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Chapter Directory 4 Gongziyou
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
    Original: | Translation:

Thinking of this, Ye Ci's blood seemed to get cold.

     Holding the skirt on the leg tightly with both hands, then let go. When Ye Ci raised his head again, the pain and regret in his eyes had all disappeared, leaving only tenacity and unyielding.

     Looking at Ye Nantian, looking at Zuo Xiaolan, looking at the parents who can give everything for themselves, Ye Ci has never been so passionate in his heart.

     They lost everything to protect her selfish and stupid daughter. This will be a responsibility that Ye Ci will never let go of in his life.

     She did too many mistakes in the previous life. This time, she wants to correct them one by one.

     Mom and Dad, this time, I will protect you!

     "I want to be a professional player."

     Ye Ci said his thoughts word by word.

     "Professional players?" Ye Nantian and Zuo Xiaolan different mouths, same voice, looked at Ye Ci in surprise, which was beyond their expectation.

     Ye Ci's need for game storage may be for betting, for showing off, or for a whim, but it will definitely not be for a career.

     She has never been such a responsible person.

     Looking at the surprised gaze of her parents, Ye Ci smiled. Of course, she understood what her parents thought, and understood how much she was...unbearable.She just repeated confirmation: "Yes, I want to be a professional player." After a pause, she smiled again: "Parents, you have worked so hard for me for so many years. Now that I am sensible, I... will take care of you. "

     Being a professional player is Ye Ci's thoughtful idea.

     She knows her abilities. She is not good at doing academics and managing companies. If she goes to college for four years and goes out to work, she is just living in a muddle.

     However, she is now reborn after ten years, and she understands the situation ten years later.

     Fate is a game jointly produced and operated by many powerful countries in the world. It is said that all kinds of tests have passed nearly ten years and are highly mature in all aspects. After being put on the market, not only the market immediately occupied, but also the longevity is still glorious and flourishing after ten years.

     Not only that, Fate's perfect sth that is already outstanding has not only driven the game market, but also driven more other side industries, attracting people of different ages and occupations to settle in Fate's home.

     If ten years ago, the idea of Fate for everyone was just something young people play, then ten years later, Fate has become an essential survival element in human life.During the ten years of Fate's operation, Ye Ci has gone from being a muddle-headed novice to the height of the first Sorcerer. She understands all the details of this game, and understands everything about this game, whether it is a patch or...BUG.

     And now, before Fate was in operation, what can she do when she is reborn?

     Of course, you can only invest in Fate again.

     This time, she also did her best. However, she should not rely on anyone, because her existence itself is the right hand of God!

     While Ye Nantian and his wife were still trembling for their daughter's transformation, Ye Ci has already begun to actively prepare for another Fate trip.

     The time for the Fate public test is at 14:00 on August 30, 2050.

     It was 6 o'clock in the afternoon on August 28 when Ye Ci got the game warehouse. She used the pocket money she saved to buy some supplements for the game warehouse, and then she had a long conversation with her parents, planning to move out by herself and rent a house near the school.

     Ye Nantian finally agreed with her daughter after discussing with Zuo Xiaolan all night.

     On August 29, the house was found and cleaned.

     At 8:30 in the evening, everything is set up and the game warehouse is in place. The family had a happy dinner.

     Ye Nantian and his wife had a lot of emotion, and Ye Ci sent their parents home.At 10:30 am on August 30th, Ye Ci got up, packed up everything, had lunch, received the nutrient solution, and tested the performance of the game compartment for the last time.

     At 13:28, Ye Ci lay in the game compartment. Looking at the game compartment lid that was slowly falling, she took a deep breath.

     Fate, here I am.

     My Fate, I am here again! !

     Fate’s operating company is the Glory Group jointly established by multiple countries. The server is placed in country Z and can accommodate more than 5 billion people online at the same time. It's really the world's largest game server not just in name only, but also in reality.

     Ye Ci remember that the glory of the year was opened at 13:30.

     It's just a restriction to open the server. The 10,000 people who log in first at 13:30 can enter the game when the restriction is opened at 13:30, while other people can only wait until 14:00 to open the server obediently.

     Back then, it was the limit of 10,000 people to land first, and because of this half-hour advantage, a group of outstanding god-level figures were created.

     Ye Ci used to scold Honor not to be authentic because of this, but now, she is extremely grateful for not authentic.

     13:29:57 The connection is successful.

     Ye Ci successfully logged in to the game.

     In the previous life, she chose the human Sorcerer.

