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Chapter Directory 14 Anti-Sky Skill Book
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
    Original: | Translation:

Zola saw Ye Ci at a glance. Ye Ci won a few First Kills and inspired the branch Quest. The reputation value in the village is also increasing day by day, so that the NPCs in the village treat her very pleasantly. Even Zola, who has never been reluctant to talk to players, has a calm tone when facing Ye Ci.

     "Oh, young hunter, it's a relief to see you grow up again. A potential hunter like you was born in the elves. I think Elven King Dole will be very happy." This is probably Zola Cong. The most spoken word at once since the game started.

     If it weren't for the dialogue between these NPCs engaged in business or skill teaching and each player that other players could not hear, such a long series of dialogues like Zola would definitely make other players in the room very admirable.

     "Hello, I want to learn a new skill." Ye Ci bowed to Zola with respect and respect.

     Don't worry about what you think, anyway, if these NPCs can't be offended, it's better not to offend them."Let me see what skills you can learn now?" Zola spread his hands and closed his eyes slightly. A bright blue light flashed on his palms. After a while, he opened. Eyes, looking at Ye Ci: "Oh, I saw it, the skills you can learn now are Capture Pet, Snake Venom Needle and Falcon Protection. Of course, slashing and bow and arrow proficiency can also be upgraded. Which one do you need to learn? ?"


     "Really?" Zola raised her eyebrows slightly. It takes a little money to learn skills in Fate. Although this money is nothing compared to the shocking prices in the later period, it is still very life-threatening in the front.

     These skills are worth 50 silver coins to learn a piece of money, and the first 10 level players will not have more than 2 gold coins. If they all learn all of them, it is really an inconceivable luxury.

     Ye Ci handed them 2 gold and 50 silver, Zola was rude and immediately accepted her money. Then I saw a few golden lights flashing on Ye Ci's body, and the system reminded her that she had learned Capture Pet, Snake Venom Needle and Falcon Protection, as well as slashing and bow and arrow proficiency reached level 2."Young hunter, you really have the style of our elves, chic and not bother about trifles. I am very happy to see such an outstanding child among future generations. If you can bring me the wild wolf valley If you return the eyeballs of a hundred wild wolves, I think I will give you a little gift."

     Professor Zola gave Ye Ci skill and did not let her leave immediately, but calm and unhurried released a Quest.

     "It's a great honor." Ye Ci hurriedly accepted Quest with a salute. As she bent down, she couldn't help thinking that it was another Hidden Quest. Was it that all her luck in touching the equipment was eaten up by this Hidden Quest?

     According to the plan, Ye Ci wanted to explore the way in the difficult icy cave to see if he could SOLO alone. If he was lucky, he could catch an elite spider as a baby.

     However, the plan did not change fast. Before meeting Zola, Ye Ci had never thought about receiving Hidden Quest here, and Hidden Quest was not difficult to achieve. Out of Zola's room, standing in the sun, Ye Ci opened the Quest panel, intending to see what the rewards of this Hidden Quest are, if you can see it...

     What is not expected at the outset is that, unlike other Hidden Quest rewards that are question marks, the Hidden Quest released by Zola can actually see Quest Reward.

     Quest: One hundred wolf eyes.Quest description:...

     Quest Reward: Hunter's Mark skill book.

     Seeing this Quest Reward Ye Ci almost jumped up with joy.

     Like Capture Pet, Hunter's Mark is the iconic skill of hunters. He can mark an obvious mark that only his team (squad) can see in the battle. The time is fifteen minutes, and as the skill level increases, the Hunter's Mark can increase the ranged damage by up to 15%.

     This can be regarded as a heaven-defying magic skill of kill sb for his property and Dungeon fighting monsters. Of course, if every hunter has it, it is estimated that the entire Fate hunter will crawl on the floor.

     We said that Fate is a shameless game, and Honor is a shameless company.

     Since they can design such a heaven-defying skill, it is impossible for everyone to have it... Why?

     Because of balance.

     In fact, all professional skills in Fate can be upgraded from different skill divisions. See clearly, it's upgrading, not learning.

     In other words, in Fate, any player can see those glamorous, heaven-defying, and abnormal skills in the skill division, but... they are only responsible for helping you level up. What does it mean to upgrade? To upgrade means that you have to know...What is the way to learn skill by yourself? Two. One, the book of skills, two, the mysterious NPC that has never been heard or seen...

     The second article basically doesn’t need to be considered, because no one knows whether it’s true or not, and the first article is more real.

     The appearance of the skill book is nothing more than two points, NPC gifts or monsters.

     It's very simple to say, but this probability makes people very tangled.

