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Chapter Directory 27 Arasagi
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
    Original: | Translation:

The gravel plain is located near the sunset city, a large human city. It is a plain with not dense vegetation. If the wind blows, it will be full of wind and sand, making people unable to open their eyes. When Ye Ci came to the quicksand village on the edge of the gravel plain, it coincided with the sunset in the game.

     The setting sun burned the whole earth like it was about to catch fire.

     Ye Ci squinted and walked to the tailor in Liusha Village, threw out a silver coin and bought a gauze hat. This hat has no other attributes, and its only use is to resist the wind and sand that is constantly raging in the gravel plain.

     I obviously feel better when I put on my hat.

     She came out of Liusha Village and walked towards the depths of the gravel plain with Ol’ Three, whose loyalty had reached 80.

     In the depths of the gravel plain is the stone forest Dungeon. There are not many players here now. After all, the lowest Level Requirement of this Dungeon is 8. If you come here in the order of the main line of Quest, it is normal to reach the eleventh level. Up.

     So Ye Ci didn't see too many players on the road, but occasionally saw a few people hurried past her in a team. Ye Ci is not in a hurry. There is no other reason. The main purpose of her coming here today is not Dungeon, but in the wild BOSS on the gravel plain.Desolate Sand Scorpion, level 15 world BOSS, can refresh once every 10 days on average. If no one pulls it down within three days after refreshing, it will disappear by itself. Wait for the next refresh.

     Since the beginning of Fate, Ye Ci has been paying attention to the killing situation of the world in the wild BOSS all the time. Although the level 5 in the wild BOSS crazy boar has been killed, the wild sand scorpion located in the gravel plain has been killed. There must be no movement.

     In fact, this is also essentially related to the location of the wild sand scorpion.

     There are basically no monsters in the gravel plains, even if there are monsters, they are also yellow neutral monsters of level one or two. The players who come here are basically around level ten, who still has time to pay attention to these mobs, they come to the gravel plain for Dungeon.

     Not only that, but the location of the Wild Sand Scorpion is not easy to find. This guy is hiding under the sand at all, and he will attack unless he steps on his head, otherwise he will just pretend to be dead...

     Ye Ci walked slowly on the soft and slightly hot sand, trying to slow down as much as possible. She had deviated too far from Dungeon, the rocky forest, and now she was the only one on the gravel plain that she could watch.

     And the refreshing location of the Wild Sand Scorpion is here.In the corner of the deserted gravel plain, there lurks the world BOSS-the deserted sand scorpion, which makes countless people crazy in the later period.

     Suddenly, the sand under her feet suddenly sank...


     Ye Ci immediately moved back and forth like a kite, she seemed to float away far away without the force of gravity. At this moment, Ol’ Three had already rushed out, a mockery of the sinking sand. But in the blink of an eye, Ye Ci's Hunter's Mark has drifted past with the Snake Venom Needle.

     Critical Hit! OK! -571

     Ye Ci almost laughed out of joy when he saw the damage value.

     Don't talk about breaking the defense against this kind of world BOSS, even Critical Hit can be pitiful. Now she actually broke the defense and Critical Hit with the first arrow. I really don't know if her luck suddenly improved.

     After that, all the actions of Yue, petting, pulling aggro, marking, and shooting were all completed in the blink of an eye. Before the wild sand scorpion under the yellow sand crawled out of the ground, it was already caught severely.

     The wild sand scorpion was very angry, and quickly crawled out from under the yellow sand, holding two huge pliers high, a poisonous needle tail was also raised high, and an angry "hissing" sound was made in his mouth. Regardless of Ol' Three's ridicule, he quickly climbed towards Ye Ci.Its body is huge, at least three or five times larger than Ol’ Three, and its whole body is shiny black. Under the fiery red sunset, it has the momentum of bare fangs and brandish claws.

     Ye Ci's speed is fast, and the speed of the wild sand scorpion is faster. It is about to catch Ye Ci, but

     Unexpectedly, Ye Ci stepped on its large tongs, and with the help of that inertia, he bounced up and rushed out a big way. After so many times, the wild sand scorpion became more and more irritated. It even raised its upper body, vigorously waving two huge pliers, and its eyes could not be distinguished whether it was red in anger or dyed to that fiery red by the setting sun. It looks really scary.

     Just when Ye Ci wanted to follow the recipe again to fly with the pliers of the sand scorpion, she only felt a sharp pain in her feet, and when she turned her head, this guy stung her with a poisonous needle.

     "You are poisoned."

     The system promptly announced Ye Ci's current status coldly and mercilessly. She frowned, and was not in a hurry, but still took advantage of her strength to fly towards a few withered Populus trees not far away.

     Huangsha Scorpion still angrily waved his pliers and followed Ye Ci towards the Populus euphratica.

