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Chapter Directory 51 Chapter 49—Winter Hot Springs
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 49 Winter’s Hotspring

     Thanks-I'm still me -, Gui Qi no dye, lialiatang, Sandra Su for the rewards, and thank you so and so and Hyun little yellow chicken.

     In other words, the limited-time gift of the recent starting point, the little yellow chicken, is very interesting. The Tibetan sword in Swordsman 3 is called the little yellow chicken. At first I thought the starting point was counterattacked by the Tibetan sword called the Erhuo little yellow chicken in Swordman 3~~ It made me agitated and beat the chicken. Like blood...

     Ah ah ah, I love the second master~~ I love Ye Meiren~~


     Whether in the previous life or in this life, Steel Blooded Battle Spear is a dark horse.

     It’s just that, in the last life, this dark horse only appeared in the middle and late stages of the game. It is not like this life because of the addition of Ye Ci, their dark horse posture has only been 2 or 3 months since the beginning of the game. The extreme saturation of performance.

     The team that won two First five in a row became the hottest focus on the forum for a while. All kinds of posts asking for strategy and video are endless on the forum, and posts applying to join Steel Blooded Battle Spear are also come thick and fast. In just a few days, Steel Blooded Battle Spear has become the most popular Guild in Eastern Continent.Although Ye Ci's performance in the First Squadron Leader was remarkable, her clean Leader style was still criticized by some conservative old players. It's just that these do not affect Thousand Sunsets' enthusiasm for Ye Ci. In Steel Blooded Battle Spear, an absolutely militarized Guild, Ye Ci has become the only super free player who is not subject to any rules.

     She can freely play wild groups, and she can also freely follow Guild's friend Dungeon, as long as she is willing to do it all.

     Although not many people know this, there are also very dissatisfied people who do. For example, peacock blue.

     "Qianshan, you must not indulge childe so much, she will destroy all our Guild rules"

     Thousand Sunsets doesn’t care about Peacock Blue’s protests. In fact, he also knows that this kind of indulgence may affect some other members, but Ye Ci is a coming and going alone person, and rarely has anything to do with Guild’s other players. , So it didn't produce any bad influence. In this regard, Thousand Sunsets had the idea of wooing Ye Ci, and did not impose any restrictions on her actions.

     "She's just in charge of the Leader, don't care too much about the others." Thousand Sunsets faintly dismissed the peacock blue.Peacock Blue became angry and rushed out of the meeting room, but met Zero Arsenic at Guild's residence. They were friends who have been together for many years. When they saw peacock blue like this, Zero Arsenic naturally had to ask questions.

     Seeing Zero Arsenic's inquiry, Peacock Blue explained all the indiscretions and connivance of Thousand Sunsets in his heart like pour beans. "Why is she a little hunter, it's just that the hairy on the left is so indulged by Qianshan, why should anyone have this treatment except her?"

     Zero Arsenic patted Peacock Blue on the shoulder: "Don't you also know that she is Oceanic Lantern?".

     "What about Oceanic Lantern? This is Fate and not Underworld OL. Everyone is the same. Why is she different everywhere." It's okay not to say this. Speaking of this peacock blue, she is getting more aggrieved. Sourness: "I don't know what place is so good in the end that makes Qianshan so important"

     Zero Arsenic naturally knows the distraction of Peacock Blue for Thousand Sunsets. He smiled and said: "Hey, the girl in Qianshan is sunny, not a childe'> You are a little bit irrational. ."

     Peacock Blue was seen through her mind, and some fly into a rage out of humiliation: "I don't care who Qianshan is with. I just think she is so special that Guild is not easy to manage." Then she made a move towards Zero Arsenic. Temper, ran away.Zero Arsenic looked at the direction where the peacock blue was disappearing, and sighed. As a manager, women sometimes see shortness. Although Peacock Blue can be regarded as an excellent management, it's just that care is chaotic, and you can't see the huge driving force of childe'>you to the development of Guild as a whole.

