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Chapter Directory 40 Daddy's Mission
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
    Original: | Translation:

Thank you for the reward of your heart-warming children's shoes~~~

     Ye Ci sent another transaction, put the resurrection technique on it, and then pressed to confirm the transaction.

     Fruit Jelly turned around, with a little anger: "I said I have no money..."

     "Give it to you." Ye Ci looked at Fruit Jelly's slightly angry face and said quietly.

     "Huh?" Fruit Jelly was there immediately, not even finishing what he said just now, just staring at the hunter opposite with wide-eyed eyes. Then she stretched out a finger to pick her ears, smiled incredulously: "Did I misheard."

     "No, I said this book is for you." Ye Ci smiled.

     "Why?" Fruit Jelly was so surprised that he couldn't even speak: "This book is a resurrection technique, but it's worth..."

     "I know, I go to the auction house every day. I know this better than you." Ye Ci's sketch in light shades blocked what Fruit Jelly continued to say.

     "Then why give it to me?"

     "Why?" Ye Ci raised her head, squinted her eyes and thought for a while, she couldn't tell her that you will be a well-known big man in Fate in the future, Cleric with first-class operation and blue control, I want to get you into the group. . "Looking at you, I think you can have a deep friendship." After thinking for a while, Ye Ci said.This answer made Fruit Jelly's brows frowned. Can she give her resurrection surgery if she sees her pleasingly?

     Is this person a problem or is there too much money to give away? However, despite being so skeptical, I have to say that the character of Ye Ci is really appreciated by Fruit Jelly. She hesitated for a while: "I might delete the number."

     "Then treat this book as a waste." Ye Ci didn't care, she didn't believe that after learning this resurrection technique, Fruit Jelly, was she willing to delete the number?

     "I have nothing to exchange, let alone money..."

     "I said, I see you pleasing to the eye, I want to make your friend." Ye Ci repeated what he said just now.

     Fruit Jelly hesitated looking at the book for a while before finally biting her lip and choosing to agree to the transaction. Then she immediately sent a friend request to Ye Ci.

     Ye Ci agreed and added her as a friend.

     When Fruit Jelly saw Ye Ci's name, she was taken aback: "You are childe'>you?"

     Ye Ci scratched her hair. She didn't seem to have dealt with her before. Why did she have a strange expression of "It turned out to be you": "Well, what's wrong?"

     Fruit Jelly seems to have put all his guard down at this time, and his eyes on Ye Ci are also warm: "Your operation is so great. I go to see your post on the lens every day. Although I am Cleric, I have learned a lot. Stuff!"What posts are not posts? Ye Ci Zhang Er can't figure it out. She has been busy rubbing arrows and practicing life skills recently. She has never been on the forum at all. What is she talking about?

     Fruit Jelly gets acquainted with people a lot. She chatted with Ye Ci for a while, and she became more trusting and grateful for Ye Ci: "childe'>! Although I am not good at playing games, you will call me if I have something to do! "

     This is of course Ye Ci's most desperate thing. After a few more words, the two people left to do their own things.

     Although the resurrection technique was sent out, a large amount of income was lost, but... it is worth the money to be able to hand over Fruit Jelly, one of the top Cleric characters in the future.

     Teleported from Sunset City to Red Lake City, Ye Ci immediately ran towards the auction house after completing today's daily routine. She had already studied the Flame Arrow book, but the materials for making the Flame Arrow were not always ready, and she was somewhat anxious.

     After breaking through the cruel dungeon, you can go to other Dungeons in the cold wetlands. In the cold wetlands, all the monsters in the Dungeon group are cold. Fire skills and weapons with additional fire damage can hit additional high damage. With the flame arrows, she goes to other Dungeons in the cold wetlands, and the DPS can be improved. It's a big one.It’s just a pity that the flame shards needed to make the flame arrows are very few in the auction house. Ye Ci bought the few of them without blinking. It’s just that the flame shards are far from Ye Ci. The upper limit is far from enough.

     While she was struggling with this question, her private channel rang and heard the excited voice of Moon Star: "Sister! My mining and forging have reached the elementary level 50%!"

     Ye Ci was surprised, isn't it, the elementary 50%!

     Life skills in Fate are very difficult to practice. These life skills are divided into seven levels: Apprentice, Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced, Master, Grandmaster, and Great Grandmaster. Among them, the apprenticeship level up to the elementary level only needs to be collected or practiced continuously. But every liter from elementary to advanced level not only takes a lot of time to practice, but also spends a certain amount of gold coins or experience points. From the advanced level to the Great Grandmaster level, in addition to continuing to consume time, money, and experience, every time you upgrade a level, you have to randomly complete a very difficult Quest.

     Moon Star is a player who has no money. He can now upgrade both forging and mining to 50%, which seems to have cost considerable experience.

     "What is your level now?"

