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Chapter Directory 16 Trust Is An Advanced Ability
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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"Childe'>you? I heard it a long time ago." Four Sea smiled and stretched out his hand to Ye Ci.

     Already heard about it? Ye Ci looked at Four Sea strangely, this game just started. Where did he go?

     You can't let other people's hands always be stretched out, Ye Ci also politely stretched out his hand, and held Four Sea's hand together. But it is still a little strange: "What have you heard about?"

     "Today I was doing Quest in the Werewolf Black Forest. I met a friend. He told me that he met an elf hunter who was very coquettish when he ran the wrong way. Just now Golden Man asked me to come over for milk. I didn’t want to come, but I heard There is an elf hunter who is also coquettish in the team, and I can't help but come over to confirm how coquettish it is."

     Good guy, this explanation made Ye Ci sweat all over his face.

     "You mean warm water?" Ye Ci didn't even think about it. The only Lu Chi she knew so far broke into her mind.

     Four Sea didn't say yes, nor said no, just sat down and started eating cakes. He raised his head and smiled at Ye Ci, there was a playful taste on that heroic face.This kind of taste Ye Ci is not unfamiliar, it is a distrustful taste, it is a taste that feels exaggerated. In the last life, if she met such an expression and met such an evaluation, Ye Ci would definitely fight for the shortcomings, but in this life, she suddenly felt that these things were not important.

     The important thing is to make a lot of friends with a normal heart and have a good time.

     She also sat down and continued to eat the bread that hadn't been eaten yet, her complexion as usual.

     Four Sea stared at Ye Ci for a while, then suddenly said, "Yes, it's warm water."

     After a daze, Ye Ci came back to his senses. She didn't understand whether Four Sea deliberately took so long to answer, or whether his reflex nerves were too long. She nodded: "It's just normal."

     Four Sea raised his eyebrows in disbelief, and wanted to say something. It's just that at this time a Golden Man has stood up and said to the four people: "All the supplies are ready, then let's go in."

     Putting the last bite of the cake into his mouth and pouring a few more mouthfuls of spring water, Ye Ci stood up last and followed a few people into the lair in Montenegro.This Dungeon is Ye Ci never been here. Not only has she never been here, there has never been a record of this Dungeon in the forums and all the materials in the previous life. Then it can only show two problems. Either this Dungeon has never been discovered before, or the person who discovered Dungeon is unwilling to announce it.

     However, no matter what the reason is. Walking into this Dungeon, the feeling of darkness and boredom did not make Ye Ci feel nervous or scared at all. On the contrary, there was a long-lost excitement crawling into her heart.

     This kind of fresh excitement is simply too precious for her. In the previous life, she had run Fate's Dungeon all over. She originally thought that nothing new would appear in this life, but she didn't expect the world to be so unpredictable forever.

     "Is it so dark in the cave? Why can't there be Dungeon with pleasant scenery?" When I entered Dungeon at Ideal Height 1.7m, I stepped on the empty space due to the dark environment, and a person slapped the ground for the strongest hug. .

     She got up quickly and complained angrily.

     Ye Ci smiled and wanted to tell her that in the late Fate Dungeon, there are many beautiful Dungeons, so beautiful that people don't want to fight the blame.

     "The scenery is pleasant? You said it is a scenic spot..." Let Go of Sister touched his nose, squinted his eyes and looked around: "How can I get there without lights?""The elves have good night vision capabilities, the werewolves have the talent for night vision, and the dwarves have good night vision capabilities, but Dwarf..." Four Sea turned to look at the small Ideal Height 1.7m, a little worried.

     Ideal Height 1.7m snorted: "If there is no condition, create conditions, you don't have to worry about me." She took out a torch from her backpack and handed it to the tallest Golden Man: "You point Now, everyone can see it."

     A Golden Man holding a torch was cautious and solemn looking forward, but strangely, there was no sound in this Dungeon quietly.

     This kind of quietness is too inconceivable, and it makes people feel a little hairy.

     Ye Ci walked at the back of the team and included Cleric Four Sea and Warlock Ideal Height 1.7m into the protection area. In Dungeon, Cleric is like an aggro attractor. As long as a monster rushes out, if Warrior does not taunt aggro quickly, all the monsters will rush to attack Cleric without any accident.

     And Ideal Height 1.7m, which is Magic based Classes, is also a crispy skin, like this kind of elite monster in Dungeon, it is estimated that one or two attacks can make her life wailing.

     Holding a bow in her hand, she walked quietly at the back of the team, with a copper arrow supporting the bow. If there is a little movement in any place, she will release a fatal attack without hesitation.Four Sea looked back at Ye Ci, only to see the silent and calm face, there was no other emotion besides it. But when she raised her eyes and interlaced her gaze inadvertently, he seemed to see excitement in the amber eyes.