     Zero Arsenic did not tell Thousand Sunsets about this. Recently, Thousand Sunsets did not arrange any Quest for Ye Ci, but several groups in Guild led by Guild soak in the Automaton array every day. He studied countless times of Ye Ci firing videos, so he has been practicing this. .

     Although both teams of Steel Blooded Battle Spear won the First five, they are all due to Ye Ci. Thousand Sunsets likes to work steadily, although he really wants to win Ye Ci, but this person is not his confidant after all. For such a difficult Dungeon, it is only appropriate for the core characters of Guild to master it.

     Therefore, recent elites in several regiments, especially those who have played shooting games in the past, have been practicing.

     Seeing Ye Ci's operation is very simple, when you get on the cannon, everyone knows how difficult it is to bombard all the monsters two or three times.On the second day after First Squadron laid the First five, Thousand Sunsets found Ye Ci again. Although it was not stated clearly, the words and the lines between the words and the lines were full of enthusiasm. As usual, Ye Ci pretended not to understand, and tactfully refused Thousand Sunsets' request to let her do the united front. In the end, Thousand Sunsets had to give up lobbying and let her prepare. Two weeks later, Guild will begin to open up wasteland for the cold ruins, and she will still be the leader at that time.

     For the cold ruins, Dungeon's play style Ye Ci has long been familiar with, so there is no way to prepare for the play style. It is only true that some special potions are needed.

     So in this continuous week, in addition to crazy leveling, she was constantly practicing her life skills.

     After reaching level 20, Ye Ci finally learned the hunter's iconic skill "Feign Death".

     A hunter who doesn’t know Feign Death is not a real hunter. Ye Ci has been playing this skill book in various Dungeons before reaching level 20, but she didn’t even type it out. She was still very depressed, but she didn’t want Ideal Height 1.7m She sent a copy, saying that it came out when she hit Dungeon, and she immediately kept it for Ye Ci.

     This moved Ye Ci greatly.

     After learning Feign Death, Ye Ci crossed the Forgotten Volcanoes to the map of Winter’s Hotspring.The map of Winter’s Hotspring is located in the northwestern part of the entire Eastern Continent. It is a map of monsters from level 40 to level 50, and here grows a unique herb-Herb of Warmth.

     Herb of Warmth is an important material used to make primary Frostbane Potion, but because it is only a formulation for primary pharmaceuticals, it does not grow anywhere. Even on the map of Winter’s Hotspring, it only grows on a circle of land near the hot spring.

     The primary Frostbane Potion is not used at a high rate, but it is very useful in the primary Dungeon group Chilly Marshes. Because most of the Dungeon monsters in Chilly Marshes will attack on ice. At this time, you must use the primary ice anti-poison to resist some damage, and also use the Frostbane Potion to save some DEBUFF caused by the ice attack.

     And because of Herb of Warmth, the grass grows in a special position. As a result, there are no people selling in the auction house. This is why Ye Ci came to Winter’s Hotspring alone.

     Several maps near Winter’s Hotspring are full of snow and beautiful scenery wrapped in silver. And most of the monsters here are beasts with white fur, or human-shaped monsters wearing thick white clothes. They blend with the surrounding scenery and are very difficult to identify.Ye Ci walked cautious and solemn all the way, using Stealth to slowly walk towards the hot spring in the middle of Winter’s Hotspring. She was cautious and timid around the active monsters that wandered leisurely, but it was inevitable that she would encounter a few particularly sensitive ones. At this time, she could only fall to the ground Feign Death, and after leaving aggro, she got up and continued Stealth.

     In this way, Stealth Feign Death and Stealth Feign Death took more than two hours and Ye Ci finally came from the edge of Winter’s Hotspring map to the big hot spring in its hinterland.

     The name of the big hot spring is called big hot spring. It is used to distinguish the small hot springs and the medium hot springs on the side. Ye Ci thinks this name is cheating, can't the planning be so lazy?