     Just like the current Hunter's Mark, I have never heard of any NPC that will give this book, and the chance of killing monsters is... 1/10th of that after the level 40 Dungeon ultimate BOSS is overthrown.

     Ahem, the so-called one in ten thousand is not a copy of ten thousand hits, you know.

     Such a heaven-defying skill book, such a burst rate, how can it not let Ye Ci be wild with joy?

     Suddenly, what icy caves, what earth-rock forest Dungeon, all can't go! Now her goal is the Wolf Valley!

     Because of Dungeon so many times today, Ye Ci has a lot of equipment in her hands. She first went to the mailbox to send two sets of blue armor for Sunny Weizhao and the left (Dong Yin and Yi Cang ID). Then he turned to the grocer and sold all the blue outfits he didn't need to the store for nearly two gold.Of course, if these equipment are used to set up a street stall, it must be more than the money, but Ye Ci is unwilling to do this. If you set up a street stall, so many blue outfits will undoubtedly be like someone else's announcement that you have brushed Dungeon many times. Although it's just a little Dungeon, if it's targeted by someone who is good, it might be troublesome to find out.

     Second, even if these little bits and pieces can earn a few gold coins on the ground, they really save a little only to lose a lot compared to the wasted time.

     The most important thing is that Ye Ci plans to leave Newbie Village and go to the city as soon as possible. There is an auction house there, which is much more convenient than this.

     Finding the blacksmith to rest his equipment, Ye Ci rushed towards the three fork in the road.

     As she walked, a strange thought struck her mind---wouldn't the gang fight still break up, right? Few words

     Sure enough, it didn't break up.

     But it's not as intense as before. Less than 30% of the many novice players are still staying behind and opposing the Spring Rain Guild, and the very horizontal Spring Rain Guild has gone everything broken and in disorder, and it seems that it will be gone soon.

     Ye Ci wanted to get past this melee to the Wolf Valley, but everything didn't go so smoothly.Suddenly a figure stood up beside her, Ye Ci stepped aside subconsciously, and looked up, isn't this the Everyday Meat that was guarded? It seems that because the place where I stood was very hidden, I was resurrected here.

     He is not a red name, and he is less than level 10. He is protected by novices and will not lose equipment after death, but... even so, even a corpse that has been guarded for nearly an hour is a life-threatening one. thing.

     What's more, the minimum pain in Fate can only be adjusted to 30%. After so many deaths, it is estimated that Everyday Meat will hurt even if it is not crazy.

     "It's you! It was you who killed me just now!" As soon as Everyday Meat was resurrected, he saw Ye Ci standing less than three meters away. His eyes caught fire, and he couldn't help but reach out and grab Ye. Ci.

     Ye Ci baffling, she has acted as a matter of no concern to oneself, why did she come again?

     She raised her hand and acted as the hand that Everyday Meat had stretched over, and said coldly: "Look clearly before you speak!"

     "I didn't see it clearly!" Everyday Meat didn't know what to do

     Ye Ci threw a Fireball.

     -107Ye Ci turned abruptly, and Fireball flew past her arm, and an arrow was inserted into Everyday Meat's vest, and he immediately prostrate oneself in admiration to the ground.

     Looking at Everyday Meat who prostrated oneself in admiration on the earth, Ye Ci expected that he would not dare to run away now, but dare to stay here and wait. There was a smirk on her lips, she squatted down, and ridiculed the body of Everyday Meat with a bit of take joy in calamity and delight in disaster: "I just said, it's not me, that's right!"

     After that, she stood up and clapped her hands. He lowered his head and said to the corpse: "I'm leaving, it's really none of my business." Then, he stepped on the body of Everyday Meat generously and walked away, vomiting blood for three liters of anger on Upward Ho, who was lying on the ground. Yelled again and again on the Guild channel to find the mastermind of this incident.

     The Wild Wolf Valley is really overcrowded.

     There were a lot of wolves here, but now it seems that the wild wolves have completely become a vulnerable group.

     Ye Ci sniffed, God, in this way, this one hundred eyeballs is really an incredible Quest.

     However, for Hunter's Mark, if you fight it, just grab the blame.

     Climbing up the tree, climbing up the mountain wall of the Wild Wolf Valley, relying on his own balance, did not have much time to climb a flat land halfway up the mountain.Ye Ci originally came here to live high and look down to see where the per capita possessions are relatively high in the Wild Wolf Valley, but he did not expect that there are sparsely 20 or 30 wild wolves on this flat slope halfway up the mountain. More importantly, no one was hitting it!

     Oh no. She fixed her eyes and saw that on the northwest corner of Pingpo, a man was waving his weapon in his hand and sweating like rain...

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