《The Nine Godheads》brief introduction

The Nine Godheads

author: 辰机唐红豆

Crossing with grandpa is the trend, but we are a little tragic. Have you ever seen buy one get eight? Hong Xiaobao:"This opponent is a little powerful. Old guys, come out to save me, or else this prince is dead meat!"  Devil Emperor Meng Xianji: "Mocking, kill! Against my will, kill! Strong, Eat! Heaven and earth treasures, eat! Well equipped, grab!" Wine God Xiao Sanxiao:"Why is it so cruel. Why can't we sit down and talk. I will teach you wine tasting, young boy!" Medicine God Tian Can:"You talk first. I'm in a bad state today. I'll take a break for a while ... If you need medicine, wait until I wake up..."  Artisan Xihong"Isn't the weapon just upgraded to you yesterday? Fear what Boy, go for it. Isn’t it, Chennan?" Zhenling Chennan:"Um ... you ask Cat Moon." Beast Emperor Cat Moon:"Today the sun is too bright, I remembered my cat who died of dysmenorrhea..." Hong Xiaobao ... (⊙_⊙;) ...:"Can you not be so fraud!" (Chinese Name: 九重神格)

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