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Chapter Directory 24 Mingyuexing
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
    Original: | Translation:

In the beginning, Arrow Crafting can only make wooden arrows and requires a lot of toba. There are many such things in Newbie Village. Newbies often exchange cuckoo feathers with NPCs for a few small bucks. Ye Ci sat at the entrance of the village, shouting: "Unlimited collection of cuckoo feathers, one set of silver, some bosses come quickly!"

     A group of cuckoo feathers can only be exchanged for 20 copper coins at the NPC. Now someone collects a group of silver coins. The Novice Village suddenly seems to be rioting. Everyone rushed to Ye Ci for fear that it would be slow. No more...

     In less than an hour, she actually received dozens of groups, and directly filled all the packages on her body. If it were not for her speed to close the stall, it is estimated that there will be a newbie a steady flow to send Feather.

     Altogether threw the cuckoo feathers on his body into the warehouse, and Ye Ci walked towards the village chief and handed Saduo's head to this seemingly honest, but actually very cunning old man.

     "Look, who is back! It turned out to be our elven warrior!" Probably Ye Ci has brushed the icy cave too many times. The reputation of this elven tribe has reached respect. Now the attitude of the entire newbie village NPC is Very close to her.Even the village chief, who has always put on the music, bowed to her before continuing to speak: "Young hunter, I can smell the blood of wild beasts on you, if I guess correctly... Did you bring the head?".

     Ye Ci immediately handed the pig's head to the village head, and immediately completed the Quest.

     The old fox village chief was not stingy, and immediately gave Ye Ci a reward of talent points and also gave her a dagger as a reward.

     Then he continued to talk again, Ye Ci was too lazy to listen, just let him talk non-stop, and he put all his attention on the dagger. This is a green equipment, but the attributes are not bad.

     Haste dagger

     Green equipment

     Attack Speed: 15

     Attack 8-18

     Agility 11

     Strength 7

     Feature: Attack Speed reduced by 05

     Level requirements: 10

     Professional requirements: none

     It can be said that this dagger can be used by all professional players, but it is especially effective in the hands of Rogue, Rangers and Hunters because these three themselves are known for their agility, and the required weapons are also light and fast. Mainly.

     Only in this way, can oneself be agile to the greatest advantage.The bow is a long-range weapon. As long as the prey is within 6 feet of the user, it cannot be used. Therefore, for hunters and Rangers, they can only give up bows and arrows within 6 feet to use melee combat. This is also destined for melee weapons. The requirements are also high.

     This rapid dagger is also focused on increasing agility. More importantly, its Attack Speed has been reduced by 05, which means that the same two people who use 15 daggers with attack speed can use it within 3 seconds. The person with this rapid dagger can attack one more time than the person with the ordinary dagger!

     For Rogue, Rangers, and Hunters who don't pay much attention to power bonuses, one more attack like this is almost equal to one more hope of survival.

     That's why Ye Ci felt that even though this dagger was a green piece of equipment, its attributes were not worse than that of ordinary blue equipment.

     After putting on this dagger, Ye Ci got his wrist to get used to its weight, and made a few regular attacks towards the empty space. As expected, he felt that it was much faster than the dagger he was using now. It was almost like a tiger.

     "...Ah, young hunter..." It seemed that the village chief was about to end his nonsense, Ye Ci also put away his dagger, and sat down, waiting for him to release Quest."It’s really gratifying to see you growing up so quickly. A few days ago, I heard Chief Duny say that now a colony of bandits have come in the rocky forest. They have caused the administrative officials in every city. It’s a lot of trouble. If you can bring the right hand of their leader John to the city administrator, I think it will be good for your development."

     Ye Ci immediately accepted the Quest.

     It just so happened that she was going to make Quest for Xiao Laimi, now it's all right, and it just happens that two Quests can be made together.

     Ye Ci is not an impatient person, let alone a level rusher. Now that I have completed an unexpectedly difficult Quest of an icy cave and learned how to make Arrow Crafting, then she doesn’t want to do Quest and practice anymore today. Level up. I directly found the grocer in the village and bought some “woods that I don’t know what to use” and started practicing crazy to build Arrow Crafting.

     However, even if she doesn't want to look for things herself, things will come to her.

     Just sitting down, there are not many arrows made, more than a dozen strangers sent her messages specifically to inquire about the difficult-level icy caves. She was really tired to deal with it, so she turned off the private channel directly. Now, the world seems to be quiet now.However, the voice channel is quiet, and the text channel is not quiet again. She only heard the text channel of Concealment screaming constantly, which made her very annoying, and finally closed the text channel altogether.

