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Chapter Directory 21 Difficult Progress Of The Icy Cave!
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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     Chapter 19 The Difficult Progress of the Cold Cavern!

     When Ol’ Three was eating happily, he heard a secret word in his ear: "Xiao ci, Xiao ci, are you there?"

     After connecting, it is on the left (Yi Cang): "What's the matter? Yi Cang?"

     "Brother He's union was established just now, and we have all joined, now you can join!"

     Is Steel Blooded Battle Spear established? So fast, but within a day or two of not seeing it, this is true. Ye Ci couldn't help being a little stunned. Yi Cang called her anxiously a few times before she replied: "Okay, you can find someone to add me."

     "Okay, wait a while!"

     After that, Yi Cang lost his voice. Ye Ci continued to take out the barbecue and threw it to Ol' Three, thinking that he must learn how to cook before going to Dacheng. Otherwise, this guy can eat so much. Live.

     "Peacock Blue invites you to join'Steel Blooded Battle Spear'."


     "The system can send you to the Guild site once for free. Is it necessary?".Ye Ci considered it for a while. Guild's station can reach the big city directly. She teleported to it now, just to avoid her running away. Anyway, now her baby has been caught, and the hard version of the cold cave can't get through it by herself. It's better to teleport to the Guild station first, and then directly choose a big city and bind it back to the city stone from there.

     Then she chose what she needed, and the system flashed a white light, taking Ye Ci and Ol’ Three, who was still eating meat.

     Steel Blooded Battle Spear is obviously still receiving income. The entire union site is full of messy people coming and going. Many necessary Guild facilities have not been established. She just heard a lot of people talking in the Guild channel. Chatting.

     After setting the Guild chat to the silent Concealment state, Ye Ci an easy drive on a familiar path walked towards the NPC guard in the union residence. Steel Blooded Battle Spear is now Level 1 Guild. Guild of this level can receive a BUFF with 10% more life lasting 3 hours from the resident NPC, and can also be teleported to different cities through him.

     After receiving the BUFF, Ye Ci asked the resident NPC about the distribution of existing members of the Steel-Blooded Battle-Spear Club in various major cities. After some comparisons, Ye Ci finally chose Red Lake City, which has no Steel-Blooded Battle-Spear membership distribution, as his back-to-city stone-bound city. After she paid 1 silver coin to the NPC, she was immediately sent out of Guild's residence.Red Lake City is a very prosperous city, named after a huge red lake in the middle of the city. In all fairness, it is quite beautiful. However, if you don’t have enough money to take a boat, it’s really hard work in this city. Because if you want to do business, you can only rely on swimming or bypassing half of the city.

     After arriving in Red Lake City, Ye Ci first approached the mayor of the city hall to report. After skipping his nonsense, the mayor assigned Ye Ci to the administrator. In the administrator's place, Ye Ci bound his back to the city stone in Shunlin, and received a circular Quest to clean up the rubbish outside Honghu City.

     This kind of circular Quest will be released by the administrator of each city, but this kind of Quest has low experience and low money, and even the city prestige awarded is also Concealment, so many players are reluctant to do this kind of Quest at the beginning of the game.

     However, Ye Ci knows that if you can continue to do this cycle Quest, in addition to the city's prestige increase, you can also get special rewards from the mayor. It is a pity that the original Ye Ci has never received any special rewards from any city, because she always changes cities to bind back to the city stones in order to avoid hunting down.

     And this special reward is accumulated through the cycle Quest, if the cycle Quest accumulation is interrupted, the second time can only be restarted.While Ye Ci was dragging a broom to sweep garbage from house to house in Red Lake City, Liu Chang was also looking for her at the Guild station. Zuo He Qingri Weizhao finally reached the fifth level, and she also reached the eighth level, she planned to find another Healer, and then the five people went to pass the hard version of the cold cave.

     However, there is no Ye Ci in the Guild resident, and the private chat is not connected. Anxious Liu Chang keeps asking the left and Qingri and wechat the two people: "Yi Cang, Dong Yin, are you sure to add Ye Ci? Already? Why can't I find anyone!"

     "I confirm! I absolutely confirm! Isn't she added? I personally asked Sister Lan to add it, and I asked Sister Lan after adding it!"

     "What about people now!"

     The two people on the left and Qingri Weizhao shook their heads in unison, making it clear that Ye Ci's disappearance was pushed one and all.

     Liu Chang glared at the two people. Before he could say anything, he heard Peacock Blue broadcast on Guild’s full channel: "Members who have not been to Dungeon can immediately register with Drunken Mengyan from the United Front Work Department. Guild will assign a captain to the team in an hour. You get off Dungeon."

     After the broadcast notification several times, the two on the left and Sunny Weizhao were very excited, and wanted to sign up immediately: "Liu Chang, I can’t find Ye Ci anyway. Let’s go to a few Dungeons, or change equipment !""Didn't Xiao ci give you one set of equipment?".

