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Chapter Directory 35 Where Is Cool
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
    Original: | Translation:

Thank you Yaoyao 11, Dragon Witch, and Zimei Fengying for their gifts~~~

     The reading of the same death was finally interrupted. At the time of the countdown to 003 seconds, Titus's soft body fell straight down, no more sound.

     For a while, the entire dungeon was terribly quiet.

     Several people are a little bit distrustful of the current situation, but Titus is dead?

     Cold Little Hands even began to pinch his face, muttering to himself: "Are we destroying the group? Are the souls standing here now?"

     The four of them were shocked, but Ye Ci didn't. She exhaled a long breath, and it was finally over, which was terribly deadly.

     "Do you need the Concealment Guild name and team ID?". The system announcement popped up the moment Titus fell.

     Ye Ci chose No. Now is not the time for Concealment. After all, this Dungeon kill will greatly improve Guild's reputation. As a monk for today, toll today's bell, she is now a member of the Steel Blooded Battle Spear, so she has to do something that members should do for Guild.

     "Congratulations to the five members of the ‘Steel Blooded Battle Spear ’Guild for killing the cruel dungeon Dungeon first in the world, rewarding Guild with 500 reputation, let us remember their names!

     "Congratulations to ‘childe’>you for killing the cruel dungeon. The system rewards 100 gold coins, 1,000 prestige in cities in the world, and 2 talent points.""Congratulations to ‘Timely Rain’ for killing the cruel dungeon. The system rewards 100 gold coins, 1,000 prestige in cities in the world, and 1 talent point."

     "Congratulations to'Pickled Pepper Phoenix Claws' for killing the cruel dungeon. The system rewards 100 gold coins, 1000 prestige in cities in the world, and 1 talent point."

     "Congratulations to'Little Hand Cold' for killing the cruel dungeon. The system rewards 100 gold coins, 1,000 prestige in cities in the world, and 1 talent point."

     "Congratulations to ‘Cold Little Hands’ for killing the cruel dungeon. The system rewards 100 gold coins, 1,000 prestige in cities in the world, and 1 talent point."

     Piaohong in the world swept all the information down, and suddenly the world exploded, and the friends channels of several people rang frantically. Xiaoshou Bingliang and Cold Little Hands had encountered such a thing a long time ago, and immediately closed their friends channel. Timely Rain and Pickled Chicken Feet also hurriedly turned off their friends channel, and the world was finally clean.

     "Childe'>you! You went to form a wild group again, did you?" Ye Ci turned off the friend channel. Before he could turn off the secret words, he saw the peacock blue message flying in.

     "It's just that there is no T and Healer. I just called two.""Little Hands and Cold Little Hands are basically the people who played with you in the difficult and cold cave Dungeon. You told me that you called two casually. Do you think I'm a fool!" Peacock Blue heard Ye Ci, it was not lukewarm or cold. With a sigh of relief, the voice grew sharper and sharper. "Do you want to equip your small team?"

     "What's the matter then? You let me fight as soon as I can find someone."

     "But, I didn't let you find a wild group!!"

     "Achievement is Guild's, what kind of wild group?" Ye Ci started frowning. She never liked arguing about such trivial matters, but Peacock Blue was a person who just bites on a little bit and doesn't let it go.

     "Then you are not allowed to divide their equipment, hand in all the equipment of T and Healer!" Peacock Blue paused, and then immediately said: "Give T's equipment directly to Thousand Sunsets, and send Healer's equipment directly to me!"

     Ye Ci squinted her eyes, her face was cold, this woman, she didn't bother to take care of her, she actually treats herself as a dish? Do you think she is a bun when you find her head?

     Ye Ci snorted coldly: "Don't talk nonsense with me, go wherever you go." After saying that, he just shut down the secret words and blocked the woman casually.Although her channel was quiet, Peacock Blue, who was rejected and scolded, was almost mad. She immediately yelled at the Guild channel: "Childe'>you! What do you think you are! Actually bring wild Fight Dungeon! I asked you to hand in equipment to avoid this, you actually called me to get out! What do you think you are, I tell you, now immediately turn in T and Healer’s equipment, this matter is fine, if you Disagree, I kicked you right away! Don't want a penny, don't want a penny!!"

     Xiaoshou Bingliang and Cold Little Hands couldn't see the channel chat of Steel-Blooded Battle-Spear, naturally they didn't know what happened. But Timely Rain and pickled chicken feet can be seen. When they see Peacock Blue, they can't help but be stunned.

     They all looked at Ye Ci, but Ye Ci shook his hands indifferently: "It doesn't matter to her, we share our trophies and sell what we don't need."

     "But..." Timely Rain was still a little worried about Peacock Blue. After all, she was the post-administrator of Guild, and she had a lot of power. She was afraid that she could not afford to offend her.

     "But what? It's important to take things. I really can't change places. Now I want to join the club. There are so many places. I'm afraid of being a hairy." Peacock blue."Childe'>you! I'm going to kick you!" Ye Ci's disregarding approach made Peacock Blue enter a state of anger.

     At this moment, I suddenly saw a prompt flashed by the system: Peacock Blue was removed from personnel rights by Thousand Sunsets.