     Ye Ci found that Four Sea had been looking at him, feeling a little strange, "What's wrong? Is there anything wrong?".

     "You don't seem to be nervous." Four Sea was also very direct, and asked his own question.

     "What's so nervous." A smile appeared on Ye Ci's silent face: "The so-called Dungeon is not that you are pushed down, but you are pushed down. You can't escape these two items."

     Four Sea is also a little strange, this childe'>you seems a little different from the female player she knows. "Death is very painful."

     "I'm good at escaping." Ye Ci half true and half false smiled, and then she looked at Four Sea and added: "As long as you don't die, it's not easy to kill."

     "You trust me very much?" Listening to Ye Ci's evaluation, it made Four Sea some beyond expectation. They seemed to have just met, so why did she trust herself so much?

     "Seeing that you have a good relationship with a Golden Man and Let Go of Sister. It shouldn't be too bad for someone who can make the leader on the leaderboard so at ease." Ye Ci said in a fair way, "As long as normal people will infer this , Has nothing to do with trust."While talking to Four Sea in a low voice, she keenly observed everything around her. Her voice is not loud, with the softness characteristic of the elf in a low voice, which is very nice.

     Four Sea didn't answer right away, he just lowered his eyes and didn't know what he was thinking.

     Touching the quiver, Ye Ci took a deep breath, as if to Four Sea or saying to himself: "As for trust, this kind of advanced ability is not available to everyone. I just study hard. , I hope I can..." After a pause, she said a little less capable than desirable: "It can be done."

     Four Sea's expression is a little different, it feels unspeakable. However, he still didn't speak, just glanced at Ye Ci with a deep gaze, and then turned his head. There was a slight smile in the voice: "Hey, childe'>you, so many people say that you are acting coquettishly, then the life of my dreams and me is in your hands, don't let us fall down first."

     This time it was Ye Ci's turn and was stunned. She stopped and looked up at Four Sea's straight spine, and suddenly felt a kind of pressure on her body that she had never experienced before.

     Although it is heavy, it is practical.

     That kind of pressure is

     There was a smile that no one had seen on his lips.

     It has always been so quiet, and it has always been so tired of the darkness, and the people who get it are panicked."Grass, did you go wrong with Dungeon! It's still a bug in the game? I have been walking for 10 minutes, why didn't I even see the root hair!" Let Go of Sister, who was walking side by side with a Golden Man, couldn't help feeling a little anxious.

     "Calm, you have to be calm."

     On the other hand, the Golden Man on one side was not at all anxious, and walked slowly while investigating, as if an old monk had entered his mind.

     Suddenly a faint wind blew past the skin on the back of Ye Ci's neck. The ghastly coolness made Ye Ci's hairs stand up instantly. She held her breath, stopped, and secretly said: "Here."

     At this time, a Golden Man also stopped, and Ye Ci almost said at the same time: "Here."

     Before their voices fell, there was a dazzling light in front of them, making people unable to open their eyes.

     "Gentlemen and ladies, see if there is any fun breaking into my territory?" A sharp, thin voice cut through the sharp light like a sharp knife.

     Ye Ci squinted his eyes and looked at the front, and saw a huge wooden door right in front of him. Standing on the wood was a green rat-headed man. He laughed sharply: "Hurry up and greet the leader for his reputation. Them!"When talking, the huge wooden hanging door was about to be slowly lowered, and a Golden Man's ear moved, and then said: "There is a strange behind the door! Be careful, everyone!"

     Everyone immediately increased their vigilance by twelve points, but when the hanging door was lowered, the wolves swarming like a tide still made the five people feel stunned.

     More and less battles are faster than whose actions are, and whose offensive power hates the most.

     The only long-range class that can deal a heavy blow to the opponent before the wolves arrive, and among these five, only Ye Ci is the one who has Gao Min and long-range attacks.

     "Childe'>, you..."

     Before a Golden Man could speak, Ye Ci had already let go of the defense behind him. Using that high balance, he slammed onto the pole of a street lamp. The whole person rose into the air, the arrow in his hand swiftly moved towards The black wolf rushing to the front of the team shot.

     Her balance is extremely high, making it easy for her to jump back and forth between the two rows of street lights, to hold the aggro of the swarming wolves, and to give the Golden Man and Let Go of Sister a close combat buffer, allowing them to clean up easily. Drop the wolves that have been shot by Ye Ci in the air with half their blood.

     Judging from the position of the four people standing, Ye Ci is like a kite that is completely free of gravity, using inertia to float back and forth in the air, to the extreme...Chapter 14 Trust is an advanced ability

     Chapter 14 Trust is an advanced ability