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Chapter Directory 22 First Kill! The Cold Cave Is Difficult! (on)
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 20 First Kill! The cold cave is difficult! (on)

     After a group of people expressed that they were not afraid of death, they rushed towards the icy cave arrogantly.

     There is a saying in online games, not afraid of opponents like gods, but teammates like pigs.

     Although it was the first time for a few people to form a team, Ye Ci knew that they couldn't use cooperation and tacit understanding to demand everyone, but after only fighting two monsters, she was a little bit about to collapse.

     Of the four teammates, the grouper seems to have a game foundation, but they will only stand and put Fireball, motionless.

     A knife directly regarded himself as a MT, and rushed to top the mobs. Cold Little Hands did not heal, but stood with the slate fish and put lightning balls, and the cold hand went up to fight the mobs, but it did not pull the damage caused by aggro. Still always MISS...

     If the two mobs hadn't been dealt with directly by Ye Ci, it is estimated that a group of people would lie down a few now.

     "This can't work, we can't be equipped, it's going to be deadly." The four people sat down to restore the health bar and blue bars, and their little hands sighed coldly, feeling like they wanted to give up.

     "It's only two weirdos. Don't say anything frustrating, okay?" Cold Little Hands glared at him immediately, and the cold little hands lowered their heads and continued to eat cakes without talking.The small grouper looked at a few people slowly and said, "Which one of you is the leader?"

     A knife immediately shook his head: "I just listen to Leader, absolutely obedient."

     The little hand was cold and wanted to raise his hand as Leader, but in the end he didn't raise his hand.

     Seeing how many people look like this, Ye Ci slowly said, "If you can rest assured, how about I come to Leader?"

     Ye Ci's damage value is there. Although only two mobs entered the door, it seems that she is the only one in the team. Several people looked at each other and finally nodded in agreement.

     "I've been to the normal version of Dungeon several times, and I have followed people to see the hard version. There will be no problem. As long as you follow the rules, it's fine." Ye Ci looked at the few people and didn't trust them too much. Expression, added another sentence.

     None of the four had any objections.

     Ye Ci started to point out the question he had just seen: "You are a Warrior with cold hands, you are an MT (main tank, a necessary role in Dungeon, and a class of anti-guess). You have to go up to fight against monsters, and use it to open monsters. Taunt, as long as the ridiculous CD (skill cooldown time) arrives, it will be opened immediately. To stabilize the monster, remember this. Don't let a knife fight against the monster. He is a melee output, and he is a second T (second alternate MT, MT after the main tank fell)."

     "Okay, I see." Xiaoshou coldly patted his chest and agreed."You output with a knife, just follow the cold with your little hand, but don't be OT (the aggro value of the exporter exceeds the aggro value of the MT is called OT)."

     A knife nodded, the expression on his face was serious.

     "Cold Little Hands, you are Healer, not DPS (output occupation), you mainly give MTheal, by the way, pay attention to a knife and other people's blood."

     Cold Little Hands frowned, a little worried, "But my output is better..."

     "This Dungeon doesn't need so much output, it needs a Healer." Ye Ci is also quite patient, and just smiled in reply to Cold Little Hands's proposal.

     Cold Little Hands still wanted to protest something, but under the watchful eyes of a group of people, she nodded: "Okay, I will treat."

     Finally, when Ye Ci shifted her gaze to the small fish, "Little fish, have you learned how to move and cast?" She only asked one question.

     "No, not enough money." When he mentioned this, he obviously poked his painful spot, and the corners of his eyes shook a few times.

     Ye Ci said nothing. She understands this kind of pain, and she can learn to move spells at level 8. This is a passive skill that every Magic based Classes must have, and it is also the only passive skill that can be learned from a skill teacher.But 80% of Magic based Classes will not learn this skill at level 8. There is no other reason, just because it is too expensive!

     Ye Ci remembered that when she saw the learning price of mobile casting, not to mention the shaking of the corners of her eyes, even the whole body was shaking.

     Actually want 20 gold coins! !

     For the newbie in Novice Village, it is simply impossible to achieve wealth!

     A few people’s Quest was arranged, and the fight continued.

     Although it is a hard version of the cold cave, it is a small Dungeon of preparatory level after all, and it is really not difficult. Although there are three rookies in the team, they are very obedient. The Quests that Ye Ci explained are all done well.

     Some people blamed him, Ye Ci didn't bother to jump up and down, and followed the grouper to attack at the back of the team.

     The most relaxing one is probably Ol’ Three. It just flicks its tail and follows Ye Ci to sell cute, strolling here from time to time, and strolling over there from time to time. If you check the time, you have to take care of Ye Ci and eat some meat.

     It's not that Ye Ci has forgotten the existence of Ol’ Three. She mainly wants Ol’ Three to increase her loyalty, so that when she fights the BOSS, she can go up.

     The experience in the hard version of Dungeon is more impressive than the normal version. Half of the Dungeon has not been pushed, Ol’ Three has already been upgraded to level five, and the loyalty of Ye Ci has also risen from 12 o’clock to 23 o’clock.Soon, a team of people has been pushed in front of BOSS Saduo.

