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Chapter Directory 50 Chapter 48—A Group Of Five Tops
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 48 First Squadron First five

     Thank you for the rewards of Ghost Rhythm and Ze Mind Rhythm~~ Well, I am a little embarrassed, the pink ticket... Well, some children's shoes vote for fireworks...


     At this moment, Ye Ci directly dragged the Elite Guard with superb strain level and operation skills, and kite the Elite Guard to death in front of everyone with great coquettishness. Until this time, people who were filled with resentment were completely convinced. An elite of 25 people who had to fight for a while, was actually killed by a hunter like this, and he would be ashamed to say it.

     Run corpses to gather, eat to recover. A group of people were not whispering to Ye Ci. Ye Ci's behavior just now was like a loud slap in the face of the members of the Steel Blooded Battle Spear No. 1 elite group.

     Ye Ci just sat on the rock on one side and patted Ol’ Three on the head. Looking at the people quietly with an indifferent, emotionally indifferent gaze, waiting for everyone to recover, she did not move.

     The twenty-four people of First Squadron were frowned upon by her, and finally a few bolder players said: "Leader, can you still leave?"

     Ye Ci's fierce gaze immediately turned to the few people who were talking, and the few people who made them were startled and stopped talking.This world is like this, if you want others to surrender you, it's useless to just say beautiful things. The most direct way is to let the other party know how tough you are, and they will naturally surrender you.

     "I know you feel that I am not qualified to be the leader. But my Quest is just Clearance, to penetrate this Dungeon. As for your emotions, it is not in my consideration." Ye Ci's voice is born with a kind of indifference. In such an atmosphere, it is as cold as water.

     As soon as these words came out, many players who had dissatisfaction in their hearts immediately jumped out and said: "You think you are so great, you don't say anything clearly, you don't want to prompt anything, just want us to Clearance Dungeon, you treat us as gods "

     Ye Ci looked at the player and bent her eyes, her expression looked a little soft. She stood up and said faintly: "The elite group of Steel Blooded Battle Spear can't fight after changing the leader."

     Although these words were as light as a feather, they fell as heavy as Mount Tai, and all the players were immediately flushed. In fact, Ye Ci made it very clear before the opening of the book. In the process, they should be reminded. They are just not used to such a clean leader, but they don’t want to listen to Ye Ci’s leader, so they play a big role. The disorder.

     This is something that no one wants to admit. Of course, all the responsibility must be placed on Ye Ci, the "outsider".Turning around, ignoring the angry clamor, Ye Ci calmly said: "Those who don't want to fight will leave the group, and those who want to fight will continue."

     Immediately, she heard several consecutive system prompts.

     "Random Dance of the Sakuras has left your team."

     "Only One Meter Four four has left your team."

     "Strange Differences has withdrawn from your team."


     After the system prompt stopped, Ye Ci checked the number of people, and no more than ten people left. Now there are only fifteen people left. The remaining people are either people who are completely convinced by Ye Ci, or people who are unwilling to give up for so long, or people who are trying to earn DKP.

     Main Tank and Off-Tank are all gone, the main treatment has not gone, but only she and the third treatment and the fourth treatment are left, and the DPS has also gone a few. Counting things up and down, the combat effectiveness basically dropped by 50%.

     The main treatment is a MM who doesn’t talk much. She is well equipped and has a good temper. She originally had some criticisms of Ye Ci, but after seeing Ye Ci’s operation, she decided to follow Ye Ci to finish this Dungeon, as long as she didn’t If you give up. But in this situation, she had no bottom in her heart, so she asked timidly: "Leader, are we still going on now?".Ye Ci looked at this Cleric named *Ying and smiled: "Let's go, let's continue." After that, she shouted in the Leader channel: "Water Steam, now you are the Main Tank, don't be nervous, and play normally. It’s good for the healers to ensure that the life of Water Steam is worry-free without OT. The rest of the DPS is only output, don’t be afraid of OT."

     This was originally a three-T water Steam heart alarmed, body leaping. His equipment is not as good as the Main Tank and he lacks on-site experience. Now the Leader shouts, his palms sweat immediately: "Leader, I'm afraid I can't hold it what."

     "It's okay, I only ask for one, all DPS can only fight T to resist.

     This requirement is so low that it can't be lower. This is the most fundamental requirement for DPS. However, all DPS are still scared, what if Leader wants to retaliate against them? I want to destroy the group

     However, according to the biggest rule of Leader in Dungeon, all DPS is still released, but the strange thing is that no one OT, no matter how much damage they explode, they will never exceed T's aggro.

     So some DPS began to whisper: "It's really weird. I didn't dare to output this way when Main Tank was fighting just now. I accidentally OT it. Why is it not OT now?"In fact, the answer is very simple, because Ye Ci has been paddling, so there is no output. There are a lot of people walking now, so Ye Ci has to start to cheer up and output well. With this output, her damage aggro immediately surpasses everyone else, but she transfers all aggro to every 10 seconds of misdirected shots. With tanks, how could other people be OT.

     Not only that, all DPS have also discovered that Ye Ci, which has been in the middle and lower output in the early stage, has DPS suddenly surpassed everyone, and it has grown extremely fast. Although there are elite monsters in this Dungeon, every attack of Ye Ci can cause a lot of damage to the monster's health bar, which is really cool.

