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Chapter Directory 20 A Pet Is Born!
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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     Chapter 18 Pets are born!

     I didn't play the game for a day. Sure enough, many great people rushed through the tenth level, and newbies kept coming in in the newbie village, and there seemed to be no quiet posture.

     Ye Ci returned to the newbie village, found the junior skill instructor Zola, and gave Zola a hundred werewolf eyeballs.

     "Oh, young hunter, I have to say that your hands and feet are really neat. In just such a short time, you have brought me so many trophies. It seems that you are a qualified hunter, and you are a qualified one. A hunter who inherits this skill," Zola looked at the wolf eyeballs brought by Ye Ci without much nonsense, and directly handed the Hunter's Mark skill book to her.After receiving the skill book, Ye Ci slapped both hands, only to see that the skill book instantly turned into a white light and entered her body.

     "You learned the new skill Hunter's Mark." The prompt sounded immediately in the system prompt.

     It's done! Ye Ci smiled at the prompt, and only with this thing can he be a real hunter.

     You can open the talent panel after level ten. Ye Ci is even a bit impatient. There are three different directions in the talent panel, namely pet talent, shooting talent and survival talent.

     the fish and the bear's paw, you can't have both at the same time (idiom, from Mencius) The choice of talent is the same thing.

     On the basis of limited talent points, how to use these talents to match the most powerful characters, everyone has their own ideas. On Fate's forum, the hottest topics, in addition to the various Dungeon videos, are the talents of each race and each profession.

     Often both sides claim they're right.

     Of course... if your talent points are unlimited, you don't have to have a headache.

     Ye Ci now has 11 talent points in his hand. In addition to the ten brought by his own upgrade, there is an extra one brought by completing the Quest of the village chief.She took a close look at the first row of talent trees of the three talents, and finally filled all the pet Vitality (Endurance) at five points in the pet talent, and then clicked the enhanced Hunter's Mark in the shooting talent by three points to survive. There are three points to strengthen Falcon Protection in the talent.

     Ye Ci's collocation is really quite satisfactory.

     According to the public's point of view, she should focus on one talent, and the other two talents as auxiliary.

     However, Ye Ci is always worried about the talent points of the branch Quest, so it is inevitable to be a little greedy to be quite satisfactory.

     With such talents, Ye Ci's Hunter's Mark and Falcon Protection have changed a lot at once.

     Falcon Protection immediately increased its attack power by 30%. Hunter's Mark also opened the 15-meter mark length and increased the long-range damage by 30%.

     Although the talent points are quite satisfactory, the changes brought to his own skill still make Ye Ci's heart fascinated.

     The only thing missing now is a pet.

     Without thinking about it, Ye Ci rushed directly towards the cold cave. In the difficult difficulty of the cold cave, the rat head was carrying an elite spider, and that was Ye Ci's goal.The icy caves in the difficult difficulty have all indicators of monsters increased by one difficulty, but Ye Ci has strengthened Hunter's Mark and strengthened the Falcon Protection oversee, which is not difficult, but it takes longer than the icy caves of normal difficulty.

     As he was approaching Zaduo, Ye Ci suddenly heard a few low roars in the small wood not far away. She immediately turned her head to look, and saw a vigorous figure hovering slowly among several dead trees.

     Haxie the Ripper!

     The wandering BOSS with a one-thousandth chance of appearing in the icy cave is the hunter's best pet before level 30. Ye Ci didn’t put Ha Xie in his plan at the beginning. It’s too difficult to know the one-in-thousand chance. She remembered that there was a hunter who stayed in the cold cave for three months and only used Dungeon every day , Did not run into it.

     But I didn't expect that I would meet him when I entered the hard version of the cold cave for the first time now. How could I not let Ye Ci be happy.

     Without a doubt, she immediately gave up on the ugly rat-headed spider, and Stealth slowly moved closer to Haxie.When he was close to the attack range, Ye Ci immediately appeared and launched the most violent attack towards Haxie the Ripper. The Hunter's Capture Pet can be released in any state of the animal, but the lower the animal's blood, the higher the chance of a successful capture. She jumped up and down, kite the black leopard, and immediately threw out the light of temptation when it had 5% of its health bar left.

     The light of temptation is actually the sub-skill under Capture Pet, which is specially used to catch pets. The sub-skills with it also include pet summoning, pet dissolution, pet release, and pet treatment. However, Ye Ci has never caught a pet, so it is the first time for her to reveal these sub-skills.

     The traction time of the temptation light is twelve seconds. During the twelve seconds of traction, any animal attack cannot be interrupted, but it is another matter if the releaser dies.

     Haxie the Ripper is the wandering BOSS in the difficult Dungeon. The attack intensity is not a problem. Ye Ci releases the light of temptation while pouring defensive potion, Vitality (Endurance) potion, agility potion and red bottle into his mouth to get through Those painful twelve seconds.