     "Oh, Dungeon has to go there alone!" Dong Yin grabbed Liu Chang's arm, and Yi Cang dragged her to find Dungeon Yan from the United Front Work Department to sign up for Dungeon. went.

     It took 2 hours to clean up the rubbish in Red Lake City. I greeted the grocery store, life artisan and various skill divisions. By the way, I learned collection techniques, skinning techniques, pharmacy, and cooking. Ye Ci just sat Returned to the city hall in the boat to find the administrator to hand in Quest.

     After handing over Quest, Ye Ci went back to Guild's station, and then returned to Newbie Village from Guild's station.

     She ran all the way, again to Nadasha to add arrows, and then headed towards the cold cave.

     "Icy Cave is third and second in general difficulty, come here and come to Healer!"

     "Orc Rogue kneels for the ordinary difficulty of the cold cave, and the team that needs it will be pulled away!"

     "Tenth-level Dwarf Druid asks for this, can resist and increase, and the person who wants it will directly form me!"


     Now everyone's level is up, and players above level five can't catch them in one hand, so a large number of players gathered in front of the cold cave, and they kept screaming. Some are looking for a team, some are looking for someone, but if you can't hear it, you can open the system channel and watch it slowly.However, it seemed that she was looking for ordinary people or asking for a group. There was no difficulty in finding someone, so she decided to send a group message by herself.

     It was not until she was about to send a message that Ye Ci discovered that all her chat modes were turned off by the system when she entered Red Lake City. Quickly opened the secret language and map channel, she immediately received Liu Chang's secret language: "***! Xiao ci, where did you die!"

     "I just went to Red Lake City to bind back to the city stone, and all channels were reset to be closed."

     Liu Chang knew the reason, so he didn't attack again, just complained: "Just now the whole world is looking for you!"

     "what happened?"

     "Go to the hard version of the icy cave, I have been looking for you everywhere, but you can't get through, so Dong Yin and Yi Cang have to be caught as a coolie.

     "Being a coolie?"

     "Guild arranged for the captain to take Dungeon and separated the three of us. It’s actually not wrong. But when I entered Dungeon, it was a difficult fight. I finally got out of the equipment. It was not an equal share. It was the captain who picked what he needed first, and then drew the best one and turned it in to Guild. The rest is ours!"Liu Chang said that it was an emotional excitement: "Although I don't care about that little equipment, we all worked hard, why the four of us can only divide 1 or 2 pieces of equipment, and the captain only got 2 pieces. , 3 pieces of equipment!"

     "This is Guild's normal operation mode. They must first increase the GS (equipment score, an intuitive digital representation of equipment quality) of the main group, so that they can play the Dungeon group and advance. As for the other people, they will be arranged in other groups. Group, so you will have less equipment in the early stage." Ye Ci didn't care, this is the process model of Volkswagen Guild.

     "Then we are all alternates!" Liu Chang felt even more depressed when he heard it.

     "No, as long as GS can reach a certain level of people can go, your body is probably better than your captain, and it will not be a standby." Ye Ci smiled and comforted her, and by the way they If you have to change the captain to continue to get the equipment, it will rot in your stomach, making Liu Chang less sad.

     "Oh, let's not talk about it, the team leader called to fight the boss, and we will contact you later." Liu Chang still seemed to be in a bad mood, but after Ye Ci's explanation, she was not so excited anymore. It happened that their leader wanted When there was too much beating, she hurriedly shut down the secret language.

     "Does anyone dare to go to the hard version of the cold cave! DPS that is not afraid of death, second class and third class!"Ye Ci was chatting in a secret language, and suddenly a voice rang in her ear. She immediately found the system to chat, found the person who was calling, and sent out an application to join the team.

     The other party immediately agreed to her application to join the team.

     I saw a dwarf Warrior and a human Cleric in the team. Warrior is called Cold Little Hands, and Cleric is called Cold Little Hands. It looks like two people are playing together. When they saw Ye Ci coming in, both of them wowed, "I'm really not afraid of death!"

     Ye Ci was made not to know whether to laugh or cry by their sigh: "Dungeon will be stumped and I will die if I am afraid of death?".

     "It makes sense!"

     The three people gathered at the assembly stone. The little hands were cold and shouted again. As a result, a Sorcerer grouper, a Barbarian and a knife came in. However, none of them have reached level 10, one is eighth and the other is ninth. They are still under the protection of novices.

     Five people gathered together. Except for the cold hands, the other people are either orcs or humans, or elves. They are all tall men's professions. The cold hands can only raise their heads and say to several people: No one of us has entered the difficult version before, so you can't be afraid to die if you enter!"

     Chapter 19 Difficult progress in the cold cave!

     Chapter 19 Difficult progress in the cold cave!