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Chapter Directory 42 Attacked
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
    Original: | Translation:

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     The Great Grandmaster-level fishing skill division is definitely not an ordinary NPC, and it is incomparable with the kind of NPC that stands in one place and says a few silly nonsense or runs across the city. If she remembers correctly, such skill division NPCs are generally divided into high-level NPCs, while master-level skill divisions are divided into Legend Level NPCs, and there is only one on each continent.

     If the Great Grandmaster skill teacher dies, the system will refresh.

     It's just that the refresh time is a little bit longer, which is only three years of real time.

     Ye Ci dragged Johnny's body into the dug pit, and smiled to herself: "Actually, three years are very short, but it's just a blink of an eye." She said while facing each other. Ol' Three asked: "Ol' Three, don’t you say so! Let’s change to a literary style. Time is like a white steed flits past a crack. Thousands of years are fleeting, right? Thousands of years are just a blink of an eye. No more, let alone three years!"

     I don’t know if Ol’ Three can understand Ye Ci’s guilty conscience. Anyway, this guy is nod one's head and wag one's tail who is so cute at her.

     After finally throwing Johnny in the pit and covering the soil, Ye Ci exhaled a long breath.

     This is definitely not her do more than is required.This kind of Legend Level NPC dies after the corpse disappears in the real time of 18 months, and the time until the next same NPC is refreshed is still 18 months. In other words, in the next 36 months, for a full three years of real time, the Eastern Continent where Ye Ci is located will not have a Great Grandmaster-level fishing skill division.

     If there is a fishing Life Player who wants to learn Great Grandmaster-level life skills, I am sorry, but I can only go to the other four continents to find a skill teacher. And if you step out of this continent... Ye Ci looks at the sky, this matter really has nothing to do with her!

     Although she told herself that way, Ye Ci still buried the body "with due diligence". If she doesn't bury the body now, when someone finds out that this guy is dead, the NPC has not been refreshed, and complains to the official, the ghost knows it will not Will find it on its own head.

     She really has nothing to do with this matter!

     After burying Johnny’s body, Ye Ci picked up the fishing rod on the water’s edge that had just caught her hand, and found that it was just a very ordinary fishing rod, so he threw it into an inconspicuous corner. I looked around this small col again, planning to go out.

     Of course, it is still very beautiful here, birdsong and fragrant flowers, green grass like cushion. If you don’t look at everything in disorder and cut off the wood, it’s still very beautiful.Anyway, the trees will refresh in a few days, so she had better leave here quickly.

     Ye Ci glanced at this small col for the last time, as if he had been thrown out by a ghost, he took Ol’ Three and walked away quickly. There is only a long and narrow road as twisty as sheep's intestine leaving the col. After Ye Ci ran along the road as twisty as sheep's intestine for a short time, he saw a small wooden house.

     And there was a sign pinned to the door of the house-Johnny's house.

     How much does this fishing Great Grandmaster like to leave a name? Even the house has his name written on it! Ye Ci, who wanted to leave quickly, looked at the house and suddenly stopped, thinking to himself.

     That guy is a Great Grandmaster-level fishing skill master. Doesn't he have anything valuable?

     As Rude walked into Johnny's house, Ye Ci began to overturn trunks and boxes. There are really no valuable things, simple furnishings, simple life, there is really nothing worthy of attention. But in the corner, Ye Ci found a row of fishing rods and a fish basket.

     She stretched out her hand and just wanted to pick up the one at the very end, when she heard the system prompt ringing: "Are you sure to choose this rod? If you are sure, it will be bound to you, and you can't choose another rod."

     Ye Ci quickly chose No.

     It seems that this is the thing!For the Great Grandmaster-level fishing master, the most valuable thing is of course the fishing rod! However, with such a large row of fishing rods, without letting you look at the attributes, how does she know which one is best? Ye Ci got close to the ten or so fishing rods, and saw the right from the left, and then the left from the right. He really didn't know what to choose.

     Some of these fishing rods are bright green, some are darkly shining with silver, and some are exquisitely shaped, and they all look good.

     Although Ye Ci didn't learn the skill of fishing, she still planned to choose the best attribute from the pile of fishing rods. Looking around, her eyes finally fell on a fishing rod placed behind the fishing rod holder.

     It was covered with a dusty linen cloth, which accumulated a lot of dust, and looked very inconspicuous, but Ye Ci just couldn't help but want to get that one.

     "Are you sure to choose this fishing rod? If you are sure, it will be bound to you, and you cannot choose another fishing rod." The system prompt sounded again in a timely manner. Ye Ci didn't hesitate at all this time, so he chose yes.

