《Dropped In the Marvel World As a Superhero》brief introduction

Dropped In the Marvel World As a Superhero

author: 离群戏

In this era of traversers flying through the sky, Lin Rui not unexpectedly traversed after an accidental electric shock, but not the least into the United States across the ocean. But, who is the bodybuilder in the blue uniform in the memorial? ! Hey! Which guru is that who flies flying around chasing the hammer? ! Looking at the big green-skinned guy who was jumping among the buildings on the TV, Lin Rui thought again whether to persuade his parents to move out of New York. However, after thinking about it, he instead took the phone and dialed a number: Mr. Stark, for the safety of my house, I think it is necessary to discuss with you the development of advanced armor. This is a story of crossing into the Marvel world, initially only thinking about stability of an ordinary life, but finally becoming a superhero. (Chinese Name: 掉落漫威世界当超级英雄)

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