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Chapter Directory 47 Chapter Forty-Fourth Mecha Array! Wujia!
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 45 Automaton Array! First five!

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     Although Ye Ci said so, there was no embarrassment in her expression. This time, it wasn't that she wanted to show the limelight, but that she would shoot this shot. If three people want to go on at the same time, they must have a very good understanding in order to be killed in one shot. But if the tacit understanding is not good, it is easy to disperse the 81 Automaton people, then there is not much distance to destroy the group.

     Ye Ci dare not say that the cooperation between Dark Moon and Crazy Wuhen is not good, but the cooperation between her and the two of them must not be any better. Instead of waiting until the cooperation is not good, Mie Tuan has to bear the responsibility of being strong. It's better to be knocked down by yourself.

     Thousands of thousands of them naturally didn't believe Ye Ci's so-called excitement, but people have already said it to this point, and he naturally didn't want to continue to pursue it, so he nodded visibly, and said to the other team members: " Advance towards the stone tower."Although the stone tower will throw cannonballs below, after burying a few cannon fodder members, most of the players already know how to dodge the cannonballs, so the fight is fairly easy. It only took 20 minutes to put the two stone forts. All down.

     "Abominable mortals broke into Automaton's world. On the 48th, I am very angry. Automaton is going to kill all the invaders with flesh and blood." When the two stone towers were dropped, a creaking metal rubbing sound was heard immediately. Up.

     The Automaton resurrection BOSS battle officially kicked off on the 48th. However, the difficulties of the Automaton array have basically passed. As long as the MT technology is better and the block rate higher, there is no difficulty at all to resist this BOSS.

     In this regard, the Main Tank of the 2nd regiment was still barely qualified. Although several of the block failures almost resulted in a T, but fortunately, the five treatments unified a large amount of blood brushing, so that he did not have a miserable sleep on the floor.

     After playing hard for nearly half an hour, Automaton No. 48 was finally brought down. The moment Automaton No. 48 fell, I heard the system sound again.

     "Congratulations to ‘Steel Blooded Battle Spear’ Guild for killing Automaton Dungeon first in the world, rewarding Guild with 300 reputation, 5,000 reputation with major cities in the world, and 1,000 gold coins. Let us remember the name of the hero.”"Congratulations to ‘Thousands and Thousands’ for killing the Automaton Array Dungeon, rewarding Blackrock City with 100 prestige points and 1 talent point. The achievement ‘Automaton Array First five’ was achieved."


     "Congratulations to ‘Crazy Passing Wuhen’ for killing Automaton Array Dungeon, rewarding 100 points of reputation in Black Rock City and 1 point of talent. Achieve the achievement ‘Automaton Array First five’."


     "Congratulations to'Mei Sheng Mei Wu' for killing Automaton Array Dungeon, rewarding 100 points of reputation in Black Rock City and 1 point of talent. Achieved the achievement ‘Automaton Array First five’."


     "Congratulations ‘childe ">you’ kill the Automaton Array Dungeon, which will reward Blackrock City with 100 points of prestige and 1 point of talent. Reached the achievement ‘Automaton First five’. "


     All members of the group were stunned by the system broadcast, and then they all hugged and screamed and cheered. Ye Ci stood looking at their excited look, and couldn't help being a little excited. It was just that she had a sense of disharmony with everyone, so she didn't show any special expressions.

     "Childe ">, please be a little happy." Ye Ci stood here, and suddenly a person hugged her in a hug with a thunder and thunder, and patted her on the back vigorously: "First Kill First Kill I'm so happy I thought I would never have a relationship with First Kill in my life"

     Was crazy without a trace.Ye Ci's back hurt when he was photographed, but it was infected with his joy. She didn't stop his movements, she also hugged his back like him, and patted vigorously.

     Such fiery and blazing fire reminded her of how she felt when she got First Kill for the first time in her previous life. The kind of ecstasy from the heart and the excitement of being in the extreme caused her to run more than ten laps around the place with her arms open, screaming and venting her excitement.

     Although it has been so long, although reborn, and even after taking so many First Kills, Ye Ci couldn't help being fired up when he thought of the word First Kill.

     You know, how many people are playing this game? Hundreds of millions of people and they are the first to beat Dungeon among these hundreds of millions. What kind of glory and excitement is this?

     Of all people, it is estimated that thousands of them are the craziest. He is a restrained person. The usual quietness and peace are in sharp contrast to the current gaffe after ecstasy. He hugged each member one by one, with red eyes and red nose. It is estimated that if no one is looking at it. , This guy is about to cry.

     Everyone was so excited about the fearless aspect of the consequences for a while, and then the mood gradually stabilized.Thousands of thousands of crimsons stood in front of the corpse, took a deep breath, and touched the corpse. There are people from the Black Hand Legion in the world, and there are also people from the Red Hand Legion. Obviously Ye Ci is a member of the Black Hand Legion. Thousands of thousands are indeed members of the Red Hand Legion.