     In this way, even the remaining fourteen First Squadron members didn't believe it, they actually advanced to the Automaton Formation without hanging up. Although the speed is slower than the advancement of twenty-five people, the safety level has actually improved.

     Ye Ci found the NPC, set up the turret, leaving only the water, Steam handed the cannonballs to himself, and ordered the others to rest in place.

     At this time, everyone believed in Ye Ci to the extreme. Even if they had destroyed the group here countless times, they now believe inexplicably that as long as there is a childe'> secluded, this abnormal Automaton Formation is nothing.Although she was only alone, but she just couldn't help but believe that they could pass.

     Ye Ci did not disappoint them. The swift action of shooting arrows to attract monsters and firing bombardment. This time it was better than the second regiment's performance, and the two guns have even leveled all Automaton. The whole process took less than 30 seconds, and all 15 people were awarded the title of "Berserk Destroyer".

     The team was almost screaming. They couldn’t believe their eyes. This problem that has plagued First Squadron for so many days was solved in such a simple two-step process.

     Ye Ci is naturally the focus of everyone's screams, and even many people have begun to hug Ye Ci bears who have just come down from the fort. This made Ye Ci, who had a cold nature, almost couldn't resist their enthusiasm, and even after being hugged by a few men and women, her face couldn't help but flush. Quickly waved his hand and said, "It's too early to celebrate, let's celebrate after Dungeon."

     Everyone hurriedly assembled the team with enthusiasm and marched towards the two stone towers. As long as they passed the Automaton array, this was really not difficult. It’s just that when I hit Automaton on the 48th, because the MT equipment couldn’t keep up, I almost hit the bottom a few times. Fortunately, Cherry Blossom and the remaining two Cleric kept brushing blood, making him in heart alarmed, body leaping. I passed this Dungeon tremblingly.

     The moment Automaton fell on the 48th, I saw the system start to flash."Congratulations to ‘childe’>you’ for killing Automaton Array Dungeon and rewarding 100 points of reputation in Black Rock City. Achieved the achievement ‘Automaton Array First five ’."

     "Congratulations to ‘Cherry Blossom’ for killing Automaton Dungeon, rewarding 100 points of reputation in Black Rock City and 1 point of talent. Achievement of the achievement ‘Automaton First five’."

     "Congratulations to'Water Steam' for killing Automaton Array Dungeon, rewarding Blackrock City reputation with 100 points and 1 talent point. Reached the achievement ‘Automaton Array First five’."


     The performance of the fourteen people was almost the same as that of the second group. They screamed wildly, although they didn't get the First Kill, but because Guild hadn't beaten this Dungeon in the past few days, they successfully won the second place in the First five, which also made them extremely excited. What's more, they only have fifteen people, but ten people less than the second group.

     Facing the madness of the group members, Ye Ci just wanted to wipe the soles of her feet and slipped into the corner to hide, but was caught by a group of people, and even threw her up and down, making her heart alarmed, body leaping.

     Just when the fifteen people were excited in Dungeon, the ten people who quit Dungeon regretted it in the Guild meeting room. Especially when Zero Arsenic looked at them with a smile and said, "You really have no patience", they even wanted to find a way to sew down.They watched the real-time video of First Squadron Clearance. They didn’t expect that the remaining fifteen teams, which were somewhat defeated, actually became extremely tough under the leader of Ye Ci after the initial run-in period of the mobs. It was simply Ye Ci who would play wherever he said, sweep everything before one.

     Especially when they were in the Automaton battle, they dumbstruck, their dissatisfaction and dissatisfaction with Ye Ci all turned into regret.

     Flawless Reflection watched Steel Blooded Battle Spear win the First five again, and then looked at Automaton No. 48 with only blood skins left. It was a pain. Why Clearance was so close to a regiment immediately, Automaton was brought down by World Conqueror on the 48th, and they also used the system, but it was far less noticeable than Steel Blooded Battle Spear.

     After all, it was the First five that happened twice in a row. All the players' eyes have been attracted to Steel Blooded Battle Spear.

     This time the corpse was touched by Water Steam. His hands were not bad. Although the things they produced were not as rich as First Squadron, they also produced three skill books and eleven pieces of equipment. Not only that, but the equipment actually seemed to be in Dungeon. Everyone in the design is the same, all of them can be used. In the end, everyone except Ye Ci gets a piece of equipment or a skill book.

     Everyone is happy.Out of Dungeon, Ye Ci immediately received the news of Thousand Sunsets, saying that there are a lot of high-sounding words and rewards, but Ye Ci still only asked for DKP, and there was no mention of other requirements for Thousand Sunsets. She was offline, and Thousand Sunsets became more determined to win for her to keep her.


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     GS: In online games, every piece of equipment will have a different grade according to its pros and cons. This score is GS. However, GS in general online games does not refer to the score of a piece of equipment, but the sum of the scores of your equipment. It can also be said that the level of GS directly represents the quality of your equipment. OK, this is the end of today’s firework class time. Anything else you don’t understand about children’s shoes can be mentioned in the comment area. Fireworks will tell you the next time you teach~~

     Chapter 48 First Squadron First five

     Chapter 48 First Squadron First five