     "Qianshan!!!" Peacock Blue was about to scream. But even if thousands of members are eagerly waiting to watch Peacock Blue continue to be mad or wait to watch childe'> quiet and lively, there is no response in the Guild channel anymore.

     "What's the matter with Guild?" Xiaoshou Bingliang saw a few people say something that he didn't understand, and he expected Guild's business.

     "It's okay, it's the quarrel in Guild." The pickled chicken feet immediately fought haha.

     "So, that's why I don't want to join Guild. It's too annoying." The little hand grabbed his hair coldly, and looked at Ye Ci in a blink of an eye: "childe'>Can you touch the equipment? If you don't touch it, I will be black! "

     Ye Ci smiled and looked at Timely Rain and Pickled Chicken Feet: "Which one of you has red hands? Go and touch the box." Then she pointed to the three golden boxes leaning against the corner.Cruel dungeon is a Dungeon that many people don't want to come to after a fight. In addition to the disgusting design of Dungeon, the way the loot is given is also disgusting. The old one and the second child have no loot at all. There is only one key. After you knock down Ol' Three, three Treasure Chests will appear behind him. Then use the keys exploded by the three bosses to get the loot in the chest. .

     To put it bluntly, if you don't punch through this Dungeon, you will be burning money for nothing and you will get nothing.

     Both of them shook their heads, indicating that they were also members of the Black Hand Army.

     Finally, the Quest that touched the box was handed over to Little Hands Bingliang and Cold Little Hands.

     These two people are the weapon hand. In addition to the Quest Item antidote that must be used to activate the Dungeon group, there are six weapons, one water blue equipment. All are level 15 equipment.

     However, it is a pity that none of these six weapons are for bows and arrows or crossbows. Ye Ci had no choice but to watch a few people holding weapons in excitement.

     The remaining two Barbarian two-handed axes and Druid’s Magic Staff, after consultation, five people decided to throw them into the auction, and then the stolen money was divided equally.Ye Ci very much doubted whether he had better luck just taking the skill book in this life. There were a total of 17 pieces of equipment out of the three boxes. On average, each of the four people took one or two pieces. At most, they took three pieces of pickled chicken feet. Only oneself, except for the two skill books, didn't even see the roots.

     However, the skill book is not as good as equipment, so it is very difficult to produce, so Ye Ci holds these two skill books and feels that everything is worth it.

     Ice Trap: Placed on the way the target is going to pass, it can freeze the target. The duration is 12 seconds and the cooling time is 30 seconds.

     Poison: Quench poison on the weapon to poison the target. During the skill time, all Physical Attacks will be poisoned. The duration is 60 seconds, and the cooling time is 90 seconds. Rogue, Hunter, Rangers can be used.

     In Fate, the professions of the same series will have some general skills. For example, the skill of poisoning is the common skills of Rogue, Hunter and Rangers. It is also known as the yin man, the stunt of killing BOSS.

     After dividing the spoils, everyone added friends to each other and left Dungeon.Back in Red Lake City, Ye Ci did today's daily Quest, received a salary package, and received 50 silver coins and 50 military points as usual. Then I took care of the warehouse and was ready to go offline. However, a pigeon flew in front of her. It turned out that Liu Chang had just died from Dungeon. He heard the Peacock Blue incident, and quickly came to ask about it. what is the matter.

     "It's nothing, I don't think it's a problem." Ye Ci thought for a while, and found that there seemed to be nothing wrong.

     "You don't think it's a problem. The dead woman doesn't think so. She thinks everyone should follow her. Today, it's not clear how she would talk to Thousand Sunsets." Liu Chang snorted coldly.

     "I love to say what I say, I don't rely on her to eat, I leave if I can't, and I'm not rare." Ye Ci yawned, obviously not caring about this question: "I'm exhausted. It's just a First Kill. It made me spirit weary, strength exhausted, and went to sleep."

     Liu Chang saw Ye Ci like this and didn't drag her to continue talking. He just made an appointment to go online tomorrow to chat again, and they all went offline.

     This Dungeon played Ye Ci without eating for a whole day. She was very nervous in the game just now, and she didn't feel hungry either. Now that she was off the line, she suddenly felt hungry with her chest and her back. After messing around with some food, she crawled onto the bed and went to sleep. The moment her head touched the pillow, she fell asleep.I don't know how long I slept, the phone on the bedside suddenly rang.

     Ye Ci took the cup and covered his head, turned over and continued to sleep, not wanting to pay attention. But that phone'> chip away at a task and not abandon it, it kept ringing, so noisy that Ye Ci finally had to reach out and answer the phone'>.

     The call is from Yi Cang.

     It seems that Yi Cang often contacts her recently, Ye Ci thinks in a daze.

     "Xiao ci, come out for dinner tomorrow."

     "Your dad gave you pocket money?"

     "No, He said that Guild organized events."

     "Which brother?" Ye Ci was awake.

     "He Xiao, is Thousand Sunsets."

     Ye Ci suddenly became sober, please eat now? This did not seem to be a good opportunity, and Ye Ci had to think of what happened in the afternoon.

     Chapter Thirty Three

     Chapter Thirty Three