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Chapter Directory 3 Rebirth
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Ye Ci sits on the watchtower on the roof of the Glory Group Building.

     Next to her is the second runner-up trophy of Fate's second personal PVP award in the Second Battle of Kings just won.

     Looking down at the crystal trophy, Ye Ci felt empty.

     She reached out and touched the pocket of the windbreaker, where she had just bought the cigarettes.

     Ye Ci never smokes, but today she wants to smoke one.

     With a cigarette in his mouth and lit the cigarette with an unfamiliar skill, Ye Ci took a deep breath and immediately choked into a violent cough. She raised her head, looked at the night sky stubbornly, and tried to put a smile on her lips.

     "Parents, I did it. But why don't I feel happy at all?" She stretched out her slender fingers, touched the trophy, and then lifted it up to the sky, shouting hoarsely.

     "Look, I got the trophy, I was the strong, I stood at the highest point, but why am I not happy at all!"

     In this city of endless stream of horse and carriages, in this neon chaotic night, no one will pay attention to this tiny human being.

     Ye Ci stretched out her hand to cover her face and found that her face was dry, not even a tear. She screamed in pain: "Is this my punishment? In order to become stronger, I gave up everything. Is this my punishment?".Then, she couldn't help laughing.

     "What did I abandon everything, what I became stronger, in fact, all people abandoned me. What did I do for today? Annoyed Dad, let Mom go away and leave all my friends, Notorious, I thought I was a crane in a flock of chicken, I thought no one understood me, but in fact I was a scumbag."

     "And now..."

     Ye Ci closed his eyes, and all the people overturning seas and rivers in his mind were embarrassed by the organizer's rejection of the competition. Just because she has no teammates, she has no friends.

     "Fate does not need personal strength, because a person's strength is inseparable from the people around. Miss Ye'>, sorry, the essence of the battle of kings is team battle, now no team accepts you, we only regretfully reject you Join the war."

     There is no team to accept her...

     Hehe, how could a team accept her!

     She is the first female Sorcerer, but also the darkest and coldest Sorcerer in Fate. Fate hasn't even helped anyone in ten years.

     Not only in the game, even in life, she has become synonymous with coldness and selfishness.

     I took out my mobile phone. Ye Ci dialed one by one according to the few numbers on the list. She felt very lonely. Now she just wants to talk to someone, anyone can."Sorry, the user you are calling has an empty number."

     "Sorry, the user you are calling has an empty number."


     Mobile phone> There are not many names on the previous page, and 90% of them are already empty. How long has she not been in contact with anyone?

     The cursor of the mobile phone'> stayed on the last number. This number was once very familiar to her, and it was also the last touch of warmth in her heart. He should be there. After hesitating for a moment, she called.

     "Sorry, the user you are calling has an empty number."

     The cold prompt of the system made Ye Ci lose his strength, which is ridiculous. Who else does this to her in this world? It looks beautiful, but people rebelling and friends deserting have long been.

     Standing up swayingly, Ye Ci threw the phone in his hand'> vigorously: "Empty number! Ye Ci is not rare for you..."

     Before the words fell, a night wind blew, causing Ye Ci, who was not standing still, to fall towards the building. After losing one's head out of fear, she subconsciously reached out and grabbed something, and when she looked up, it was nothing but the trophy that hung her on the hundreds of meters building.

     For a moment, Ye Ci felt teary.

     At the end, is this all left?

     What is the meaning of her life?Let go, let go, her life will end like this, sad and lonely.

     Ye Ci finally glanced at the PVP trophy and let go.

     The endless darkness drowned her instantly, as if she had never been here.

     I have a terrible headache.

     However, the sun is so warm that people can't help but sleep for a while.

     The woman on the bed sniffed, rolled herself into a ball, shrank into the quilt, and continued to fall into a sweet dream.

     Ten seconds later, the soft snow-white quilt suddenly opened, and the woman on the bed sat on the bed, staring at everything in the room as if she had seen a ghost.

     "Is this heaven or a dream?" she muttered to herself, and then shook her head, "I guess people like me can't enter heaven..."

     Lowering her head, she looked at her hands, slender and white. Such a hand touched into the quilt and pinched it on his thigh without hesitation.

     "Ah!!" The heart-wrenching pain made her yell, and tears immediately fell.

     It's not a dream!"What's the matter? What's the matter?" The door of the room slammed open with a bang. A middle-aged man wearing an apron and holding a spoon came in from the outside. He looked anxious and expressive, looking at the woman yelling on the bed. The child asked eagerly: "What's wrong with the words? What's wrong? Did you dream of falling to the ground again!"

     Ye Ci, who was sitting on the bed, looked at the man standing on the side of the bed with wide eyes, and did not recover for a long time.

