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Chapter Directory 5 Start A Branch Task
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
    Original: | Translation:

Fate's official is very hateful.

     Not only did the entire internal test become mysterious, even if the server was opened, it was announced in a very sudden situation.

     Twelve days before the game was launched, Fate, who had been playing mysteriously and disappeared since the beginning of development, suddenly appeared. The silence of more than ten years seems to be in exchange for these 12 days of madness, hiding the sky and covering the earth.

     It is no exaggeration to say that the whole world has only two words left in these 12 days-Fate.

     Having said that, Fate's official is very hateful.

     Even with the propaganda of hiding the sky and covering the earth, the prompts and announcements of game content on Fate's official website are just a very few. Players' cognition of the game is basically the internal beta strategy of unknown origin, or hearsay.

     It's as if the character feature is not available in the internal beta, let alone on the official website.

     It is 13:30:51, and the game has just been played for 51 seconds.

     Even if there are 9,999 people who have entered the game with Ye Ci, I'm afraid that these 9,999 people are now entangled with the racial and professional collocation and the characteristics of that damn character.

     For the time being, no one will complete this First Kill.

     Although he was so determined in his heart, Ye Ci did not dare to relax at all.

     Anything in the world will have the word exception.After receiving Quest, she ran to the back of a house on the left hand side of the village chief as quickly as possible.

     Although Quest's requirement is to hunt the rabbits around the village, based on Ye Ci's knowledge of the entire game, killing the rabbits behind the house also counts in the Quest "Hunting Rabbits.

     The advantage of the rabbits here is that they are very concentrated, there are about 30 rabbits, but the disadvantage is that they refresh slowly.

     However, because it is so close to the village head, Ye Ci has no reason not to choose here. What's more, the Quest for hunting rabbits only needs fifteen to complete.

     While running fast, she put on the newbie outfit and weapons presented by the system, and waved the dagger the moment she rushed into the group of rabbits.

     Rabbits have only one level, but for Ye Ci, who also only has one level, their attack is not low. Every time it can bring 2 to 5 damage to Ye Ci.

     Fortunately, Ye Ci is used to playing the human Sorcerer. He is very proficient in life-saving and moving position at low speed and low agility. Now he is replaced by a high-speed and high-speed elf hunter. He only feels happy to cry in the wind.

     Being a fast-moving profession in the early stages of the game is really blissful.Within three minutes, Ye Ci had already killed fifteen rabbits and collected six rabbit teeth and seven pieces of rabbit meat. She fought a few more times and collected ten teeth and ten rabbits. The meat queen lay down the flag and still the drums this time and ran towards the village chief quickly.

     Rabbit teeth and rabbit meat are the Quest Items needed for the follow-up Quest. Although they want to attack the First Kill of the Rabbit Quest, Ye Ci can't help being greedy for the First Kill of the other two Quests. So she took the risk and did it together. She ran fast while praying silently that no one would rush in front of her to complete the First Kill of the rabbit.

     "Young adventurer, you are really the bravest person I have ever seen. It took such a short time..." The village chief said nonsense again as usual.

     Ye Ci quickly chose to skip the conversation.

     According to common sense, such an unreasonable interruption or skipping of the NPC's dialogue will be disgusted by the NPC. Everything in Fate is 99% highly emulated.

     In other words, the nature here is the same as in reality, you can smell all kinds of smells and feel all kinds of touch. Even every NPC here is highly intelligent, and your every action can affect his evaluation of you. Different evaluations will directly affect the number and quality of Quest released by him to players.Although some fixed Quests will be released even if NPCs are extremely disgusted with players, those high-value Random Quests can only be obtained by the goodwill of players and NPCs.

     This also resulted in Fate players being very respectful to NPCs, no matter how fierce they were against the players.

     But Ye Ci did not hesitate to skip the conversation with the village chief without any hesitation, not because she didn't care about the goodwill between herself and the village chief, but because she chose a character attribute-treacherous.

     The interpretation of treacherous character attributes is vague: sometimes you may need to do this.

     Not only is the explanation vague, but treacherous is also relatively low in the ranking of character attributes, which is a corner that players will not pay attention to.

     At the beginning of Fate, no one noticed this attribute.

     Players who set up characters to choose this attribute are just a very few. After all, who wants negative things in their character attributes?

     However, after three years, a newbie player chose this attribute because of due to an unexpected turn of events, and because of the opportunity of due to an unexpected turn of events, he learned about the advantages of this attribute and posted a post on the Internet, this The attribute has become the heaven-defying attribute that allows millions of players to beat one's chest and stamp one's feet and even delete numbers and retrain.There is no other reason, just because the existence of the treacherous attribute allows the player to interact with all the NPCs in the game, no matter how you interrupt or skip the NPC dialogue, it will default to you to listen to the dialogue seriously and kindly.

