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Chapter Directory 37 The First To Kill The Wild Boar King
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
    Original: | Translation:

Thank you for your reward~~~~

     The Plains of Despair is a green grassland, and there is no sense of despair at all. However, as you go into the plain, the grass becomes more and more yellow, and when it reaches the innermost point, the green plain is already a desolate land not even a blade of grass grows, and the sky flies from time to time. I can feel a little desperate when I pick up a few crows that are screaming.

     But now Ye Ci is not in the mood to watch the scenery. Her goal is the nest of the Boar King.

     The Boar King’s lair is contrary to the normal state of the game, not in the hidden depths of the map, but just beside the road. Therefore, before the 10th level, the huge wild boar king can often be seen wandering alone on the Plains of Despair, or chasing the players who are alone.

     However, after most of the people's ranks are up, this kind of situation where one pig is in the middle of the world will have a fundamental change.

     Guilds stationed in several surrounding cities often organize groups to push the wild boar king, but there are too many people to push, and there will inevitably be disputes. Often the end result is that the Guild battles become First Squadron, the wild boar king still arrogantly kills people everywhere, and this situation has also led to the wild boar king still not being overthrown until now.Ye Ci ran all the way on a little red horse without asking for coordinates. As long as he followed the direction of the people on the road, he quickly found the place of the melee.

     Sure enough, World Conqueror and several Guilds fought together. Ye Ci stopped and took a look, and found that they were all famous Guilds from the previous life.

     Sub-district Office: I heard that the founder of this Guild is a group of middle-aged and elderly players in their fifties. They started playing games when they were young, and they continued to play games until they were middle-aged and old. All of them are veteran of a hundred battles, among the elite. The elite of Guild later developed into a large group, and also joined many young people. Ranked ninth in country Z before opening Fate OL.

     Blade of Darkness: Guild, ranked eighth in Europe and America, is a group of Caucasians with warlike blood flowing in their veins. He has won rankings in various competitions in the world. Although Ye Ci rarely deals with foreign Guilds, it is still very rare to see foreign Guilds on Fate's Eastern Continent.

     Then there is the World Conqueror, which is ranked twelfth in Country Z.

     In addition to these three Guilds, of course, there are also many little Guilds who are not named. They plan to fish in troubled water. It would be great if they can grab the First Kill.

     "Susu, Add me to the party." Ye Ci immediately sent a message to Piao Yao.

     Almost at the same time Ye Ci received an invitation from a team called "Flawless Reflection".Ye Ci didn't hesitate, he joined the team directly, and then he heard a person on the Leader channel smile heartily: "Is it childe'>you? I didn't expect you to be a swaying friend."

     Because in the team leader, everyone's voice in the channel is turned off, and even text chat is restricted to 30 seconds to speak a sentence. So Ye Ci answered directly from the text chat window: "Is it to kill or grab the boss?"

     "You only need to help us grab the BOSS. You don't need to intervene in other things." Flawless Reflection's voice made Ye Ci sound very familiar. After thinking about it for a while, I finally realized that this is Qin Churuo!

     Although I have been low-key, but the two consecutive First Kill, Timely Rain and the big mouth of pickled pepper chicken feet, even if there is no post on the forum, the perfect operation of the hunter childe'>you has become a viral version of the fact , Let many people know overnight.

     So today I pretended to mention that my friend was a childe'>you, Flawless Reflection immediately asked her to invite Ye Ci over to fight the BOSS. Nothing else. People who can kill two Dungeons first, it must be good. . As long as the boss is robbed, nothing else matters.

     "Great."Flawless Reflection waited until Ye Ci agreed and said: "As long as you grab the BOSS, you can choose 50,000 real coins or give priority to the reward of one piece of equipment."

     Flawless Reflection's words made Ye Ci smile. This person is still the same as the original impression, and he definitely does not take advantage of others.

     However, this time, Ye Ci must make him owe him favor. Flawless Reflection is a very loyal person. He has always been a kind of dripping water and repaying by the spring. It is also because of this character that he was framed miserably later.

     Since he is loyal to everyone, and since some things cannot be avoided, it is better to be friends with him and let him be loyal to himself.

     After 30 seconds of waiting time, Ye Ci said from a text chat: "I just help to waver, and you don't need to thank you."

     Ye Ci's words made Flawless Reflection a little surprised, and also moved Putterly. She repeatedly sent Ye Ci a few private messages: "Thank you, thank you."

     Ye Ci didn't talk nonsense with them, and leaped towards the wild boar king. Strengthen Hunter's Mark, Falcon Protection, Ol' Three attacked, Snake Venom Needle stabbed, a few moves were done in one go, but in the blink of an eye, I saw the wild boar king yelling, abandoning the group of MTs surrounding him and rushing towards Ye Ci .Although the speed of the wild boar king is very fast, there are too many players in front, and it will take a lot of time even if it crashes and crashes. In this way, Ye Ci uses the natural barrier of more players to just kite the wild boar king.