     "Isn't you stupid?" Ye Nantian stretched out his hand and waved in front of Ye Ci.

     "Dad!" Ye Ci took that hand in one fell swoop, then stood up and hugged Ye Nantian's neck. The sore nose and tears immediately fell.

     Regardless, even a dream, as long as she can see Mom and Dad again, even if it is a dream, she is also happy.

     "What's wrong?" Ye Nantian was a little surprised. When her daughter was fifteen years old, she never had such intimate contact with herself. Today's change made him somewhat overwhelmed.

     "It's so nice to see you again, my eyes are blurry, I hugged my father's neck tightly, and said sincerely.

     "What are you talking about! It's like I'm back from the dead." Ye Nantian laughed haha, patted Ye Ci on the back, and then pulled her away: "Dad is going to make breakfast. If you wake up, hurry up. Come down!"

     He touched Ye Ci's hair again and walked out of the room.And Ye Ci was stunned on the bed, staring at the electronic clock on the wall into a beautiful sculpture.

     August 20, 2050 07:37

     In 2050?

     In 2050? ! ! ! !

     She didn't know how long she froze before she jumped up, rushed to the desk, grabbed the mirror, and looked at her face tremblingly.

     In the mirror, it was a ten-year-old face with a ruddy complexion and a little baby fat. There was a bit of vitality between the corners of the eyes and the eyebrows.

     This is my self ten years ago.

     Ye Ci is 100% sure. Because the face between the eyebrows is not because of the scar left by her car accident ten years ago.

     But what is going on here?

     Ye Ci put down the mirror, and then looked around the room seriously. The bamboo double bed, the bookshelf and computer desk of the same material, the promotional posters of the online game Fate were posted on the wall, and an empty space was closed in the corner.

     She went back ten years ago?

     She went back ten years ago!

     Ye Ci burst into ecstasy, and then sighed with infinite emotion.

     God treated her so seriously, she thought that she must be drowned in the endless sea of death with regret in this life. But she didn't expect that she could do it again in her life!

     Does this mean that she can correct all the mistakes she has made?Ye Ci couldn't sit still anymore, she stood up and rushed towards the living room.

     Ye Nantian was serving breakfast to the dinner table, Zuo Xiaolan was wiping the ashes on the cabinet in the living room, and the two of them looked up and watched when they heard Ye Ci's fast running footsteps.

     Ye Ci rushed into the living room and saw this warm picture that had long since disappeared in her life.

     She blinked, as if choking on the inside of her neck.

     She once thought about it a thousand times and ten thousand times. If the father can be resurrected and the mother does not leave, she must be a good daughter, no longer wayward, no selfish, no rebellious, obedient and well-behaved.

     But did not expect that there really is such an opportunity.

     Biting her lip for a long time, a bright smile finally bloomed on her lips. She was so happy that she said loudly, "Dad, mom, good morning!"

     Zuo Xiaolan sat on the sofa and looked at Ye Ci who was busy in the kitchen. He elbow Ye Nantian and muttered in a low voice, "What's wrong with my words? It's a bit outrageous these days. Ah. Not only does it take a break with those bad friends, but also takes the initiative to do housework. Is something wrong?"

     "Daughter has become obedient, you are not happy!" Ye Nantian smiled and glanced at his wife, then called Ye Ci to come and sit down.Ye Ci sat down. Although he didn't understand what his father told him to do, he was still happy. For her, life is as happy as heaven now, everything is good.

     Ye Nantian cleared his throat, "Cici, you once told dad that you want a Fate game warehouse. Dad promised you to buy it for you as long as you are admitted to college. Now, my dad will honor what he said. The game warehouse will be tomorrow. send over."

     Ye Ci froze for a while, and after a while, he thought of countless past events like a movie replay.

     Yes, Fate's game warehouse.

     Her Fate seems to have only started to change from that moment.

     Fate in her house seems to have only started to change from that moment.

     If, if everything happens again, what is her choice?

     "But, you tell dad, what do you want such an advanced game warehouse for? Normal helmets can also play games, why must a holographic game warehouse?

     Ye Nantian didn't know the overturning seas and rivers in Ye Ci's mind, but just looked at Ye Ci and smiled quietly.

     Ye Ci wanted this game warehouse only because of betting with those friends. Although the family is not much richer, but the parents who pampered him still bought her this luxury item worth 100,000 yuan.How did she answer her parents' questions at the time? She said that she wanted to fly into the sky in Fate.

     Finally? She did it, but for this soaring to the sky, she lost friends, parents, happiness, and even life in ten years. Everything is just because of her stupidity and pride of believing oneself infallible!

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     Chapter One Rebirth