     Don't underestimate this point, this is simply an upgrade to the heaven-defying attribute of Quest for some red-named players or players with low city prestige.

     Ye Ci quickly jumped to the end of the dialogue. The village chief nodded and smiled with satisfaction: "Young adventurer, you have not only made outstanding contributions to the village, but also have such a cordial attitude. Because of you, Majia Mainland Young people will become more and more prosperous."

     As soon as he finished his voice, he heard a system prompt ringing in Ye Ci's ear: "Congratulations on being the first player to complete the'Hunting Rabbit'. Do you want a Concealment ID?".

     After being baptized in his previous life, Ye Ci knows that being a low-key person is the most important thing. All she wants now is to take care of her parents and live her simple life. Fame is no longer what she desires.

     After choosing yes without hesitation, the unique golden font flashed on the system channel along with the friendly female voice.

     "Congratulations to the player*** for completing the first kill of Quest ‘Hunting the Rabbit’, rewarded with 1 gold coin and 1000 system reputation.""Congratulations to the player*** for completing the first kill of Quest ‘Hunting the Rabbit’, rewarded with 1 gold coin and 1000 system reputation."


     Ye Ci looked at the time at 13:36:42 and couldn't help but exhale a long breath.

     First Kill, finally got it.

     It wasn't until this time that she found that the palms of her hands were full of sweat, and couldn't help but laugh. When was she so nervous?

     She was the only one in the newbie village assigned by Ye Ci random. Naturally, she could not hear the curses and dumbfounded of the players who could not see the players who entered the game one after another.

     Now all of her Stamina has been concentrated on the village chief. Her mind is full of thoughts on that post, is it possible to open the only branch Quest? is it possible? !

     "Oh, young adventurer, in your body I saw the style of Elven King Dole. Are you interested in hearing me talk about the past?".

     coming! Ye Ci almost jumped up.

     It really is! That post is really true!

     She claims to be Fate's encyclopedia, but in her cognition and understanding, there is absolutely no such Quest among the countless Quests in the Elf Novice Village.

     No, to be precise, it's not that she doesn't know.The only reason she didn't know was that she had no chance to touch this Quest at all! Not only has she never been in contact with this Quest, I am afraid that no one has ever been in contact with this Quest.

     "Of course." Ye Ci answered the questions of the head of the Elven Village with an unprecedented eager tone.

     "In the long, long time past..." The village chief began a lengthy narration, but Ye Ci didn't have much time to listen to his story. How did she know how much time this narration would take.

     So she chose to skip again, only this time, she chose the option to record the narration process, so that she could turn out the village chief’s narration and try again and again when she was doing Quest.

     "Now, you will follow Dole's path to glory again, young adventurer, this is a road full of thorns, are you willing?". The head of the village went directly to the final Quest release.

     "I do."

     "Then, go to the icy cave and bring back so many fangs for me!"

     Icy Cave Ye Ci is no stranger at all. This is one of Fate’s top ten preparations for Dungeon. The difficulty is not high or low, but because it has two levels of difficulty, ordinary and elite, players from level 3 to 15 rush like it. ducks.

     Back then, she had also reached level 18 in the icy cave and graduated with a blue outfit.She was so familiar with this Dungeon, she could know where there were stones and where there were grass with her eyes closed.

     As for Zaduo, it is a BOSS of ordinary difficulty in the Cold Cavern. The minimum level limit of the Ice Cold Cave is level three, but when Ye Ci plans to SOLO herself, she decides that it is safer to take the risk at level five.

     Of course, the most important thing is that at level 5, she can learn the first two skills of hunters-slashing and bow and arrow proficiency. Although it takes eighth level to learn to symbolize the hunter's symbol skill Capture Pet, Ye Ci is not worried.

     As a high-play Sorcerer, as a high-play Sorcerer with enough SOLO experience, as a high-play Sorcerer with enough SOLO experience for the entire Fate know sth like the back of one's hand, a cold cave of ordinary difficulty, Ye Ci believes As long as he learns the bow and arrow proficiency, it is enough to deal with it.

     "I will work hard to complete your entrustment, sir." Ye Ci put his left hand on his chest, spread his right hand, bent down and bowed to the village chief, and immediately heard the system prompt: "The village chief treats you well. Sensitivity increased by 10."

     This action is the most pious way of saluting in Fate. Saluting to the NPC in this way can increase the NPC's favorability, but it can only be increased once.This is no secret in the later stage, but now, it is the only magic weapon to lead everyone.

     Chapter 3 Opening Branch Quest

     Chapter 3 Opening Branch Quest