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Chapter Directory 23 First Kill! The Cold Cave Is Difficult! (under)
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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     Seeking praise~~ Seeking tickets and collections~~ The stars are watching you~~


     "Whatever you want." Ye Ci thought for a while, although she wanted Concealment's own name very much, but if several other people didn't use Concealment's name, it would make people think more about it, maybe even. To associate First Kill, who is a normal-level icy cave, with her, in that case, there are superfluous things.

     Since Ye Ci had said that his little hands were cold, he immediately chose to announce it.

     "Please name your team."

     Little Hand Bingliang is excited now, and without thinking about it, he directly pops out a few words: "Niu X character."

     Immediately I saw the system channel began to flash up.

     "Congratulations to the five members of the'Bull X Characters' team for killing the hard-level icy cave first in the world, let us remember their names!"

     "Congratulations to'Little Hand Cold' for killing the difficult-level icy cave. The system rewards 30 gold coins, 10,000 world prestige, and 1 talent point.""Congratulations to ‘Cold Little Hands’ for killing the hard-level icy cave. The system rewards 30 gold coins, 10,000 world prestige, and 1 talent point."

     "Congratulations to ‘childe’>you for killing the hard-level icy cave, the system rewards 30 gold coins, 10,000 world prestige, and 1 talent point."

     "Congratulations to the'grouper fish' for killing the difficult-level icy cave. The system rewards 30 gold coins, 10,000 world prestige, and 1 talent point."

     "Congratulations to'a knife' for killing the hard-level icy cave. The system rewards 30 gold coins, 10,000 world prestige, and 1 talent point."

     The four people screamed in excitement. At this time, nothing seemed to compare to the excitement of First Kill. Even if a few people were strangers before entering Dungeon, now they can be regarded as good brothers who live and die together.

     A knife even turned out the achievement list, and quickly found the page of the difficult-level icy cave. As expected, the First Kill recorded on it was the names of five people. He smiled with a simple and honest smile: "I haven't thought about it. , I can still leave a name on this in my life, I'm so excited!"

     Several people were excited in Dungeon, and Guilds of the majors also became a pot of porridge.

     Spring Rain Guild"What kind of team is the Niu X character? Who are those people? How can they be able to clear the ice-cold cave at a difficult level! Hurry up and find out the details for me!"

     Zero space

     "Look at what Guild these people belong to. If there is no Guild, all join Guild."

     Potential power

     "Are you all pigs? That's how the First Kill of the Cold Cavern was taken? Go check it out for me!!"

     Steel Blooded Battle Spear

     Thousand Sunsets, who was carrying a few main forces to clear the mobs in the hard-level difficulty icy cave, was taken aback when he heard this world system announcement.

     The Peacock Blue who was on the heal next to him was also stunned, and then she frowned: "What kind of ‘Bull X character’, I’ve never heard of it. Where did the guy come from, why did you take the First Kill?"

     Thousand Sunsets stopped for a while, and continued to hack monsters. Seeing that he hadn't said anything, they couldn't talk about anything, so they had to keep busy with their own affairs.

     It was not until after the mob was put away that Thousand Sunsets turned around and asked, "Which Guild's are these people?"

     Peacock Blue immediately found someone to post the matter, but within a minute she turned her head and said to Thousand Sunsets: "Boss, that childe'> You seem to be from Guild.""What?" This surprised Thousand Sunsets, "Guild people? Why haven't you heard of it!"

     "I remember that I personally met me on the left in the morning and asked me to accept this person. I felt familiar at first, and then I checked it a while ago. It turned out to be our Guild person."

     "Why didn't our people in Guild follow our Guild's Dungeon! Dungeon who went out on their own! In the end, they took the First Kill outside!!"

     Thousand Sunsets frowned, knowing that this kind of First Kill plays a vital role in Guild's ranking. It's better now. People from Guild don't push Dungeon in their own Guild, but go outside to make trouble. First Kill, how can Thousand Sunsets feel happy in his heart.

     This question was rather bewildering for the peacock blue. Although this has entered Guild, although Guild has some people to organize Dungeon, there are also many unfamiliar people who will not participate in Guild activities. This was a normal thing. Now when Thousand Sunsets asks this question, Peacock Blue really doesn't know how to answer.

     She had to stand aside in silence.

     Thousand Sunsets sighed, looked at Peacock Blue and then at the other three backbones, and said: "The welfare system must be finalized today, and then it will be shown to me."

     "Yes.""Go online and search for the video of this First Kill. If not, find childe'>you alone and ask who the leader is. Try to get that person to Guild." Thousand Sunsets said nothing. Lianzhan, this world system information makes him not interested in continuing to walk Dungeon, so he just wants to go back to the Guild station quickly and get the benefits he should get.

     Niu X character...