     This is good, the text channel was closed, only to see a dove flying from the sky, rushing to her directly.

     Pigeon delivery is the third way to contact individuals in Fate. If you are in a hurry to find the other party, you can use the pigeon if you are unable to contact the private channel or text channel. Almost in the blink of an eye, the other party can receive your letter.

     However, there are some places where the pigeons can't reach the mail. For example, if the other party is in Dungeon or underground, it is basically impossible to deliver it. In addition, pigeon delivery can only be used between players who both have added a friend relationship, and each use is 2 silver coins.

     Although I don’t know who sent the message, it seemed that it was a pigeon. Ye Ci didn’t refuse. He accepted the letter and opened it. The four people who had just separated had written it together: "childe'>, Now a lot of people come to ask us how we live, who is the leader, what do we say? Every channel is going to explode, we are going crazy!""As long as you say that I am a messenger, you can just say the rest." Ye Ci smiled. It seems that not only he suffered such a bombing, but none of the four of them avoided it. The pigeons were released, and before bowing their heads, a few pigeons flew up again.

     When I opened it, it was sent by a Golden Man, Let Go of Sister, and Ideal Height 1.7m. It was nothing more than congratulations on her being able to Clearance Dungeon. Saying that they are stuck in the mine now, it is estimated that the GS is not enough. It seems that they will fight another day. I hope she can come to the mine together when she has time.

     Ye Ci also responded to their letters separately, just saying that they would go together if they had time.

     Then, another pigeon flew over, and it was actually sent by the violent Cleric Four Sea: "Childe'>, are you free to go to the rocky forest? Go to the rocky forest in 2 weeks."

     Stone forest? Ye Ci was stunned for a moment. She remembered that Dungeon in the rocky forest was not too difficult, why Four Sea had to go there after two weeks. Suspiciously, I saw another letter from Four Sea, and it really added a few more words: "I missed two words, it is difficult. Two weeks later, I will go to the difficult earth and stone forest. Are you free?""Let’s make a decision for now, I’m not sure yet." After a week, isn’t it the day when her university starts? Although she hasn't gone to college for many years and almost forgot about studying, Liu Chang reminded her of this before the few people bid farewell from the playground that day.

     "Okay, I'm making an appointment with a few other friends."

     Just after the two groups of people have been dealt with, another letter came. It was Liu Chang, and this letter was not as polite as others. Through the letter paper, Ye Ci could almost see the woman who was roaring.

     "Where are you, get me to Guild's place quickly!!"

     Ye Ci smiled so that her eyes were crooked. She calmed and unhurried and posted the attributes of the flame contract to the letter, adding a few words after it, Elf No. 42 Novice Village.

     "Sister, I'll be here soon." Liu Chang replied almost immediately, Ye Ci seemed to be able to see her brows raised in delight, eyes laughing.

     After dealing with these things finally, Ye Ci can be quiet to do wooden arrows.

     Suddenly, her eyes went dark, and then she heard a naive voice floating from the top of her head: "Excuse me, how much do you make for a set of arrows?"When he looked up, he saw a fair-skinned elf with long golden hair, but he shouldn't be too old depending on his age. At this moment, he was looking at Ye Ci with his eyes wide open. Wearing a popular novice suit, the wooden longbow in his hand is also very rough, and it looks like a newbie of just five grades.

     "If you want it, give it to you." Anyway, this kind of wooden arrow is cheap to die in Nadasha. She does this to practice her proficiency. Be regarded as making the best use of it.

     The archer looked very surprised, his eyes widened, and after a while he nodded: "Thank you, thank you, sister."

     Ye Ci handed the five or six sets of wooden arrows that he had just made to the archer, and then casually said: "When you are done using it, come over and ask me for it. I am here today."

     "Okay, okay, thank you! Thank you!" The archer was very happy, and the hand that received the arrow was slightly trembling, and he kept thanking him. He turned and walked a few steps, but unexpectedly he turned back and sent a friend invitation to Ye Ci: "Sister, my name is Moon Star, I am a Rangers, can I add you as a friend?".Ye Ci didn't refuse either. Although he looks very rookie and embarrassed now, who knows what he will be like in the future? the more friends you have, the more options you have in life, she added Moon Star as her friend very generously, which made Moon Star happy and thank you again and again, but when he saw the name of adding him as a friend, she was immediately happy It became a dumb as a wooden chicken.

     "What's the matter?" Ye Ci found Moon Star's sluggishness, a little strange.

     "Sister, you are childe'>you?"


     "I always thought childe'>you is a man!"


     Chapter 22 Moon Star

     Chapter 22 Moon Star