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Chapter Directory 28 Fraud Brooch
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
    Original: | Translation:

Ol’ Three's mood had already turned into a bad mood. Ye Ci quickly threw a few pieces of barbecue to him, without raising his head, he immediately started to be gorgeous oneself. At this time, Ye Ci walked to the side of the sand scorpion, rubbing his hands, and stretched out towards the sand scorpion.

     "I said, God, I've been dark for so long, so you can keep my hands red once anyway." Ye Ci muttered and touched the dead sand scorpion resolutely.

     Scorpion Short Stinger×1

     Scorpion Rugged Armor×1

     Scorpion Headband×1

     Scorpion Gloves×1

     Fraud Brooch×1

     Mysterious Treasure Map×1

     Gold coin×629

     Advanced Hemostatic Medicine×7

     Advanced Stamina Potion×9

     Rage Potion×7

     Defense Potion×6


     Only when he touched the corpse, a long string of trophies appeared in front of Huālāla in front of Ye Ci's eyes. After seeing what Ye Ci is, I can’t help but get excited: "My God, you finally bless me, anyhow there is no empty-handed..."

     But when she pulled up to the top and saw what she saw most, she was left with her mouth open and muttering: "My God, my God..."Every world in the wild BOSS will have its own set of specialties. The set in Fate is basically an eight-piece set, which are head, shoulder pads, cloak, clothes, belt, gloves, pants, and shoes. Of course, some sets will also cover weapons, that is, a nine-piece set.

     For example, the Set Venomous Scorpion set produced by the wild sand scorpion is a nine-piece set. Ye Ci couldn't believe it, that he could explode four of the nine-piece set in one go, and it contained the weapon with the lowest explosion rate!

     Of course, these are not the reasons why she keeps calling God the most. The reason why she has been so gaffe is only because of one---fraud brooch.

     Fraud brooch:

     Features: Can randomly become people of different professions, different races, different genders and levels.

     Features: Concealment kill value to everyone.

     Feature: It can make the treacherous character in the character feature more the stove fire has turned bright green (allusion to Daoist alchemy), you will be able to deceive all NPCs!

     Every world in the wild BOSS will have a special rare product. This is the rare product of the wild sand scorpion, cheating brooch!

     Bringing this thing can not only change your appearance and level, occupation, race, etc., but also Concealment kill value, which is simply the best of the best of the yearn for sth even in one's dreams. This is also the reason why countless people came to organize a group to push the desert sand scorpion.However, the explosion rate of this fraudulent brooch is too low, only one in 100,000.

     We originally said that one in 100,000 does not fall once every 100,000 times...everyone knows.

     Ye Ci stared at the characteristics on the cheating brooch, then turned out his character characteristics and looked at it. That's right, her characteristics are treacherous! That is to say, the situation that cannot kill the NPCConcealment will disappear from her body?

     She almost yelled in excitement!

     What could be more exciting than harvesting this fraud brooch!

     In addition to this fraud brooch, Ye Ci looked at the other four Venomous Scorpion sets.

     Short scorpion sting:


     Purple Equipment

     Attack Speed: 15

     Attack: 129-180

     Strength 176

     Agility 125

     Balance 125

     Perception 125

     Features: 20% chance to cause scorpion venom on the target, which will continue to lose blood for 12 seconds.

     Features: 5% chance to stun the target for 5 seconds.

     Features: Increase the breaking defense value by 5%.

     Level Requirement: 20

     Required occupations: Rangers, Rogue, Hunter, Druid.

     Scorpion Hard Armor:


     Purple Equipment

     Defense: 585

     Vitality(Endurance) 89Stamina 85

     Intelligence 70

     Agility 92

     Balance 90

     Features: 30% exemption against poisonous attacks.

     Features: Passively activates hard armor skills, increasing self defense by 50% for 8 seconds.

     Level Requirement: 20

     Required occupations: Rangers, Rogue, Hunter, Druid.

     Scorpion Headband


     Purple Equipment

     Defense: 298

     Vitality(Endurance) 67

     Stamina 65

     Intelligence 60

     Agility 71

     Perception 71

     Features: Improve the wearer’s night vision by 50%.

     Features: With a see-through skill, it can see through all the opponent's actions, the duration is 15 seconds, and the cooling time is 30 seconds.

     Level Requirement: 20

     Required occupations: Rangers, Rogue, Hunter, Druid.

     Scorpion Gloves:


     Purple Equipment

     Defense: 325

     Vitality(Endurance) 80

     Stamina 68

     Strength 73

     Agility 80

     Balance 80

     Perception 80

     Feature: Increase the melee block rate by 10%.

     Features: With passive poisoning skill, melee or ranged attacks have a 20% chance to poison the target, and continue to lose blood for 12 seconds.

     Level Requirement: 20Required occupations: Rangers, Rogue, Hunter, Druid.

     Purple Equipment is the best equipment level before level 60 in Fate. It is more than a little bit better than the blue equipment attribute of the next level. The attributes of this Venomous Scorpion set are better than those of Ye Ci's equipment. Not only are the attributes good, purple and purple equipments will come with active or passive skills, and these skills are often powerful tools for PK.

