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Chapter Directory 25 School Starts!
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
    Original: | Translation:

With black lines all over the head, Ye Ci not to know whether to laugh or cry.

     "You are the childe of today's Clearance difficult-level icy cave ">you? "


     The black line on Ye Ci's head is a bit darker, isn't it? Even such a new newbie knows it?

     "Sister, why are you here!" Moon Star couldn't help but looked at childe with excitement. "His eyes were so shining that they could almost match Glittering Diamond." "The World Channel is everywhere looking for you." people! "

     After thinking for a while, Ye Ci didn't know how to answer him, and finally laughed: "Don't tell others that I am here."

     "Of course, of course, I won't tell anyone! Sister, don't worry, I will keep the secret!" Moon Star nodded, grinned at Ye Ci, turned around and ran away.

     This time, I finally have time to practice Arrow Crafting...

     Today was an eventful autumn. Ye Ci lowered his head to practice Arrow Crafting, but after only twenty or thirty minutes, he heard the rustle of footsteps running towards him. Looking up, isn't it Liu Chang or who?

     She had a bright smile like a spring breeze, and that flattering expression made Ye Ci's back almost full of goose bumps."Oh, my dear Xiao ci, why don't people come to the birds? As soon as you call, they will come to the birds immediately, faster than people calling the baby." Liu Chang said he was about to come up to hug Ye Ci, and Ye Ci quickly took out The skill book pressed her face and pushed her away alone.

     "It's okay, it's hot, you should be less numb."

     "You really have you, I even typed out this book!" Liu Chang caught the skill book and kissed the cover of the book a few times, as if even the saliva was printed on it.

     Ye Ci looked behind Liu Chang. It seemed that there was no Who. Before he could even speak, he heard Liu Chang say: "Don't look, no one is coming."

     "You think I'm stupid, since you have turned off all channels, you definitely don't want others to find you. I can talk all over the world?" Liu Chang stuffed the skill book into the package, raised his butt and sat next to Ye Ci Top: "Peacock Blue Man Guild is looking for you."

     "Peacock blue?"

     "It's the woman in charge of logistics in Guild." Liu Chang said while humming her nose: "Don't you look better, your eyes are long and the forehead is up, talking to us will only look at people with nostrils."

     "What do you want me to do?" Looking at Liu Chang's appearance, I don't know what the peacock blue did to make her unhappy."One hundred percent is for the Cold Cave Clearance thing, what else can it be. As soon as the world news came out, I saw that the management's face turned green and it was very unpleasant." Liu Chang said, snorted again, and pointed at it. Ye Ci complained, "Peacock Blue found us directly, and the queen usually tells us,'childe ">you brought you quietly, Guild now has something to find him, find him quickly, let him come to Guild to report, if you are late, you will be at your own risk. ! ’"

     The smile on Ye Ci's face has become heavier, and he is at your own risk. It sounds like a queen!

     "She is the management of Guild, so it's normal to say that." Ye Ci didn't take the peacock blue words to heart, just raised his eyebrows and looked at Liu Chang with a very ambiguous expression: "What is so angry about this? of!"

     "Isn't this angry yet? Especially that Yi Cang, who is almost like a dog leg. When Peacock Blue speaks, he says everything! Damn, I haven't seen a woman!" Liu Chang got angry as he talked, his face became more and more irritated. famous.

     Ye Ci also doesn't comment. Liu Chang likes Yi Cang more or less, but she may not distinguish whether it is the kind of love that grew up with relatives since childhood, or the love between men and women. But since she hadn't figured it out, Ye Ci would naturally not point it out to make her shy at this time, but just comforted her a few more words."Xiao ci, are you not angry at all? That woman said that!" The more Ye Ci comforted, the more Liu Chang felt the anger of finding his comrades anger against a common enemy.

     Ye Ci squinted his eyes and said, "She is a stranger to me, why should I be angry about her words? Did she say that she made me bear the consequences, so I will bear the consequences? Besides, what are the consequences?" Although she was born again, However, Ye Ci's personality is still cool in the depths. She doesn't care about Peacock Blue at all, so she won't be angry.

     "It's still up to you." Liu Chang sighed, but it seemed that he had received some news. He turned to Ye Ci and said, "Guild called me to fight the ordinary little Dungeon. I'll go first."

     "Don't you want to work hard?"

     "It's considered DKP. People with 80 on GS will score 2 points for a Dungeon. One point can be exchanged for 100 yuan. If you don't go for nothing, you won't go!" Liu Chang stood up and grinning from ear to ear: " I have never made money in a game, even if I can’t get the equipment, I’m happy to earn some pocket money!”

     She has always been a quick-tempered person, so Ye Ci is not worried about her complaint just now.

