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Chapter Directory 48 Chapter 46: Just Hit The Cannon
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 46 Just hit the cannon (add more)

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     Ordinary players see a person, and master players see a person, and a master leader sees a person are completely different.

     Thousand Sunsets is an extremely cautious person. Although he listened to what Timely Rain said, he also listened to Zero Arsenic's investigation, and even watched the entire First Kill live broadcast, and studied the video of First Kill repeatedly, but he still I would like to hear the views of thousands of thousands as a leader.

     "I won't comment on the operation. The guild leader also watched it. There is nothing to say, it is a Kickass. However, she is very observant and has a strong adaptability." At this time, the video was recorded when Ye Ci fired. , Thousands of thousands of crimson smiles suddenly: "And I'm very courageous. I like to use unrestrained methods to solve problems when I meet things. I'm a bit uncomfortable with this."

     Thousand Sunsets also laughed: "Your kid has been a soldier, and it's not as good as a woman, cautious and solemn."

     Thousands of thousands of crimsons are not angry, they are all buddies who served as soldiers together, haha laughed: "Be careful to sail the boat for thousands of years, Qianshan, this is what you taught us."

     Zero Arsenic looked at the two people and smiled: "So, things are settled like this?"

     "That's it." Thousand Sunsets slapped his face.Thousands of stars are surprised: "You guys are not kidding me."

     The two shook their heads together.

     "I think you are really unrestrained..." Thousands of thousands rolled their eyes and grumbled a few times.

     I really slept too late the night before, which directly caused Ye Ci to doze off during class. (idiomatic usage) with great difficulty When the get out of class was over, she just lay on the table and didn't want to get up.

     Fang Susu, who was at the same table, saw her like that and couldn't help but joked: "Did you steal a man last night? How did you make it like this?"

     Ye Ci smiled: "I thought, but I didn't have this chance. I went to Automaton yesterday."

     "You are too ruthless. How long has the cruel dungeon been through? Organize people to fight Automaton, and it will be destroyed." Fang Susu laughed: "We were fighting yesterday, and I wanted to cry because of it. It is said that I will continue today, I almost have no money to repair equipment."

     "Passed." Ye Ci yawned.

     "Huh?" Fang Susu's eyes were about to fall out. She thought she had misheard: "Really?"

     Ye Ci didn't speak either, Fang Susu asked not to overlook, nor spare. I heard a hearty voice suddenly coming from the door of the classroom. The voice of "Su Su" was so familiar, Ye Ci looked up and saw Qin Churuo running towards their seats.As soon as Fang Susu saw Qin Churuo calling his name, his face was ruddy. She quickly stood up: "Qin senior brother."

     The two exchanged a few words at random, and then Qin Churuo cut directly to the topic: "Susu, that childe'>you are very familiar, right?"

     Fang Susu was taken aback, and nodded subconsciously: "It's okay."

     "I just returned to school today. When I came back, I heard that the Steel Blooded Battle Spear was in the middle of the night... I broke through the Automaton array and took the First Kill. This childe'>you is among the First Kill members.

     Although Su Su had heard what Ye Ci said just now, she was still slightly surprised when she heard Qin Churuo say it. She turned her gaze slightly to look at Ye Ci and found that this guy was sleeping on the table. I heard the two of them talking about themselves.

     "Now the forum is fried, I hope Steel Blooded Battle Spear can publish the full video, but Steel Blooded Battle Spear refuses. So, I want you to ask childe'>you, can you ask her to come and tell us about the strategy ."

     "This..." Fang Susu secretly looked at Ye Ci on one side, really wanting to tell Qin Churuo that childe'>you himself is here, but she absolutely can't do this, so she can only be vague. Said: "I will try to contact her."Qin Churuo breathed a sigh of relief after receiving Fang Susu's answer. So the two chatted a few more words, agreed to continue playing Dungeon at night, and left the classroom.

     "Have you heard it? Ye Ci, you hurry up and tell me what the strategy is." After watching Qin Churuo's figure leaving the classroom, Fang Susu immediately took Ye Ci's hand and begged impatiently With.

     Ye Ci squinted at Fang Susu, and then said for a long time: "Tell him to shoot the cannon well." This made Fang Susu a big blush, and finally confirmed that Ye Ci didn't drive her. Just kidding, she took this down seriously.

     In the evening, Fang Susu told Qin Churuo the words sticking unmoving to the original, which made Qin Churuo confused and puzzled.

     It was already five o'clock in the afternoon when Ye Ci started playing the game. After playing the game, the first secret word Ye Ci received was Liu Chang's. This guy asked Ye Ci in an unparalleled gossip tone: "Xiao ci, tell you the most up-to-date news."

     Ye Ci has always listened to things like gossip or not. There is no addiction. It is not like Liu Chang who has to dig up roots and inquire at the base when he encounters everything.

     "What?" While rubbing the flame arrow, she absent-mindedly perfunctory Liu Chang.

