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Chapter Directory 39 Jelly
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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     the sun sets in the west.

     The long yellow sand of the gravel plain was dyed into a golden red of Strange Differences by the setting sun, which was dazzlingly beautiful.

     Looking at the south of the Yangtze River in such a dazzling beauty, I have been looking at Ye Ci, as if looking at an alien creature I have never seen before. Since he was a child, he has been a character called a genius, and everyone says that genius is lonely. Wang Jiangnan really felt that way. He was always squeezed out from his childhood, from birth to school to work. When I think of it, it seems that for the first time someone has taught him this way.

     This feeling is so strange.

     Suddenly he followed Ye Ci and laughed: "Hey, wouldn't I be suspected of cheating if I play a game? I know everything."

     Ye Ci rolled his eyes, "Just know that it's useful for farts, do you think the player is your evaluation account, knowing what's here, you can explode when you go up?" After a few words, she suddenly felt that the conversation is disagreeable with him, simply Waved impatiently: "Come on, you don't have time to play anyway, ask so much why, I will kill this deserted sand scorpion a few times, you quickly finish recording, we take different roads and urge the horses on to pull it down."

     Wang Jiangnan is not angry, but just looks at Ye Ci with a smile: "You don't seem to like me very much."

     "I don't like planning."

     "why?""You only have two things to show up, one is to punish players and avoid bugs, and the other is to use players to avoid bugs. There is a gross goodwill." Ye Ci can be regarded as the ashes of playing games, don't you know these game companies? Anyway, the players are sheep, and the sheep wool comes from the sheep's back.

     Wang Jiangnan was stunned for a moment and laughed. It was the first time he heard an evaluation of the plan from a player's mouth. I have to say that it is terribly accurate. He turned over and lay on the sand, squinting at the red sky, making people unpredictable.

     Ye Ci didn't bother to pay attention to him. She had always reported that she was not guilty of these schemes, but she could not provoke or provoke her.

     At the last arrow, the deserted sand scorpion hissed a few times, and finally dropped his head again, turned into a huge experience value and rushed into Ye Ci's experience slot, raising her level to 16 and 20%. . Although it is still 2 levels away from Let Go of Sister, which is currently the number one in the ranking, it is not bad.

     After losing a few pieces of meat, Ye Ci went to touch the corpse happily after running over to the cute Ol’ Three.

     "Give me a chance, let me just put together a set of poisonous scorpions." Ye Ci drew a cross on his chest, praying religiously to God.

     Then stretched out the little black hand with little redness and touched the desert scorpion without hesitation.Obviously, God feels that this kind of thing is really unachievable, and he didn't respond to Ye Ci's prayer at all. Her black hand halo enveloped herself once again.

     The wild sand scorpion that died for the second time only stingly dropped out two pieces of equipment and two skill books, as well as a pile of potion and several hundred gold coins.

     Scorpion Hard Boots×1

     Scorpion Cloak×1

     Misguided shooting×1



     Although I didn't put together a set at once, the two items I released this time are not the same as what I originally had, and it also made Ye Ci a lot of balance in his heart. In particular, there is a speed 7 on the hard boots of the scorpion, and an additional sprint skill.

     Sprint: Let the body rush forward 25 meters suddenly, with a cooling time of 1 minute.

     This is really a heaven-defying skill for life-saving, PK, and kiting!

     Ye Ci immediately opened the fraud brooch, changed himself to level 20, and replaced the two sets with them. However, it is a pity in my heart, there is no way to turn on the mysterious Set property of this Venomous Scorpion set without a set. However, she quickly abandoned this idea, anyway, the purple outfit at level 20 can be worn to level 35 at most, so she doesn't need to worry too much.

     After putting on shoes and cloak, Ye Ci's GS immediately rushed to 627! It is more than two hundred higher than the 369 outside Changting, the number one on the equipment list.Misleading shooting is also a magical skill of hunters, it can transfer its own aggro to the designated target. This is a must-learn skill for Dungeon and Kite in the wild BOSS.

     As for another resurrection technique, Cleric and Priest's skill book. It is usually found in the Dungeon group at level 35. Resurrection is a necessary skill for Cleric and Priest. Although this skill can be learned at level 12, it can only be dropped in Dungeon at level 35. You can see how precious this book is.

     She estimates that no one in Fate has this book at all. If she now throws this book to the auction house, she still doesn't know what the madness will become.

     Ye Ci is one thousand and ten thousand. I didn't expect that Huangsha Scorpion would release this book. It seems that my luck this time is not too bad. However, she has no plans to release this book for the time being, mainly because Fate has not yet opened up the exchange of real currency and game currency, and if this book is released now, although it can cause a sensation in the world, it is not affordable.

     Therefore, Ye Ci plans to release this resurrection technique first.

