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Chapter Directory 55 Chapter 53—The Last Life Was All Floating Clouds
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 53 The Last Life Was Floating Clouds

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     Ye Ci always felt that this man was a scar in his heart.

     Even after rebirth, she still lived cautious and solemn. All the news about Tang Dynasty chose to ignore it, and all the news about Wandering Cloud treated herself as illiterate, she just didn't want to face it.

     But the goddess Fate is really capricious and powerful.

     She actually staged such an accident when she felt the most peaceful.

     His appearance is so unexpected that it makes people no time to deal with it.

     Seriously, Ye Ci knew he couldn't avoid him like an ostrich forever. Tang Dynasty is the second-ranked Guild of Eastern Continent and the fifth-ranked Guild of Country Z. No matter what it is, you will definitely meet in the future. It's just that she really never thought it would be so fast and so suddenly.

     Ye Ci once thought, if she sees Yu Wandering Cloud again, even if he doesn't know anything about the previous life, what expression should she face him with?

     Is aggro? Is it anger? Or, or that cowardly expectation?

     She thought about it many times, but there was no answer.

     But it's really strange.When she really faced this man, she only felt so strange, and she didn't feel anything other than that.

     Yu Wandering Cloud knelt on the ground and raised her head to look at the huntress. Her complexion was slightly pale, and although her eyebrows were not beautiful, she had an unpredictable sharpness and breathtaking. Now she was staring at herself quietly with those amber eyes. Those glass-like amber eyes didn't even have a trace of human emotion, and they were so clean and cold that people felt a little desperate.

     Yu Wandering Cloud swallowed, moving his Adam's apple up and down, and then he said: "You really are a childe'>you..."

     He hadn't finished his words, I saw the childe'> You suddenly bent down, stretched out his right hand and pinched his cheek, so that his face was not close to hers. He could even feel the warm breath exhaled by the huntress, spraying softly on his face, as if one hundred and eighty thousand ants had penetrated into his skin, biting his peripheral nerves, causing He has a feeling of heart alarmed, trembling in fear.

     Ye Ci looked at this face close at hand, so young and so handsome. Between the eyebrows, there are still in high spirits that made her enthralled, but she didn't care at all.Just now the system asked her if she wanted to publish her name, Ye Ci thought for a while and chose to publish it. Not for the limelight, but... she suddenly realized that the last life had really passed.

     No matter what she did wrong or right in the last life, no matter what kind of obsession, love and hatred she and this man had in the last life, all have passed

     She is Ye Ci, she is childe'>you. She started her life again, and she didn't need to treat herself badly for the last life that she would never return.

     At this moment, she suddenly felt more relaxed than ever.

     She is just her, she don’t want to live for others, she just needs to live her own wonderful and her own happiness

     This is enough

     She suddenly smiled.

     This is an unprecedented relaxed smile. It seems that March’s* brighten the world, and even the snow in Winter’s Hotspring will melt because of it.

     Yu Wandering Cloud just looked at the face close at hand and at the face that was unforgettable. He had always been cold and her only expression, but she did not expect her to smile. Then he heard a cold voice spit out from her lips, which were as moist as petals.

     "It's mine, don't want to grab it."

     Her voice was soft and careless. There was still a bright smile on her face, but her eyes were cold and alienated."It's my childe'> secluded thing, even if it is Tang Dynasty, don't even try to grab it." The smile on her lips suddenly fell, and the whole person was as sharp as a sharp blade in her hand, glitter like frost and snow.

     She let go of Yu Wandering Cloud's cheeks, stood up, her eyes didn't leave his face, and after blinking, she opened her bow, only to hear two pops, and Glistening Snow, who was about to resurrect, screamed and fell to the ground again.

     "If you don't want to drop something, let your people get up again for a while, otherwise..." Ye Ci twitched the corner of his mouth and smiled.

     If that is also called a smile.

     Yu Wandering Cloud's eyes are about to burn.

     As the deputy guild leader of Tang Dynasty, he felt unprecedented humiliation. He didn't deny that he let Lazy Blue keep staring at the childe'>you, because he had long guessed that the first kills must have something to do with this female hunter.

     Since he confirmed that childe'>you and his own continent, he was afraid that this female hunter would snatch her own monster, she would snatch his year for sth even in one's dreams shield. You must know that before the game started testing, he had already spent 200,000 real coins to buy information about all the heaven-defying equipment of his profession from a GM of Fate.He had long known that the hard-shelled giant tortoise was going to explode the top shield before the Warrior level eighty-(). But everyone is low-level, and he is not in a hurry that someone will come to Winter’s Hotspring to fight this hard-shelled giant tortoise, just to let the credible people in Guild stare at Winter’s Hotspring.

     He just stayed up late yesterday, and he just went off the line to sleep. Before closing his eyes, he received a call from Lazy Blue, saying that it was a childe and went into Winter’s Hotspring to collect medicine. Although he was nervous, he didn't care too much. After all, the hard-shelled giant tortoise is a level 40 monster, and even childe'>you can't do anything.

