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Chapter Directory 18 Qianshan Mountain
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
    Original: | Translation:

The voice is very familiar, and Ye Ci can't even remember who it is.

     "Why? I just said something in the game, so I can't remember me so soon? It seems that I really have to contact you often." The other party was a cheerful voice, and there was always a feeling of sunshine rushing to my face. .

     "Yi Cang?" After hesitating for a while, Ye Ci asked without confirmation.

     "I thought you didn't remember me anymore." Yi Cang wowed and laughed, as if it had been so many years ago, nothing has changed.

     Ye Ci suddenly felt a feeling of going back in time.

     It seems that she has never experienced the ten years of her previous life, nor has she done so many things to hurt these friends, let alone stay away from them. They have always been very loving children.

     "Come out for dinner tomorrow." Yi Cang saw Ye Ci silent for a long time, so he directly said the purpose of calling today'>.

     Ye Ci suddenly, she seemed to remember something. In the previous life, it seemed to be the same. One day Yi Cang called himself'> and said he was going to eat out, but at that time, he refused his invitation for leveling in the game.

     In this life, she would never do such a thing. "Ok, where?"

     "Hey? You actually agreed!" Now it was Yi Cang's turn.

     "What? I promised it was weird?""No, I think you are a madman. Calling you out for a meal at this time, you will definitely not be willing." Yi Cang scratched his hair on the phone'> end. It seems that he does not know Ye Ci enough.

     Ye Ci's lips are a bit bitter, it seems that he was bad enough in his previous life. Then she became happy again, and now there is nothing wrong with the change: "Nothing, time, place, I will be on time for the appointment."

     Yi Cang hurriedly told Ye Ci the time and place of the dinner appointment, and after a few more gossips, the two hurriedly hung up the phone'>.

     Early the next morning, Ye Ci woke up early, cleaned herself up and went out.

     This city was rated as "the most suitable city for human habitation" ten years ago. There is really nothing to say about greening and urban construction. As soon as I leave the house, the greenery in the community pave the surface with fresh air, which makes people feel light and fluttering both physically and mentally.

     Ye Ci took a deep breath and exhaled a long breath, as if he was about to spit out all the exhaust gas and heaviness that had been deposited in his body for many years.

     It's still early, Ye Ci plans to walk to the meeting place. After walking for a while, she became interested and started jogging lightly.

     Although I was panting, it felt good to be alive.All the way to the meeting place, she saw Liu Chang wandering in front of the restaurant wearing denim shorts from a distance. She saw Ye Ci wave at her quickly. Ye Ci ran over, bending over and breathing heavily on her knees.

     "What are you doing, preparing to participate in the marathon?" Liu Chang smiled at Ye Ci who was out of breath, then pulled her upstairs.

     Yi Cang and Dong Yin arrived long ago.

     As usual, Yi Cang was busy holding a handheld computer, and Dong Yin sat beside him with his head stretched out, discussing with Yi Cang fiercely from time to time. When the two saw Ye Ci coming in, they immediately raised their heads, waved at Ye Ci, and greeted them eagerly, as if they were childhood, without any qualms.

     Four people sat down, and immediately a waiter came up and delivered the recipe.

     Several people shrugged off for a while, and finally the recipe reached Ye Ci's hands, but she was stunned. To be honest, she didn't know what the other three like to eat. It stands to reason that when they grew up together like this, they should have known each other a long time ago, but Ye Ci really feels owed, she actually knows very little about the people next to her.

     Liu Chang seemed to see Ye Ci's stupefaction. He took the recipe from her and smiled and said: "Yesterday you took me to make a set of equipment. Today I reward you and I will serve you!" Some people love to eat.Ye Ci listened to Liu Chang's order and couldn't help but exhaled. She looked at Liu Chang. It happened that Liu Chang was also watching her, and the two smiled tacitly.

     The things were delivered quickly, but there was an extra set of tableware on the table. Ye Ci looked at the set of tableware and said, "Did you also date other friends?"

     Yi Cang looked at his watch and didn't care too much: "It should be coming soon, don't worry about him, let's eat first."

     Without this, I heard a male voice coming from outside the house: "It's not kind, it's not kind, Yi Cang, you kid asked me to invite me to dinner, but you didn't wait for me!"

     Ye Ci and everyone looked up to follow the prestige, only to see a tall man walk in. He walks fast, but very steadily, his hair is cut extremely short, and he can even see a slightly blue scalp. He strode in, and Yi Cang immediately stood up to greet him and hugged him heavily.

     Dong Yin and Liu Chang also smiled and greeted them. Although they did not hug each other, it seemed that the man was very familiar.

     Ye Ci didn't recognize this person. She just stood up and watched several people say hello in place.Yi Cang hugged the man and let go. He immediately took him to sit down, with an excited smile on his face, and said to Ye Ci: "Xiao ci, come quickly, I will introduce you to this. It was the instructor from the two years I went to military high school. But now it’s a good brother..."