     Before Ye Ci came, the Boar King had been besieged by a group of people and almost 70% of his blood had been destroyed. Although it was a melee of a hundred regiments, everyone wanted to overthrow the BOSS. The wild boar king has been given a kite away now, how can he not let other Guild leaders worry.

     So he changed his tactics again and again, instead of letting the MT pull monsters, and directly let the remote follow the wild boar king for remote output.

     However, this is not an easy task. First, Ye Ci is very fast. She jumps up and down in front, causing the wild boar king to scurry around and not walking in a straight line, making it slow to cast spells. Sorcerer Warlock whine on for days. After finally reading the rules and casting the spell, the Wild Boar King ran out of the attack range again. This is not cheating.

     Second, the wild boar king sometimes uses his hind legs to accumulate energy, and then rushes towards Ye Ci with a violent kick on his hind legs. Ye Ci has a high balance and high perception. He jumped up early to avoid the wild boar king's attack, but the players who followed were unlucky. If you follow far away, you won’t be able to follow. If you follow too close, you will definitely be kicked to death by a wild boar.Third, although the purpose of several Guilds is to overthrow the Boar King, it does not mean that no one will fight. Think about it, in a group of melee players, you still have to run with a pig while moving and casting spells. This is a kind of crumbling errand.

     Flawless Reflection is standing on a big tree in the Plains of Despair. The angle of live high and look down just sees Ye Ci operation. Although he was calm on the surface, he had already set off a huge wave in his heart. He always felt that he was doing a good job, and he could be regarded as a master. In fact, he was the same. But when compared with the childe'>you who is also a hunter, he realized that he still had to learn a lot.

     Let’s not say that none of her own skills, just say that using balance to keep jumping, flying low and making precise skill connections is definitely not something ordinary people can do. From the perspective of other professions, childe'>you operations may be gorgeous and beautiful, but only the hunter himself knows how lethal these gorgeous operations are, and how high-tech these beautiful actions are. .

     In all fairness, even if the current self can use balance to jump and fly like this, it is definitely not one morning and one evening to reach the stage of childe'>you so proficient.

     childe'>You, where are you holy?If it was said that at the beginning, letting Floating to find a childe'> Youlai was nothing more than thinking of multiple foreign aids, and not much to agree with this person's abilities, then Flawless Reflection has completely overturned the initial judgment in his heart. This childe'>you is definitely not a simple character, it would be great if he could include his own Guild...

     "The wild boar king has only blood skin left, everyone hurry up!"

     I don't know who screamed, all the players chased them more closely as if they were mad, and the snow-like skill slammed on the wild boar king who was jealous for a long time. Ye Ci poured a bottle of extremely violent potion into his mouth, turned sharply in the air, and it was a Rapid Fire.

     With the poisoning effect on the scorpion gloves, the stainless steel arrow sticks directly into the wild boar king's eyes. There is the weakness of the wild boar king. 100% of the critical hits shot there will break the defense, but because the wild boar king is too tall, it would be impossible to shoot if it weren't for the reflexive jump like Ye Ci.

     Critical Hit! OK! ―3281!

     The wild boar king yelled wildly, and the huge hill-like body "rumblingly" fell down, arousing a cloud of smoke and dust.Then I heard the World Channel start to screen: "Congratulations to'World Conqueror' Guild for killing level 15 in the wild BOSS in the wild BOSS, rewarding Guild with 300 reputation, Red Sand City with 1000 reputation and 100 gold coins. Let's remember Live their names!"

     "Congratulations to ‘Flawless Reflection’ for killing the Wild Boar King. The system has 100 reputation points for Red Sand City and 2 talent points."


     "Congratulations to ‘Floating and Shaking’ for killing the Wild Boar King. The system Red Sand City has 100 prestige and 1 talent point."


     "Congratulations to ‘childe’>you’ for killing the Wild Boar King, the system Red Sand City has 100 prestige points and 1 talent point."


     After Ye Ci saw that he had a little more talent points, he quit the team immediately after speaking to Piao Shao, and rode his little red horse to Red Sand City. A joke, if you continue to stay, it will be strange to be chased by other Guilds in a while.

     The whole World Conqueror is boiling. Only heard the cheers of World Conqueror members echoing on the Plains of Despair, they lifted the Flawless Reflection from the tree, and kept throwing it into the air.

     Flawless Reflection is naturally excited too, but what worries him even more is that he saw the dazzling row of golden fonts that appeared in the team channel after the world broadcast: "childe'>you quit the team."He really didn't ask for anything, he didn't even say hello, and he left the team directly after playing the BOSS.

     This makes Flawless Reflection feel as if he is caught in his heart. It has never been his style to owe favor to others, but now that everyone is in this situation, he really can't do anything. He can only contact him after everyone celebrates. Right.


     Thank you Flawless Reflection for providing the name~~~

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     Chapter 35 First Kill The Wild Boar King