     I didn't want to sleep for five or six hours. Lazy Blue's call'> arrived again, saying that childe'>you had already started fighting the hard-shelled giant tortoise, and half of the blood had been knocked out. Only then did he become nervous, and hurriedly asked people to pick up Lazy Blue to prevent the childe from taking First Kill. And he immediately got up and galloped over from the other side of Eastern Continent.

     Everyone knows the next thing.

     All of this was Yu Wandering Cloud's idea, and he didn't talk to the guild leader White Night Black Day in particular about robbing the blame. White Night Black Day is a somewhat pedantic person. If you know that Wandering Cloud has robbed others of the First Kill and blame, you will be furious, and the current Wandering Cloud is still very afraid of the consequences for him.

     Now he really wants to ask someone to clean up the childe'>you, but... he can't.Because White Night Black Day will never allow him to use Guild's resources for this matter. Yu Wandering Cloud is a clever man, knowing that even if he tells White Night Black Day that he is a childe'> You will definitely be questioned if you grab your own monster. Because he had agreed with White Night Black Day, most of Guild's people were around 40, and they came together to shield him, but now that something like this has happened, White Night Black Day will be 100% suspicious, and finally said Maybe I have to be in Guild or not.

     Although a shield is rare, it is even more unworthy because a shield has lost everything you have now in Guild.

     But let him be soft with the childe in front of him, he couldn't do it either. Yu Wandering Cloud bit her lip severely, staring at Ye Ci angrily, staring at the corner of her mouth with sarcasm, and easily shot down each of his brothers who thought of getting up.

     Although none of the few people said anything, no one could bear to see their brothers and friends suffer this way for themselves. In the end, he couldn't resist such psychological pressure and shouted: "Never resurrect."

     Several people lay on the ground and were quite surprised at Wandering Cloud's choice. Wandering Cloud was never a tolerant person. Today..."I said, don't resurrect." Although Wandering Cloud used to deceive Ye Ci in his previous life, he still cared very much about his brother. He roared and successfully stopped everyone from talking, then turned to look at Ye Ci and said: "childe'>you, I will remember you."

     This sentence made Ye Ci laugh. She put away the bow, got up, and sat on the tortoise shell: "I will never forget the person who robbed me."

     Yu Wandering Cloud bit her lower lip and stopped talking, just watching Ye Ci quickly disintegrate the body.

     Ye Ci used the fastest speed from picking up the loot to breaking down the corpse. He didn't even have time to see what loot he picked up. She knows that Wandering Cloud is the deputy guild leader of Tang Dynasty. Today's battle is definitely over. Don't look at how fast she was just now, but if this guy finds a group of Tang Dynasty players to besiege her, she will definitely not be able to escape.

     At this stage, she has no control ability and almost no all attacks. In this case, fighting a few people is still a handling a butcher's cleaver with ease. As long as there are more people, she will definitely suffer. So, hurry up and finish putting oil on your feet. The best policy is to slip away.

     Since letting go of the knot just now, Ye Ci really has no mood to continue spending time here.The last life was all clouds, but in this life she had just gotten a beam. With her current strength, she couldn't compete with a big Guild, so she would be an idiot if she didn't run.

     After finishing packing things, Ye Ci turned to look at Yu Wandering Cloud's angry face. Suddenly she narrowed her eyes and remembered something, so she woke up a nasty smile on her lips. A few steps walked in front of Yu Wandering Cloud and bent down.

     Yu Wandering Cloud watched this female evil star turn back again, gnashing one's teeth: "What else do you want to do"

     Ye Ci reached Yu Wandering Cloud's ear, approached him in an extremely ambiguous posture, and said quietly: "Garden Apartment, Room No. 612. Don't always be in one place, it's more fresh in changing places."

     After that, she straightened up, patted Wandering Cloud on the shoulder, recruited the little red horse, and smiled at him: "I'm sure we'll meet again some day. Ah, the big guild leader" and the whole person Riding the horse away, fleeting.

     After Ye Ci disappeared, the few people who fell to the ground all got up, MuQing immediately said: "Feiyun, hurry up and summon the people of Guild, we will encircle this bitch."

     "No." You Wandering Cloud lowered his head, his face was pale, cold sweat oozes from his forehead, and even his limbs trembled."Why?" You Wandering Cloud has always been a person who must report to you. Today's reaction is so strange that several people are really surprised.

     "I said no, I don't need it" You Wandering Cloud roared, when everyone found that his face was pale and his eyes were blood red, they were almost taken aback. Yu Wandering Cloud also realized his gaffe, and quickly said: "I have been crippled, hurry up and get me back to the city, otherwise I can't move."

     The four people also knew that Yu Wandering Cloud Concealment had something. It must be what the childe said in his ear, but no one dared to ask, so they had to take him with everyone lending a hand (eagerly but somewhat chaotically) Carry it up, ready to go back to the city.

     Chapter 53 The Last Life Was Floating Clouds

     Chapter 53 The Last Life Was Floating Clouds