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Chapter Directory 52 Chapter 50 The Hard Tortoise
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter Fifty Rugged Giant Tortoise

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     Chapter Fifty Rugged Giant Tortoise

     Ambition is easy to establish, but when you really face a problem, you have to scratch your head.

     Ye Ci sat on the shore of the hot spring, looking at the giant hard-shelled turtle, thinking about how to put it down.

     Rugged giant tortoise, level 40. Characterized by its rough skin and thick flesh, coupled with the tortoise's innate hard shell, the defense is not a bit of a metamorphosis. After being irritated, it will summon water mist. The biggest trouble after being sprayed is that it will slow down, and it will be accompanied by a sense of cold, resulting in continuous blood loss. The most deceptive thing is that this guy will go to the water to catch fish when he is hungry, and he will automatically return blood after eating the fish.

     With a lot of blood, it will restore life on its own, and the giant hard-shelled tortoise is simply a perverted existence.

     However, even so, after reaching level 40, there will still be a lot of players coming to push it. The reason is that this guy will explode a heaven-defying super shield, allowing Warrior and Paladin to be able to use it up to level 80.In the last life, Winter’s Hotspring was one of the most lively maps of Eastern Continent, and it was basically called the second hometown of Warrior and Paladin. The few spawn points of the Rugged Giant Tortoise are blocked by the player not one drop can trickle through.

     However, despite this, in ten years, that piece of heaven-defying shield produced a total of less than 15 yuan, and the explosion rate is not low.

     Although Ye Ci has no idea about the shield, she still wants to bring down the giant tortoise. Not to mention, this kind of skill book in the wild BOSS will generally explode, and there is a chance to receive Epic Level Quest. Of course, the most important point is that you can get 4 talent points for killing in the wild BOSS above level 30 for the first time.

     Others really don't matter. For Ye Ci, of course, the more talent points, the better.

     Having circled the giant hard-shelled tortoise twice, Ye Ci is considering the weakness of the giant hard-shelled tortoise. Its action is relatively slow, very suitable for kiting, but for the current Ye Ci, its level is too high, the defense is abnormal, it is estimated that it will not be able to break the defense, even if the damage is broken, the damage cannot be high.

     This guy is covered with thick hard armor, it is like a copper wall, iron bastion, and he can't get in at all. Even though I said that, but other people can't help it doesn't mean Ye Ci can't help it.

     Rugged giant tortoises have two weaknesses.One is the base of the neck and the other is the base of the tail. These two places are not covered by hard armor, only a thin layer of skin, very weak. If you attack there, even if Ye Ci is only at level 20, you can smoothly hit super high damage.

     The question is how to fight.

     After thinking for a while, Ye Ci gave up the disgust of attacking the neck. Although the heart of the Rugged Giant Tortoise can be hurt more easily here, it is next to its head. Although the giant hard-shelled tortoise looks simple and thick and not aggressive, Ye Ci can be regarded as admiring its dense steel teeth. At Ye Ci's level, it is estimated that it will lie down directly after a bite.

     Then the only thing left is the base of the tail...the place commonly known as the chrysanthemum...

     Ye Ci looks to the sky and does a strong psychological construction for herself. As long as the monster can be killed, the most trivial method is also a method.

     Because the level disparity is too large and the hit area is small, Ye Ci basically gave up long-range attacks and chose the scorpion short stinger as the most important attack weapon. It's not for anything else, just because of its random poisoning function.

     The DEBUFF of poisoning completely ignores the level, as long as it hits, it will continue to lose blood.

     After wading through the hot springs, Ye Ci walked to the giant hard-shelled tortoise, generously put down an ice trap, then retreated to the farthest range, and shot an arrow at him.The hard-shelled giant tortoise, who was still dozing off the old god, was beaten, opened his eyes blankly, and looked around dissatisfied, looking everywhere for what kind of guy interrupted his leisure time. I saw Ye Ci at this sight, and immediately let out an angry roar, stepped on his four stubby legs, and quickly "ran" towards Ye Ci. It’s just that this speed really makes people feel that it’s a bit inconsistent with the identity of the BOSS...

     It only ran two steps, stepped on the ice trap unbiasedly, and was immediately frozen. Ye Ci looked at the huge ice cube while running towards its tail, and she wanted to take a photo with her dark belly. You know, this is the biggest ice cube she has frozen.

     When he rushed to the tail of the giant hard-shelled tortoise, Ye Ci raised the short scorpion sting in his hand and stabled it severely towards its chrysanthemum.




     Three consecutive red damage values are displayed under the head of the rugged giant tortoise along with the poison prompt. The ice of the giant tortoise collapsed immediately, and it turned around to attack Ye Ci with a scream. Ye Ci had already released Ol' Three at this time, and immediately grabbed aggro, and then quickly jumped away by itself, and turned around. After a while, aiming at the base of its neck shot another arrow.


