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Chapter Directory 19 Mysterious Ring
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
    Original: | Translation:

Ye Ci didn’t answer Dong Yin right away. He just glanced at He Xiao on one side. He Xiao was still smiling. He looked at Ye Ci and said, “It’s okay, I just think everyone is friends playing together.

     There is also a caregiver, if you have other arrangements, you can add friends, it's the same. "

     "Okay, I will join when you build Guild." Ye Ci quickly agreed to He Xiao.

     She agreed not because of the entanglement between the previous life and Steel Blooded Battle Spear, but because Yi Cang Dong Yin and Liu Chang seemed to join this Guild. Then she didn't need to be maverick, anyway, this matter of Guild didn't have much to do with advancement and retreat.

     "I'll tell you that Xiao ci will definitely agree!" Liu Chang yelled, grabbing Ye Ci's arm and smiling at Yi Cang and Dong Yin.

     Ye Ci also laughed, and everyone continued to eat in a joyful atmosphere.

     After the meal, He Xiao said goodbye to the four people because there was still something to do. Ye Ci originally wanted to go back to level up, but Dong Yin advocated going to the amusement park. Without any objections, the four hairs were small and moved towards. The amusement park advances, and one day of sex, it is not until 8 o'clock in the evening that we say goodbye to each other and go back to each other.

     After returning home, Ye Ci didn't continue playing games, but called his parents routinely. Afterwards, he took a bath and went to bed.I don't know what's going on. I really fell asleep during this sleep. Even the biological clock that has always been very useful has lost its function today. Ye Ci was dizzy, and when he woke up, it was three shots of the sun.

     After eating and taking care of himself, Ye Ci climbed into the game.

     After going online, Ye Ci received a secret message before he could think of anything else. It turned out to be a Golden Man and asked her if she had left the newbie village.

     Ye Ci saw that he was still on the hillside in the Wild Wolf Valley, and told a Golden Man truthfully.

     "We are going to visit the abandoned mines on the edge of Luoyue City. Do you have time?"

     "It may not be there for the time being. I was still in the place where I was offline that day. It will take some time to get to Luoyue City from here." Ye Ci immediately calculated the distance between him and Luoyue City and found that even if he doesn't return to the novice now The village, go directly to Luoyue City, it will take more than two hours to get to the city.

     "Okay, let's go and see if you have time. You can contact me when you have time." A Golden Man was a little sorry, but he didn't say anything. He just made an appointment with Ye Ci and closed the conversation.Ye Ci, who hung up the conversation, had time to look around, and saw Frodo sitting where he was that day. She didn't care either, she was about to leave, but she didn't want to hear Frodo's sharp and thin voice: "Hey! Big guy, are you leaving with my things!!"

     This is really baffling. Ye Ci didn't react for a while, but turned back and looked at Frodo, who was extremely angry: "What did I take from you? Didn't the ladder have been handed over to you?".

     "Huh! Damn you, Frodo knows that he can't believe the cunning elves, they never tell the truth!" Frodo has jumped up, waving his fists at Ye Ci: "My ring! My precious ring, no Is it on you? You bad guy!"

     Ring? Ye Ci thought for a while, and then took out the black ring that had been bound from his arms with no certainty, "You can't say this, right!"

     "Yes! That's it!" Frodo rushed to Ye Ci's side to grab the black ring, but Ye Ci turned the hand away and looked at his short figure: "Don't you think you Should I tell me something? For example, what is this ring?"A thing that can be so valued by a Concealment NPC, and it is a self-binding thing, it is absolutely impossible that it is just a gray attribute equipment as shown by its attributes. From Frodo's emphasis on the ring, Ye Ci immediately felt that the ring was unusual, but she had to find a way for Frodo to tell the origin of the ring.

     Frodo glared at Ye Ci, his eyes almost bursting into flames. He gasped hard, his face flushed with anger, as if it was about to explode. "Frodo won't tell you the origin of the baby! Frodo won't tell you about the relationship between the baby and the devil Naga!!"

     Ye Ci almost wanted to laugh out loud, no wonder all the players later said that the biggest feature of Dwarf's NPC is a bit two, but now it seems that it is a bit two.

     She took the ring high and shook it on Frodo's head. Frodo immediately jumped up to snatch it, but this height is indeed a bit tragic. Ye Ci bent over, smiled and touched Frodo's head: "Hmm, you will never tell me this ring has something to do with Demon King Naga..."After that, she neatly put the ring into the package, waved her arm at Frodo, and made a gesture to leave the flat slope. Unexpectedly, Frodo jumped up and hugged her body. Like an octopus that was not long enough, he clasped Ye Ci's waist tightly and shouted loudly. Writing: "You want to return the baby to Frodo!"