     "You honestly hide here, I'm going, I won't tell others that you are here." Liu Chang said goodbye to Ye Ci, walked to the teleportation NPC in the village, and quickly disappeared.After Liu Chang, it seemed that all the troubles were taken away, and no one came to look for her again. She is also happy to be so quiet, doing arrows desperately.

     In the next few days, Ye Ci did not open a private channel or text channel, let alone the Guild station. Every day, I brushed the average level of the cold cave a dozen times to practice and level, and the rest of the time was used to make arrows. However, when the proficiency of the primary Arrow Crafting reached 352%, it would not increase anymore.

     It seems that making wood arrows can no longer increase its proficiency, so I can only find out if there are other formulas for primary arrows.

     Although Ye Ci was mainly building arrows and leveling in the cold caves in the past two days, she also did other things. For example, her proficiency in gathering art has reached the elementary level, and she can gather fire dragons for making primary fire kang potions. The grass, and the water chestnut of the primary ice resistance potion are spent.

     These two kinds of herbs are available in the difficulty level of the icy cave. Ye Ci takes Ol’ Three around every day to level up and gather herbs in the difficult cave. The days are also pleasant.

     Just when her gathering skills, pharmaceutical skills, peeling and cooking skills all reached the elementary level, the university finally opened.

     Ye Ci got up early in the morning, carrying the bag he had prepared the day before, and headed for the university.This feeling is really strange, although she was born again ten years ago, but because she used to wander in Fate every day, so back ten years ago, the days in Fate did not feel much different. However, going to college is different.

     You know, she had graduated for a long, long time before she was born again, and now she re-enters the same school at the age of 28, and she feels a little uneasy.

     Ye Ci's grades are not bad, but his performance in the college entrance examination was supernormal, and he was admitted to the city's best university-D University. This really made Ye Nantian and Zuo Xiaolan feel that their ancestral graves really have accumulated a few lifetimes of green smoke on them. This generation emerged together.

     Since Ye Ci's rented house is right next to D, she can be regarded as lightly dressed and went to school to sign up with a bag on her own. Even the parents picking up and dropping off are all omitted.

     There are many old students outside the freshman reception desk of the school. They are quite enthusiastic. It didn't take long for Ye Ci to go through the enrollment procedures and arrange for Ye Ci to go to his classroom.

     D's environment is notoriously good, full of lush greenery, red willows and greenery, pavilions, pavilions, and pavilions. If the first visitor does not say that this is a university campus, Shiyou ** will think this is a park.An easy drive on a familiar path walked into his classroom. The head teacher had not yet come, only a group of students sat in their seats chatting and laughing.

     D University is a key university that ranks quite well before the exam in the country. The students who come here each year are Five Lakes Four Sea. It is the first time that everyone meets today. It is inevitable to be curious. Ye Ci came late, and the students who came early had checked in to the school a week ago, and many of them are already familiar with each other. She doesn't have a dormitory and lives off campus. She only came today. Naturally, many students were curious when they saw her.

     "My name is Fang Susu, which is 612. Which dormitory do you live in? Why haven't I met you?" Ye Ci just found a place where no one was sitting, and immediately a girl with a round face came to her. Say hello friendly.

     Ye Ci looked at her with mixed feelings.

     Fang Susu, the person who has always treated her well, feels that she is a good person anyway, but in the end he hurt her severely, causing her to be discouraged and leave her home.

     Forget the past.

     "My name is Ye Ci, and my home is outside the school, so I don't live on campus." Ye Ci showed a bright smile and offered to extend his hand."Ah, it's a pity, it would be nice if I could live in a dormitory." Fang Susu is also a self-acquainted child, and became familiar with Ye Ci within a few seconds, and even moved his bag to Ye Ci's side. Sit up at the same table with her.

     The two people have different moods, but they all have a feeling of regret not having met earlier, and they soon talked about it.

     "Classmates, classmates!"

     A few loud voices interrupted the eager conversation of all the classmates. Only three or four students who looked like a student union were standing on the podium. The leading one was a man in a dark blue T-shirt with jet-black hair and a pair of eyes. It was as bright as a black crystal, with a gentle smile on its heroic face.

     "We are the Zhengfeng Club, and I am the deputy head of Qin Churuo. Many people have asked what the Zhengfeng Club is. The Zhengfeng Club is a game club that has been established for five years. It is a game developed by our students in D University. Society!"

     Qin Churuo speaks sonorously and passionately, and makes people unconsciously attracted by his speech: "We have experienced several large games such as "Canghai OL," Alien OL, etc., and achieved a number of fruitful results. In the Guild rankings, the World Conqueror Guild operated by our Conqueror Club has ranked twelfth..."

     Chapter Twenty-Three! School begins!

     Chapter Twenty-Three! School begins!