiger demon carried the power of immense shame, crushed void, trampled on everything, and the world uttered a rumbled shock, which was extremely powerful.

     Li Yufeng expression As always calm, the fairy light surging on him, the terrible destruction turbulence released in the furnace, and the turbulent flow of magma-like flames, with the liquid gold turbulence, all turned into the smelting light of destruction, Ferociously spewed out, and I saw that the monstrous White Tiger monster was blocked and all was smelted away by turbulence.

    Although there is only the 5th level boundary of Sendai, Li Yufeng seems to have a unique style of smelting everything in the world.

    A huge and terrifying White Tiger demon rushed towards the front. As fast as a wind, he was all golden and indestructible. Bai Mou’s huge body directly rushed into the turbulence. He wanted to see, How Li Yufeng melted him in the 7th level world of Sendai.

    Surrounded with anger, the huge body went forward in the turmoil that destroyed all, went straight to Li Yufeng's body, to overwhelm everything, but Li Yufeng's lover Princess Nongyue expression was so calm, like Li Yufeng Very strong self-confidence.The powerful Bai Mou body came down, killing the White Tiger clan's magic, to destroy Li Yufeng, but seeing Li Yufeng's furnace seems to blend with the body, as if his deity is a furnace that can melt the world, only to see his finger facing forward With one finger, the light of the melting pot surrounded Bai Mou’s body in a flash, eroding each other’s defenses, and Bai Mou’s body moved forward a little bit, finally touching Li Yufeng’s body, and the magic of killing fell down. The power of destruction came, but Li Yufeng, who was transformed into a furnace body, melted into his body a little bit.

    "Do you think close attack is enough?" Li Yufeng raised his eyes and looked at Bai Mou's huge body, which was close at hand. His body was surrounded by immortal light. To smelt everything, Bai Mou's defense was broken a little.

    "Roar." A loud roar, shocked Dangtian, one person and one demon separated, and each stood in a prescription position. Bai Mou stared at Li Yufeng with death, and the murderous eyes showed the terrible meaning and killed Qin Wen. At this moment, the excitement is gone.

    Although there was no victory or defeat in this battle, he was actually defeated, but his realm was two realms higher than Li Yufeng's, which could not crush the opponent and kill it. It was not a defeat.

    "You're so arrogant." Bai Mou's eyes were extremely cold.

    "I just can't bear to see you bloodline nobles claiming to be noble, saying that humans are humble, what kind of thing are you." Li Yufeng said lightly, all the people around expressed emotion: "Bai Mou killed Qin Wen Tian, Li Yufeng and Bai Mou Draw, it seems that Li Yufeng is stronger than Qin Wen days, this time the Connected Heavenly Immortal List is replaced and mistakes are made."

    "Li Yufeng is indeed very strong, and Qin Wen Tian is simply not eligible to appear on the Connected Heavenly Immortal List."

    "Qin Wen God, what is he, unworthy."After this battle, such a voice gradually overwhelmed the opposition.

    "I am not very interested in Connected Heavenly Immortal List itself, but this Connected Heavenly Immortal List is indeed a good thing. Of course, I am most interested in those who can step on Connected Heavenly Immortal List. Qin Wen can step on it Replacing me on the Connected Heavenly Immortal List naturally makes sense, but how could it be as unbearable as you think, in the previous battle, he obviously lost to Bai Mou deliberately and left Connected Heavenly Realm, ridiculously this idiot is still smug ."

     Li Yufeng's faint opening made all people stunned. Li Yufeng spoke for Qin Wen.

    "How does the Son know that Qin Wen Tian was intentionally defeated?" someone asked.

    "How can the person who can replace me be killed by this idiot, which needs more words?" Li Yufeng said, making all people feel ashamed enough to domineering.

    "So, the Son thinks that it is not as good as Qin Wen?"

    "I haven't said that." Li Yufeng smiled, then turned and walked to Princess Nongyue's side, holding her hand and said: "Go."

    "Well." Beiming Nongyue smiled and nodded, looks at Li Yufeng's eyes have a strong affection, the two left hand in hand, there is a faint voice in void: "Qin Wen defeated in the day, if he invites next time Bai Mou is on the battle platform of life and death, I'm afraid this idiot will really go up."

    This voice came to make all people eyes flash, could it be that Qin Wen was so ruthless? Intentionally defeated to kill Bai Mou? If so, this Qin Wen day seems a bit scary. At that time, he roasted the White Tiger meat and ate it. It seemed that he was on a life and death battle platform. At that time, the White Tiger family was not confident.All people's hearts are filled with emotion. Is Li Yufeng's words true? Qin Wen at this time, what is he thinking?

    At that time, Qin Wen didn’t think so much. He was stepped into it again after being bombed out of Connected Heavenly Realm, hurrying to the place he wanted to reach before. Sure enough, Huang Wudi went after him, no one was keeping. Here, Qin Wen stepped out step by step.

     next moment, in another holy house, the figure of Qin Wen Tian appeared there!

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