     Only near the big hot spring, Ye Ci found a lazy big turtle lying on the island in the middle of the big hot spring. Her heart jumped wildly.

     Isn’t this Winter’s Hotspring’s in the wild BOSS hard-shelled giant tortoise?

     Although Ye Ci now sees all the attributes of the giant hard-shelled tortoise as question marks, she is clear about the attributes of the giant hard-shelled turtle.

     Rugged giant tortoise, level 40, one of the few passive types in the wild BOSS in Fate, that is, the yellow-named monster called by ordinary players, as long as you don’t provoke it, even if you stand next to it and take a group photo It will definitely ignore you. However, the player must not think it is harmless just because it is a yellow-named monster...On the contrary, the hard-shelled giant tortoise is one of the few monsters with thick skin and blood in Fate. Although its attack is slightly inferior to the other forty level in the wild BOSS, but for a 20 It’s enough to drink a pot for players

     There is nothing to blame on the edge of the big hot spring. This area only has giant hard-shelled tortoises, warm spring water and Herb of Warmth.

     Ye Ci began to squat down to dig for herbs. She looked at the giant hard-shelled turtle while digging for herbs, itchy.

     Although Ye Ci knows in his heart that fighting this thing with his current strength is simply a idiot, but as any player, looking at the in the wild BOSS incarnation of the best equipment, it is fake if he is not moved.

     After dug a circle of Herb of Warmth grass, Ye Ci sat on the shore waiting to refresh, staring at the Rugged Giant Tortoise eagerly, becoming more reconciled.

     There are many bugs in Fate, but the giant tortoise has no bugs.

     After digging a few more circles of Herb of Warmth, Ye Ci left the hot spring unwillingly. But after walking a distance, she touched it back again. First Kill in the wild BOSS will have very rich rewards, and there will be a chance to get Epic Level Quest, not to mention that the spawn point of the Rugged Giant Tortoise is not fixed. Today I encountered luck. If I don’t fight now, pass In a few days, maybe it will change place, then even if it can be played, it may not be found.What's more, there is an excellent condition here-no wonder. Other places in Winter’s Hotspring are full of dense active monsters. Even if she can fight, she will accidentally attract mobs and become passive.

     Ye Ci, who was determined to look at the giant hard-shelled tortoise, finally made up his mind. I'm sorry if I don't fight


     PS: Fireworks Class

     Yesterday I saw some readers asking what are the English abbreviations such as OT and DPS. Although Yu Feiran's children's shoes have already explained, but because many children's shoes do not read the comment area, fireworks will explain it again. Today, I will explain to you first-MT.

     MT (Main Tank): Abbreviation for Monster-Tank in English. It means the main bearer of monster damage. His main Quest is to keep the monsters always attacking by themselves, giving the following treatment, output and other thin-skinned dumplings occupational safety space to play. This is the so-called pull aggro.

     Take World of Warcraft as an example. The Warrior in it has an exclusive skill-taunt, which is to instantly increase the monster's impact on yourself, and force the monster to attack yourself instead of attacking other professions. This kind of occupation is generally more bloody and high-defense, and life-saving occupations are not so common.The professions that can act as MT are generally those of the Warrior series in various games. Of course, if the boss facing is a legal system attack, there are also professions with high magic resistance to do MT, such as Sorcerer, or Swordman 3. The monk in the house.

     Off-Tank: That is, when the MT accidentally falls down, it immediately takes over the MT tank. Also called 2T, and 3T, 4T, 5T... and so on. However, if a team Dungeon directly died of Main Tank Off-Tank, it is estimated that this book will probably be no different from Mie Tuan...

     Haha, far away, far away. I can’t say more, fireworks must strictly control the number of words, so that everyone can’t spend more money. Let’s stop here today.

     Tomorrow’s course is DPS~~

     Ok, see you next time

     Chapter 49 Winter’s Hotspring

     Chapter 49 Winter’s Hotspring