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Chapter Directory 49 Chapter 47 Commanding A Regiment
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 47 Leader First Squadron

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     Thousand Sunsets saw that Ye Ci didn't answer, only when she had some precautions against herself in her heart, so she smiled and said, "I just ask casually. If you don't want to answer, there is nothing."

     Ye Ci looked at him a few glances, knowing that he had misunderstood his silence, but there was no extra explanation, just nodded.

     "Then can I know your name in Underworld OL?" Thousand Sunsets saw that Ye Ci didn't refuse him, and answered honestly, so he asked another question cautious and solemn.

     This stumped Ye Ci. For her, it was really a memory from a long time ago. Even if it turns out that she is still in the Underworld OL, it doesn't mean that she remembers everything at that time. She tilted her head and thought about it for a while, then looked at Thousand Sunsets and answered with uncertain eyes: "It seems to be...Oceanic Lantern... right..."Her voice was not loud, so that Thousand Sunsets did not hear her uncertain ending, but he could no longer restrain his inner excitement just by hearing the name. It turns out that he has also played Underworld OL, and there is this Oceanic Lantern among several people who have to know in Underworld OL.

     It was a Sorcerer who was sharp and coquettish. Although some places still seem a little immature, no one denies that Oceanic Lantern is the high-end Sorcerer reckoned to be first or second best in Underworld OL.

     In fact, Thousand Sunsets has already learned from Zero Arsenic that Ye Ci is the Oceanic Lantern, but he has always been puzzled.

     First, let’s talk about the operation. Although Oceanic Lantern is superior in operation, it is still somewhat frizzy and immature. It is not as skilled and old as the childe ">you in front of you. Secondly, Oceanic Lantern is notoriously difficult to deal with in Underworld OL, and It is a sting, indifferent and selfish, this is a far cry from the childe ">secluded in the crowd.

     As a prudent guild leader, although there are a lot of evidences in front of you that Ye Ci is the famous Oceanic Lantern, Thousand Sunsets still intends to confirm it.

     A few surprise expressions flashed in his eyes, and then she quickly suppressed her emotions and turned to a calm smile: "I always thought that Oceanic Lantern was not young, but I never thought that you were just Yin Yin. same year."Thousand Sunsets' nickname for Dong Yin made Ye Ci a little bit sore, but she just tugged at the corner of her mouth. She is now more and more curious about what Thousand Sunsets is looking for. I was looking for Dong Yin again, and I was talking about Underworld OL with myself for a long time. Could it be that it was the guild leader who wanted to be a courteous corporal, and I was looking for her as a non-staff personnel to smash his teeth?

     However, she was not in a hurry to speak.

     In the past ten years, Ye Ci has learned one thing.

     Don't talk in a hurry when you are talking to the other party. Be sure to take control afterwards. The more you are everything steady and stable, the more you will lose sight of the other party.

     So Ye Ci just smiled, leaning back in his chair and looking at Thousand Sunsets, without saying more.

     She kept silent, making Thousand Sunsets somewhat passive. He knows that Ye Ci is only eighteen years old this year. At such an impetuous and immature age, his mind is actually very easy to grasp. As long as he praises a few words or gives him some sweetness, he will soon drift off. But the childe in front of him was so deep that he couldn't see through.

     She is not as simple as Dong Yin and Yi Cang, and not as impulsive as Liu Chang. Her existence is like a pool of calm water, silent, no matter what she does, she seems to be swallowed up by her silence.Just like now, I have talked about so many Underworld OL topics, or direct and plainspoken or going round the curves and skirting the corners have also said a lot of praise to her, but she did not move a single jot, just quietly looking. Looking at myself, it seems that all of these are a matter of no concern to oneself.

     Finally, Thousand Sunsets was still anxious. His original intention was to make Ye Ci happy, and to get in touch with himself a little bit, so that he could assign her something along the pole, so as to keep her in Guild, but also to make her feel that he reused her. So he followed Guild desperately.

     But he didn't expect that Ye Ci smiled silently all the time, without saying a word, just looking at him quietly. This kind of non-interactive dialogue became a kind of crappy drama of his own performance.

     Looking at the time, almost an hour has been wasted here, Ye Ci couldn't help but yawned. This Thousand Sunsets is really calm, do you have to build a ladder for him, and then take advantage of the situation? But sorry, Ye Ci doesn't like being a good person in her life, and she doesn't plan to take this ladder.

     So Ye Ci stood up and said, "guild leader, my friend asked me to go to a small book for help. If there is nothing wrong, I will leave first."

     Having said that, Ye Ci doesn’t talk too much with Thousand Sunsets. It’s called ‘sniffing up the moment’. There is something else, so don’t worry about it for the time being.""What's the matter? Talk about Underworld OL?" Ye Ci turned his head, his eyes somewhat mocking.