     It's like the four Venomous Scorpion sets that Ye Ci got now, with two poisoning skills, one defensive skill-hard armor, and one PK magical skill-see through. It's a pity that Ye Ci's level is still not able to wear this set of equipment that will let the population flow.

     Although killing the sand scorpion gave her a huge experience value, it only rushed her level to 14 and 75%, which is still very far away from the 20 level required by this set equipment.

     Fate waited until it exceeded level 10, and the upgrade was obviously much slower. In addition to doing Quest, there is only the way of constantly spawning monsters. Ye Ci didn't even upgrade to level 12 after brushing the icy cave for so many days, but I think this upgrade is difficult.

     As for the mysterious treasure map, it needs to be identified by an appraiser in Dacheng, otherwise she would not see anything famous.After receiving all the remaining potion, gold coins and various sundries in the package, Ye Ci reluctantly looked at the four Purple Equipment and then closed the package. Then she took the fraud brooch to her chest, and a small icon appeared in the lower right corner of her eyes. She was a little bit, and she heard the system prompt her: the disguise was successful.

     Open the character panel to see that Ye Ci has become a male orc named Druid called Crazy Speed, level 20, holding a Magic Staff in his hand. The GS equipped on his body has changed from 110 to 267.

     Suddenly, Ye Ci felt excited when he thought of something. He quickly opened the package, took out the scorpion stinger from the inside, and equipped it.

     Actually equipped successfully! !

     It seems that she is right. This fraud brooch can disguise grade, occupation, GS, and disguise it later. As long as the requirements are right, she can put on the equipment she couldn't wear before!

     Is this a bug? Ye Ci certainly can't think of this as a BUG. The so-called BUG is something that everyone can use. But only the things you can use, even if it is a bug, Ye Ci will never report it.In this 20-level Druid state, Ye Ci changed into a four-piece poisonous scorpion set, and the GS directly rushed through 400, reaching 472 points! Among players who are generally around GS100, such a GS can no longer be described as metamorphosis and heaven-defying. Ye Ci changed back to his original form, opened his bow and shot an arrow at a small second-level scorpion not far away.

     Critical Hit ―1261!


     After deducting the critical hit and level, Ye Ci calculated roughly, the normal attack power of this arrow has reached 550 from the original 100. This is a qualitative leap!

     Two fists are hard to beat four hands. Although Ye Ci is tough, if you wander around in such a suit, you will soon be targeted. It's hard to guarantee that she will be overcast when she is negligent. If the clothes explode, she must be full of her face. So after a while, Ye Ci turned the cheating brooch and changed his GS from 472 to 85. Suddenly, the set that was so exquisite just now became dark and ordinary.

     People are afraid of being famous and afraid of being strong. If this is the effect, she is very satisfied with the character attributes.

     Ye Ci's gaze fell on the huge corpse of the desert scorpion. After thinking about it for a while, he climbed onto the corpse of the desert scorpion and began to decompose the corpse.On the other side, she was not idle, and directly contacted the online Customer Service, after some language selection. Soon, a cordial and gentle voice came in my ear: "Hello, I am "Fate OLZ Country Customer Service No. 79246, what can I do for you?".

     Ye Ci was sweating like the corpse of the sand scorpion, while telling the Customer Service how he got stuck with the sand scorpion.

     The Customer Service MM over there was obviously taken aback, and then said after a while: "You said, are you going to report the bug of the wild sand scorpion?".


     "Please wait a moment, I'll contact the duty manager of the planning team." The Customer Service sister said, and she disappeared soon.

     Ye Ci didn't worry, and continued to slowly open the wild sand scorpion carapace, meat, venom sac, internal organs, etc. into the package one by one. This kind of world BOSS is a treasure, and everything in it is a treasure of cooking, pharmacy, forging, gem setting, etc. life skills, occupations, years for sth even in one's dreams. So in the later stage, whenever someone organizes to push the world boss, they are always surrounded by a bunch of life skill players. As long as they are all dirty, the life skill players will rush up like a hungry wolf attacking the sheep. Divide the corpse up.In fact, according to Ye Ci's original idea, she still wants to catch this bug and fight the sand scorpion several times, but she is still a bit taboo about Fate's high-end system. If she keeps pursuing the waste sand scorpion according to this BUG, it will be automatically recorded by the system and will be fed back to the planning according to the bug. If this is the case, the plan will definitely circumvent this BUG directly, and the things on your body may be confiscated by the system as illegal gains.

     However, if you take the initiative to report, not only will you be able to keep the equipment, you may be able to get some special rewards.

     Of course, of course, the most important thing is...Ye Ci really doesn't believe where his hands can go. Although she had found a lot of equipment during the Universiade today, she couldn't be sure that she would be able to find so many equipment every time in the future. If she couldn't figure out anything every time and was reported as a BUG by the system, she would suffer too much!

     Therefore, a person still has to know how to get enough, quit while one is ahead in order to maintain peace forever.

     Even if she doesn't report it now, according to the development of the matter, this bug will have to be discovered sooner or later. Sooner or later, she will report it when she finds enough money. Yes, she just wants to take advantage of herself...

     Chapter 26 Fraud Brooch

     Chapter 26 Fraud Brooch