     Before Yi Cang finished introducing the word, he stretched out his hand towards Ye Ci and said with a smile: "Don’t listen to what Yi Cang said, what instructor, I’m an ordinary person now. My name is He Xiao. I’ve long been there for you I heard that, Ye Ci, right? I asked you out for dinner a few times before, but I didn’t make an appointment. It’s great that you can enjoy your face today!"

     How many times before? Ye Ci couldn't help but think, the previous few times, for her, it was really a matter of more than ten years ago, and she couldn't remember it. She stretched out her hand and shook He Xiao, only to feel that his hand was thick and powerful, with thick calluses, it was the hand of a soldier.

     "Hello, some things have been delayed the last few times, sorry." She nodded and smiled, neither servile nor overbearing.

     "What's so embarrassing! Friends are friends!" He Xiao's personality is very bold, not bother about trifles.

     After the introduction, everyone sat down to have a meal, and the atmosphere was very harmonious. Without saying a few words, the topic naturally touched on the game Fate."Brother He, are you also playing Fate? I have asked you a few times, and you have not said anything. Today, I must give us an affirmative answer." Yi Cang looked at He Xiao and smiled.

     "This time I invite you here for this." He Xiao looked at several people: "I do play Fate again, and I plan to build a union when I reach level 10."

     "Wow, we are going to establish a union! Are there many people already?". Dong Yin seemed to admire He Xiao very much. When he looked at him and spoke, his eyes were bright as if he was immersed in a Wang Qingquan.

     "Many are retired comrades."

     "Brother He, what is your name in the game, I can go up and add you as a friend!"

     "Thousand Sunsets."

     …In the chattering conversation of several people, Ye Ci was stunned when he heard the name. Then she raised her head to look at He Xiao, he is Thousand Sunsets?

     Thousand Sunsets was not well-known when he first started the game. His reputation is that he created a very famous union-Steel Blooded Battle Spear. In the last life of Ye Ci, I heard that Thousand Sunsets is a man of great loyalty, and he is also very generous. It is said that he has been a soldier and the entire union is militarized. The players in the main group are all elites who assume personal responsibility.Their union is different from other old-brand unions. It was formed after joining Fate, but it developed extremely rapidly. In just three years, it became one of the top ten Guilds in the country. Of course, the role played by Thousand Sunsets cannot be underestimated.

     Not only that, personally, Thousand Sunsets is a great way to make friends, whether he is a true confidant or a pack of rogues, he has his own way of making friends. I remember that Fate said this in a sentence later, you may not know Fate's top ten masters, but you absolutely must know Thousand Sunsets.

     It's clear that Thousand Sunsets is so exciting in Fate.

     Ye Ci and Thousand Sunsets also have intersections. It's just that this intersection is really not so beautiful.

     That year, Fate opened the Guild City Battle, and the Steel Blooded Battle Spear defended the city. The Fengxuemen siege the city.

     A week before the war, Thousand Sunsets asked Yi Cang to find Ye Ci, the first human Sorcerer of Fate, and wanted to ask her to help defend the city, and gave a lot of money. Ye Ci did not refuse, but, three days before the battle, Fengxuemen also found Ye Ci, and asked Ye Ci to help Fengxuemen at a price three times higher than Thousand Sunsets.

     Three days later, in the eager anticipation of Thousand Sunsets, the important person he expected turned over his opponent at the last moment.Steel Blooded Battle Spear and Fengxuemen were originally evenly matched. I wanted to use Ye Ci to suppress Fengxuemen and raise Guild's prestige and ranking higher, but in the end it turned out like this.

     In the end, Steel Blooded Battle Spear really lost. Although he barely managed to keep the ranking, the entire Guild was hit hard and it took a long time to rest before regaining his original combat effectiveness. However, the progress of the major teams of Dungeon is obviously behind, causing many members to leave one after another. In the end, Steel Blooded Battle Spear just became a symbol of glory after that battle... and gradually disappeared in everyone's memory.

     Because of this incident, Yi Cang and Dong Yin completely broke with Ye Ci, and even Liu Chang's relationship with her fell to a freezing point.

     These entanglements, in Ye Ci's view, really seem to be dreaming. She couldn't think of it. At that time, Yi Cang called herself'> to meet Thousand Sunsets.

     Sometimes I always feel as if I have mastered everything, but the world is still unpredictable.

     "Xiao ci, Xiao ci, Brother He would like to ask you something!" Dong Yin saw Ye Ci not responding for a long time, and he continued to pull her hand under the table, and Ye Ci pulled out his thoughts from the memories of the past and returned. God.


     "When Brother He builds Guild, we will all go over, you go too!" Dong Yin's face flushed a little with excitement.

     ...Chapter 16 Thousand Sunsets

     Chapter 16 Thousand Sunsets