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Chapter Directory 10 Little Wolf
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
    Original: | Translation:

Ye Ci just as in the past chose Concealment.

     Suddenly, the golden characters of the world flashed.

     "Congratulations to the player*** for completing the first kill of Dungeon ‘Icy Cave’ on normal difficulty, rewarding 10 gold coins and 5,000 system reputation."

     "Congratulations to the player*** for completing the first kill of Dungeon ‘Icy Cave’ on normal difficulty, rewarding 10 gold coins and 5,000 system reputation."


     "Is it a human being! Someone has passed Dungeon after playing the game! No mistake!"

     "Definitely a closed beta player!"

     "Yarn, Fate has no closed beta..."



     "Boss, do you need to investigate..."

     "It's definitely a group of people who came in first. They are just ordinary Dungeons. You don't need to stir up the crowd. Find someone to pay attention to it." A human Cleric killed the last mob and calmly talked in secret.


     "Xiao Qi, you go to find out it is Dungeon of Who Tong." An orc Warrior issued orders through secret chat


     He finally ran into the warm water of the werewolf black forest and scratched his head while listening to the system announcement: "Who, he has already passed the ordinary Dungeon..." Suddenly he was taken aback.The icy cave seems to be in the elven forest. If the information he collected is correct, it should be near the place where he and the childe'>you meet.

     Could it be...

     Wen Kaishui shook his head again, and thought to himself: "No matter how good she is, no matter how coquettish she is, she can't be Clearance Dungeon so quickly, and...there is no report in the system that the team passed, it seems that she is SOLO, she A hunter... it should be impossible.

     Just when he was a little uncertain, the voice of the external union was basically fried. It's all because of this discussion spiritedly.

     Since the service has only been opened and no one has created a union yet, it is impossible to use the union voice provided by the game. Therefore, most Guilds use an external voice system to facilitate the internal communication of the union.

     Listening to the seething in the union, Wen Kaishui was somewhat skeptical, but because he was uncertain, it was not easy to promote it in the union, and he just kept silent.

     Compared with the hustle and bustle of the trade unions, the guild leader of Zero Space said calmly in the past: "It's better to hurry up when you have time to discuss these. A Dungeon of ordinary difficulty is nothing. We have to fight for the difficult and elite difficulty of Dungeon. "In the past, feelings seldom spoke in the public channels, and immediately attracted all players' pursuit. After a few more gossips, he jumped to the management channel: "Nine nights, you go to find out who passed Dungeon. It's best to find out what union he is."


     Ye Ci in the icy cave naturally didn't know what a magnificent uproar caused by such a system message to the entire Fate. She just curled her brows and looked at the few things she felt on her hands.

     She thought that she could win the heaven-defying passive skill book with accumulated strength, and since then she has embarked on the broad and open road of the little red hand. However, it turns out that a guy like her with mildew starry photos will not get rid of the black hand halo so easily.

     Three BOSS, except for the two must be Quest Item and the three spars for exchange equipment, she actually only got two bottles of medium red, forty silver coins, and a white board dagger! !

     Are you wrong!

     Did you make a mistake?

     She is First Kill! She is SOLO!

     No matter how you calculate it, the chances of getting a blue outfit are very high!

     How could it be like this! Not only there is no blue outfit, not even a green outfit!

     Who has heard of BOSS in white outfits! Who has heard of it! This is simply refreshing the shame of the game.After a few sighs, Ye Ci resignedly threw these things into her parcel, and looked at the rubbish picked up by the corpse along the way. She only felt the tears of the two lasagna against the wind.

     Dying out of the icy cave, and emptied the package in the merchant outside the gravel woodland, Ye Ci stepped into the icy cave once again with great pride.

     The elephant can't hold back the ants. She didn't believe that she could have such bad luck every time.

     It turns out that Ye Ci's luck is so bad.

     I walked back and forth to the icy cave seven or eight times. Almost 30 spars had been exchanged for equipment, and there was not even a piece of cold cave's iconic equipment-the icy series.

     However, the experience value has been brushed up quickly, and in a blink of an eye it is almost eighth.

     Ye Ci sat next to Zaduo's corpse and looked at what was in her hands again without tears.

     Isn't it, is it that all her luck is used up by the accumulation of strength? Is there such a spoof?

     The arrows on her body are almost used, and there is no point in continuing to consume them like this. Ye Ci plans to go back to Newbie Village to replenish them first, and then take a look.The spar exploded on the BOSS can be exchanged for the green set at the Moro altar. This kind of set is inferior to the equipment out of Dungeon, but it is much better than the extremely expensive whiteboard set sold in the store.

     For people like Ye Ci who have planted Dungeon, but have no good equipment, this green set is the best choice.

     With thirty spars in his hand, only enough to exchange for one piece of equipment, Ye Ci chose to exchange for a pair of shoes after choosing for a long time.