     She didn't learn to fish anyway, even if she got a bad one, it didn't matter. What's more, putting together such an ordinary fishing rod and a bunch of exquisite fishing rods is very suspicious in itself.With the fishing rod in his hand, Ye Ci can finally see its attributes.

     Balaisen's Treasure Rod

     Bind after pickup

     Orange quality

     Unique item

     Two-handed fishing rod

     Attack: 447-672, Attack Speed: 30

     Requires Master Fishing

     Feature: You can breathe underwater when equipped.

     Features: After equipped, increase the proficiency of fishing skill by 10% and fishing speed by 10%.

     Features: After being equipped, it can increase the chance of catching more precious fish by 5%.

     It's worthy of orange quality equipment. Although it is a fishing rod that is not of much use to Ye Ci, it is simply maddening and screaming equipment for a professional fishing skill player.

     To be honest, what really interests Ye Ci is probably the ability to breathe underwater in the future. However, with this two-handed fishing rod, it is bound to take off the main hand weapon, and it has no offensive power. If you can only go sightseeing in relatively safe shallow waters, there is no way to get involved in high-level areas like deep waters.Although that is the case, Ye Ci still wants to give it a try after getting the orange equipment. She hurriedly turned the fraud brooch, trying to disguise her character attributes as master-level fishing, but was prompted that she could not disguise her skills without learning, and finally had to give up and threw the fishing rod that made the fishing player scream into the corner of the package. in.

     In addition, there is a fish basket in the corner. Ye Ci picked it up and found that it was also Purple Equipment. This equipment called "Johnny's Fish Crate" is also bound by pickup, but it is something similar to a package. It can have 48 spaces in it and can hold all the items produced during fishing. Calculating, one grid can hold a group of things, and a group can stack 99 items of the same kind, which is a huge capacity.

     It's just that it can only hold fishing products, and can't be used as a normal backpack. Otherwise, Ye Ci would have a crooked smile.

     Although I can't use both items for the time being, Ye Ci is still happier. Anyway, she is satisfied by looking at the color of the equipment. After storing the two items, Ye Ci searched the room and finally confirmed that there was nothing to take away. Then he left the house.

     Of course, she didn't forget to remove the obvious doorplate from the door.

     Recruiting the little red horse, Ye Ci continued along the road as twisty as sheep's intestine towards the outside of the col.This map is called a barren land. Except for the birdsong and fragrant flowers where Ye Ci is now somewhat green, the other places not only not even a blade of grass grows, but even the light is gray and dim. This is the leveling point for level 30 to 40, and there is also a Dungeon group called the Barren Tomb. In the near future, there will be a lot of people coming and going here.

     But now that everyone's level is still below 20, the Barren Land is really a place where there are no ghosts.

     Ye Ci rode a little red horse along the road, daring not to step into the wild on both sides, for fear that his carelessness would attract a group of monsters, violent death.

     This side was running happily. Suddenly, Ye Ci fell from the horse and started to feel dizzy. People also stood still and couldn't move. Ye Ci couldn't be more familiar with this state. Under such a situation, it must have been attacked by others.

     "You were attacked by an unknown player." The system prompts. When being attacked, there is only one situation where it is shown that an unknown player is named, and that is the name of the opponent’s Concealment. If you want to know the opponent’s information, it only takes 24 hours to spend a certain amount of money in the assassin’s tavern in each main city. .

     Looking at DEBUFF, the state above is sap, which is a full 6 seconds.

     This is the skill of Rogue.

     But where does Rogue come from?There will be no players in the Badlands at all. Even if there are players, she is not in a red name status. How can she be attacked for no reason?

     There was a cold pain in the vest.

     Ye Ci only saw himself losing blood.

     The time of six seconds is usually only a blink of an eye, but now it is as long as ten thousand years.

     In the dizzy state, he can't do anything at all, and can only watch his own blood keep dropping. Ye Ci is a little regretful now. Why did you run so fast just now and let Ol’ Three return to the animal cage automatically. If it weren't for now, he couldn't be so passive.

     The shot Rogue moves extremely fast, and the skills are opened next to each other. Bleeding, assassinating, stabbing, deboning... Within 6 seconds, he almost played all his big moves.

     But when he was surprised, although each skill can cause 100 damage to the other party, the female hunter did not fall. Because the other party has also received personal information from Concealment, Rogue can't see her health bar, just think how thick the blood of this hunter is!

     In fact, Ye Ci is really not much better. If it weren't for the good equipment, she would have been killed by this Rogue even if she had so many skills without any resistance.

     Finally, it’s time to sap, Ye Ci started the skill sprint on his shoes, and rushed out by himself...Chapter 40 Attack

     Chapter 40 Attack