     After changing the equipment to the skills learned, Ye Ci immediately climbed onto the corpse of the sand scorpion and decomposed the corpse drastically.Wang Jiangnan also made the final report. He walked under the corpse of the wild sand scorpion, looked up at Ye Ci and smiled: "childe'>you, then we I'm sure we'll meet again some day."

     Ye Ci didn't look up, but just smiled: "I hope it will be indefinite."

     Wang Jiangnan didn't say anything, he waved at Ye Ci, "Goodbye."

     Ye Ci also waved at him, and then proceeded to decompose the body of the sand scorpion.

     After more than half an hour, Ye Ci finally decomposed the dead sand scorpion. He recruited the little red horse Ye Ci, stepped on his horse and ran towards the sunset city.

     When passing through the sunset forest, Ye Ci saw from a distance a Cleric wearing a gray robe was kiting a furbolg. She was skilled in her actions and used the stove fire has turned bright green (allusion to Daoist alchemy). ), almost no CD was wasted, one skill followed by another skill, a 13th-level furbolg was in her hands but only 4 skills were put in.

     This Cleric has a good offensive power. Although it can only be used to fight monsters, a little exercise should be a good Cleric.

     Ye Ci praised him secretly, and rode the little red horse fast past the Cleric. When passing by, Ye Ci clicked on her personal information by the way, and there was no Concealment.

     ID: Fruit Jelly

     Race: Elf

     Occupation: ClericLevel: 12.

     Fruit Jelly?

     Ye Ci was stunned for a moment. The name was really familiar, and he was looking at it from nowhere. It wasn't until a long time after running out that Ye Ci remembered, isn't this person Fruit Jelly, who later became known as the Fate Ten Great Herdsmen? If Ye Ci likes PK, then this Fruit Jelly likes PK even more. After opening the Arena later, this guy actually spent ten months in there day and night, replacing the whole Fate with the kill honor. A marshal combat outfit.

     However, it would be unfair to just say that she likes to fight. This guy's ability to control blue can be called horror. Once a team of 25 people milked a team, no one was a dead body. It's just that she has a problem, she only guarantees that you won't die, not that you are full of blood.

     Therefore, it was later called "Fruit Undead".

     Of course, this is after many years and many years. The current Fruit Jelly looks like a little Cleric with a little bit of mistakes.

     Fruit Jelly is an upright person and has a good character. Although she is a girl, she is also a woman who dares to love and hate, and is loyal. She has a kind of boldness to compare favorably with men in terms of ability, bravery etc. Ye Ci suddenly stopped, and she thought of something.

     If in the future her team, Fruit Jelly, a violent herder, will exist, what will it be like?

     Her team?This thought just came out and it grew like a wild grass in March, and it couldn't be erased. Although he didn't think about anything, even if he didn't even have any plans, Ye Ci's body had already turned his horse's head and ran quickly in the direction of Fruit Jelly.

     Fruit Jelly continued to fight the furbolg, one after another. Fate was the first game she came into contact with. When she entered the game, she didn't understand anything, and got the initial points wrong, which caused her to be quite different now. Although I wanted to delete the account several times and re-trained, but I was reluctant to have reached level 12.

     "Hey, Cleric." Suddenly a clean voice rang from Fruit Jelly's side. She turned her head and saw an elf riding a red pony standing by her side. Her back was straight, her skin was white, and her amber Her eyes smiled at herself like bright jewels. And beside her horse followed a black leopard, staring at herself with the same amber eyes.

     "Hello, Hunter." Ye Ci looked at Fruit Jelly with a smile, only to see that she secretly looked up and down and took a look at Ol’ Three before cautiously saying hello. "Something wrong?".

     Ye Ci immediately traded with her and put up the resurrection technique: "Is there this book?".Sure enough, Fruit Jelly's eyes lit up immediately. She believed that this little Cleric must know the value of this book.

     "How much do you want?" Fruit Jelly stared at the resurrection technique for a few seconds and then raised her head to look at Ye Ci. In addition to being cautious, there was a deep surprise in her eyes.

     "Ten thousand gold coins." Ye Ci casually said a price.

     Fruit Jelly was taken aback for a moment, then her face changed slightly, and then she looked at the book reluctantly, and resolutely ended the transaction: "Sorry, I don't have that much money."

     "Don't think about it anymore?". Ye Ci squinted his eyes, and the smile on his lips was unpredictable.

     Fruit Jelly turned her head, joking a little lonely: "Do you accept ten-year installments?"

     This time it was Ye Ci's turn to froze there. She didn't expect that Fruit Jelly was quite humorous. After a few laughs, Ye Ci shook his head: "I'm not a bank, of course I don't accept it."

     "Then there is nothing to think about." Fruit Jelly finished speaking, even turning her body away. It seemed that she wanted this book very much.


     At the strong request of someone, she made a grand appearance~~ Please give flowers and applause. Of course, you can also O(_)O~...

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     Chapter 37 Fruit Jelly