     "Jan Yuexing replied with a grin.Sure enough. Rangers is very fast in solo practice. In addition, Ye Ci often teaches Moon Star skills. If he keeps leveling, he can now reach level 13 and 4, but he is still at level 11. He really took a lot of experience to upgrade his life skills.

     "With such a low level, the map for mining would be very dangerous." Ye Ci sighed.

     "It's okay, sister, I have a good ability to escape now. Don't worry, I don't want to level up. It's boring. It's interesting to mine and forge." Moon Star doesn't care about his level experience.

     What Fate pays attention to is that individuals shape their own different and only Fate. Some people like to make money, some like to upgrade, and some like life skills, have nothing in common with each other.

     Since Moon Star chose to be a life skill, Ye Ci had nothing to say, but encouraged him not to give up halfway, Moon Star immediately agreed. The two talked a few gossips, and Moon Star inadvertently mentioned that he was mining on the edge of the hot plain, which made Ye Ci's heart move.

     Scorching Plains is a leveling area from level 15 to level 20, where minerals are rich, and the additional product of ore is flame shards.

     "Do you have flame shards in your hand?"."Yes, there are too many, I can’t fit in my warehouse anymore. This thing is a necessity to build weapons with fire damage, but I don’t have a formula for this weapon yet. I wanted to keep a little, but more and more. I wanted to sell it to NP Yuexing and talked about my own flame shards, and my brows wrinkled. It seemed really distressed.

     Ye Ci overjoyed at unexpected good news and immediately said: "Don't sell NPC, you sell it to me, a 50G group, get me 20 groups."

     "If my sister wants it, just take it and say what money."

     "You also need money for forging. You don't need to charge me generously. I will often get it in the future." Ye Ci refused to listen to Moon Star's refusal, and directly rejected his statement, and then immediately sent 1000G to the mailbox to Moon Star.

     After a while, Moon Star's email also arrived, but Ye Ci gave 10 more sets of flame shards. This time, no matter what Ye Ci said, he didn't need money, Ye Ci had to let him go.

     Now that everything is ready, Ye Ci put aside other things and concentrates on making flame arrows.

     I just did more than ten sets, but I received a secret message again, this time it was Ideal Height 1.7m. Although the two have only formed a team once, but they often contact each other, they can be regarded as close friends.

     "Childe'>, are you free, can you help me out?" Ideal Height 1.7m spoke very directly and was never vague.

     The words are also unambiguous."I have a Quest, which can only be done by three people. I want to get something. I thought for a long time that only you are the most suitable, so I want to trouble you for help."

     "What Quest?"

     Ideal Height 1.7m immediately sent the Quest description to Ye Ci, and Ye Ci found that it was a high mountain. This is a professional Quest that Sorcerer Warlock has to do. I was going to get a parcel from a crooked-neck pine tree on the loose cliff on Wanzong Mountain.

     This Quest not only tests balance, but also relies on reaction ability.

     Those who accept Quest have to climb from the edge of the loose cliff to the tree to take a package. If the balance is not good, they will fall into the cliff. However, even if you take the package, you will immediately get from the dead tree. Climb out a 15-level elite python to snatch the package. If you do not attract the python's aggro to retake the package as quickly as possible, then the package can only be re-made the next day.

     If this Quest is really on the ground, it is really nothing rare. But if it was on a crooked-necked tree on the edge of a cliff, it would be hard to say.

     Ye Ci remembered that she had been stuck on this Quest for a few weeks in the previous life. She did not know how many times she died before she happened to make it. It seems that Ideal Height 1.7m is also stuck by this Quest. Ye Ci did not refuse, but agreed happily.She rubbed several sets of flame arrows, trimmed the equipment, and ran towards Wanzong Mountain outside Nottingcheng.

     The teleportation is still very powerful. In less than half an hour, Ye Ci had reached the foot of Wanzong Mountain, and Ideal Height 1.7m and Let Go of Sister were sitting at the intersection of the mountain and talking. They met Ye Ci. When they came, they hurriedly came up to say hello, and then everyone called out their mounts and ran towards the top of the mountain.

     When standing next to the crooked-neck tree next to the loose cliff again, Ye Ci felt like a dream. It seems that all the past when she was Sorcerer immediately appeared in front of her. She smiled and looked back at Ideal Height 1.7m and Let Go of Sister: "You are waiting for me to get it."

     "You must be careful, I have died no less than ten times." Ideal Height 1.7m frowned when talking about this Quest: "Let us Magic based Classes do this kind of highly balanced Quest, isn't it cheating? !"

     Let Go of Sister also said: "The snake comes out, you jump back at speed, and I immediately mock it. Don't fall by yourself."

     Ye Ci made an "OK" motion at the two of them, dexterously and lightly jumped onto the crooked neck tree, and reached out to reach the package.

     no sooner said than done

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