     Under the light of temptation, Ha Xie furiously launched the craziest attack at Ye Ci, and Ye Ci was so painful that Ye Ci really wanted to die. Fortunately, there are many types of potion in her body, so many kinds of auxiliary potions can be used for a lot of effects.After the difficult twelve seconds, a golden light gleamed from Haxie the Ripper, and the temptation succeeded!

     Ye Ci is not much better. The health bar is only 11% left. The clothes all over his body have been scratched with a few holes, and the skin and flesh are even more painful. After sitting down on the ground, Ye Ci quickly poured a bottle of red into his mouth, and then he had time to open Ha Xie's panel to see its properties.

     Name: Leopard

     Owner: childe'>you

     Grade 1

     Life: 1630/1630

     Physical strength: 1300/1300

     skill: Claw, taunt, acceleration

     Quality: wisdom, loyalty

     loyalty: 10

     Superb! Ye Ci looked at Ha Xie's attributes and was so excited that he couldn't describe it in words. She has also seen a lot of baby attributes posted by hunters, and has never seen a pet with two qualities! Pets generally have only one quality, such as docile, honest, clever, loyal, cunning, irritable, hypocritical, picky, etc. The most rare of these qualities is wisdom.

     Although he has never counted the probability, Ye Ci has seen the hunter pet attribute of their number cannot be counted, and only a dozen of them can see wisdom, and there is only one quality.Wisdom quality means that the pet's IQ is relatively high, and there is a greater chance of comprehending the skill by itself than other qualities. As for loyalty, it means that pet loyalty is better cultivated, and it is rare to abandon the owner even in bad circumstances.

     You should know that in Fate, hunters treat their pets almost as if they were raising their daddy. Because no hunter will waste his own pet pen and time experience on an ordinary pet. The pets caught by hunters are basically elite monsters. The pain of the catching process will not be mentioned. If you run away, it means that you have paid. Money and experience are all in vain.

     Ye Ci closed the pet panel and turned to look at Ha Xie who was sitting next to her. Now there is nothing fierce just now. It has two big black eyeballs that look like glass balls and is tilting its head to look at Ye. Ci, when he found that Ye Ci was also looking at it, he even lowered his head in embarrassment and licked his paw.

     Isn't it cute? You are so cute, right?

     Suddenly she heard the system prompt ringing again: "Do you need to rename your pet?".

     "Yes it is."

     "Please name it."

     "Ol’ Three."

     "Are you sure to name your pet ‘Ol’ Three’? Each pet has only one chance to name it. Please name it carefully."

     "confirm.""Named successfully!"

     Although the quality of Ol’ Three is loyal, it does not mean that it will not run. Before the loyalty reaches 100, these guys with little integrity will run. And there is only one way to increase the loyalty of these guys-feeding.

     Admit it, hunters’ pets are all foodies...

     After taking out the cake he ate, Ye Ci handed it to Ol' Three. Ol' Three came to smell it, and then turned his head to the side very proudly, using the back of his head to tell Ye Ci very clearly that this is not my type.

     "Your pet doesn't like this kind of food." When Ye Ci opened Ol’ Three's own attributes to see what this guy likes to eat, he heard the system prompts in good time and rang again. Rolling his eyes, Ye Ci finally found Ol’ Three's preferences.

     Favorite food: animal meat, poultry or fish. (Of course, it’s better to cook well!)

     She finally knows, Ye Ci finally knows, why the top ten best cooking skills are hunters, it turns out it's all because of these foodies! !

     No way, these guys are masters. Ye Ci stuffed the cake that Ol’ Three disliked into his mouth, opened the package and found the barbecue that was exploded by the rat-heads and kobolds a few days ago, and handed them all to Ol’ Three.This time Ol’ Three had the slightest rude, and the wolf down one's food swallowed four or five pieces of roasted meat before he burped contentedly and stopped.

     Ye Ci took a look at his loyalty, and it really rose quickly, reaching 15 points. It seems that to wait until his loyalty reaches 100, she will have to please this guy for a long time. With a pet, Ye Ci confidently attacked the three bosses in the cold cave.

     Ol’ Three is worthy of being a BOSS-level pet, and his skills are very good, and he is very strong against monsters in front. However, if the three bosses came together, even a god would not be able to withstand it. Soon, Ol’ Three died heroically, and Ye Ci ran out of Dungeon with oil on the soles of his feet.

     Once Dungeon was hired to recruit Ol’ Three, this guy's mood changed from being happy to sad, and his loyalty dropped by three points.

     "It's the old man! I can't die from starvation!" Ye Ci took out the barbecue and threw it to Ol’ Three while sighing the hunter's fate.

     When Ol’ Three is having a happy meal, he can hear...

     Chapter 18 Pets are born!

     Chapter 18 Pets are born!