     "No." Thousand Sunsets exhaled, a little helpless. This little girl is really powerful enough to force him to be so passive: "No, Guild wants to mention you as the deputy head of the United Front Work Department." A transaction application was sent to Ye Ci, where there was a virtual account: "This account is your salary, 10,000 real coins per month, of course, there will be other commissions, you only need to help Guild play Dungeon, As long as you can get First five or break through, you will definitely have a lot of money..."

     Ten thousand yuan is really a lot of income for a girl who is only 18 years old, not to mention there are other commissions. The intention of Thousand Sunsets is already very clear.

     Buy people's hearts? Ye Ci squinted slightly.

     I'm afraid that after she agrees, the Steel-Blooded Battle-Spear will build momentum and post a post on the forum saying that she is Oceanic Lantern. Although Oceanic Lantern is not an absolute top master in Underworld OL, she is the only woman among the top ten masters and naturally has a great celebrity effect. If Steel Blooded Battle Spear releases this news, it is nothing more than to increase Guild's popularity and boost the rankings. What's more, this "Oceanic Lantern" also took so many First Kills, and the benefits...

     People who don't understand are fools.Although the conditions given by Thousand Sunsets are very generous. It is a pity that Ye Ci is not tempted at all. The least favorite thing in her life is being exploited. What's more, she never thought that she would stay in Steel Blooded Battle Spear for a lifetime. Why should she sell herself for such petty profits?

     Stump her childe ">Secure is worth so little money?

     He refused the Thousand Sunsets deal without hesitation. Ye Ci smiled faintly: “I don’t like being an official. Let’s forget about the salary. I play games just for fun. I don’t care if I don’t have money.” After that, She looked at Thousand Sunsets with an awkward face and said, "If Guild needs it in terms of progress, I will naturally not to be shirked without dishonor."

     Now that Ye Ci has spoken to this point, Thousand Sunsets also rude: "Then take First Squadron for an Automaton Formation tomorrow." Then, he added: "You Leader."

     Ye Ci's gaze flickered, and he nodded, half true and half false: "Guild leader looks up to it, I will work hard."

     After all, she stopped talking about Thousand Sunsets and left the meeting room. As soon as she left, Zero Arsenic entered the meeting room, looked at Thousand Sunsets and asked, "How?"Thousand Sunsets frowned and sighed: "I wonder how could she be only 18 years old? She speaks and does things so hot that she can't even take advantage of it." As he looked at Zero Arsenic's raised eyebrows, he sighed again. Weiwei was a little frustrated: "She refused to do the united front, but she didn't refuse to bring Dungeon."

     "Underworld OL matters..." Zero Arsenic also frowned slightly.

     "She almost didn't speak the whole time, she was just me talking to herself, just like a monkey"

     Zero Arsenic called up the conference room recording, listened to it, and sighed: "She has such an unclear voice, there is no way to use it for publicity. It seems that I want to use the name Oceanic Lantern to publicize this way. It doesn't work anymore."

     Thousand Sunsets smiled bitterly: "It's nothing, don't use these things to get Guild's name, flower but no fruit, as long as you beat Guild's progress, you will have all the fame."

     Ye Ci somewhat guessed that Thousand Sunsets wanted to use himself, but didn't guess that they even prepared the recording.

     At 6 o'clock in the evening the next day, Ye Ci went online on time, bringing the assembled First Squadron into the Automaton array. Although the Second Regiment has already cleared Dungeon, the people of First Squadron also know that this time it is the female hunter who performed extremely well to be the leader. However, they are still somewhat repulsive, and there are differences between closeness and estrangement. This is the nature of human beings, and it can be seen in their estranged attitude towards Ye Ci.Ye Ci didn't care, she was only responsible for taking them to clear the dungeon, and didn't plan to cultivate any comradeship with them.

     When it comes to Leader, Ye Ci is not unfamiliar. She used to be a leader in the team, but later due to personal reasons, even Guild disappeared. How could there be a leader again?

     After all, she hadn't called Mai for many years, so she was a little nervous at first.

     However, the status returned soon. Ye Ci's Leader style is absolutely no nonsense. You can only talk twice about what you have to do at most. Whether you can play well depends on the cooperation. Therefore, to keep up with her leader, in addition to a high degree of concentration, it also requires a high degree of cooperation from the entire team.

     Because First Squadron is familiar with the original Leader’s way of things are not separated according to their size, they can’t get used to Ye Ci’s Leader for a while, and they’re already resistant to Ye Ci, and their level of cooperation has also dropped significantly. When playing Elite Guard, it turned out to be a mess. When it put a big move, it actually pours three Ts directly, four Ts and five Ts can't keep up, the treatment is inaccurate, DPSaggro OT, but a few seconds are dead.

     Suddenly, in the team, cries of complaint fill the roads, complaint, and yelling were endless, and I wanted to kill Ye Ci directly to vent their hatred...

     Chapter 47 Leader First Squadron

     Chapter 47 Leader First Squadron