     Moro Boots: Defense 11. Vitality(Endurance) 1, speed 1

     In Ye Ci's view, defense and Vitality (Endurance) don't matter, but that bit of speed is what she desires most. As long as the speed is fast enough, her attack power and circuitous ability will be even higher.

     I changed into Moro leather boots and walked a few steps. The comfort is more comfortable than the original newbie shoes. It's just that the appearance of this pair of shoes is too ordinary, there is no difference with the novice shoes.

     But it's okay, at least it won't make people see any difference in her.

     Back at Novice Village, Ye Ci ran towards the village chief.

     "Ah, it's you, hardworking hunter. I thought you were eaten by too much. I didn't expect you to come back here unharmed. It seems that Elven King Dole's aura has always been the same as ours. Yes.” The village head inevitably made some meaningless sighs.But looking at the rewards he gave, Ye Ci waited for him nonsense with joy and smile, and did not choose to skip it.

     I have always known that such a branch of Quest Reward is definitely not bad, but I did not expect it to be so satisfactory.

     1 gold coin and 1 talent point.

     Ye Ci is not after money. Compared with money, that talent point really can't be bought for one thousand in gold.

     In Fate, you can learn different talents from the tenth level of the character. Each talent has a different focus, and the later growth it brings is also different.

     Each player can choose different talents. Of course, you can also choose three talents at the same time. As long as you have enough talent points, you can fill up every talent attribute in the talent and no one opposes it.


     This talent point, according to the arrangement in Fate, except that it will be automatically assigned to one each level up, other talent points will be obtained by some specific First Kill or similar branch Quest.

     In other words, in the case of the same level and the same equipment, the player with more talent points will have more heaven-defying attributes.

     This is why Ye Ci is in such a good mood.The village chief talked for a while, and then released the second Quest. It still has something to do with the cold cave, but this time it is the BOSS Zaduo of the hard version of the cold cave that needs to be killed.

     "Hunter, as long as you can bring Saduo's head over to me, I will definitely not treat you badly." A smile appeared on the lips of the village chief, and then he called Ye Ci to come over and whispered: "But , You can’t tell Patrol Officer Duny that you killed Sador."

     Ye Ci raised his eyebrows. This seemingly simple and honest village head of Newbie is actually not an honest person. It looks like he wants Nazareth's head to ask Duny for credit.

     Since you are unkind, don't blame me for being unrighteous.

     For Ye Ci, like this kind of fat pig delivered to the door, if you don't slaughter it, you are really sorry for your conscience. She curled her eyes and smiled shrewdness: "Of course, of course, Lord Village Head, I will naturally follow your instructions, but..." When she said that, she paused and did not continue.

     She believes that being so treacherous, she will definitely understand what she means.

     Sure enough, the village chief nodded: "This is natural." Then Ye Ci saw an extra skill book in his hand: "If you can bring back the head of Zaduo, and don't talk too much... "When the village chief said this, he also learned Ye Ci's appearance, and paused for a while, with a still-unsatisfied look.

     Ye Ci quickly looked at the book in his hand:

     Fire Arrow Crafting: Can create arrows with fire attack power. Requirements: Create Arrow Crafting Intermediate.

     Ye Ci raised her eyebrows. This book is a good thing, but she doesn't know how to make Arrow Crafting. Isn't this book also equivalent to almost useless but a pity to give up?

     Seeing Ye Ci's dissatisfaction, the village chief calmly and unhurried said: "Young hunters, there will be bread, as long as you have enough wheat."

     That's it...

     Ye Ci can't help but spit on the ground, this village chief is really an old fox from head to tail! Had an uneatable carrot hung in front of her eyes as if she was a donkey?

     But for that talent point, this kind of donkey still has to be done.

     So two profiteers, one big and one small, had a happy deal with each other, and they smiled brightly.

     The difficult-level icy cave is not something Ye Ci can solo alone. After checking the time, it was almost nine o'clock in the evening. She no longer hesitated, went to a hidden place in the newbie village and got off the line.

     I just took a bite of the meal and received a phone call from my parents'>, and asked Dongwenxi and asked Duoduo, for fear that Ye Ci would starve herself to death.Finally, I hung up the phone of my parents'>, unexpectedly Liu Chang called again.'>.

     The two exchanged a few words, before Ye Ci asked, Liu Chang was already impatient to show off to Ye Ci: "Let me tell you! My werewolf summoner is already Level 3! You know or not! My that. The speed of the upgrade is really leverage! I told you Xiao ci, I have formed a few people, and now there are anti-virus spiders in the Werewolf Black Forest! In the future, whoever bullies you, you will report my name Xiaolangyiren, and sister will cover you!"


     Chapter 8 The Little Wolf Dependent

     Chapter 8 The Little Wolf Dependent