《Dropped In the Marvel World As a Superhero》brief introduction

Dropped In the Marvel World As a Superhero

author: 离群戏

In this era when traversers were flying in the sky, Lin Rui did not accidentally traverse after an accidental electric shock, and he also traversed the United States on the other side of the ocean. However, who is the bodybuilder in the memorial hall wearing a blue uniform? ! Hey! Which great god is that flying around chasing the hammer? !   Watching the big green-skinned guy jumping around in the room on the TV, Lin Rui thought again about whether to persuade his parents to move out of New York, a place of right and wrong. However, after thinking about it, he still took out the phone and dialed a number: Mr. Stark, for the safety of my house, I think it is necessary to discuss the development of advanced armor with you.   This is a story about crossing into the Marvel world but only thinking about living in peace, but finally becoming a superhero.  PS: The timeline is based on this story.

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