     Frodo's name is green, which means it cannot be attacked. Ye Ci could neither beat him nor violent him. Being hugged by him like this, he immediately lost his balance and almost didn't fall to the ground. Fortunately, she quickly stabilized herself, this time with everyone lending a hand (eagerly but somewhat chaotically) "fighting" with Frodo at the beginning, hoping to get this relatively second guy off her.

     Dwarf is characterized by its small size and relatively high IQ. Of course, high IQ has little to do with being duo. The disadvantage of being small is that even if he desperately prevented Ye Ci from leaving and hugged her waist, he did not escape Fate, who was pulled out by the collar by Ye Ci.

     Ye Ci was gasping for breath. This low strength is pain. If she is a Warrior, it is estimated that Frodo can be bounced away with a single paw.Carrying Frodo's back collar, Ye Ci told him to stay away from him. Naturally, Frodo cannot be carried just like this, and immediately used both hands and feet to punch and kick, but the figure is too small to play any role at all. Being carried so suspended in the air by Ye Ci, it is like an active thread. puppet.

     "I want to ask you a few words."

     "Reject! Frodo refuses to talk to the hypocritical elf!"

     Ye Ci raised her eyebrows. The NPC didn't seem to understand its current situation. She didn't talk nonsense with him, and immediately shook Frodo back and forth quickly, making Frodo scream in shock.

     Dwarf's voice was already sharp, but Ye Ci felt that his tympanic membrane was about to be pierced.

     "Beautiful and kind-hearted elves, what do you want to ask." Although Dwarf is relatively second, fortunately, he is more afraid of death. When Ye Ci stopped shaking Frodo, his attitude changed 360 degrees after Ye Ci stopped shaking Frodo. .

     "What is this?" Ye Ci took out the ring and shook it in front of Frodo.

     Frodo, whose eyes were staring at the Venus, immediately straightened his eyes, staring at the ring bluntly, almost slurred: "It's a baby."

     "What baby?""The treasure that can open the treasure house of Demon King Naga..." Frodo rubbed his hands and watched the ring flushed: "The treasure that can gain the power of Naga, the power to conquer the world."

     "How to get it?"

     Frodo seemed to wake up suddenly from his dream, looking at Ye Ci with a panic expression, he covered his mouth: "I can't say, I can't say."

     This time, no matter how Ye Ci tossed this guy, his answer was "I can't say, I can't say." It seems that there is really no dialogue. Ye Ci just let go of his hand, and only heard a chirp, Frodo fell on the ground. To the ground. Ye Ci didn't care about him either, jumped on the branch, and quickly leaped out of the dense forest and left the wolf valley.

     The power of Naga?

     Demon King Naga is a hidden line of Fate. Most of the early Quests have some clues pointing to him, but his real reveal one's talent is the 100-level Dungeon that was only seen after 9 years of Fate's opening-in the abyss of death.

     Death Abyss is the largest Dungeon group known to Fate. The Dungeon group is so difficult and intense. Until Ye Ci was reborn, there was no Guild from any country in the world to overthrow its easiest elite to enter the Dungeon Flame Gate. Difficulty, let alone nightmare difficulty and hell difficulty or the abyss Dungeon inside.The ring related to Naga? Can get the ring of Naga's power? Ye Ci remembered the scene when he attacked the Flame Gate. In the Dungeon group in the Abyss of Death, he was always Concealment. Behind each BOSS, no one had ever seen him before, only knowing that he let the team die with a strong breath Last time.

     Naga's toughness can no longer be described as metamorphosis, and it can even be said to be heaven-defying.

     Can this ring get the power of Naga? Although I don't know the truth or not... But thinking about it, I feel that it is fired up. Looking at the ring in his hand, it was extremely ordinary, which made Ye Ci somewhat suspicious of Frodo's words.

     I put the black and dull ring on my finger, as if seeing a dull light flashing through it in a daze. She quickly took a closer look, and sure enough, she found that the ring's attributes had changed.

     Mysterious ring:

     Gray equipment

     Strength 2

     Level Requirement: 0

     Binder: childe ">you

     Special attribute: growable

     It's actually a growable attribute! Ye Ci froze for a moment. There are only a few pieces of growable equipment in Fate. Which one is not artifact-level equipment, and this one is still gray-level junk equipment. What is going on?But let go of this, can the attribute growable prove that Frodo is telling the truth?

     Ye Ci didn't think much about it. Naga's appearance is still far away. As for what this ring is, there is no need to go into it. However, it can now have 2 points of strength plus achievement, which makes her extremely satisfied with the attack bonus.

     Chapter 17 The Mysterious Ring

     Chapter 17 The Mysterious Ring