     "Dong Yin has a boyfriend." Liu Chang smiled slyly."I'm all ten** years old. It's no surprise to have a boyfriend. Why are you like her mother?"

     "No, it's not surprising to have a boyfriend, but do you know who her boyfriend is?"

     There is no more curiosity about Ye Ci. The boyfriend of her friend has never been her concern. So she was even more disappointed: "Who?"

     "Say it and scare you to death, He Xiao." Liu Chang said slowly, word by word.

     Sure enough, Ye Ci's work of rubbing arrows in his hands paused. Dong Yin likes Thousand Sunsets, she can see it, but she didn't expect that the two people are really together. After a pause, Ye Ci continued to rub arrows: "Is Qianshan treating her well?"

     "Dong Yin said it was very good." Liu Chang smiled happily, and wanted to discuss this issue with Ye Ci in depth, but Ye Ci was absent-minded all the time, and she thought it was meaningless, so she continued to practice. .

     Steel-Blooded Battle-Spear will take two First Kills in one go, and the entire Fate is like a small stone dropped on a calm lake, causing ripples in circles, and the scope of influence is getting bigger and bigger. , More and more widely. It has also led to many players being attracted by this. For a time, Steel-Blooded Battle-Spear will become famous. They are like a dark horse once again. They have once again grabbed all the eyeballs, and the players who asked to join Guild have also risen rapidly.The entire Guild’s management and reception were busy in full swing, but within three or five days, Guild’s scale was expanded by more than 5,000 people.

     Guild does not need to open up wasteland, Ye Ci has more time on his own. Either she is the little Dungeon who has difficulty walking with her friends, or she finds an ordinary Dungeon to practice the level. Although the days are a bit monotonous, it is also very fulfilling.

     After working hard for several days, Ye Ci's level finally reached the 18th level, very close to Let Go of Sister, the first person on the rankings. She was leveling at Dungeon, but she received a secret word from Sunny Weiss: "Xiao ci, what are you doing?"

     "Leveling. What's the matter?" Ye Ci saw that it was a secret word from Dong Yin, and then remembered what Liu Chang had said to herself two days ago. Intuitively, she thought it was Thousand Sunsets' idea for her to find herself.

     It really is like this. After a few words of greeting, Dong Yin said his intention: "Come to the Guild meeting room." After speaking, she paused again: "Qianshan wants to tell you something."

     Ci shot a few more arrows and ended the life of the little monster in front of him. He packed up his things and went back to Guild.

     When I arrived at the station, I looked up and found that it was really lively and people came and went, but they were all very face-to-face. It seemed that many of them were newbies. Of course, even if it is not newbie, Ye Ci, who is a non-staff member of Wannian, does not know a few Guild members.She came to the meeting room, knocked on the door, and was sent into the meeting room.

     It’s the first time for Guild meeting room Ye Ci. It turned out that although she was one of the top ten teachers in her last life, she was too bad. There was basically nothing Guild wanted her, not to mention entering the core building of Guild. . So she looked a little fresh when she entered.

     This is a conference room that can accommodate a hundred people. There is a long table in the middle of the conference room, much like the long dining table used by European aristocrats. On the main seat at the end of the table, sitting is Thousand Sunsets, and on his right hand, sitting in the sunny day.

     There are only three people with Ye Ci in the entire conference room, and there are no other people.

     Sunny Wei Zhao saw Ye Ci coming in and quickly stood up to greet her. Her complexion was ruddy, and the corners of her eyes and eyebrows felt moist. She looked in a good mood. This is thanks to Fate's high-level production. The player's character can simulate expressions and actions through her own mood above 95, so that the player can be truly felt by other people no matter what emotions they have.

     Thousand Sunsets sent Ye Ci a friend invitation, and Ye Ci did not refuse. She nodded slightly at the sunny day, and then sat on the other end of the long table, just facing Thousand Sunsets. Then she spoke, neither servile nor overbearing: "What can I do for you?"Thousand Sunsets did not speak immediately. One side of the sunny day stood up and said to Ye Ci: "You talk, I will go out first."

     Thousand Sunsets nodded and smiled at her: "I'll take you to level up later."

     Sunny Weizhao looked very happy, her cheeks reddened again, lowered her head, and quickly left. When I left, I even forgot to say hello to Ye Ci.

     Ye Ci looked at the sunny days and Thousand Sunsets, not knowing why he was a little uneasy.

     Thousand Sunsets slowly said, "Childe'>, I heard that you used to play "Underworld OL OL?"

     Underworld OL OL? Ye Ci tilted his head and thought for a while. For others, Underworld OL OL was the most popular game before Fate started testing. Even if Fate switched to the game as soon as it started testing, it has only been more than 2 months. But for Ye Ci, it was really ten years ago, and it was too long to make her memory a little fuzzy.

     Chapter 46 Just hit the cannon

     Chapter 46 Just hit the cannon