     Ye Ci looked at the name of the team with black lines. Although this kind of team name, as long as you don’t go to the team management NPC to spend money to confirm, it is basically a one-time consumer product, but you must look at your name against such a The team name will always be included in Fate's achievement list, and she still feels a little tangled.

     What kind of aesthetics is this?

     "Childe'>childe'>, hurry up and touch the BOSS!" Since the Dungeon Clearance, the four people have completely fallen under the bow of Ye Ci, and now the four of them are looking at Ye Ci with a kind of Looking at her as if shining with infinite starlight, only expecting that her luck will grow red all the way, bringing a few people a lot of loot.

     However, they have this confidence, Ye Ci doesn't have that confidence in himself.

     She shook her head: "No, my hands are black. There are four corpses on the ground. You should have one of them."No matter how strongly the four people demanded, Ye Ci resolutely rejected the Quest that touched the corpse, and the last four people had to come forward and touch one.

     The things are still good. The four corpses have a total of twelve pieces of blue equipment, as well as two skill books-Arrow Crafting and Flame Contract.

     What excites Ye Ci most is that she finally saw the specialty of the cold cave, and there are more than one.

     Icy Axe×1

     Icy Longsword×1

     Icy Short Bow×1

     Icy Magic Staff ×1


     Four of the cold series of weapons were produced out of the twelve blue suits. Except for the Cold Little Hands, each person could take one, but the cold little hands were not sad. Among the twelve blue suits, there were actually two pieces of Cleric equipment.

     Although the four people looked at these things with golden eyes, they still gave Ye Ci the right to distribute the spoils tacitly.

     "I only need Shortbow and the two skill books. You can take all the others. Is this okay?" Ye Ci smiled and refused the distribution rights handed over by Xiaoshou Bingliang, but asked a few people.

     In this Dungeon, getting the cold short bow is already the biggest gain for Ye Ci. As for the primary Arrow Crafting, she has been yearn for sth even in one's dreams. It is also very lucky to be able to produce this time.The Fire Contract is a 12-level skill book for summoners. It can summon high-level fire elves. It is a skill that a summoner must learn. Although the explosion rate is not low, it is only available in the difficult Dungeon. There is no summoning yet. The teacher has, she also wants to go to Liu Chang.

     The four people felt embarrassed when they heard that Ye Ci only needed something like this. After all, Dungeon's ability to clear this time relied on Ye Ci's leader and one person to top two bosses. If it weren't for them, they are still lying dead.

     So they all said that as long as their own professional things, other things are not.

     Ye Ci said: "The equipment in the early stage is not so clear. Except for the designated weapons, basically the equipment of the same series can be shared. Don't waste equipment. You can divide it. I can get three things by myself. That’s enough, I don’t need anything else."

     Listening to what Ye Ci said, the four of them couldn't refuse any more, and they finished sharing the spoils very happily.

     "Oh, I forgot to record the video just now! What a mistake!" The grouper on the ice-cold Magic Staff equipment that will be assigned suddenly remembered the process just now, and slapped his head and exclaimed regret. Several other people are also very sorry, and can't wait to play back the neat operation of Ye Ci just now.Ye Ci also exhaled. Fortunately, it was not recorded. Wouldn't it be sky and the earth turning upside down if it wasn't posted on the Internet? However, she still asked everyone not to say what happened to her leader today. Although the four people were a little curious, they did not ask much.

     Actually, Ye Ci doesn't know how long a few people can keep such secrets. In short, she can keep them for as long as possible. Now she doesn't have the time to deal with the chores after these things are exposed.

     After a few people added friends to each other, they bid farewell amicably. Ye Ci walked at the back of the line, waited until all four of them were out of Dungeon before turning back to Zaduo's corpse, cutting off its head with a knife, throwing it into the package, and then walking out of Dungeon.

     It's not that she forgot just now, but that she cut off Saduo's head at that time and didn't know how to explain to these four people. It is said that she was reborn after ten years, so she opened the branch Quest?

     Come on, more things are less, like this kind of thing naturally no one knows the best.

     Out of Dungeon, Ye Ci took out the cold short bow and glanced at the attributes on it.

     Icy Short Bow:

     Blue equipment

     Attack Speed: 15

     Attack 20-35

     Strength 14

     Agility 20

     Features: Attack accuracy rate 10%Features: 20% chance of incurring cold damage, reducing target movement speed by 50% for 8 seconds.

     Level Requirement: 10

     Required occupation: Hunter, Rangers.

     After changing into the cold short bow, Ye Ci immediately found a few level ten monsters in the Elf Forest to try their hands.



     Critical Hit ―297!

     This damage is directly one-third higher than the original weapon! If you use more advanced arrows, the damage will increase by one level.

     Ye Ci immediately learned about Arrow Crafting...

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     Chapter 21 First Kill! The cold cave is difficult! (under