     And this time, she has to choose an elf hunter.Ye Ci has in-depth knowledge and learning of the game Fate. Although she has not played the elf hunter personally, she knows how powerful and perverted the elf race and hunter job are in the later stages.

     And more importantly, you can select the Concealment race of Sky Elf or Sea Elf through a Quest random. In order to master the racial characteristics of flying or diving.

     This racial trait is like a tiger that has grown wings for later hunters.

     Because she had planned for a long time, she basically chose to skip all of the series of choices, and even the character ID chose random. Until the choice of race and occupation, the elves and hunters were carefully chosen.

     The entire character creation process did not take more than 30 seconds, and Ye Ci had already appeared in a newbie village.

     It wasn't until this time that she called up her character template and watched her character attributes.

     ID: childe'>you

     Race: Elf

     HP: 100

     MP: 20

     Vitality(Endurance): 10

     Stamina: 2

     Strength: 5

     Intelligence: 2

     Agility: 62 (Race Attribute)

     Speed: 2

     Balance: 21 (Race Attribute)

     Perception: 11 (Race Attribute)Character characteristics: Stealth (Race Attribute), Concealment (Class Attribute), treacherous, diplomatic, jumping, rolling, Haggle.

     Since each attribute is fixed, Ye Ci mainly looks at the character characteristics, and several character characteristics in this item often determine the future development direction.

     Character traits are something that Fate didn't have in the open beta, but a special existence that was only announced during the open beta.

     Since Stealth and Concealment are both unique attributes of the elves' own race and profession, Ye Ci specially chose human-specific diplomacy and Haggle attributes.

     As a high-end human race Sorcerer, Ye Ci has a very thorough understanding of these two characteristics of humans.

     Diplomacy is an initial 50 points of prestige to the prestige of major cities.

     Fifty points of prestige in the later period is nothing, but the prestige of these fifty points in the early period is very important. Because it determines whether the player can receive more Quest and what level of Quest.

     Although this feature of diplomacy is known to everyone in the later stage, in the early stage, the only person who can understand all this is her.

     Common saying says that details determine success or failure.

     The reborn Ye Ci will never let go of any opportunity that is good for him.Haggle is an attribute that every profession must choose. The money in Fate is extremely precious. If you don't have the attribute of Haggle, you will definitely be taken advantage of by the NPC and severely ripped off.

     The money in Fate can be exchanged for real currency, no one wants their money to be corrupted by NPC in vain. Especially in the first three months of Fate's opening, there was no open exchange of real coins and game coins, and there were very few people with more than 10 gold coins. This attribute became the heaven-defying attribute of the original capital accumulation.

     When Ye Ci's eyes fell on the character ID, Wei Wei was a little puzzled.


     Although this name is also good, her character is a female, with such a male name...

     Forget it, there is really no need to take care of this kind of problem.

     After closing the character panel, Ye Ci looked around Novice Village, as quiet as a ghost town. However, now only 10,000 people have logged in to the game, and they are distributed in tens of thousands of novice villages. It is normal that there is no one around her.

     Turned around and walked quickly to the head of the Elf Village. Although she had never played the Elf clan, for Ye Ci, it was no stranger to it.In the past ten years, she has walked every inch of Fate's land, done every Quest, and learned all the strategies and cheats.

     To put it mildly, even if she closes her eyes and only takes a breath of air, she can know where she is, what kind of Quest, what kind of NPC, what kind of rewards, and even...what is there? Kind of BUG.

     Aluminum and simple village woman thinking Hay Egyptian traitor ぞ only real brag Huan Huan Yuk vessels hole mark Laos sauce Trent owns downtown Qi Bi-meter hole wipe India R Wei Wei Hui fishy scratch scouring pu acupuncture line and move chew properly Huan

     There is a specific reward system in Fate, that is, the first person in the world who completes a specific Quest or kills the BOSS or the first Clearance Dungeon can get a specific reward.

     Although killing rabbits is the simplest Quest that all newbie villages will have, this Quest is the opening Quest of the entire Fate. There are billions of people, everyone has to do it, so it is quite difficult to grab First Kill.

     Ye Ci clearly remembered that a few years after Fate was launched, she saw a hot post on the forum. The poster was anonymous, but he clearly stated that he was the first reward for completing the Quest for killing rabbits.

     The opening of the branch Quest.The entire Fate, countless players, only he opened the only branch Quest. That person didn't record the benefits of Quest in detail. He just lamented that he didn't understand anything in the early stage and chose the wrong character, and wasted a chance to become a god.

     Ye Ci looked at the timer on the screen.