     A bunch of things jumped out of Huālāla before everyone's eyes. Because the rewards for First Kill are particularly rich, such as Dungeon’s former First five kill team all have very generous rewards, and after First five, there are no additional rewards, and only 3 or 4 pieces of equipment will be released each time. And a number of miscellaneous items.

     Now fourteen pieces of equipment, four skill books, and a bunch of miscellaneous items are listed in front of everyone.

     According to unwritten rules, Main Tank, Healing First, and DPS First all have the priority to choose equipment. In the past, the number one DPS was Meisheng Meiwu, but this time it was Ye Ci. The entire Dungeon, she caused 17 million damage alone, while the second Meisheng Meiwu had only 10 million damage, the middle one. The gap is not one or two points.After carefully observing Ye Ci's operation and resilience along the way, Meisheng Meiwu was convinced by this female hunter. He is also an open-minded person, who is inferior to human beings, there is nothing to say about that. Although thousands of Wanjiang screamed for the first selection of DPS equipment, he felt a little tingling in his heart, but soon he adjusted it and he wanted to continue to hone his skills. I just hope I can have a chance to be a Dungeon with this woman in the future.

     Ye Ci took a closer look at the equipment. Although there are several pieces of equipment that can be worn by the Agile series, they are not ideal enough. Ye Ci had to give up on the choice of equipment. And there is a "Multi Arrows" in the skill book when Ye Ci first saw the trophy. At that time, she decided that even if she didn't need any equipment, she would definitely get this book.

     The production rate of the Multi Arrows skill book is not low, but it is definitely not high. The burst rate is 1 in 5000. Boss from level 20 to level 50 have a chance to be produced, but because of the advantage of hunters in the later period, many people who are new to the game choose the profession of hunter, which makes the price of this book still high. Before her rebirth, the average price of Multi Arrows in the trading house was 10,000 gold coins.

     Therefore, Ye Ci chose the skill book without hesitation.Multi Arrows is one of the few group damage hunters. In the early stage, it can send out three arrows in a fan shape to cause damage to the enemy in front. With the hunter as the center of the circle, it forms a 360 wide range of attacks without dead ends. The heaven-defying skill of fully deserving, without any reservations. It’s just that this skill needs a specific skill teacher to learn after level 12, and where is the specific skill teacher...

     That only God knows.

     Therefore, in the previous life, the most advanced Multi Arrows that Ye Ci has seen was only level 12, capable of launching a 160-degree fan attack. At the beginning, when she was in a perverted PK with Fleeting Time, that guy used the Level 12 Multi Arrows in the last game, so she had nowhere to hide...

     Hey, I just think of tears.

     "Don't you want other equipment? Just this book?" Although Qianlong had expected that Ye Ci would choose Multi Arrows, she did not expect that she would not even need a piece of equipment.

     "No, it's not easy for everyone to open up wasteland. I'm satisfied with this book, and I don't need the others." Ye Ci shook his head and said very much. She can't tell thousands of thousands of crimsons that none of these equipment is as good as hers.Seeing that she was so generous and not insisting on seeing her so generous, thousands of thousands continued to distribute equipment to other members. And Ye Ci's approach made her favorability in the whole group suddenly risen a lot. Especially other Rogues, Rangers, and Hunters thought she would take complete charge, but they didn't expect that they would only need a skill book. Their gratitude to her is simply beyond words.

     After dividing the spoils, because it was the First Kill, everyone added a lot of points. Although those who got the equipment deducted a lot of DKP, they were perfectly contented. Those who did not get the equipment also had points to exchange for money, which was naturally also happy.

     Everyone is happy, everyone is happy.

     After leaving Dungeon, Ye Ci checked the time, and it was almost 3 o'clock in the morning. She greeted Crazy Wuhen and went off the line to sleep.

     The leader of the second regiment walked towards Guild's resident, and he went directly into the conference room.

     The resident conference room is a specific room, and only those invited by the guild leader can enter.

     In the conference room, Thousand Sunsets and Zero Arsenic are watching the video of First Kill of the second group. Thousand Sunsets pointed to the passage where Ye Ci cited Elite Guard and said: "Go back and look here again."

     Zero Arsenic fell back, and the two carefully studied her every move.Thousands of thousands stood there for a long time, and found that the principal and deputy guild leader only watched their videos, and did not find him coming in at all, so they had to speak on their own initiative: "guild leader, deputy guild leader."

     "A thousand, come here?" Zero Arsenic greeted him quickly and sat down. Then he pointed to the video and laughed: "Have you seen it yourself?"

     "I've seen the scene, but I haven't seen it in such a comprehensive way yet." Thousands of thousands of Jiang leaned forward to watch the video, with an indescribable expression on his face.

     Thousand Sunsets suddenly said: "How is her performance?"

     Chapter 45 Automaton Array! First five!

     Chapter 45 Automaton Array! First five!