     With poisoning effect, the poisoning effect is superimposed by 2 layersThe hard-shelled giant tortoise was sore by the arrow that he immediately let go of Ol’ Three, which was almost hanging, and ran towards Ye Ci with his broken leg. Ye Ci's calm and unhurried kite circled it, while Ol’ Three bit and grabbed its tail very hard.

     This picture looks really interesting.

     In fact, the tactics Ye Ci thought of was really too simple. The only way she could use for a BOSS without bugs was this. Because the distance was a little far away, as soon as her Ice Trap CD arrived, she would immediately place the trap, and within three seconds, she would be able to wait for the Rugged Giant Tortoise to catch up with her and be frozen here by the way. Just like when opening a monster, she carried the scorpion spike up to stab the chrysanthemum, Ol’ Three pulled the aggro, she jumped far and then snatched the aggro.

     follow the recipe, the blood of the giant hard-shelled tortoise is slowly falling, it is a matter of time to wear it to death.

     After 7 or 8 hours, the blood of the giant hard-shelled tortoise finally dropped to only 8. She held on for half an hour at most, and the giant hard-shelled tortoise was about to fall down.

     At this moment, Ye Ci suddenly felt that a player appeared about ten meters behind her, and after an instant, this feeling appeared behind her. She subconsciously deflected slightly and heard the system prompt: "You escaped Lazy Blue's attack"Lazy Blue is an orc Rogue. When he released a sap on Ye Ci, his figure appeared from Stealth. But what surprised him was that Sap was MISS, which made him startled slightly, and then he wanted to make up for the dizzy skill. But with this slight moment of effort, Ye Ci has already started the sprint on his shoes and rushed out a long way.

     Stealth is impossible in combat. Rogue found that the target of the attack disappeared. When he looked up to look for Ye Ci, he was greeted with two arrows "Puff Puff", which left him with little blood and thin skin at once. skin. Without hesitation, he immediately stuffed a bottle of red in his mouth, while quickly backing away.

     Ye Ci didn't know this Rogue, and didn't remember that he had a hatred with him, so there was only one reason for his attack, and that was the hard-shelled giant tortoise. They must have been in ambush here for a while, but Ye Ci's body was exhausted due to prolonged attacks, which led to a decline in perception, and then they did not find him.

     However, since it was for the hard-shelled giant tortoise, how could this Rogue immediately flash after two arrows from himself? Stumped...

     Ye Ci's heart sank, and sure enough, she saw Rogue's blood in a few strokes.


     For this in the wild BOSS, if you want to play, it is absolutely impossible to have only two people, Cleric and Rogue, then there must be other professions.However, after blinking, Ye Ci saw three more people appear, namely a human Warrior, an undead Sorcerer and a human Cleric. She squinted her eyes slightly, and immediately had a countermeasure in her heart.

     After the Warrior saw Ye Ci of the kite hard-shelled giant tortoise, he immediately sprinted towards her.

     Warrior's sprint is absolutely different from the sprint skills attached to Ye Ci shoes. The sprint on Ye Ci shoes is just a simple escape skill, while Warrior's sprint comes with a stun effect.

     What is PK compared to?

     It is just the ability to respond and predict the opponent's actions.

     At the moment Warrior appeared, Ye Ci had expected that he would sprint, so she immediately disbanded Ol’ Three, and the rugged giant tortoise immediately ran towards her bare fangs and brandish claws. And at the moment Warrior began to sprint, Ye Ci immediately set a misleading target of a misleading shooting as this Warrior, and the damage point of the misleading shooting caused a Critical Hit under the neck of the giant hard-shelled turtle, the giant hard-shelled turtle. With a scream of anger, he ran towards Warrior.

     Ye Ci's current standing position was only after she calculated it. She was standing at the point where the must path of the rugged giant tortoise intersects with the Warrior's assault route. The success of her entire plan depends on whether this point is found right, and...When the Warrior’s dash and the hard-shelled giant tortoise’s attack hit the lightning flash moment, Ye Ci's figure flashed slightly. It seemed that he only moved his body slightly to avoid both attacks and she Feign Death was opened at this moment.

     Suddenly, Ye Ci lay on the ground with a snap, like a corpse.

     All this is so fast, and her angle is hidden at the intersection of Warrior and the giant tortoise, everyone's sight is blocked. The only witness to the moment Ye Ci fell was Warrior.

     And Warrior did not find the damage reminder that he attacked Ye Ci, but found that her health bar was empty all of a sudden, and looking at the huge turtle, he didn't think much, and immediately attributed all the damage to it. Brought by the Rugged Giant Tortoise.

     "X, this guy is attacking too fiercely, hurry up heal" Most of the aggro of the hard-shelled giant tortoise was misled to Warrior before Ye Ci didn't pretend to be dead. In addition to her Feign Death, immediately all the aggro was piled up. Arrived on Warrior's body. Even the Warrior blood cow can't stand the level 40 in the wild BOSS coming up with a claw, his health bar immediately left only blood skin, and he was scared to scream...

     Chapter Fifty Rugged Giant Tortoise

     Chapter Fifty Rugged Giant Tortoise