     Ye Ci slowly landed in front of the Populus euphratica, and then heard a few harsh rubbing sounds of "Kerala" coming from behind her.

     A smile emerged from the corner of Ye Ci's mouth.It's done.

     She slowly turned around, calm and unhurried took out the potion of replenish health from her pocket and poured it into her mouth, while looking at her masterpiece, she laughed.

     I saw that the wild sand scorpion was stuck in the middle of several Populus euphratica trees with its high raised upper body. The hard branches of the dry Populus euphratica tree held the wild sand scorpion tightly in it like a steel cage. . It raised two large tongs high and was supported by the branches of the Populus euphratica. It could not put it down at all. It could only bluff and click, its tail could not move, and it could only continue to growl in anger.

     The world in the wild BOSS and Dungeon BOSS are definitely not monsters on the same level. First of all, their chances of refreshing are very rare, and their attack power is much stronger than that of Dungeon BOSS of the same level. More importantly, in the wild They have a wider space for movement, and their lethality is even greater.

     Of course, these are not the most critical ones. The most important thing is that the world in the wild BOSS will produce rare and best products that Dungeon BOSS cannot produce. Such as mounts, such as special attribute accessories, such as treasure map...

     For this reason, in the late stage of Fate, the world in the wild BOSS on each map was watched by countless people. As soon as they appeared, hundreds of people would go up and besiege. Whether it was a small team or not, someone would go up and make up a few. It's a share of the soup.Ye Ci is now sitting on the ground while wrapping his ankle with a bandage, while putting Ol’ Three under the belly of the sand scorpion, letting him play freely.

     This wild sand scorpion is too poisonous! If it wasn't for the fact that he had a lot of red backs, or if he reacted quickly and made the most timely response, it is estimated that his life would have been ruined here now.

     The use of Populus euphratica tree card wild sand scorpion was not invented by Ye Ci. She also saw it in a video originally, but that video was suspected of using bugs. It was officially closed less than three minutes after it was sent. Ye Ci I also happened to see it.

     But after the video came out, the bug was delayed for three days before it was corrected. During these three days, Ye Ci did nothing but came to the gravel plain to get stuck in the sand scorpion.

     After trying dozens of times, she finally learned how to card BOSS, and then she practiced dozens of times, and she was very familiar with every step of the move and which position to take off. Even if this BUG was fixed later, Ye Ci's body has already remembered all those steps.

     Because of this, Ye Ci, who was only at level twelve, was able to do so easily now, and he immediately got stuck in the sand scorpion.After eliminating three bottles of scarlet and more than a dozen bouncing straps, Ye Ci's life was finally saved by himself from the brink of life and death. Looking at the few bandages left in her hand, Ye Ci decided to go back and buy some coarse cloth and give it to Shake, asking her to make a few sets of bandages for herself to carry with her.

     Life is safe.

     Ye Ci stood up, adjusted a few positions in front of the sand scorpion, found the best vision, and started shooting with one arrow.

     The world in the wild BOSS is indeed a rare creature. This is only a 15th-level wild sand scorpion with 800,000 blood. According to Ye Ci's speed, it took her three or four hours to send this wild sand scorpion. To the west.

     The system just as in the past asked her if she wanted to publish her name, Ye Ci chose Concealment as usual.

     A dazzling red letter appeared in the system channel immediately: "Player XXX successfully killed the 15th level world in the wild BOSS with his own ability, and he returned to peace. A special reward of 3000 world reputation and 10,000 sunset city reputation , 100 gold coins, 3 talent points!"

     "Player XXX successfully killed the 15th level world in the wild BOSS in the wild BOSS with his own personal ability, and returned to safety. Special rewards are 3000 world reputation, 1000 sunset city reputation, 100 gold coins, and 3 talent points!"

     ...The system channel was flashing red letters in no hurry, and the world channel and the official forum were immediately fried. Not for the three talent points that were given, not for the world in the wild BOSS to be killed, nor for the enviable reputation value, but for the few in the system channel-"by personal ability" !

     World in the wild BOSS, which is not synonymous with meat grinder, who has the ability to kill a world BOSS by himself! How can this not make all players in the world crazy?

     But these craziness, all these guesses have nothing to do with Ye Ci, she now only feels one word-tired.

     She was so tired that she felt like vomiting.

     When lowering the bow to harvest the spoils, Ye Ci only felt that her arm had completely lost his intuition, and it seemed that her physical strength was still not good. Fortunately, she has the strength to accumulate such a heaven-defying skill. Although she has shot for three or four hours, her blueness is not less than that. If you change someone, it is estimated that the blueness you eat in these three or four hours is enough for him to shout. Oh my god...

     Chapter 25 The Wild Sand Scorpion

     Chapter 25 The Wild Sand Scorpion