     The entire Dungeon is actually not much different from the normal version. The only difference is that the three bosses are not linked in the normal version, while the three bosses are linked in the hard version. Not only that, but the Rathead also brought an elite spider.

     The main test of this Dungeon is that the player's output is not up to the target. If the output is slightly worse, a rathead plus a spider can kill a team.

     The last time Ol’ Three hung up was also because the spider was spraying poison vigorously on the side.

     "Now I'll make an arrangement. After a while, the little hands will be cold and go directly to fight the mouse head and spiders. Remember to pull the spiders and the mouse heads and face the DPS. Cold Little Hands is responsible for making up the cold blood of the little hands. You must not pour T. . A knife you output behind the rat head, don’t stand with the little hands cold, don’t increase the pressure of treatment. You will gather the fire spider for a while, first kill it, and then go to beat the rat head."

     The four nodded, and then almost asked with different mouths, the same voice: "What about you?"

     Ye Ci smiled and pointed to the Kobold and Saduo: "I will hold them first. After you put down the Rathead and the spider, you must immediately come up to gather the Kobold, and finally the boss. I made it clear. ?".Although the four of them are all clarified, but who doesn't murmur in their hearts, a hunter dared to say to pull the BOSS, is it too arrogant?

     Kai blame.

     Everything went according to the arrangement, Xiaoshou Bingliang and Ye Ci rushed to the three bosses at the same time. The cold little hand was a mockery at the mousehead and the spider. He smoothly pulled the two weird aggro onto him, then turned around, and threw the monster's back to the grouper, a knife and Cold Little Hands.

     And Ye Ci released Ol’ Three and let it go straight to the kobold. Ol’ Three made a spontaneous skill taunt and immediately stabilized the aggro of the kobold. Ye Ci himself threw a Hunter's Mark at most of the big heads, and then immediately shot a "Snake Venom Needle".

     Critical Hit! -210!

     I thought it would take a few more arrows to stabilize the aggro of Saduo. I didn't expect that the first arrow would be Critical Hit. Suddenly, Saduo's aggro for Ye Ci rose to 200%, and he rushed towards her with red eyes. As it rushed, he let out a breath towards Ye Ci.

     This is the player who is sprayed with the "Frost Mist", one of the skills of Sado in the hard version, immediately has a "frozen" DEBUFF (negative attribute), which reduces the player's movement speed by 50% for a duration of 10 seconds.

     Generally, as long as the player who is hit by the freeze is basically dead, as long as the player who is the kite is hit by the freeze, it is basically the same as the team.The reading time of Frost Mist is 15 seconds. Ye Ci kicked one side of the mountain the moment he saw Saduo began to read the article, and the whole person took advantage of his inertia and jumped directly into the air. The frost mist sprayed against her shoes, she turned sharply in the air, and shot a Snake Venom Needle at Zaduo's head.

     Critical Hit again! -221!

     The whole action was done in one go, clean and neat.

     Cold Little Hands and the grouper fish happened to face Ye Ci's angle. They watched Ye Ci's movements throughout the whole process. They both stayed there, forgetting what they should do, just holding Magic Staff and looking at Ye Ci. That sharp posture and walking position made Saduo kite like his grandson.

     Ye Ci was flying a kite and watching the situation of the team. Suddenly, he noticed that the cold blood of his little hands was falling fast. Then he saw Cold Little Hands and the grouper looking stupid, and they hurriedly called out: "Cold Little Hands! MT's blood!! Grouper fish, speed output!!!"

     The two people suddenly started to output heal in a hurry!The little hand was cold when he saw his blood that had almost bottomed out again, and his face turned pale in shock. Due to the delay for a while, no matter how hard Cold Little Hands works, the cold health bar of the little hands has been hovering between 5%-40%, making the cold heart of the little hands follow the beating up and down of the health bar, full Sweat all over my face.

     Seeing that the few people stabilized, Ye Ci continued to fly more kites without any pressure. By the way, he added heal to Ol’ Three, which was extremely relaxed.

     Finally, the rat head fell down with the spider, and the whole Dungeon was basically without difficulty.

     Just now, the four people were stimulated by Ye Ci's fierce skills and immediately rushed towards the rat head like a snake and a beast. It was a fat beating at the rat head, and it was sent to reunite with the kobold in a few minutes.

     Then a group of people rushed towards Zaduo. At this time, the Zaduo was 30% bloodied by Ye Ci kite. A few people rushed over and went back and forth. After more than ten minutes, they put Zaduo down.

     As the captain’s little hand is cold, at the moment when Saduo fell, he received a system prompt: your squad was the world’s first hard-to-kill icy cave. Do you agree to announce the names of the team members? ".

     First Kill, First Kill!The little hands were cold and excited, and he kept rubbing his hands. He immediately turned his head to ask Ye Ci's opinion. After the previous battle, Ye Ci's position in his mind has gone from being an unreliable hunter to a master of super Kickass. Characters!

     Chapter 20 First Kill! The cold cave is difficult! (on)

     Chapter 20 First Kill! The cold cave is difficult! (on